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    Visions in the Dark

    Animal transformations in space.

    by , 07-14-2010 at 12:30 AM (511 Views)
    The dream begins in outer space, some time in the future, where two opposing factions are vying for control of an area of space somewhere in a remote galaxy. The beginning character of this dream is a "bad" guy renegade of the enemy group. He appears as my dream character Walter and he is a tall man with firery red hair and goatee. His ship is attempting a covert mission to penetrate a line of defence set up by the "good" guys.

    The mission fails and Walter and his small crew of renegades are captured. Imprisioned aboard the "good" guys ship and because they are renegades and not officially listed as members of a military, Walter and his crew are subjected to experiemental science testing to achieve alternative physical forms during combat.

    The experiments require chocolate bars to activate and at first there are only personality changes in the renegades, but after months of experimentation, physical slave labor (to build up muscle), and mind altering drugs and reprocessing (brainwashing) Walter beings randomly transforming into a white tiger in his prisoner cell at night. Soon his right hand man begins transforming into a grey wolf and other members of Walter's crew assume other animal forms.

    The leader of the "good" guys has been following orders this whole time though he has secretly morally opposed the way he has been ordered to treat his prisoners (I think his name was Greg or something). When Walter and his crew begin transforming into animals, Greg is ordered to lead use the experimental prisoners to a nearby abandoned planet to decontaminate it of harmful chemicals and remove pockets of pirates and smugglers who inhabit some of the abandoned cities.

    After the planet has been liberated and cleansed, Greg is ordered by his military leaders to capture more enemies and subject them to the experiemental transformation process as well. Greg protests and refuses and as punishment for defying orders Greg and his crew are subjected to the same experiments that Walter's crew endured. When the process is complete Greg begins transforming into an African lion and some of his crew also assume the forms of other sahara creatures.

    With their new transforming abilities, superiour strength and skills, Greg defects to Walter's side and the two commanders then lead their crews to rebel against the oppressive military factions vying for control of this area of space. I cannot remember the end of this dream.

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