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    Visions in the Dark

    Back in geography class

    by , 05-02-2010 at 05:00 AM (314 Views)
    I am sitting in the geography classroom of my old highschool, except we are not studying geography. All of the students (none of whom I recognize) are sitting in groups around large tables completing writing assignments or something. The class is quiet except for the scibbling of pencils and the hushed whispers of students talking amongst themselves.

    I am sitting alone and not talking to anyone at the far corner of one table in the back of the room, trying to concentrate on my work. The other students at my table are not doing their work and are making rude comments and derogatory statements about other kids in class. A girl who is sitting across from me starts going on about how she thinks very little about people with mental handicaps and mental illness and her voice gets louder and louder as she continues to rant so that soon the whole class can hear her.

    The teacher does not intervene and ignores the disruptive student. Eventually I speak up and refute some of the things she is saying and essentially shut her up by exposing her bigotry. The students all get back to work in silence and the teacher comes over to me and gives me a high five, congratulating me or saying he agress with me or something. The girl across from me just gives me the stink eye.

    For some reason manyt students leave for whatever reason (recess?) and some stay behind (including myself) to start copying a sheet the teacher has put up on the overhead projector. It is a long list of combinations of chocolate types and mixtures of chocolate recipes and stuff. Class resumes when the students who left return and they too start copying the sheet until the teacher suddenly turns off the projector. He says that the students who left should have stayed around so that they could copy the sheet and now they are out of luck. He asks the students who stayed to hand in their copied sheets and that we will recieve extra credit for it.

    For some reason I have copied the sheet twice and feeling bad for the other students at my table, I give them my extra copy so that they can quickly duplicate it. The biggoted girl from before is really appreciative and apologizes for all the things she said. I say it's fine and get up to hand in my sheet.

    I cannot remember any more of this dream.

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