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    Visions in the Dark

    First remembered dream of 2012

    by , 02-15-2012 at 08:38 PM (485 Views)
    I am in this old Western style town that has narrow dirt streets and wooden plank buildings. I am wearing a white dress and carrying a grey coat in my arms. The streets are filled with rough looking men, some of whom heckle me as I walk past. I do not see any children or women other than myself.

    I come to a part of the street that opens up to a small lake. On the other side there is a man hitting baseballs in the direction of the street I am on. One of the baseballs hits my wrist and several men on the street laugh at me. As I am reeling from the stinging in my wrist another baseball suddenly hits me in the head and I fall down. I pretend I am unconscious to see if anyone will help me. My eyes are closed but I can hear footsteps approtching.

    A heavy leather jacket is placed over me like a blanket and my grey jacker is put under my head like a pillow. I can sense several people around me, but all are silent and there is no conversation between them. Slowly I open my eyes to see who came to my aid. There are several men I do not recognize and one I do. The one who is farmiliar is my dream character Walter, who often only appears when I am my dream character Chun-li. I think it is strange that he is here, because I am not Chun-Li and he has never appeared before when I am any other character. Walter senses my thoughts and telepathically I can hear him say "Welcome back."

    At first I think he is welcoming me back to consciousness but I figured he actually meant "Welcome back to the world of dreams" because I have not remembered any dreams for months, and also because he is not a character that shows a lot of emotion and he seemed really happy to see me again.

    Walter picks me up and carries me to an area outside of town that has a medical ward of some kind. On the inside of the building it looks like a modern hospital but on the outside it has a complicated security system with checkpoints that you might find at an airport, prision or even military base. I still see no other women besides myself. After Walter checks me in he says that he has to do something and leaves. I beg him to stay because I feel safe when he is around but he insists that this thing is really important and disappears out the door. I do not see him again in this dream.

    Not long after he leaves I explore the hospital a bit but when that gets boring I head outside and try to navigate the maze like security/check point system. I am held up at one gate and questioned intensely bye two guards but they eventually let me go. After that however, I notice to different men following me around, keeping just enough distance from me so as not to raise suspicion, though I can see them no matter where I go.

    The sun begins to set and I want to get back to the hospital room but I find that I am lost and don't know which security gates I have to go through. The men following me are getting closer and closer and I fear they are going to tackle me or something. My last thoughts in this dream, before I wake up, is wondering where Walter is and why he left me all alone.

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