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    Admiral Ackbar Didn't Warn Me. ★★★★☆

    by , 08-27-2014 at 08:43 PM (1036 Views)
    Bed at 10 PM
    Dream 1 (10 minutes, awake at 1:30)
    I am up on a stage trying to pull up a Chris Daughtry music video for everyone to watch (I don't know why). I can't find a single song that I know. I think for one second It would be awesome to listen to a song here that I have never heard in real life... I don't know why. That is a stupid thought. I am trying to find a song I like for them.

    People start getting bored and I tell them all that I can't get to it.

    R: I got to go anyways and get my oil changed.
    C and Z: We'll go change it for you, we have the stuff for it right outside.

    Dream 2 (No waking remembered)
    Curious George

    I am going up a huge building. A very very tall building. My body feels 100% like my body, but it keeps zooming out to show that I look just like Curious George. As I get higher and higher, I get more awareness and it stops zooming out. I reach the top, and there is just one more lip to go over. It is about 3 feet out, and I am trying to climb up it. There are no foot holds and I look down. I am about 250-300 feet high. I get a little scared, but no more than a normal fear of heights, more a respect than a fear .

    Dream 3 (seem to be missing a link between dreams. Might have been the same dream, might have been a while apart)

    A DC told me that I was dreaming and that he wanted me to come with him. I am flying through the air with him when I actually get lucid. I look over at the dude flying and caveman mode sets in. I turn him into a girl while we fly and then we start getting closer. I notice a very specific... bulge in the pants region and back away. I land on the ground and try to shake off all the heebie jeebies. A DC meets me and says:

    Tall DC: I have been looking for you
    Me: What is up?

    The DC points to the sky and I see the earth, only this time it isn't a vague impression of the earth like the moon is to us, but it is a very vivid and clear earth.
    Frick, I must have lost lucidity there. I look over and recognize Jason. I think that he is a real person for a second and I look down at my hand. It looks perfect, nothing like my actual hand. No flaws, scratches, scars, or my tattoo. I jump in the air and fly towards the earth. I start slowing my mind down while flying. I normally don't just jump and fly, I walk "fly", but this was more like using my energy to do it.
    I need to find Fryingman! I fly down to the ground and everything gets unstable. It looks just like the last place I found FM. I need to land and stabilize. I wake up before I land.

    I hit some FA... Don't remember.

    Dream 4 (dunno)
    Bad Service
    I am in a city around here known as being... filled with kind of lazy people. Not gonna name it. lol.

    I am with my family and we are in McDonald's in that town. I order first and my family sits down to eat. I go to get my drink and a kid is taking off the wrapper from all the straws and licking them and putting them back. he finishes with all of them before I get there. I go up to the front to ask for a straw and when I get there I realize that it has been a long time since I ordered. I look and notice that my whole family has eaten and left. I ask them why I haven't gotten my food. I recognize the manager and the cashier from a fake memory of a fight club. The manager was a trainer and the girl was a 10 year old fighter. I remember watching her kick the crap out of a big dude.

    Dream 5
    Life is Ruined
    I am driving down a road in my hometown and I run over a small car that got in my way. I don't know how the car was so small, I drive a Honda Civic. I realize that the person in it would have to be dead. I look behind me and cannot see the car. Should turn around. I notice all the billboards are electronic and that they are also showing a FBI badge, giving me the idea that they are gonna catch me. I hit the gas and the billboards change, I look everywhere for something to ID me. I drive into the forest and go on foot. I decide to report my car stolen and hope that no cameras can ID me, just the car. I run through the forest and wake up.

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