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    Short Stories with Tragic Endings

    2011-01-13 | nonlucid

    by , 01-14-2011 at 04:48 PM (299 Views)
    I have asked my mom to take me to the mall, as I currently have no car. The dream
    begins when we get there. We are in the parking lot looking for a spot. It is a strange
    parking lot. It is normal now, but as soon as we cross in front of the building, which
    happens to not be a mall but like a Walmart or something, and get into the back part
    of the lot, It becomes a relatively simple maze. It is also an impossible setup, a cheat
    of architecture which I did not pick up on in the dream. We drove around, looking for a
    place to park and eventually, after actually passing up several perfect good spots without
    notice as the lot was pretty much empty, stopped directly in front of the building and my
    mom just dropped me off.
    I go inside and meet up with some friends from my dorm at college. The Walmart is huge.
    My friends and I meet up with some older students from the same college, whom I have
    never seen, and we go up to a dorm hall in a small building in the middle of the Walmart.
    The guy who comes to meet us and take us there is a slightly heavyset, stubble haired kid
    who looks to be a senior. Kind of like Buz from "Home Alone" but not quite as ugly. He
    takes us up to the top floor where we all talk and socialize, not doing much really. Its hot
    so I take off my jacket and put it on a table in a small room. Eventually my friends and I
    decide to leave and we go back out to the Walmart. Everyone is buying Halloween
    costumes which is extremely strange as it is January and there is snow on the ground
    outside. But it seemed perfectly normal so I started looking for something. Before I found
    anything, however, I remembered I left my jacket up in the room in the dorm. So I went
    looking for the building and couldn't find it. I searched for the building and for the kid for
    what felt like about ten or twenty minutes then forgot about it when I ran into my best
    friend. He asked me if I wanted to play a game of airsoft; that a bunch of people were
    setting one up and it would be a really massive game. Of course, I agreed. He gave me a
    full plastic airsoft.... AR-15 I think, and I went on toward the exit of the store. Noticing
    everyone's costumes. One in particular I noticed was a guy who had bought two rubber
    monster hands and was wearing them. The dream actually snapped to his 1st person view
    for just a few seconds while he played with them standing in the checkout line. Then it
    switched back to me as I walked out the door. I still had the rifle. I walked out into a
    much different parking lot. All the back, winding, intricate, and impossible stuff was
    gone. The median between the path in front of the store and the parking area was gone,
    and in its stead was a couple tour buses and what looked like some sort of scissor lift.
    I went over to the lift and a bunch of my friends from high school were sitting on it. There
    were about four sitting under the extended scissor beams and another six sitting on a
    metal platform about half way up the lift but behind me. Kevin complemented the AR from
    the extended part of the metal platform, and I started talking to some of my friends under
    the beams. My friend, Crystal, was in the center and Elizabeth to her right and back a little,
    and a few other people, I don't quite remember.
    The dream ended after about five minutes
    of talking, the subject of which I have no recollection.

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