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    Short Stories with Tragic Endings

    2011-02-19n | dild

    by , 02-19-2011 at 09:59 PM (1108 Views)
    I am taking a nap and fall asleep

    I am playing a game where there are dungeons and such and the whole game is a massive maze.
    I go around this maze for a very long time, this is a 2 hour long dream. The character is Amaterasu
    but the game is nothing like Okami At some point, I get this power-up that allows me to duplicate my
    character or teleport it. I continue through the maze, it is quite a labyrinth, and eventually I realize
    there is a map map and every now and then I look at it and realize that I'm in a completely different
    section than I thought I was and remember. I have this icon for my character and I notice the same
    icon on other places of the map. I remember that I can switch between and that I had gotten the
    power-up that lets me teleport. I pressed some button and was able to move one of them around on
    the map. I exited the map and the character shot over to the new position. I see big blue letters on the
    screen saying 62 remaining. I was like wow, I must have built up a lot of points to get that many charges
    for this power-up. But then I got bored and stopped playing the game. I am in my room at home talking
    to my mom on the phone. I am talking with headphones I have plugged in to it and somehow my
    connectivity is shown on the computer screen. She tells me she is going to some meeting thing, I can't
    remember what its for, and she doesn't know how long it will be, but after a short conversation the call
    cuts out. I am on my computer playing some desktop defense style game and it somewhat resembles the
    map from the last game. For some reason I keep trying to get a hold of my mom. I pull down a list of
    numbers on my screen and non of them are her name. It only shows the numbers that you can connect to,
    like a wifi card would with networks. I have this strange fear of something bad happening. I try for a very
    long time to get a hold of her but the signal is just too bad. Every now and then I'll start a game, but I won't
    even finish the first round, then shut it off. I get up and go to go downstairs. Halfway out my bedroom door
    I realize my headphones are still in. I turn around, take them off, and throw them on the bed. I walk out and
    look out the window adjacent to my door. I can see flashes of blue light in the sky that indicate a storm. That
    explains to me why the phone connectivity was so bad. I walk down stairs and realize in the back of my mind
    that I am dreaming but I'm not really aware of it. I wonder, "This is a dream, my family is probably going
    to be messed up ad hostile in some way" as most of my dreams are. I walk down and my brother is standing
    in the hallway outside our computer room and my dad is doing something on his computer. My Mom is in the
    room next to that. My Dad sees me and yells "Go back upstairs!". Everyone becomes hostile as I thought and
    starts coming toward me. I am standing at the foot of the stairs but in the rec-room and my brother and mom
    advance on me. I "decide" that this would be better to handle lucid. I literally willed myself to become lucid
    and everything became extremely vivid, it wasn't a fuzzy dream to begin with, and I push everyone back with
    my mind. unfortunately, the fast transition into lucidity woke me up.
    I am laying in my bed in a very dreamlike
    state. I am disoriented and feel almost as if I am in sleep paralysis, but as soon as I realize where I am and
    what had happened, I feel no paralysis and I get up, reality check ( passes ), and I scribble down notes on the

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    1. MrIrony's Avatar
      Gongratulations for your third lucid! I also used to have dreams where my family attacked me. (All FAs) I bet that would be a good dream sign, right?
    2. bennettb6's Avatar
      Video game dreams are fun, especially when you go into the game

      But cmon, no reason to push away your DC's when lucid. So many more fun ways to deal with them hehe
    3. Shadow27's Avatar
      lol. I should have gone nuclear and wiped out the entire eastern seaboard.