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    Short Stories with Tragic Endings

    2011-03-08 | dild

    by , 03-09-2011 at 05:09 PM (481 Views)
    I am sitting at my desk at college. I am extremely tired and don't feel well at all. Probably
    because I got up at 5AM the previous morning and didn't go to bed until midnight for the
    purpose of WILD. For some reason I decide to do a reality check. To my astonishment, my
    finger goes through my palm! I am lucid but I think I am in my dorm, which is not true, I am
    actually at home.I get up and instantly feel much better and more awake. I decide to call my
    crush, as a dream character, so I get out my phone. I flip it open and the screen is black. I
    realize it is because electronics just don't work the same way in dreams so instead of pulling
    up my contacts list, I just dial her number manually. The numbers appear in white on the black
    screen as I enter them in. At first, I enter my number. I realize it and clear it out and enter her's.
    The phone rings and someone answers but it is not her. I decide to try the method where you
    call out for the person. Again, someone answers but it is not her. Apparently there is someone
    else in the hall that has the same name. It is some random girl that I do not know.
    I then wake
    up. I am still in my dorm sitting in my chair I reality check again and find I am still
    dreaming! I try again to no avail. I walk out of my dorm and go outside where there
    is a playground. Obviously, there wouldn't be a playground on a college campus but
    this is a dream so whatever. I start climbing around on stuff and eventually think of
    the time its 9:45 "crap I'm missing English". I am probably a little less lucid at this
    point. I get up on some monkey bars and I start to notice the dream fading. I try to
    stabilize it by rubbing my hands together it works. A guy about my age appears
    beside me and says "Why won't you wake up? You need to wake up." I decide to let
    it happen
    and I wake up in my dorm again. I look at the clock. 2:30. "Crap, I missed
    a lot of classes." I realize it's futile to try to do anything about it but then realize,
    it's spring break. I don't have classes. I am still quite tired but I get up. My roommate
    comes in and says something about me joining his family for dinner. I start to think
    about getting ready for that when
    I truly wake up.

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