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    Short Stories with Tragic Endings

    2011-03-14 | nonlucid

    by , 03-16-2011 at 03:35 PM (495 Views)
    I am at a sort of indoor pool area with a bunch of people from my high school.
    It is dark. I am walking around talking to a few friends and a few other people
    are swimming in the pool. My crush is there as well and I say hi. She replies with
    a half-hearted smile and walks over to a group of her friends. I talk with a few
    of my friends for a while longer. I don't remember who. I then see her sitting on
    some steps outside with two of her friends. I go over and talk to her. She sort of
    blows me off and I go back inside. I see one of my other friends but I forget what
    she was doing.
    The dream ends.

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