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    Cities in the Astral

    Flight Improvement

    by , 06-22-2022 at 07:15 AM (420 Views)
    I was testing reality by trying to TK small objects and found that I could move objects with my mind. that made me lucid. I eventually decided to try and find a person from my past real life, but not by just summoning them.. I would try to go to where they might be and also try to keep the landscape somewhat in line with my home city in real life. I started flying in a yogi meditation position but was not satisfied with the speed/ I have been experimenting with why I have trouble with really fast flight while maintaining a landscape/ I only seem to be able to fly at what feels like 60 mph. I switch to Superman flight with no improvement. I try swimming through the sky while still in a Superman like pose. It helps a bit. I stop and get a odd idea. I summon a chair and sit in it braced as if it where the seat of a jet fighter. I imagine the chair taking off driving me forward like a jet. This worked and i seemed to be able to go much faster.
    I went to where I pretended this person would now be working and did arrive at the work place I had imagined. It was very detailed with lots of customers and workers. They were not around. I asked a DC and was told they had quit and now worked in another building. I flew a short ways and decided I was there so a building appeared. I found it deserted and it was huge. I believed (pretended) I had heard someone moving and "knew" it was them. Around the corner I found another person. Nope, BS, I found who I was looking for no matter what the dream said. The dream gave up on trying to add randomness and it turned out to actually be the person I was looking for.
    (note: poor brain/dream trying to give me some randomness and adventure and I go bossing it around. Something for me to work on.)
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    1. Hilary's Avatar
      A great example of using creativity to solve dream problems.
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