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    1. 07-06-13 Hot Tubs and the Lava. TOTM WILD

      by , 07-07-2013 at 09:27 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      I took a little time to incubate the idea of doing the bonus task of the month before bed. I planned out how I wanted it to go. The task was something like explore a volcano and dip my toes in lava. I knew I could just summon a pool of bubbly red liquid, with little problem, but that did not seem interesting. I wanted to have an adventure. I figured I would fly to Hawaii, rather than teleport or summon, then walk up the base of a volcano until I reached the crater.

      I did a WILD and after reaching nREM sleep I picture a stream of warm honey pouring up and down my body. Eventually the HIs became intense and I started feeling myself spinning as if the bed was on a turntable. I could see a closet door on the bed under me, so I thought a dream must be close.

      I was suddenly laying on the front room floor and 2 strangers were in my house. I figured I would observe for a moment and make sure it was not just more H.I. The man went and peaked out the window in the door while a blonde woman was looking into the other rooms. He said "are you sure they are gone?"

      I was almost sure this was an LD and that I had just entered a WILD, butit was very vivid and I suddenly was not sure. What if I had fallen asleep and they were in fact robbing my house and had just not seen me yet? Better proceed with caution.

      I sprang up behind the young man who was much smaller than me. as he turned I did a nerve attack cramming both hands deep up into his armpit and squeezing near the bracial plexi. Where was the woman? She could hit me with a lamp or some such, better move. I dragged him helpless into the other room where there was better light. I took a close look at him,,,, AND,,, he was a tie! He was a neck tie that I had a death grip on. No need to RC here! LOL. What a scary start for a WILD.

      I wasted no time at all. Sure it was an LD I ran out the back door and took off into the air like Superman. I wanted the trip to Hawaii to take a minute, so it would seem more realistic. While flying I switched into a lotus style position, but found it really detracted from the illusion of flying super fast, so I went back to Supperman style. I had no intension of trying to create all the needed scenery, so I just flew into a cloud bank I summoned.

      Now, I flew through the cloud bank for 30 seconds or so and knew i was over Hawaii and could land. I wanted the graphics to show a decent, with the islands coming into view, but instead found my clouds when all the way down to the ground.

      I landed in what at first looked like any condo complex in the world. I thought it had no charecteristics to make it Hawaii. Only for a moment, but I supressed the thought before it could form, and replaced it with the idea that clearly all these bushes are tropical. Bushes formed all around with exotic flowers. Good enough, this is Hawaii.

      I knew that around the first corner I would see mountains. They appeared. I went up into the foot hills and soon was in a volcanic looking valley. As I went around a corner i saw 3 cliffs that werein the form of dragons. Dragons? Very cool, I had not felt that thought form. Nice random stuff, but not taking away from the story. I knew the crater was just past them.

      I went past them and came out deep in a crater from a rift in its side. I looked up and saw a formation much like Mammoth hot springs in Yellow Stone. I levetated up for a clearer view. I was suprised that I could clearly feel intense heat and smell sulpher. In a raised bowl was steam and what looked like mud, bubbling and boiling. I tried to land next to it, but was starngly driven back by actual mild pain in reaction to the heat. Very cool!

      I was not sure if there was any lava, so I flew across the pool examining it. A rock was sticking out in the middle so I attempted to land. The rock sank into the lava, that was hidden just below the mud. My feet plunged in and it actually was terriblly unpleasant. I flew back up.

      I was not sure if I should over-ride the illusion of heat and wade into the lava, but until I decided I needed to back the heck up. It had been very unpleasent indeed.

      I flew along the edge of the crater and saw ledges with actual man improved hot tubs. The colors were vivid blues. One had a wodden shelter over it and a iron rail. I floated gently up to the iron rail and placed my feet on it. Ouch, fire hot! OK, enough with imagining everything hot! I 'knew' that the next tub over would be nice and just warm. A dip in a hot tub would round out this adventure nicely.

      However as an image of the next pool formed, I woke up. Dur~5 min.
      Tags: totm, w.i.l.d
      lucid , task of the month
    2. 03/02/12 Semi-lucid Odd Thomas DILD

      by , 03-03-2012 at 06:08 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      LD18 since 02-17-12: I read the task for March last night and it was to enter into a chapter of a favorite book and interact, or something like that. I could not decide before bed what book would work. I thought of a couple but was not sure what I would like to live out. I decided to see if an idea came to me based on whatever was going on the next time I became lucid.
      This is a DILD as I had no time to try a WILD and just got lucky. I found myself on a peir with woman and was already lucid. I may have had other lucid parts leading to this, but can not recall what they were. I again had to heavily sedate myself, to get enough sleep, because of my intense work schedule. I find it limits my recall and control drastically. I remembered that I was supposed to enter a chapter in a book, and this looked a lot like the first chapter in "Odd Hours" an Odd Thomas book by Dean Koontz. I love Odd Thomas books so I figure I could transform this into the first chapter of that book.
      I pictured that I was Odd Thomas, he has special phsycic like abilities and can see the dead. I tried to remember the idea of the first chapter. He is on a peir , meets a girl with a secret, and bad guys show up who he leads away from the girl.
      I made the image blur out and come back so that I was now in the story. I looked around and here come the bad guys. I told her to sneak off. I think parts of the chase scene got lost to poor recall. I also had only the vauge lucidity where you know your dreaming, but can not always effect things and don't think very clearly.
      I lead them around a carnaval on the board walk, and then find the girl in a carnaval tent. She tells me about a prop cannon, and I think that I will somehow influence the dream to use this cannon, but the dream just moves along against my wishes.
      We find an aquaduct and climb down it into the dark waste deep in water. For awhile we seem safe and the water felt very real but had hot parts and cold parts. I suddenly get some kind of Odd Thomas preception and can see in my minds eye that two bad guys have found us and are about to climb up the aquaduct.
      At this point I decide the female from "Odd Hours" is to weak, and she really should be Stormy Luellen from the pre-quel graphic novels. Stormy is tough and carries a gun. I picture that the next scene it will be Stormy there. We are in a large underground area with pipes spanning a drop off. Stormy is there and handling one bad guy, somehow.
      Odd Thomas is not really a tough guy, but relise on a special kind of luck and timing. I decide to stay in character I should follow my instinct and hope for a random thing to save me. I cross the pipes and my bad guy slips and hits his head and falls down the dark drop off.
      We come up at a collapsed place near a railroad track, and Officer Porter is there and gives us some kind of clues about bodies found somewhere and a warehouse.
      The next scene we pass by a couple houses where a dog has killed a cat. The owners are arguing about if the dog went in the cat's yard. Odd Thomas sees dead people, so I look around and see a mangled cat spirit. I pick it up and ask it to show me if it was in its own yard when the dog got it. It showed me the bent tines on the fence where the dog got over.
      Then we are at some warehouse and a final fight scene happens with some bad guy in a crazy leather out fit and mask. I use a burning propane tourch to force the bad guy to surrender. It turns out to be a woman. Me and Stormy use zip ties to bind her hands and the dream ends.
      lucid , task of the month