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    1. 07-06-13 Hot Tubs and the Lava. TOTM WILD

      by , 07-07-2013 at 09:27 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      I took a little time to incubate the idea of doing the bonus task of the month before bed. I planned out how I wanted it to go. The task was something like explore a volcano and dip my toes in lava. I knew I could just summon a pool of bubbly red liquid, with little problem, but that did not seem interesting. I wanted to have an adventure. I figured I would fly to Hawaii, rather than teleport or summon, then walk up the base of a volcano until I reached the crater.

      I did a WILD and after reaching nREM sleep I picture a stream of warm honey pouring up and down my body. Eventually the HIs became intense and I started feeling myself spinning as if the bed was on a turntable. I could see a closet door on the bed under me, so I thought a dream must be close.

      I was suddenly laying on the front room floor and 2 strangers were in my house. I figured I would observe for a moment and make sure it was not just more H.I. The man went and peaked out the window in the door while a blonde woman was looking into the other rooms. He said "are you sure they are gone?"

      I was almost sure this was an LD and that I had just entered a WILD, butit was very vivid and I suddenly was not sure. What if I had fallen asleep and they were in fact robbing my house and had just not seen me yet? Better proceed with caution.

      I sprang up behind the young man who was much smaller than me. as he turned I did a nerve attack cramming both hands deep up into his armpit and squeezing near the bracial plexi. Where was the woman? She could hit me with a lamp or some such, better move. I dragged him helpless into the other room where there was better light. I took a close look at him,,,, AND,,, he was a tie! He was a neck tie that I had a death grip on. No need to RC here! LOL. What a scary start for a WILD.

      I wasted no time at all. Sure it was an LD I ran out the back door and took off into the air like Superman. I wanted the trip to Hawaii to take a minute, so it would seem more realistic. While flying I switched into a lotus style position, but found it really detracted from the illusion of flying super fast, so I went back to Supperman style. I had no intension of trying to create all the needed scenery, so I just flew into a cloud bank I summoned.

      Now, I flew through the cloud bank for 30 seconds or so and knew i was over Hawaii and could land. I wanted the graphics to show a decent, with the islands coming into view, but instead found my clouds when all the way down to the ground.

      I landed in what at first looked like any condo complex in the world. I thought it had no charecteristics to make it Hawaii. Only for a moment, but I supressed the thought before it could form, and replaced it with the idea that clearly all these bushes are tropical. Bushes formed all around with exotic flowers. Good enough, this is Hawaii.

      I knew that around the first corner I would see mountains. They appeared. I went up into the foot hills and soon was in a volcanic looking valley. As I went around a corner i saw 3 cliffs that werein the form of dragons. Dragons? Very cool, I had not felt that thought form. Nice random stuff, but not taking away from the story. I knew the crater was just past them.

      I went past them and came out deep in a crater from a rift in its side. I looked up and saw a formation much like Mammoth hot springs in Yellow Stone. I levetated up for a clearer view. I was suprised that I could clearly feel intense heat and smell sulpher. In a raised bowl was steam and what looked like mud, bubbling and boiling. I tried to land next to it, but was starngly driven back by actual mild pain in reaction to the heat. Very cool!

      I was not sure if there was any lava, so I flew across the pool examining it. A rock was sticking out in the middle so I attempted to land. The rock sank into the lava, that was hidden just below the mud. My feet plunged in and it actually was terriblly unpleasant. I flew back up.

      I was not sure if I should over-ride the illusion of heat and wade into the lava, but until I decided I needed to back the heck up. It had been very unpleasent indeed.

      I flew along the edge of the crater and saw ledges with actual man improved hot tubs. The colors were vivid blues. One had a wodden shelter over it and a iron rail. I floated gently up to the iron rail and placed my feet on it. Ouch, fire hot! OK, enough with imagining everything hot! I 'knew' that the next tub over would be nice and just warm. A dip in a hot tub would round out this adventure nicely.

      However as an image of the next pool formed, I woke up. Dur~5 min.
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    2. 08/28/12 DILD Pyramid Completed

      by , 08-29-2012 at 06:51 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      The dream started with a vivid non-lucid section where I was showing big fishtanks I had built into the wall to a girlfriend I had about 20 years ago. I was actually seeing large silver fish in the floor, and pointing them out. The tanks started leaking and I thought the floor would collapse. I went outside to look into the tank in the floor, and when I came back in my mom was looking for me. She could not see me in front of her or hear me. I became lucid.
      I went outside and started walking. The dream started to fade while I was walking by the river, but soon became vivid again. I saw my friend through a window and he came out to talk. I told him I was actually just dreaming, so I had better things to do than hang out and talk. He had a big dog with him and I tried to levitate it. It got angry at this, so I levitated myself instead, and floated away from that scene.
      I ended up seeing my wife inside a large room with bleachers. I wil skip this scene as it is just about 3 or 4 minutes of a 3 way wwith her and some random pretty woman. I did not reach climax on purpose, so I could stay lucid. I walked off from that scene. Out side again, I decided to visit a church and find an alter. I immediately found a church and many people inside. I could not really find an alter and quickly lost intrest in the idea. The preacher started talking to me and people gathered around, so I stopped and tried to listen, but it was non-sensical so I went out side again.
      I remembered that I still had not completed my 'Shared dreaming challenge' so decided to do that. I pre-assumed that the church I just left was in a pyramid, which I would see when I turned around. Sure thing a massive pyramid was there. I started to climb up the side. It was more ornaate than an egyptian pyramid and was truely massive. I reached the top and the dream tried to fade again. I could feel the four sides and the point with my hands, and used that to bring it back into focus.
      I sat on top of the pyramid with my legs around the very point. I called out "I am looking for someone!" and really paid attention to make sure it was audible. It was loud and clear. I called out the same phrase two more times. I then called out "I am looking for the Diplomat" which is my nick name for one of my dream guides. Nothing.
      I decided to try and see past the illusion of a created dream scape and just see the top of the pyramid, myself, and what ever would be left that was not illusion. The scene became odd and I am not sure I understood what I was seeing. I sat cross legged on top of the pyramid and began meditating and chanting OHM. It was very cool the way the sound was vibrating, but before too long, my wife got out of bed and that woke me. Dur~15 min
    3. 08/19/12 On Top of the Pyramid. Shared dreaming challenge.

      by , 08-20-2012 at 06:55 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      08/19/12 WILD. I issued a friendly challenge on a thread to show what kind of skill may help people develop shared dreaming, 1st) find or create a pyramid and go to it. 2nd) state out loud "I am looking for someone" and combined) stand on top of the pyramid and say the phrase out loud.
      This was my first attempt to complete my own challenge. I got to bed early enough that I would have almost 8 hours sleep when my wife went to work, I got up just before her and stayed up for 20 minutes. I started the WILD attempt and it took about 20 minutes to be honestly fully asleep, but aware. The HIs were not special this time, but I played with trying to shape a pyramid out of the swirling mists. I entered into full REM dream state after about 10 minutes.

      I was in HIs when a very bright spot appeared and was unusually stable, so I looked directly into it. I appeared in a full REM LD. I was at a house we used to live at. A kid from my childhood was there and he wanted to talk to me. I had plans so I made sure not to let the dream side track me. I ignored him and walk around out the back door to the front of the house. I reminded myself of what my task was. I decided to test out my voice as a way of stabilizing and getting ready for the combined challenge. I should have said the phrase right then, but was being arrogant and assumed I would be able to do the full challenge, so instead I just said something random, like "hello! one, two, three."

      I decided to teleport to the top of a pyramid, but did not take time to really picture one. I instead teleported to the inside of a large building supply store. I think my brain was playing a few jokes on me during this dream! I was in the isle that had large bricks and mortar! I guess because I called this a challenge my brain decided to make it truly a challenge. I saw the joke and found it a little funny (build one!) but, no, I did not feel like spending my dream building a pyramid. I used TK to flip a bunch of mortar sacks around just in response. I started to walk out of the store to see what would be outside.

      I could have fallen prey to a false awakening here. I dreamt that I could also feel my cat walk on top of my body and thought he was going to cost me the dream. I realized that the door had been shut and that I had trained the cat not to mess with me when sleeping. At that realization the partial FA stopped and the dream continued.

      I went outside and it was a pleasant day on a random city street. I thought that finding a pyramid may show more shared dream kind of skill than to just create one or teleport to one. So I started my adventure. There were some people in the street. One of them was a pretty woman jogging in lycra shorts and basic jogging attire. I reached out and gently stopped her and pulled her close. I thought maybe I would fool around a bit, but realized that is just a classic distraction. Instead I used her as another chance to stabilize the dream and enhance the visuals. I was just very tender and sweet to her, like she was a girlfriend. I ran my fingers across her hair and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were amazing! All the detail was there, including very colorful green/brown irises with detailed lines and dark pupils. The Dc was very animated and we actually seemed to share true fondness for each other. I told (thought at her) about my plan to find a pyramid and she wanted to come along.

      We walked down this pleasant city street with my arm around her waist. Very vivid and pleasant! I decided to get back to actually trying to find a pyramid. I decided that the building at the end of the block would have a pyramid roof. I levitated us up there and it was a very cool ornate building like a museum or conservatory. Sure enough there was a pyramid up there. It was part of the ornamentation. I walked up onto it with the woman still in my arms. I thought "OK here you are on a pyramid, so say the phrase." But then I thought about why I was doing this. The whole point was to show skills that would be useful in shared dreaming. I looked down at the pyramid and examined it. It was a perfect lovely LITTLE pyramid about 5 feet across. I then thought, "Don't sell yourself short. The idea was a landmark others could find. This seems like cheating to just get it done with, you owe yourself a real challenge, and you can do better than this."

      I looked back up and the woman was gone, and I was now inside the building. It was very nice inside, like an atrium with ornate walls, plants and a pond. Some woman came in and said they had reserved the room and that I should leave. I had other things to do, so I left the building. I walked out into a parking lot full of equipment and scaled a wall using spider climb. I seemed unable to get to a good vantage point, so I started to fly. I got up a ways and saw hills in the distance. I decided that if I looked around a pyramid would be over in the hills. I did see at least two hills that looked a lot like pyramids, so I started to fly that way.

      I noticed that I was flying over large buildings and one had a glass roof that was a pyramid. I stopped flying to the hills and landed on it. No, my brain was going to toy with me some more. It was pyramid like and very large and shiny, but it was clearly not a pyramid. It had its sides at weird angles, so I tried to imagine it becoming a pyramid. No luck. I flew around some more and ran into (not hard) a giant glass building that seemed to go up for hundreds of stories and get bigger a ways above me. This looked like a wonderful challenge for my spider climb skill, and I decided the top would either be a pyramid or I could see one from up there, so I screwed around for a couple minutes playing spider man. The glass sides were very vivid and pretty. I finally climbed onto a large balcony. I was still nowhere near the top, so I decided to look down. The city was only about 30 stories below me and the buildings all had cool roofs. I decided to go down again and find a large pyramid roof.

      I wanted to have some fun so I travelled the rest of this dream using Spiderman webs. I would reach out and send a tiny filament out that would hit a point ahead of me and swing like Spiderman. The filament was stretchy like a bunji cord and could yank me forward if I wanted to go really fast. When I got to ground level, I found myself in a hotel lobby. I decided to head out side. On the way a woman and a man were sitting on a couch. I took the woman's hand and brought her outside with me. Somehow I had become confused and now thought my goal was to stand on top of a pyramid with a pretty woman (likely because I had just done that earlier in the dream).

      We went outside and I had my arms around her and decided to levitate us up higher. The added weight seemed to weigh me down, but I realized that was crazy and then I levitated us both up higher. I saw a nice glass pyramid roof and took us there, but my mind was still playing with me. We were up high on a tall buildings roof with our arms around each other. I looked down and the roof was a 5 sided star shape! Oh come on! It also refused to reshape into a pyramid. I was impressed with how vivid the interaction with the pretty girl was. It felt sweet and sexy, and very real. I allowed myself the pleasure of a nice hug and a few sweet little kisses, but did not intend on letting myself loose lucidity. I only kissed and touched for about a minute.

      I then looked around and could see a real pyramid off across the city. Now, that is the kind of land mark I had in mind. I used the Spiderman webs to travel and it was awesome! Before long I was on top of the pyramid. It was not huge, like the great pyramids. It was more like the roof on a large building, but it was large and a true perfect pyramid. I had unfortunately kind of forgotten my goal. I thought the phrase "I am looking for someone." I did not however say it audibly and actually forgot the point. My brain just came back with "OH? Well who are you looking for?" I was not sure. "Oh! That's right. I was supposed to stand up here with a pretty girl!" No, in fact that was not right, but oh well.

      I looked down off the pyramid and saw a pretty woman (each of the 3 women looked entirely different) so I used TK and brought her up on the pyramid. We stood on the point and arms around each other we had a big sexy kiss. I actually had thought that was the goal of the dream, so I felt like I had completed the task. Opps, so close. I also decided it had been a marathon LD so far, so why not reward myself with some vivid dream sex on top of a pyramid! That scene went very nicely and oh so vivid! The dream orgasm caused me to loose lucidity, and the dream went on as a vivid semi-lucid. Dur~ 30 minutes

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    4. 05/26/12 Clear Light of the Mind-Yawn

      by , 05-26-2012 at 09:35 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      This was a WBTB WILD. I had been drifting in HI land for some time, just barley staying aware, when a sudden flash of reality hit, and everything lit up very bright. I was no longer in any kind of darkness, but the scene was a pure clear white. I have been having fewer LDs for about a month, and got kind of excited. I wanted to varify that this was a dream and not just a pre-dream WILD phase. I loooked around and realized I was 100% disembodied, with no sense of my waking body or bed. I could rotate and the view stayed ultra-white or 'clear' as they say. I considered channeling the dream into an adventure, but I had just written a section about this kind of dream. The Tibetian Yogas of Sleep and Dream, call this "Clear Light of the Mind" and attach a very high level of spiritual meaning to it.
      Now, in this state you do not even really think, as the process of thought is still a expression of duality. I decided to do the whole "Clear Light" thing and stopped the monolouge and just experienced the unity, or lack of duality.
      "Yawn" some yogis may fantasize that this state is the ultimate level, but I think it is that they either want the 'goal' to be attainable, or they want to feel that because they can do this, that they have reached an end. I find it just one more state of awareness. Eventually my wife woke me up.
    5. 03/22/12 Pyramid in Lames WILD

      by , 03-24-2012 at 04:45 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      LD35:This LD went on for awhile and hadd many little parts. The control was good and very high level of lucid. The graphics looked very cartoon like. The back ground would stay blank like the Matrix Training Room. Only what I focused on formed clear images. I started as soon as I could feel my dream body, by walking in the blank space. I waited until it really felt like walking and did a stablization. A new part of my routine is to call out loud "Thank You" I could sense the words and feel me calling out, but I had no sounds so it was a silent scream. I repeated this a couple times before the dream was over and the sound improved some. I don't have time to go into fine detail, so I will just cover some high points. There was no plot, I just got to screw around and have fun. I walked alot trying to prompt the graphics to become realistic. Trees and house blurred on the side of my vision now, so it seems like I am read for a good WILD. I decide a resteraunt is right here and a buffet must be here. Yep here is the buffet. I try to smell things but it is vauge. I ate a creams puff with strawberry filling. The taste lacked sweetness, it was kind of bland but not bad.
      At one point I tried to summon a flying horse and one appeared but he was hallucinaton twisted, a horseish blur beast. Cool, but I wont count that, it clearly is only a poorly formed horse, sorry buddy. I fly on the horse and we do stunts for a while.
      At one point I just stand around summoning dishes and random things and manipulating the in the air with TK. I messed around until I decided to try flying to the moon. I try to stare at the moon but it is all blurry and shifting (like someone would see on 10 hits of acid). I had spaced out the horse so I flew towards the blur of a moon in a supper man style. I basically flew from one scene to another of getting higher and the the scenes became space. I did some stunt flying and when the time came I landed onthe moon.
      A whole little section goes on here basedon pools full of colors and it starts geetting very abstrract and I need to stablize. This time I call out thank you from the moon.
      I decide to go and teleport down to the top of the great pyamid. I formed a crazy plan, just to see if I could do it. I blasted energy down the pyrramid and it bust into flames, me included. Covered with flames I floated up and called forth "Thank You" about 12 times. Then I woke up. Dur~20min
    6. 03/21/12 Cat on the Ceialing WILD

      by , 03-22-2012 at 03:25 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      LD 34: I was trying a WBTB in a hotel room. A very large cat started climbing up the wall and climbed across the ceiling to get above me. I was shocked back into awareness as I had almost drifted away during the WBTB. I looked up at the cat and realized I was in a LD. Not much happened after that. I made the cat disappear and spent a few moments trying to remeber what goals I had set for myself. I should have stabilized. I spaced off after only about 1-2 minutes in the dream. Dur~1 minute
    7. 03/17/12 Challenge: Teleporting Horse in Flight.

      by , 03-19-2012 at 06:01 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      LD 31: Contains shape shifting, flight, element manipulation, teleport, summon object to hand. I had been awakened form my last LD by the alarm clock. I was pissed, but I decided to hit snooze and try a last ditch DEILD before a long work day. I got lucky and had a fabulous 10 minute LD. I looked at the time, hit the snooze, and tried to picture the last dream. I had been transformed into a horse, so I tried to picture that. It only took about 30 seconds to drift off back to sleep.
      I felt like I had a giant head. I became lucid and was more or less in the shape of a horse. I turned back in a person. Why the heck was I a horse? Oh yeah, it had something to do with a challenge thread on Dreamviews. I know there was more than to become a horse, but maybe I will figure it out after I become a horse again. I like to really feel a transformation and experiance the body of the animal. I took my time and became a solid horse. The scenery at this point is just me and a field of bluish gray, like the white area in The Matrix.
      I stablize by stamping my hooves and trying to feel the impact of the hooves against a hard surface. The ground appears, and I play around as a horse. I remeber I was wanting to be a flying teleporting horse. I started to levitate and drift forward. No, that seems dumb, I should have wings. I grow wings and flex them. I start flying and it feels awesome. I fly up and up way into the sky. I start a dive and start going real fast like a hawk. I remember that I wanted to challenge my self and teleport while in flight. Ok, how will I know if I teleport or not. I decide the entire landscape should suddenly be completely and radically different. As I am getting closer to the ground in a crazy dive, I can see that I am above The Grand Canyon. Ok, I will teleport to the California coast. I focus on the canyon and make the image blur, it comes back into focus as the coast.
      I fly down to the beach and walk as a horse through the shallow waves. Suddenly a wave over takes me and I am having to swim. I fly back up out of the waves, and climb back up into the clouds. I want to try it one more time. I get a few thousand feet up above the coast and start another power dive. As I am getting closer to the ground, I blur out the scene and intend on going to a forest. The picture comes back as a forest. I land amongst the trees.
      Well, what now? I remember my next goal was elemental manipulation. I think being a fire breathing horse would be cool. I try it, but all I can manage is a small cute little tongue of flame. I decide to turn human again and try other manipulations. I want a torch so I look into the palm of my hand and materialize one. I focus and cause flames to erupt from the torch. I set the torch down and make it become a bon fire. I make rain pour just on the fire, and it goes up in steam. I focus the steam into a ball and take it into my hands. I lift my hands to the sky and cause the ball of steam to become lightning and blast up into the sky, causing it to start raining. I don't know why but I decided to do my RC which is levetation, and it worked. I stablized again by patting my hands all over my body.
      I turn back into the horse and start to fly again, but a wall of vines catches me like a spider web. I transform into a monkey. I stabelize again by trying to feel and move my new prehensile tail. I start climbing the vines and make sure to use the tail. What now? How about something silly. I decide that there is a lake somewhere below and it would be so odd to jump and become a fish while flying trough the air! I fling my monkey body off of the vines and then become a big carp. I am flying towards the ground and hope it is water. No wait!!! I know it is a lake! I splash into a pond and am under water. I look around and try to get the feel for being a fish. I am looking up from below and see little bugs on the surface. Hmmm, I think it is neat to eat things and see how well I can taste them. Bugs? Yeah sure, why not. At first I just gobbled them from the surface. I could taste something, but it was bland and generic tasting. I decided to catch bugs that flew by. I launched out of the water and snatched one. I tried a second time and when I was in mid air,,, the alarm went off and I had to start my day.
      lucid , memorable
    8. 03/13/12 2 DILDS and a WILD

      by , 03-14-2012 at 09:14 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      I am a little frustrated because I had pshyced myself up, planning on a great night of LDing. While I had 3 distict LDs they were very short.
      LD25 since 02/19/12: DILD I was walking and a big fox came running out from no where. I did my levitate RC and it worked. I became lucid and tried to look around. I decided to try and get a white room effect like in The Matrix training area. I turned away from the scene but did not expect any new scenery. It worked, I was in a blank white feild of space except the remainss of the last scene in one part of it. I lost all recall at that point.
      LD26: DILD Swirling shapes were floating about and I realized it must be a dream. I became lucid and tried to look around, just more crazy shapes, I tried to look at my hands to stablize. They came in and out of view, and I woke up before I could stablize.
      LD27: I did a WILD attempt after about 6 hours sleep. I was at it a while when a vivid scene of looking up stream from close to water level at a river appeared. I realized it was real LD imagery and that I was lucid. I studied the images for clarity and realism. It all looked great. I realized I had no dream body. I thought about forming one butfirst I tried to look around. New scenes of rivers would form. At that point I lost recall.
      Dur: All 3 were less than 2 minutes.
    9. 03/08/12 Atomic Task Completed WILD

      by , 03-09-2012 at 10:02 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      LD23 My brain was not wanting to let me suceed at LDing last night. I reached HIs twice but could not initiate an LD until my 3rd attempt at the 9 hours of sleep point. I had put in ear plugs as it was 10 am by this point. It reached a solid atonia with HIs in about 20 minutes, but it then took about an hour of gently trying to start an LD for it to work. I had been at a point for half of that time where I could feel myself move around and even dance around but the HIs would only form ghost like clumsy images that were almost not there. I could say that all of this stuff counts as a low grade LD, but I won't include it in the duration of the dream; it was just warming up.
      Finally a dream started to form and I could honestly feel as if I were there moving around and looking at things. I wanted to watch the atomic test for the task of the year thing. I created an image of a field and a trench with men in it. I heard a voice (by expecting to) do the count down. I saw the standard blast and cloud thing and my mind flashed the classic images of the buildings getting shredded. I was disappointed with the effect. Every thing was black and white, thew soldiers looked like shadows, and the whole thing seemed more like just watching it on tv. I decided that I would not count this as completing the task. The task thing is not a competition, but a fun way for people to get ideas to challenge themselves. I had wanted to experience the atomic test and this was more like watching old footage of it.
      I decided to let the dream go free form for awhile and get random DCs and plots, until the imagery had intensified. The random HIs came back and I played with things like skating alond through it, turning into a snake, turning into a bird, and spinning around in circles. A forest had appeared but was very dream like and not vivid. I spent about 3 minutes doing every stabliizing technique I could come up with. I felt with my hands all the magor body joints and rubbed them. I looked very close at small objects like the gravel on the ground.
      When I looked up fairly clear scenery had evolved.
      This portion of the dream I let randomly take me through a story with DCs. I was at a university. I went inside and people I apparently were friends with are all gathered. They were talking about things we should do. I only caught on something about hosting an event and serving lots of food. The crowd broke up into smaller groups and I tagged along with one. We wentthrough about 3 dream scenes in various parts of the college and I mostly just watched. I wanted to do something more interesting, but decided to see where this would go. It then turns out that terrorists are planning to attack the school and we are FBI types in disguise looking for clues. I went around trying to get close to the football players when one asked what I was doing. I looked down and was holding a big mass of floopy spegetti noodles. There we go,some real randomness. I pretended I was making shoe laces out of them.
      At that point I decided I would go back to trying the atomic task again. I turned into a bird and flew up above the hills. I circled few times then saw a big plain beyond the hills and there was a structure in the middle. I landed over there in human form. I went to the structure and blended in with a group of workers who were inspectin a giant artillery shell suspended from scafolding. I floated up and ran my hands along the tailfins and the rivets. Then I teleported to the trenches were people were ducking down and giving thumbs up signs. Every one was wearing sunglasses. I got in the trench and the count down started. I realized I wanted to be out there in the blast and jumped out of the trench. I could see the buildings they constructed to get blown apart, I appeared over there..
      The bomb exploded and a wave of force hit me and the buildings. I felt myself flying backwards and getting shredded into powder (vaporized) but it was fun, not painful. I reformed my body and jumped off the force wave and flew to where the cloud was starting to shoot up ward. I grabed it as if it were a big tree, and it yanked me rapidly skyward. I plunged through the mushroom top of the cloud, and this was like being pulled under white water rapids. Then I was on top of the rising explosion and at the same time could see the mushroom cloud from the side. It spread out under me and stopped pushing me up.
      I realized my real body was having a problem, I felt like my mouth was very dry and trying to wake me. I focused on the atomic cloud to try and save thedream, but then I ended up coughing and woke up. Dur~20 minutes

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    10. 03/05/12 DILD Failed Task of the Year, Atomic

      by , 03-06-2012 at 09:54 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      LD 21: I tried a couple WILDs but had finally drifted off after the second one. I had got deep into some HH effects and started to be able to visualize my hands, then some how started a non- lucid dream that I don't really recall. I aproached a door at some point and a big lion came running out past me. I jumped back and did my levitation RC. Yep, I floated up into the air. I had that feeling that I was about to wake from the shock, so I decided to do something memorable as quick as I could. I turned into some kind of big cat but only as a image of a cat. I did not spend time with the transformation to really feel like a cat. I ran straight up a wall as a cat then pushed off doing a back flip and landing where I started. I quickly did it again. The very bazaar experience seemed to accually stablize the dream. Random imagery had place a big bath tub full of water in my path. I never tried to change back to human, it just happened when the tub distracted me. I said out loud to no one inpaticular, that I would make a geiser happen (water-bending) I focused on the sirface and as I pictured my energy reaching out and grabbing the water, it started moving around. I made waves and a big slaps rise out of the middle, I did the whole thing again. I said out loud, "see that's pretty cool." A womans voice responded, "that is not really a ggeiser, now is it?" Ok I put more focus into bending the water into a real geiser. I worked and looked good; it was about 3 feet high bubbling out of the tub.
      She says "Ok, now what does that look like?" I lost focus and the geiser stopped, "it looked like a geiser." She asks, "why would your mind have randomly chose to do that? It is trying to remind you of something, think what it looks like." I made tthe geiser again and realized it looked like the base of an atomic bomb blast. OH! I had wanted to complete one of the tasks of the year, and had choosen to watch the atomic bomb test. Ok, how to go about it? I looked around and most of the scene was just unfilled in, so I tried to imagine what I should see. I knew they had trenches so I tried to some up trenchs with people inside and it started to form. Now, there would be something in the distance every one was looking at, maybe a small tower, plus they had cheap building set up to see the damage. All of these things started to form.
      I suddenly was aware of my real lifee body and the pictures started to fade. I had never really to the time to stablize! Darn, I looked at my hands and rubbed my hands across my foore arms, they started to fade. I still felt a dream body so I tried dancing around blind pumping my elbows and knees. That kept me lucid for a few more seconds, but I ended up waking. Dur~4-5 min
      lucid , task of the year
    11. 03/03/12 Pyramid I Never Reached DILD

      by , 03-04-2012 at 07:03 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      LD19 since 02-19-12: A nice lucid with walk through walls, teleporting, object summoning, flying, and spiderclimb. The only problem with this one is I was heavily sedated and recall only about 20 minutes total of what seemed like a 60 minute LD. Being a work day I again took Ambien, antihistamines, melatonin, and 3 glasses of wine. I should be thrilled to have a LD at all under those circumstances! I have big blank spots in this DILD, but it was still fun.
      I am not sure when I became lucid, but the first part I recall is looking out my bedroom window and a car is running by the side of the garage. I should not be able to see it from that window. No need for a RC as I seem to be fullly lucid already. I walk through the exterior wall. If I needed an RC that is a pretty clear one. I walk around to the garage and the car pulls out. Someone tells me my mom and stepdad are going to through a huge party here. I know in real life I am 40 and don't live with my parents, so I just shrug. That car leaves and two more vehicals pull in full of people excited for a party. I decide I would rather go do LD stuff than have the dream progress this way. I would have anxiety about my house getting trashed even though I knew it was a dream. I walk off........missing section, poor recall.....I go up to my dad's suv that is parked along a street and get in the passenger side. He pulls into a parking garage. A car is crusing up slowly, and I suspect it is gangsters or something. I materialize a pair of hand guns and give one to dad. The car goes by slow, yep it is hoodlems. I let them see the gun and they drive away. I talk with DC dad for about 1 minute. A family pulls up. A new car of gangsters pulls up. We show them our guns, so they leave us alone. They get out and are robbing the family. I tell DC dad that I am not concerned with stopping them, as this is just an LD, and I am not interested in a gangster shoot out dream. He tells me not to lower my gun but to tell them we have money to give them. I never say anything, but keep the gun up and they walk over to his window and get money. He is telling them it is tribute money for operating on their turf. They tell me they want me to come meet their leader.
      I may be a dream spoil sport, because I often refuse to participate in dream scenarios my brain devices. I decide to leave this stupid scene and pick somewhere exotic to visit. I decide on Iserial. I teleport by blurring the scene and it reforms in a market full of camels and middle eastern booths. ......about 10 minutes of recall all blurred here, it involved looking at stuff and interacting with DCs........ when I regain recall, I am on a dock near a big speed boat. A woman in the boat asks me something, but I don't recall what. I decide to try and accomplish some sort of goal. How about visit the great pyramid? I fly up off the ground and look around. I assume I will spot the pyramid and eventually do.
      I try to fly to it and find my way blocked by a very crazy high wall. I spider climb up it and it has all sorts of obsticals like carved faces and loose stones. I find a window and decide to just go inside and look aroud. I know I had all sorts of experiances inside involving three people asking for help with a vampire, and other random stuff, but again most is lost due to poor recall. I awake after about 10-15 minutes of random running around , flying , spider climbing and at least 1 more walk through walls. The fuzzy recall is sort of a shame as what may have been a 60 minute LD is reduced to about 20 minutes recall, but considering how sedated I was, and that I made no special effort to LD, I guess I am thrilled and should feel lucky. Duration ?60ish min, but only ~20 minutes recalled. That makes 19 LDs in the 14 days I have been posting a journal on Dream Views, so even if I have been to sedated to do many of them as good as I may have been able to, I am very pleased.
    12. 03/02/12 Semi-lucid Odd Thomas DILD

      by , 03-03-2012 at 06:08 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      LD18 since 02-17-12: I read the task for March last night and it was to enter into a chapter of a favorite book and interact, or something like that. I could not decide before bed what book would work. I thought of a couple but was not sure what I would like to live out. I decided to see if an idea came to me based on whatever was going on the next time I became lucid.
      This is a DILD as I had no time to try a WILD and just got lucky. I found myself on a peir with woman and was already lucid. I may have had other lucid parts leading to this, but can not recall what they were. I again had to heavily sedate myself, to get enough sleep, because of my intense work schedule. I find it limits my recall and control drastically. I remembered that I was supposed to enter a chapter in a book, and this looked a lot like the first chapter in "Odd Hours" an Odd Thomas book by Dean Koontz. I love Odd Thomas books so I figure I could transform this into the first chapter of that book.
      I pictured that I was Odd Thomas, he has special phsycic like abilities and can see the dead. I tried to remember the idea of the first chapter. He is on a peir , meets a girl with a secret, and bad guys show up who he leads away from the girl.
      I made the image blur out and come back so that I was now in the story. I looked around and here come the bad guys. I told her to sneak off. I think parts of the chase scene got lost to poor recall. I also had only the vauge lucidity where you know your dreaming, but can not always effect things and don't think very clearly.
      I lead them around a carnaval on the board walk, and then find the girl in a carnaval tent. She tells me about a prop cannon, and I think that I will somehow influence the dream to use this cannon, but the dream just moves along against my wishes.
      We find an aquaduct and climb down it into the dark waste deep in water. For awhile we seem safe and the water felt very real but had hot parts and cold parts. I suddenly get some kind of Odd Thomas preception and can see in my minds eye that two bad guys have found us and are about to climb up the aquaduct.
      At this point I decide the female from "Odd Hours" is to weak, and she really should be Stormy Luellen from the pre-quel graphic novels. Stormy is tough and carries a gun. I picture that the next scene it will be Stormy there. We are in a large underground area with pipes spanning a drop off. Stormy is there and handling one bad guy, somehow.
      Odd Thomas is not really a tough guy, but relise on a special kind of luck and timing. I decide to stay in character I should follow my instinct and hope for a random thing to save me. I cross the pipes and my bad guy slips and hits his head and falls down the dark drop off.
      We come up at a collapsed place near a railroad track, and Officer Porter is there and gives us some kind of clues about bodies found somewhere and a warehouse.
      The next scene we pass by a couple houses where a dog has killed a cat. The owners are arguing about if the dog went in the cat's yard. Odd Thomas sees dead people, so I look around and see a mangled cat spirit. I pick it up and ask it to show me if it was in its own yard when the dog got it. It showed me the bent tines on the fence where the dog got over.
      Then we are at some warehouse and a final fight scene happens with some bad guy in a crazy leather out fit and mask. I use a burning propane tourch to force the bad guy to surrender. It turns out to be a woman. Me and Stormy use zip ties to bind her hands and the dream ends.
      lucid , task of the month
    13. 02-23-12 Very Long Hawaii WILD- worth the long read.

      by , 02-24-2012 at 09:38 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      LD9: This one was weird, I am typing it just as I get up, because there is somuch that happened I don't want to forget any of it. I had 6 hours sleep and waited for my wife to go to work, then I began attempting a WILD. I must have laid there for an hour breathing rythmicly before I got into sleep paralysis. I was not very comfortable, a little restless after lying still so long. Now I couldn't move, and my face itched a little. I had to try very hard to not give up. I saw the standard color swirls and felt all tingley. I started to try to form a lucid dream of me on a hotel pool patio in Hawaii.
      After maybe 20 minutes, I started to be able to visualize things. I am a bit frustrated at this point. Everything is blurry and almost in black and white. I look at my hands, but they are blob like sticks of white on a black background. It took about 20 more minutes to get to where I could see fingers and feel somewhat of a solid dream body. Boy, I am having to work for this one!!!
      Ok, I am finally in a WILD LD but not very pleased with the lack of detail. I decide to just start having some fun even if the resolution and color suck. I picture the place I went on vacation. The Royal Kona Resort. I am by the pool standing on a low wall. I try to bring more detail into the scene, I should be able to see the ocean, but it is just black beyond the immediate area. I move my arms around and tried to stablize more. I was not happy about the low resolution. The real pool area has flagstone floors, this floor looks flat and vague. I get off the wall and try to correct this. I run my fingers over it and picture flagstone. No luck. Oh well, the color and resolution are slightly improving, maybe it will get better.
      I have set a 2 new dreaam goals for this month, so why not try one? My goal was to not only look at my hands, but be fully aware of articulated joints at my elbows and knees at the same time. I want to squat and place my elbows on my knees while looking at my hands, and be able to feel and visualize them all. I won't bore everyone with the details, but this ended up being very complicated. I had to focus on each joint, just like you would on hands, then somehow do the whole thing all at once. I actually managed to get the whole thing to come together and work, but it took me about five minutes.
      That accomplished I look around beyond the pool area. Some improvement. I now can see the ocean and sky, but still poor resolution. I can also see the tall hotel buildings and palm trees. Opps, I almost lost all the stablizing I just took 5 minutes accomplishing. I jump around, moving those elbows and knees I worked so hard for.
      I try to jump to the top of the northern building because it is maybe 6 stories and that would be quite a jump. It take two tries. I look down from up there and can still see the area below, but in much poorer resolution. What is up with this lack of color and detail? I realise I seem to still be part awake. I know what day it is, and where I am sleeping and can fall right back out of this dream if I am not careful. Ok, so I decide to just be happy and have a ball in low resolution. I jump back down to the pool. There does not seem to be any random dream elements or DCs at all! I quess this is because my unusually high mental presence.
      I decide to wade into the ocean. It is not the lovely blue green detailed ocean I want; it is more a gray mass that undulates up and down. Oh well. I work my way down the vague rocks into that gray mass. Hey, not bad, it feels maybe 20% like water should, a slight temp varient from the air and gives me buoyancy. I float out a ways and it is fun. The low resolution waves are still picking me up and then dropping me down. I dive under. Pretty cool. It is easy to swim down about twenty feet and look back up at the surface. I swim back up, and walk back to the pool area.
      Still not a random event or DC has appeared. I decide to try my second dream goal, which is to vividly smell something. I know where a luau girl would be standing during a luau. So maybe if I picture her having perfume or a flower in her hair? Yep, there she is, but she is not acting like a DC, she is just scenery. I try to smell her perfume but fail. I stick my nose right in her flower, but fail to smell it. Hmmm, well, being male I decide I could play with the pretty luau girl for a minute. I remove her body wrap and touch her. Things are still in low resolution. She feels soft and nice, but only about 35% real. I get bored quickly of this because she does not move or react unless I move her or put energy into causing her to act a certain way. Oh well.
      I go back to the pool area and am feeling just a little bored, if you can picture being bored in LD. Maybe I should try shape shifting. I take about 30 miunutes and do all sorts of successful shape shifting. I focus on really feeling as if I am the things, not just picturing. I acomplished this by stablizing in the forms. I became a moongoose and actually looked at my mongoose paws, stretched my long body, and ran along the ground , then up a tree. I decided to really challenge myself and became a snail. I tried to feel how my snail body had to undulate to move me forward and eventually got it. I became a large ant and had a lot of trouble with it. I had to try to feel 6 limbs instead of 4, and figure out how I should move them together to walk. I have never shifted into a woman that I can remember, so that seemed like a reasonable 3rd dream goal since things were going so well. It was a real challenge and very odd. I stablized looking at my hands but made them thin and female. Next I went through every body part changing it. I explored my new breasts, and found that very novel indeed. Now, for the biggest reality check! I removed the concept of my male genitals. You boys know that is hard to imagine! I slid my hand down there and everything was female. I did it! I was fully aware of my new female body and could look down and see a sexy female body. Strange though, it took so much focus to maintain this, that I found I moved like a drunken robot. I could not keep all the body parts as they were and do much more than stumble a few feet.
      I have never been in the form of a bird, so I set that as my 4th dream goal for the month. Not just to see myself as a bird, but to feel how a bird feels. It took alot of work. Finally, I had transformed my arms into backward projecting wings that moved as they should, and tranformed my legs into talons. I did a stabilization by loooking at these talons and moving them, gripping and bending at my bird knees. Then I tried to fly, but I did not just want to fly. I wanted to feel how it feels for a bird to fly. I got all confused trying to flap the wings, but kind of half ass, got the feel for it. When I looked around, the resolution had improved alot. I flew around a bit then decided to try diving from really high into the ocean. Very cool. I plunged down about 20 feet below the surface. Now, I tried to become a sea turtle. It took a bit and was weird trying to stablize with flippers and a wide flat body, but I eventually got it. I looked up from the depth and saw that the resolution had improved dramaticly. It was very cool seeing the sky through the surface of the water.
      I had a strange idea. How about being a flying turtle? I surfaced and tried it, but the concept must have been one step too wierd. It just would not work. Well, enough shape shifting for now. I teleported back to the pool. I realized my real body was becoming very uncomfortable and at risk of ending the dream. I tried to focus back on the dream. I decided to try the 2nd dream goal again. That is vivid sense of smell. I walked over to the barbaque pit, and inhaled deeply a few times. I realized my real body had tried to enhale deeply too. I was at a real risk of waking! Ok, no more deep breathing. I went back to the luau girl and tried to smell her perfume again. No luck. Well, again being a male, I decided to screw around with the pretty girl again. No need for details here but after about 3 minutes, I was not really satisfied with the experience. Again, because she only moved or reacted if I focused attention on her doing so.
      I teleported us up to a room on the 6th floor of the south tower, and tried to enjoy the experience in a bed. It only took 1 to 2 minutes to realize this was also unsatisfying. So, I went to the window and looked down. I was seeing things pretty vivid by now and the color had really improved. I jumped down and went for a swim in the pool. This dream has been going on for so long now! I just screw around for awile. Doing things like jumping up the buildings and diving off into the ocean.
      I have been suprised by the absolute lack of random events and DCs! I decide maybe I need to relax my control a little. I have certainly trained my skills enough, so maybe I should try to let something random happen. I lay back in a lounge and play around with changing it from day to night. When I get it to stay night time. I lay there and trie to not control things, and get all relaxed. A waiter comes by and some people are sitting in stools at the bar. Ok, there are some DCs now.
      My waking body is becoming very uncomfortable and kicks a leg. I am loosing sleep paralysis and must act if I am to stay in the dream. I decide that the dream has all ready been a marathon, and I may as well get up. So I wake up, and came straight to Dream Views to put it in my journal, before I forgot any of it. Duration ~90 minutes