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    task of the year

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    1. 03/08/12 Atomic Task Completed WILD

      by , 03-09-2012 at 10:02 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      LD23 My brain was not wanting to let me suceed at LDing last night. I reached HIs twice but could not initiate an LD until my 3rd attempt at the 9 hours of sleep point. I had put in ear plugs as it was 10 am by this point. It reached a solid atonia with HIs in about 20 minutes, but it then took about an hour of gently trying to start an LD for it to work. I had been at a point for half of that time where I could feel myself move around and even dance around but the HIs would only form ghost like clumsy images that were almost not there. I could say that all of this stuff counts as a low grade LD, but I won't include it in the duration of the dream; it was just warming up.
      Finally a dream started to form and I could honestly feel as if I were there moving around and looking at things. I wanted to watch the atomic test for the task of the year thing. I created an image of a field and a trench with men in it. I heard a voice (by expecting to) do the count down. I saw the standard blast and cloud thing and my mind flashed the classic images of the buildings getting shredded. I was disappointed with the effect. Every thing was black and white, thew soldiers looked like shadows, and the whole thing seemed more like just watching it on tv. I decided that I would not count this as completing the task. The task thing is not a competition, but a fun way for people to get ideas to challenge themselves. I had wanted to experience the atomic test and this was more like watching old footage of it.
      I decided to let the dream go free form for awhile and get random DCs and plots, until the imagery had intensified. The random HIs came back and I played with things like skating alond through it, turning into a snake, turning into a bird, and spinning around in circles. A forest had appeared but was very dream like and not vivid. I spent about 3 minutes doing every stabliizing technique I could come up with. I felt with my hands all the magor body joints and rubbed them. I looked very close at small objects like the gravel on the ground.
      When I looked up fairly clear scenery had evolved.
      This portion of the dream I let randomly take me through a story with DCs. I was at a university. I went inside and people I apparently were friends with are all gathered. They were talking about things we should do. I only caught on something about hosting an event and serving lots of food. The crowd broke up into smaller groups and I tagged along with one. We wentthrough about 3 dream scenes in various parts of the college and I mostly just watched. I wanted to do something more interesting, but decided to see where this would go. It then turns out that terrorists are planning to attack the school and we are FBI types in disguise looking for clues. I went around trying to get close to the football players when one asked what I was doing. I looked down and was holding a big mass of floopy spegetti noodles. There we go,some real randomness. I pretended I was making shoe laces out of them.
      At that point I decided I would go back to trying the atomic task again. I turned into a bird and flew up above the hills. I circled few times then saw a big plain beyond the hills and there was a structure in the middle. I landed over there in human form. I went to the structure and blended in with a group of workers who were inspectin a giant artillery shell suspended from scafolding. I floated up and ran my hands along the tailfins and the rivets. Then I teleported to the trenches were people were ducking down and giving thumbs up signs. Every one was wearing sunglasses. I got in the trench and the count down started. I realized I wanted to be out there in the blast and jumped out of the trench. I could see the buildings they constructed to get blown apart, I appeared over there..
      The bomb exploded and a wave of force hit me and the buildings. I felt myself flying backwards and getting shredded into powder (vaporized) but it was fun, not painful. I reformed my body and jumped off the force wave and flew to where the cloud was starting to shoot up ward. I grabed it as if it were a big tree, and it yanked me rapidly skyward. I plunged through the mushroom top of the cloud, and this was like being pulled under white water rapids. Then I was on top of the rising explosion and at the same time could see the mushroom cloud from the side. It spread out under me and stopped pushing me up.
      I realized my real body was having a problem, I felt like my mouth was very dry and trying to wake me. I focused on the atomic cloud to try and save thedream, but then I ended up coughing and woke up. Dur~20 minutes

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    2. 03/05/12 DILD Failed Task of the Year, Atomic

      by , 03-06-2012 at 09:54 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      LD 21: I tried a couple WILDs but had finally drifted off after the second one. I had got deep into some HH effects and started to be able to visualize my hands, then some how started a non- lucid dream that I don't really recall. I aproached a door at some point and a big lion came running out past me. I jumped back and did my levitation RC. Yep, I floated up into the air. I had that feeling that I was about to wake from the shock, so I decided to do something memorable as quick as I could. I turned into some kind of big cat but only as a image of a cat. I did not spend time with the transformation to really feel like a cat. I ran straight up a wall as a cat then pushed off doing a back flip and landing where I started. I quickly did it again. The very bazaar experience seemed to accually stablize the dream. Random imagery had place a big bath tub full of water in my path. I never tried to change back to human, it just happened when the tub distracted me. I said out loud to no one inpaticular, that I would make a geiser happen (water-bending) I focused on the sirface and as I pictured my energy reaching out and grabbing the water, it started moving around. I made waves and a big slaps rise out of the middle, I did the whole thing again. I said out loud, "see that's pretty cool." A womans voice responded, "that is not really a ggeiser, now is it?" Ok I put more focus into bending the water into a real geiser. I worked and looked good; it was about 3 feet high bubbling out of the tub.
      She says "Ok, now what does that look like?" I lost focus and the geiser stopped, "it looked like a geiser." She asks, "why would your mind have randomly chose to do that? It is trying to remind you of something, think what it looks like." I made tthe geiser again and realized it looked like the base of an atomic bomb blast. OH! I had wanted to complete one of the tasks of the year, and had choosen to watch the atomic bomb test. Ok, how to go about it? I looked around and most of the scene was just unfilled in, so I tried to imagine what I should see. I knew they had trenches so I tried to some up trenchs with people inside and it started to form. Now, there would be something in the distance every one was looking at, maybe a small tower, plus they had cheap building set up to see the damage. All of these things started to form.
      I suddenly was aware of my real lifee body and the pictures started to fade. I had never really to the time to stablize! Darn, I looked at my hands and rubbed my hands across my foore arms, they started to fade. I still felt a dream body so I tried dancing around blind pumping my elbows and knees. That kept me lucid for a few more seconds, but I ended up waking. Dur~4-5 min
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