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    Brainwave App.

    by , 05-06-2012 at 09:07 PM (645 Views)
    I downloaded a an app for my new (and first ever) smartphone. The first thing I did when I got it was check out lucid dreaming apps, binaural beats, and things along that nature. I almost downloaded some chakra opening apps but decided to just go with binaural beats for the time being. The free ones are all pretty much samples.

    Anyway, I downloaded this app called Brainwaves developed by The Unexplainable Store. I had seen these people somewhere on the web before when searching for binaurals so I figured I'd give their free download a shot. It only came with one ten-minute session of "Calm-Down" which at first I thought kind of sucked, but I tried it and was able to at least meditate for ten minutes (which is something I've been wanting to do regularly for some time now.)

    Then I saw that they had an offer to become a member (at seemingly no cost) and they would give you two full downloads for free (unfortunately not of your choice.) So I did and instantly they gave me two more binaurals, "Positive Mindset" and "Remote Viewing".

    I read the description about "Remote Viewing" and thought, okay, that sounds fun. So as soon as my son laid down and fell asleep, I laid on the floor, flat and got relaxed with "Calm Down" first before I turned it on.

    After ten minutes of just getting peaceful and relaxed, I turned on "Remote Viewing" and focused on the beat. I had just had my usual energy drink (not the ones full of sugar and bullshit) but one like athletes use, lol. So I really wasn't that tired. When I began getting hypnagogia imagery I was surprised because it didn't take long at all.

    I did seem to fall asleep, but I was aware the whole time of my state. It was pretty neat. I began getting some strange thoughts and at one point I had a picture before me of two animalistic looking men and they were ripping another man into half whilst chewing and eating his flesh. It wasn't that graphic in visuals but it was in my narrative. In my head, I had spoken and said "Well, we didn't WANT to eat him..." as if we were just following our instincts.

    As soon as I said that I was like, wtf was I just thinking?!

    Soon after that one had passed I got another and I was driving down this main road in town that's close to my home. Everything was blurry, like it was still hypnagogia, really, and I knew I was probably asleep or something. I went with it and began passing cop cars. The outlines would pop up first, and then my brain just seemed to fill the rest in as each came closer and passed me. My thoughts were, oh shit, they're coming to my house. I was swerving on the road but none were stopping.

    I pulled over when I got a chance and parked. I hid and then I decided that I had been driving my mother's pick up truck for some reason. I had filled in that detail last because when I was driving, it was pretty much an outline too.

    Another hypnagogic visual that I remember, and it might be the last one was of an alligator man thing that this guy was chasing. It had started swimming out to sea and the guy was telling me we couldn't let it escape. I looked at him and then I said, well, there it goes. I pointed to the sea and the man dived in after it. The alligator quickly swam back under and came back at the man. I woke up.

    I did have a dream it seems. My house's roof was all angled like I was in some sort of attic, only it was tiled just like my house is. I remember thinking, hmmm, I don't remember my living room being like this. I had sat there on the couch for a moment, none of the windows were open and I began to ponder my surroundings. I thought, this is home. Before I woke up.

    So, I'll have to try again to see if I get the same kind of results. Regardless of the description (something to do with psychic abilities) it does something to the brain. It was definitely interesting. I just wish I could remember everything.
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