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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Water

      by , 02-09-2012 at 09:05 PM
      I had a dream that my hubby and I were packing up boxes (we're getting ready to move in RL) and I went into our bedroom. When I walked by the bathroom I noticed something unusual. I walked inside and the tub was filled up with water. Not only was it filled up with water, but it was like... filled up PAST the line but it wasn't over flowing. It was like looking at water through an invisible tub, if that makes sense. Like glass was surrounding it but it wasn't. As I was staring in wonder at this piece of work, I noticed that I was standing in water. The whole bathroom was now an invisible force holding up water. I pulled the plug out of the tub to let it drain. Then I noticed something else strange. The water was now only water-like on top, on the surface and it was just air below. It's so hard to explain.

      Anyway, I stepped out of the water-filled bathroom and ran down the hallway. "T, I think we have a big problem. I let the water out of the tub and now it's flooding our bathroom and bedroom." He ran with me down the hallway. The water was in our bedroom now and we were trying to save our stuff. I picked up my son and told T to get our clothes and stuff together so we could leave and that I would get my son's stuff. He said ok and then we both started to leave the bedroom. T put my son down in the hallway and we stared in horror at the door to the bathroom. There was a strange shadow figure standing behind it. I picked up my son to protect him from whatever it was and T opened the door. There was nothing there but the strange water.

      Then I turned suddenly down the hallway and there was something, I think, standing by the baby gate that we keep there. I couldn't look at it directly, like it was in a blind spot. But my first instinct told me it was alien. So without hesitation I ran towards it to attack. ( I always, ALWAYS, approach aliens like this in my dreams.) I remember thinking, oh my god, it's happening, it's just like in my dreams. (stupid.)

      I went to kick it down and woke up making a strange sound in my bed, kicking my leg. I was too scared to go back to sleep right away.

      After finally convincing myself that it was just a dream, I fell asleep.

      I had a long and interesting dream about one my teachers. She's my online teacher and I've only met her once on campus in person, but her name was different and it started with an L. I had been on a stage with this girl that I used to be best friends with in high school. We were goofing around, spinning around on chairs and stuff. I thought we were going to get in trouble but Ms. L was laughing at us like we were her favorite students. We were there for some kind of audition, but we never did anything but spin around on chairs, goofing off. We were selected anyway.

      Then we were living on some kind of campus with Ms. L. Ms. L and two other teachers lived in this little area where there were three houses. There was a gate though. I went to visit Ms. L for some reason and rang a bell at the gate. I didn't know which one I had rang because they weren't labeled. I was hoping I'd get lucky though. I waited for a while and kept wondering if I should have come this late. I realized it was like nine at night. Finally I figured nobody was coming and nobody had heard me, but I was thankful they didn't because I didn't want to get in trouble. Before I turn to leave the lady who lived on the right side was checking her mail. She was kind of rude, but I said, you're Ms. (something) right? She was like yea, you should go to bed now.

      So I turn to leave and I ran into this kid. (This kid looked like a character in the X-Files episode I watched right before bed.) He wanted me to follow him so I did. He broke through the gate and everything is hazy after that. I remember it feeling like some sort of video game, like we were in a pinball machine. Then he took me into this room and he started throwing knives down at this person on the ground. He wanted to kill the person, but he was just messing with him. I was begging him to just let me out and I swore I wouldn't tell anyone what he was doing. I was trying to act nonchalant about it, like "who cares what you do." but I planned to call the cops if he let me out. I was really freaked out. He just kept throwing down the knives and this poor victim on the floor had knives sticking out of his skin and he was crying and screaming for help. I didn't know what to do.

      I woke up.
    2. Your Thoughts are Welcome here.

      by , 10-04-2011 at 07:32 PM
      My dreams have been the most vivid lately. I don't think I've been doing anything different except choline caps every now and then. I only take a couple every few days, but my dreams have been so strange.

      I've been having a few alien dreams lately, not UFO's, but aliens. I've had at least 5 in the last month and it's always me encountering an alien of some sort. Some are hostile and others are subtle in their intentions. I've noticed that I become more hostile when I encounter them and also I become more animal like. For instance, I start hissing like a cat giving a warning. I feel different when this happens, like I'm semi-lucid.

      My dream from this morning: I was in a house I used to live in before I graduated and my ex was there. I was hanging out with him and confessed to my fiance that I'd been talking to him a lot. He didn't mind because he admitted that he was talking to his ex, too. (god knows.) - This made me wake up really missing my ex, whom I run into often between classes at the college. I didn't see him today, which is probably best. I miss him but I don't know where that feeling is coming from.

      Anyway, I was hanging out with my ex and he and I were talking about school and then I got this feeling that something was happening. I peeked outside my (former) bedroom door and even though there was nothing visible, I could almost see a spiritual prescence. I got paranoid and later I found myself in a mall. I can't remember what I was being attacked by (mall ppl, thx Bill) but I got caught up in a mob of either zombies or alien beings who were trying to kill me.

      Now, I'm not religious really. I come from a southern baptist background and my dad is practically a preacher, but I don't consider myself to be of any religion.

      However, in my dream, in the middle of this mob I stopped and started praying. I was saying to myself, "God is on my side." and I don't remember really thinking of a particular god, but I assume... anyway. As soon as I prayed, I lifted off the ground and began soaring to the (very high) ceiling. I think I became lucid midway and felt really happy and in control. I woke up and was late to class.

      I always tell people like I've read, the best interpretations of your dreams come from you. I always keep this in mind, but I've noticed a theme in these dreams and it definitely has to do with what I think about during the day. My dad read me a scripture from the bible (whenever I talk to him about lucid dreaming, which surprisingly he finds interesting but who wouldn't?), the scripture goes: " And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams." What this really means, only God knows, but it stuck with me and the aliens and all of this I find somehow connect.

      I'm not saying I think I'm having visions, but if anyone has any thoughts on what I've said about ANYTHING. That'd be wonderful. Sorry for the bad grammar. Sometimes my thoughts get ahead of my fingers.
    3. My Prince

      by , 08-14-2011 at 08:01 PM
      Before I get to the prince part, I was in a drive-by. I know the drive-by dream was long and vivid, but I woke up and went back to sleep and now I don't recall it so well. In fact, I JUST remembered it. There was a long ordeal, me and some other people were running. I don't think I was involved in this "gang" if you call it that, but I was tagging along with them and I can vaguely recall some familiar faces. The only parts I really remember was being in a house, one of our people was injured and they were off in the kitchen. I was standing next to the door. Someone yelled "drive by!" and I got down in time to the floor. They started shooting up the house and then some of the rival gang were coming in. As they reached the door, I pretended I got shot. I started holding my neck and gasping, doing my best to pretend. One of them rushed passed me to the kitchen and another stayed and she put her hand out to see if I was really dying, to check my pulse or something. I pretended it hurt really bad and started gasping again and turned away. Next thing I know I'm running across a parking lot trying to dial 911. The lady I called was talking about how she would have to investigate if it involved gangs. I said fine, that they needed to send an ambulence. I even had the address. I gave it to her and suddenly I'm walking into walmart. That's all I remember.

      So, the prince dream. I go to this mansion to visit my fiance, it was incredibly beautiful.

      It was just like this, middle of the ocean, but more round and more glass. I realize that T's a prince, but I'm visiting him like we're dating again or something. I remember laying on the couch with him in one room, and there was a sun roof. The clouds were incredible, unreal, even. They looked like a painting and I was in awe of them. T even asked me if I could be dreaming. I said nooo way (damnit.) His little brother had come down and had my son's pacifer in his mouth (his brother is 9 years old.) I took it out of his mouth and told him to go get his other one from upstairs, then me and T laughed as he walked away. T got up to do something and I browsed around. I found these shirts in these tubs, and was trying to compose an outfit for myself. I tried on a few shirts. All of the shirts had some funny comments on them. One was like.. a picture of a comic, it was familiar, it might have been an anime, but it had some joke on it that I really didn't get. Some of the shirts made me think that he had bought them for his ex-girlfriend, which kind of made me feel like shit. Anyway, he comes back and says let's take a ride in the ocean. I didn't even know we were on the ocean yet, but when we got outside, we rode these jet ski's out pretty far. That's when I got a view of the house. There was a random bar in the middle of the ocean out there. We stopped to get a drink but I started to get scared, because it was small and the waves were even rushing over it. Then I saw a shark under the water and me and T took off, and this sounds weird, but we started riding these two mexican servants. O.o

      We get back in time and it was like a race. I pull myself up onto a ledge, still freaking out about a shark being in the water. We go inside and we're in the living room with some of T's family. I start to walk into another room but I hear part of the conversation from the mexicans. They were saying that no one took Spanish classes anymore, but that they had gotten good jobs for it. I turned and said, hey, I'm taking a Spanish class this semester! They both smiled at it and I said, when I come back on the weekends you two will have to help me out. They laughed and said of course. Then I walk into this middle room. I asked T what it was supposed to be. There were shelves everywhere, but a couch and what not. He just said it was the back room and I said, "well, you need to do some rearranging." lol

      This is pretty much all I remember now. I can't express how real everything felt. I woke up pretty happy.
    4. Holyyyy holy MILD

      by , 07-25-2011 at 08:03 PM
      shit. =) I'm so excited, I just had several lucids and false awakenings within a two hour period! I guess MILD really does work, two a few days of it! Too much happened in the dreams, but this was the most LUCID I've ever been. I finally could clear my vision and really communicate with the people in my dreams, even though none of them seemed interested in talking to me =(

      I'll give you the highlights! My favorite part was me and a couple of friends were in an apartment building going UP and the elevator was tuggin along slowly and we were all looking at eachother wondering if it was about to give out. Sure enough, it started falling slowly at first back down, I told them not to move too much and as we neared the bottom, or after so much suspense, I was like WAIT A MINUTE. I put my hand out flat in front of me and willed the elevator to stop. It stopped and then I started pushing us up towards the top, but I told them to crawl out this window real quick just in case.

      Another part I'm at my house and a bunch of family is coming over. I knew I was dreaming when my uncle showed up, cause he would NEVER come here, I doubt it anyway. He walked to the door and handed me two bags of trash that have been sitting on our porch for a day. (No, really, it's our trailer trash... =/) Anyway, I rolled my eyes and noticed it was all wet outside, I grabbed the trash and said "I was JUST getting ready to take this out." I go out of the house and sit down by a puddle of water. Just enjoying the lucidity. Looking around. Unfortunately I can't remember what I saw. Anyway, a lot of things happened, but I'm gonna quit right here. Just saying MILD was a SUCCESS.
    5. Maynard, Milla, Action.

      by , 07-20-2011 at 04:46 PM
      Maynard was directing a movie at my house. Part of the house looked like the elementary school I went to as a kid. I was wandering the halls of the school, trying to stay in character. We didn't know what he wanted, he hadn't given anyone a script. He was getting frustrated with his assistant and I approached. I asked if I could take a look at his drawings. The assistant sighed as if to say, finally. Maynard walked to the couch and sat down. I followed after grabbing a cigarette. He had one too. He handed me the paper and there were little tiny drawings of houses and it had a storyline but everything had to do with the exterior of the house. I asked him to tell me, instead, what his movie was about. That's when he took me aside and told me that he was really scared and this was his first time making a movie. He also mentioned that he hated how he had to censor and only use certain words. Everything gets a little foggy after that. I remember hugging Maynard and coming back drunk and he and his buddies were laughing at me and practically had to carry me inside.

      Somewhere in there, me and Maynard were outside and I was looking at a blood-red moon.

      I believe this was the same dream, it had the same tone. A girl from where I used to work was hooked on heroin and I found her and Milla Jovovich in a bedroom shaking. Milla was still semi-conscious and I asked her how to help the girl. She said something about holding the bible with her arms crisscrossed and when I looked back down at the girl she had her arms wrapped around the bible and I could see the word "HOLY" on it. Then later in the same dream, I pass Milla in the hall and she wants to get fucked up. I try to tell her not to, but she's going anyway and she took my SON with her. I hadn't thought of it much until they returned and I was SO pissed at her. I took him in a room with me and started crying, feeling so bad, like the shittiest mother ever. That's when that girl came in and her eyes were dilated and white grey. I was speechless, I knew exactly what she was doing. Her drug dealer had followed in the room and sat down and started talking to this guy. He was saying that he was losing money cause people were so hooked. He was trying to give the girl a hint, but she wasn't taking it, willingingly, anyway. She was grabbing her clothes and my anger was so swelled. She told me she had to go sell some "pot" but I think she meant clothes. She didn't say aloud what for, but she waved her eyes in the dealer's direction and headed out the door. As she was leaving I felt the urge to say something that might help and stop her in her tracks. So, I yelled after her, "Tell your SON I said HI!" The dealer and his friend looked at me with half smiles, and they were like, "oooooo".

      I can't remember the chronological order here, as usual, but I also remember being at a river that lead from one city to another. I was at this area where there was some sort of industrial contraption and a slow spill of green sludge was trickling down into the water. I was with my friend F and her daughter and my son. I don't know what we were doing there, but I was trying to build a bridge across. There were these weird green shells, I thought they were sea-turtle shells. I was trying to stack them up, but the more I pulled on them the looser the whole wall became. Then it was too late, I had started the spill and at the top was like a bucket of slime. I watched it slowly tip and pour into the river. I also vaguely remember getting stuck in the river.
    6. Possibly found my spirit guide in a series of randomness...

      by , 06-07-2011 at 11:19 PM
      I was in Island Park (real place), a man promised a real trip. I know it meant acid. I felt anticipation and then rejection when it did not come through.

      Then I'm traveling somewhere. My dream cars are almost always like clown cars. Like I'm oversized or the car is too little, and I feel like there is never a roof. Anyway.. I'm driving and going over hills and I notice I can see the outlines of the states and it's like I'm driving on a map. I was between Kansas and Missouri. I felt lost and I didn't know where I was supposed to be going, but I know I had a destination. I don't know if I was being followed the whole time or if anyone had been with me, but I remember shouting at someone in another car, telling them I was bound to get lost and I needed help. It was someone I knew, but that's all I know about them.

      According to my memory, next I was in some sort of forest, but it was slightly cartoon-like. I might've been in the same dream, because I know more came before this, but all I can remember is thinking of Yogi Bear and then a bear-like creature appeared. At that moment, I felt I had just figured out something big. Something spiritual, something for myself. In fact, thinking the name Yogi, the appearence of the creature, and the epiphany-like feeling all hit me simultaneously. I wish I could remember more about this part, because it's making me think of my spirit guide.

      >>> Later on, during a nap.

      I'm dreaming of being at work (where I had just been.) I'm sitting on pot of chili along with a friend, and it actually felt quite awkward, but I was supposed to sit on it to keep it warm. Then once it was at the right temp, we were supposed to stick it on the stove-top. I also remember talking to a co-worker about one of the managers and something that was going on with him. I remember looking around and realized that the manager I was talking about had been staring at me the whole time. I pretended that I didn't say anything.
    7. Can I get you anything else, Danny Carey?!

      by , 06-06-2011 at 10:20 PM
      So I'm at this place, and there are people waiting on these little subway type things. Some of the people were a few of my friends. One of them, A, was handing out blotter acid. Instead of the paper though, these were transparent and had the look of cotton, but the texture was like those stale "bread" crums you get at church.

      I had my son with me, but it was like three in the morning and he was sleeping in his carseat. We were sitting on this bench outside. I told her I better not, then I changed my mind. I took two of these acid tablets and realized I could get my mom to babysit. I try to call on her, but my friends were shaking their heads at me. They all left me there with my son, getting ready to trip. I started tripping, no visuals, but I had an extreme body high.

      I remember that it started to wear off fairly quick, and I remember being home and getting online. I was upset that my friends ditched me on acid. I got on aim to talk to someone. I remember talking to him but I have no idea what was said.

      The dream faded.

      I'm in a gas station now and my friend, A, is with me again. I'm behind the register, which is a little role-reversal, my friend is the one that worked at this station. Anyway, Danny Carey, the drummer from Tool, walks in. Everyone in the store was like shiit it's Danny Carey. I was blown away. He was in a hurry and told us he had a meeting to go to soon. So I let him cut, he's f'n Danny Carey! lol My friend does something to where she payed for his stuff and he payed her back or some shit. So I had to sign some huge ticket and Danny starts to leave. Before he is out the door I say, " Heyyy, next time you swing by, you better have Maynard with you."

      He laughed and smiled and said "Alright! I will do that!" lol The whole thing felt so real, like how it would've happened if it did in real life. So I sort of feel like I met Danny Carey.

    8. Tornadoes

      by , 05-30-2011 at 10:39 PM
      I was walking somewhere with T and realized there was a tornado just maybe 20 feet or so away. I remember the light dirty brown color and it swirling, and I saw a twister coming out from the side and breaking off, but it was a darker smoky color. I told T we needed to get out of there, but he said we'd be okay. Then it hovered closer and passed. I saw two more in the distance and thought how amazing it was to be that close to a tornado and not get hurt.
    9. UFO Invasion

      by , 05-02-2011 at 10:02 PM
      I was with a friend and we were doing a lot of stuff, don't remember much, just know that she was in my dream. This was the beginning of a long and crazy dream.

      T's mom calls us and tells us that T's father had just passed away. It took a little while for it to hit me. We went over to their house and were looking at stuff that reminded us of him. Finally it dawned on me, the reality of it and how much it hurt to lose such an amazing person. I just started bawling and curled up on the bed in my husband's arms.

      Then I was parked outside of my house, but I was across the street and I had my son in the backseat. I was getting ready to get out and go inside when I noticed a strange looking object in the sky. It looked like the common symbol of a UFO only it had these little wings at the back that were straight, not pointed outwards. This part was very vivid. I watched if fly over our neighbors house and over us and it was hovering very close between mine and our neighbors house. I was expecting an abduction when I noticed a little door had opened up, all fancy looking, and it was glowing blue. Then it started to leave. I decided to do the same and was getting ready to start my car when I was grabbed by a robotic-crab-like-arm. I reacted immediately by breaking the arm off, never getting a good look at what exactly it was. I drove off to find someone I could tell.

      I end up at a video store with T and am scared out of my mind. I tell him what happened as we walked through the game section. He told me there might be an explanation and just to look around and take my mind off of it. I start looking at these games on this table, assuming it was a clearance table. A kid, kind of chubby with a metal t-shirt on, approaches the table across from me. He's keeping his head down and trying to get a good look at me without my notice. But I did notice and I asked his name, he looked down at one of the games and quickly said "Black Ops." I called him a liar and started running towards T. The kid was following and he gave me a inhuman feeling. Then an older man joined him and they started chasing us through this library of games and what not. As we were running I noticed a bunch of men in black suits, they seemed to be helping us, but at the same time I was wondering if they were with them.

      We go back to the house. As we're entering, we notice there's someone or something lying on the couch, they sounded injured and weak. T lays down on his back and starts to creep in backwards, I guess he was trying to sneak up on the thing. He starts to get really close and it was like all of a sudden he entered a high pressure area and water started coming out of his eyes. He moved back out of reach and had a very shocked expression. I told him that I had felt that when I saw the UFO earlier. Then the thing on the couch started moving again and it got up and I think it had changed it's form a little bit. It looked human-like except it had strange curvy ears stick out like an elf. I noticed that it looked really young, like a toddler. That's when T started saying something to it and it kept saying "Bay-bay." It started to walk towards me and I had my son in my arms. It acted like a toddler seeing a baby and it was reaching out its arms towards W. I almost let him touch him when I realized I didn't want it to hurt my son.

      T acted like I was being rude and I told him I was just being safe. Then it was suddenly and older female, a short one. It got really close to my face and I noticed as it was speaking to me that it had one blue eye and one green eye. Huge round eyes. It was saying that she had heard I needed a peace and hope leader. Someone to guide me in those areas. It acted like it had been sent here to help me. I felt the love and caring nature of this being. Then I woke up.

      Crazyyy dreams. Scared me a lot.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Let me wash up in the TIDE

      by , 04-30-2011 at 09:29 PM
      So, been a little distracted lately and haven't been focused on my dreams. I've been wanting to type up a very memorable dream I had about a year ago, so here it is.

      I was in the ocean swimming towards land with a bunch of killer whales and dolphins. I was sort of riding with one of the whales but on his belly-side. I don't remember hanging on to him but it was kind of like he had his own gravity (not a fat joke, mr. whale guide.) Anyway, he and all the rest of the animals were splashing in and out of the water working towards land. He kept getting higher and higher out of the water and coming down even harder each time, sinking. I can recall being in the water looking to my right to see a line of dolphins doing the same thing. And when we were in the air I could see a city getting closer and closer. So I lost the whale once, he landed in the water and I sunk away from him and got scared thinking there were going to be sharks. Sure enough, a massive hammerhead appeared but he wasn't attacking me, he was leading me back to the whale. And the whale had waited for me. Then we continued on. What I felt in the dream, trying to figure out why they were doing this, I noticed the waves that they were making were going to wipe out the city, and that THAT was their intention.

      When I woke up I started thinking about the song Aenima by Tool. Anyways, this was a non-lucid, but amazing.
    11. Witches from my Past

      by , 04-27-2011 at 09:11 PM
      Okay, can't remember my dreams. When I was little though, I used to have lots and lots of dreams of witches. Here are three I remember ranging from the ages of 5-10.

      Castle Witch

      I was laying in a double bed with my older sister. She was fast asleep, but I was staring at this huge poster of a castle that covered the entire wall. The door opened to the castle and out came this witch-like lady. I kept my eyes partially closed, in the dream, so she wouldn't know I was awake. She walked around the bed looking at me and my sister, I guess to make sure we were asleep. Then she touched this cat figurine laying on the bedside tabe. She left the bedroom and went to the kitchen. I got up and snuck after her. When I came out to the kitchen, she was sitting at a boothlike table with my two sisters. They were laughing with her and having fun, but I knew she had cast a spell. So I ran and got my parents and they seemed to think the lady was crazy too. That's it.

      Dorito Witch

      I was at my grandparents trailer house. I was running around with a bunch of cousins (like we did on the holidays) and we were all lining up to jump on my grandma's bed. The bathroom was at the very end of the hallway next to the bedroom. I was walking to go jump on the bed when I heard voices in the bathroom. I crept inside the bathroom and found a witch (hat and everything) and my dad. The witch was feeding my dad nacho cheese doritos, but not through his mouth. She had a little part of his back cut open and was stuffing them in. >.>

      Male Witch

      I was at my cousins house and we were running around playing outside. We started to run down to the cellar, the door flew open before we reached it. And inside I could see a lab with lots of green glowing test tubes. There was a man witch and the color of his skin was also green.

      Just felt like sharing since I couldn't remember my dreams from last night. < 4hours of sleep =(
    12. ^.^

      by , 04-25-2011 at 04:40 AM
      Can't remember dreams from last night. Nappp.

      T's ex came over to our house and they were talking about something they didn't want me to hear. They were talking about a girl and I thought they were hiding something from me. I asked T to come into the bedroom and talk to me. He followed me into the bedroom and I asked what was going on. He gave me a pathetic smile and told me he needed to show me something. He takes his ring and it's in some sort of jewelry box and he points to it as if to say he chose me and I had nothing to worry about.

      And just for fun. This is the earliest dream I can remember from when I was 4 years old.

      I was at my grandparents house and I had this dream right around my 4th birthday. I was in a bunk bed, top bunk, and my grandparents were sleeping on the bottom. I'm up there with the skeleton guy on "Tales of the Crypt" I think that's what it's called... He's just up there talking to me.
    13. Sigh

      by , 04-22-2011 at 08:13 PM
      It was storming outside, pretty intense-like. I was going around the house shutting the windows as rain was spraying in and making the curtains go crazy. That's all I remember from my "nights" sleep if you can call it that.

      Then I went back to sleep and I was upset, everything was how it was when I fell asleep. A bunch of girls that I hang out with occasionally showed up in PJ's, they were planning a sleepover at my house, which I didn't expect. T got up and we weren't talking cause I was angry with him and he was angry with me. He was trying to get his car up and going so he could go celebrate, he said later that he was celebrating his birthday a little early, and he was mad at me for making plans, I guess. The girls were all hanging out, my house was a mess and I told them we should go get movies later, thats when I went up to T and asked him to just stay gone tonight.

      Then I'm with T at the lake, same dream as above, and everyone's tuning into this stupid talk radio station. They're telling everyone to call and answer questions or shout out their opinions and everyone is calling. The station people were there too, in front of us, and there were guys acting clever for calling and watching their phone call. I remember thinking it was all stupid.

      I became lucid in my house and when I had fallen asleep this time, Alice in the Wonderland had been playing on my TV. I became lucid, and was angry, I pulled a gun out and started shooting the characters on the movie. Then I said fuck it and tried to fly through my window, part of me doubted it was going to work, I got through the window and there was nothing on the other side, I woke up with my eyes still shut. Then I had to get up.
      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    14. The Zombie Apocalypse love story...

      by , 04-18-2011 at 12:11 AM
      Okay, took a nap and dreamed quite vividly about the zombie apocalypse. And the whole time I felt like it was a movie.

      It started out where I was going to a friend's barbecue, indoors. I get there and my friend isn't there yet. I waited a long time, and the dream was so long, I don't remember what I was doing. He did leave me a letter and I remember stuffing them in this book. I start getting anxious about my friend getting there because in the dream I realized that I really liked him. His letter will be C. It happens to be a guy I work with, anyway. C never shows up, but some kind of show is playing, that he finished just for me. I realize that he only finished it because I told him I wanted to see the rest. I felt realy happy when I heard this. So, he still hadn't showed up and I really couldn't wait to see him. In the back of my mind, I know I'm married the whole time.

      So, I look outside to find a bunch of people with weapons and they're yelling and shooting. I go out to find out that there are zombies everywhere. I run around and ask for a gun or something so I can help and defend myself. They hand me a green laser. Which has absolutely no effect on the zombies. One guy had just been bitten and they were telling me to kill him, so I aim the laser at his head and it was red at first then turned green, the guy walked up to me and held my hand that had the laser in it, helping me shoot him. Then he turns around and starts walking towards the zombies. They kept telling me to point it at his head. It was really hard, but I realized most of the zombies coming through the windows were paraplegic... they were crawling on their top halfs (like Nazi Zombies.) So I realize I have time, I accidently shoot someone who is not a zombie with my laser. They start to shoot at me and I duck. I start running with all these people. I'm still thinking about my friend and wondering if he's a zombie.

      Then we all find this building and go inside to take the children inside. I realize my son is in there, and the people were leaving all the babies in a room. I stayed, because I wanted to protect them if something happened. Some girl comes and finds me and I go outside to find my husband, he's talking to these people and I feel like it's really important, so I stand off to the side. He's saying something about a video released by the government and I sit down next to him to watch. I'm holding the book with the letters in it from C, and my husband notices this and playfully starts to pull them out to read. I hold on to it tight and laugh and say Ill tell him about it later and that I still had some writing to do. He keeps trying anyway so I hand him tickets and what not. Finally I give him it, letting him in on what's going on. That's when C walks up and trys to hold my hand and take me away. Then he realizes that I hadn't told my husband yet. He's upset, and I tell him that I was just going to hand my husband this ID to show him when C takes it and puts it in his back pocket. He tells me that he sees how it is and I get angry and pull the id out of his back pocket, shove it at T, and just walk away from them both.

      Then I'm with a bunch of people in cars, some guy is saying that when they had the evacuation they shouldn't have used the roads with all the trees. Someone agreed with him and as we're driving out of town we noticed a lot of incoming cars. I ask why they're coming here and that we should all stick together. The cars are tiny though, they were like, bumper cars, or those cars you ride through wacky shacks, they were all on some line. I run ahead to see what's coming, and I can hear zombies. I run back and tell them we gotta split, so everyone starts jumping on these stick like things that hover and they started flying off on some circut. I hurry and grab one and start flying through these tunnels with all these people. The thing I'm hovering on looks like, can't think of the name at the moment, the thing the grim reaper has. It was a lot of fun.

      Then I start walking through this building that we found safe, it has strange hallways that curve inward like a spiral. Me and this girl are walking through and she's angry with me for some reason, so I ask her what's wrong as we're walking, but she wont' say. We're looking for zombies around every corner. When we get to the center, I see this little railing that goes up to the ceiling, like a ramp. I go up it to see if I'd find something interesting. I found a strange contraption on the wall, and there was something that fit into place. I told her that this was it, this was the answer. Then in my mind I was thinking that the government came up with this movie and that it was supposed to have a happy ending, unlike all other zombie movies. I dug in this dirt, not finding what it was that fit in place. Then these doors opened up from the room we were in and there were zombies out in this hallway, but they weren't trying to kill us. They all looked green and kind of reminded me of the guy from Tales of the Crypt, the skeleton dude. Anyway, the all had suitcases and they were yelling and point inside, telling us to give them all of our stuff. They were just material oriented zombies I guess. I made myself wake up... Felt semi lucid.

      Can't remember at what point I did this, but I remember asking someone if this was really happening, and they said yes, yes it was. I still didn't believe him, so I tried forcing my eyes open and I got them open, they felt glued shut, but I got them open, but I was still in the dream. I wasn't lucid though.

      Anyway, I missed a bunch I'm sure, this dream felt like it lasted the whole two hours I was asleep.

      Dream from last night:

      I was with my friend M and she and I were going to some movie. She took the wrong turn tho on the highway. I remember telling her to take 235 north, not Topeka highway, which I don't think exists lol. But she took Topeka, then we found ourselves in this little villiage of hobos and we're living in a hut, but we're 14 again (which was around the time we used to hang out) and we had run away from home. Eventually I went home in the dream.

      Yeaaaa.... crazy dreams.
      memorable , dream fragment
    15. Last two nights dreams

      by , 04-17-2011 at 02:25 AM

      I went to work and realized I wasn't scheduled that day because I had asked off, so I was going to leave but my manager said he needed a few things from walmart, flour and some kind of cooking oil and something else. I volunteer to go and I start walking to walmart from my job. On the way there, as I'm walking through some baseball diamond, a car starts to follow me. It is an old man and he's checking me out. I get disgusted and he calls out to me. I approached the car, call him a perv and tell him to fuck off.

      Then I'm at walmart and walking around, I run into Q, a girl I used to go to school with and work with, and at first we just walk by eachother, but I turn around and jokingly hand her a huge purse that has a bunch of little purses in it, and I ask her if she needs one. She seemed a bit serious, but not rude, and then a couple people came up beside her and somehow I got the impression that they were only in my town for some college event.

      Anyway, I go back to my work and realize I completely forgot the items my boss wanted. I try to sneak out without him seeing me and go back to walmart, but he finds me. He just laughs it off and I get ready to go back heading to my car this time. My car is parked in a driveway that sort of sat up on a hill. There's a jeep parked behind me, a car in front of me and another car behind the jeep. As I'm trying to wriggle out, I bump the jeep behind me and it starts to fall off the side, somehow I get out of my car quickly and grab the jeep before it falls. Some people saw me do this from below.

      Then another fragment, I think was still the same dream. These two guys are talking to me and one of them is some sort of professional swimmer. The other one is telling me that the swimmer needs help practicing and someone to swim with him. The idea of swimming seems really fun so I tell him I'd totally do it. Then he tells me that they want to go to the ocean, and I change my mind, telling them I don't swim in the ocean.

      Next thing I remember is being at my house, in my kitchen, with T and my son in the living room. I'm feeling indecisive about going to the Led Zeppelin Experience with my friend. (Which is what I was planning on doing the next day in WL, it was an alright concert...) I let too much time pass and am late to heading to the concert, my friend calls me and I tell her that I'm not coming, she's upset.

      Then this guy I used to work with is making my son some baby food. He hands me a bowl with mini potatoes and sour cream. The potatoes were like cereal size, like those little cookie cereals, only potatoes. I remember thinking it was cute.

      I did become lucid at one point in this dream, but quickly lost it. I think it was when I was sitting in the kitchen, at the end of my counter. I could see T in one eye and saw something like a cup hovering in my vision in the other eye. I told T that I was stuck in between reality and a dream.


      T's mom drunk dials me and starts talking gibberish. Then T calls me from his work cause he's bored and talks to me for like 15 minutes, and I remember thinking that he should probably get back to work.

      Then me and T are on a bed and there's this computer scene to our right that has an image of a sky and then it turns into a window and we're upon a hill looking out over a beautiful scene of a lake and sky and I just remember looking at it and feeling so good. T also enjoyed it in the dream. Felt happy...
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