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    Luciddddd yay.

    by , 01-23-2012 at 10:40 PM (792 Views)
    When my son finally took a nap around noon, I decided to do some reading for my Government class. However, our government is very boring, so I shut my eyes instead.

    I'm pretty sure this is the first real WILD I've ever had, because about five minutes after I closed my eyes, I was still staring at blackness but something didn't feel right. I was sleeping, I knew, but I could hear T still playing his video game. Soon people from the game Skyrim started to appear (T's game) and I wanted to have sex, plain and simple. I've never actually gone through the whole process of sex in a dream, so it's something I've wanted to try. In the past, usually the people I try to have sex with disform and it's disturbing. If there are levels of lucidity like some people proclaim, I do believe I was more aware than usual, because I could remember my lucid dreaming goals. I just didn't feel like doing them.

    Anyway, these people appeared but I was losing lucidity, everything kept going black when I tried moving around. I thought I woke up maybe two or three times, but I'm still not sure if I was even awake. Each time I would close my eyes again and I'd instantly be back in the dream.

    The Skyrim people were gathered in some kind of church doing service. The pews were full of people. I was walking down the aisle thinking to myself about why I was having this kind of dream. I was scoping the place out for a sex partner. I realized that all of the people were old and mostly women. Everyone had turned and got on their knees in the pew, like doing a prayer. I decided to take advantage of a guy that was on the end of a row. I came up behind him and groped him (lol). He seemed to be shocked, I mean, it was church. When he turned around he was ugly, so I said fuck it and abandoned my goal to have sex.

    I "woke" up again and quickly shut my eyes. I found myself sitting at my computer playing the Sims 3 (yes, I play the Sims, occasionally.) I wanted to try a different way to control my dream. I figured what better than a computer game. I got up real close to the screen and I seriously tried to do the "Blue's Clues" thing where Blue "scadoos" (we can too!) It didn't work, lol. So I tried to enter the screen directly. I put my hands up to the screen and they slid through. I got my whole body through the computer screen, but it was still like I was sitting at the computer, it was just a more 3D-like view. And I could see in my peripherals (spelling?)

    I wanted to try again and crawled back through the screen to my chair. I gave up.

    Then this girl I used to go to school with, M, showed up. Her voice was really weird and manly. I didn't know if I was dreaming for a minute so I checked my hands. I kept counting six fingers on each hand. I told M to count her fingers. She did and gave me a horrifying look. I laughed and said hey, it's okay, it just means we're dreaming. She actually believed me, unlike the usual DC people who say that they're not. I told her we could do anything. My kid woke up and started crying. I knew it was a dream so I said, "et's go outside, trust me, it's much better outside." he asked me what a bout the kids. I said my mom was coming over to watch him. I opened my door and my mom came inside. I took M outside and woke up.

    So that was my little adventure.
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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Sounds like fun, too bad you didn't get to have sex. I haven't tried it in a lucid yet (almost got to last night :T) but I've heard that you really do have to focus a lot of your attention on the DC you're having sex with and not just the fact that you're having sex or that it feels good, if you don't want them to deform or mutate anyway.
    2. Suena's Avatar
      The first time it ever happened it disturbed me so bad, I thought I was fucked up in the head, maybe, for wanting to have sex. That was a long time ago, lol. It's like the DC knows you're taking advantage of them. I've read in either the LD book by Stephen LaBerge, or it could've been on the forum, that it's common for stuff like that to happen when you rush into it. I'm not exactly an avid lucid dreamer, so I can see why I have so much trouble getting laid in my dreams.
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    3. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Yeah, most of my lucids are pretty unstable, I don't think I'd really be able to pull it off yet either. One time I managed to get ridiculous clarity and vividness that I probably could've done something with but I was too shocked to think about it before the dream ended. I actually spent the entire time trying to decide whether or not I actually was dreaming because I was outside on our back porch and it felt so real that I just wasn't sure.
    4. Suena's Avatar
      Ha. I know exactly what you mean. You wake up and are like FUUUUUUCK.