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    1. Basketball and Hunting Bounty

      by , 12-26-2011 at 12:20 PM
      Dream 1
      I was playing basketball in a two-on-two match. The match took place in an arena I don't know which one but Ron Artest was taking the mick. He kept saying stuff like "Not in my house!" and he was always blocking my shots,since he's tall I couldn't do anything nor could my partner, I don't know who Artest's partner was.

      After the match Ron Artest was like "No hard feelings" and drove us home in a blue chevrolet captiva. A dream sign occured when we started driving through a supermarket like Westfield. I still didn't go lucid.

      Dream 2
      I was in college and I left my classroom. I turned into Jango Fett and had to hunt bounty. I decided alive would be best. The bounty was a smart kid who probably skipped detention or something.

      When I found him I didn't taze him but I did shoot some blue thing from the top of my wrist that made him freeze in his position. I tied him up and carried him to the teacher.

      Side Notes
      I had an hypnagogic image. Something happened, I think my Dad read something that didn't make any sense. I made a face like "WUT!" I felt my eyebrows go up and mu face scrunch up. I think I could've gone lucid.
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    2. Jango Fett

      by , 12-24-2011 at 03:55 PM
      I remember being Jango Fett, or atleast wearing his armour. I flew around a yellow hallway with his jet pack. I might've been in Tatooine but I saw windows on the walls and such.
    3. Bionicle,Library,GSE

      by , 12-23-2011 at 01:47 PM
      I was Toa Kopaka of Bionicle. I was in Ko-Koro or whatever his town iis called. I think I skated on the mountains.

      I was on the top floor of a library and Avon Barksdale (from The Wire) was there. I remember hiding behind a book shelf, Avon also had a gun. The library was very cool, the floor that I was standing on was near some stairs and I think if I became lucid I would've wondered into a futuristic city.

      False Awakening
      I walked into my living room and saw doughnuts on the chair. There were 2 left in a box. I went to the kitchen and started thinking about Green Street and Michael Bisping morphed into the kitchen with the GSE. He also had a problem with Bovver and a few others in the firm, I remember someone saying "Hit him with the water bottle."

      I then went back to the front room and my sister said. "There were doughnuts there a minute ago. But someone ate them".

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    4. Garage as a Room

      by , 12-22-2011 at 11:44 AM
      I was reading Bionicle Comics. It may have been hypnagogic but I just remember sitting there watching the pages go by.

      Dream 1
      I was with my friend,I'm guessing we were in the future as the school we were in was weird looking. It's hard to explain but there were stairs leading to the roof where me and my mate fought as a joke. One of the teachers saw us fighting and sent us to detention.

      We walked down the stairs and to a small room that we had to sign in to.

      I remember orange lights being all around the building and roof, I also remember one of my old teachers being there.

      Dream 2
      I was in my bedroom, yet it looked like a garage filled with instruments I picked up a bass guitar and started playing. There was also a laptop with iTunes on it, I browsed the library of music.

      A girl from my college was there too. I went to bed but realised that she couldn't sleep anywhere because there were no rooms left. I thought to myself "Usually she's in there"(my sister's room) I should've noticed this was a dream.
    5. Half Recall

      by , 12-21-2011 at 04:10 PM
      Dream 1
      I was Jun Tanaka and I was walking around the area where my college is and then went to a shop that isn't usually near the campus. I went to buy something, I think it was a muffin but I wa sshort buy 1.25,I asked my friend and he gave me the money. I told him that I'd pay him back.

      Then I'm walking around in a different area I remember seeing Bex from The Firm 2009 he was wearing different tracksuits.

      And this one.

      I was then attacked by Yeti's hooligan firm but they ran away when Bex and Trigger came. I saw them run into a 4-door red car and make their escape.

      Dream 2
      Before I went back to sleep I was thinking of jogging. When I was in the dream this happened:

      I left my house and went to the train station, I remember walking up the stairs. When I came out I walked down some stairs to the park where a tunnel was and saw 3 guys, one on a bike. I saw 2 girls walking away from them.

      The guys tried to mug me but I fought back.

      Dream 3
      I was in the Old West like the setting of Cars and I was racing cars with some of my family. Some guys started tail-gating and when my Dad pulled over they parked in front of us.

      I said "What was the point of that. He could've just stopped anyway." There was also a guy who was angry at me fro taking his place in the race. Details get sketchy from here as I'm now in the middle of nowhere with an old school Western house behind me and the emotion of fear from that guy. I mean Sinestro-like fear, I wasn't scared though.

      Side Notes
      I had six dreams, each lasting an hour as I would wake up and check the time which would be an hour later. I only remember 3.
    6. Green Lantern again

      by , 12-20-2011 at 11:32 AM
      Dream 1
      I don't remember much from this dream but I do know that I felt control. I was on my street and it was dark, I decided to use my Green Lantern power ring which,when I looked at my hand wasn't there but I did glow green when I went to make a bike it didn't come (just like the comics, you have to belive you can do it) when it didn't come I just flew around.

      Dream 2
      I was going to school when I realised that I didn't have my bag or keys. I was wearing the school jumper instead of my fleece and was annoyed as I knew I would be late for school.

      I was then in a place with pink walls, like a hair salon or something.

      Dream 3
      I went to boxing club and was wearing the club tracksuit. Everyone else was too even one of my coaches. Once again the club looked wrong. In my dreams the club never looks right.

      Dream 4
      I was with three other guys at a car park of a train station, I distincly remember one wearing a hat,vest and shorts with trainers. We got there by a Ferrari 458, which is strange because the 458 only has 2 seats) I was blind for most of this dream and I only saw black.

      I was kept going back to that part of the station (rinse and repeat) I was at a bus stop with those guys and my friend spotted me he called my name and then two girls I know came up to me (I was blind again) and we had sex.

      I was then in GTA4 on a tall building I jumped while on the phone and landed on a fire escape to another building I then walked around and down to stairs. I also got arrested but hit the cops and ran, I think this came between the train station part and sex part of the dream.

      Side Notes
      I think the Green Lantern power ring is my favourite lucid abilty.
    7. Humanoids

      by , 12-17-2011 at 12:00 PM
      I was driving on a highway, it was night time and I was with my family. There was an exit I took and it was very damaged and I saw someone else get out of their car. Then some "people" I'll call them "humanoids" touch the other drivers ad changed them, they were noe doing what the humanoids told them.

      I drove back to the city and tried to tell everyone, but it seems the humanoids are like the Transformers and had been hiding there a long time. I decided to leave with my family we were on the way to the train station while I started thinking "What if they're not bad?". My Dad dissapeared from the dream. I continued with my Mum and Sister tobanquet-type place with bronze walls it was a really high-end place. It had rows of tables with people eating one guy said something racist and my Mum retaliated, I just moved her along and kept going. I also remember seeing police come out of a van they were pretty futuristic.

      I saw the tunnel leading to the station as me and my family ran. I saw one guy jump over the stairs because the stairs were long, like a ramp for a wheelchair user. I ran down and around. I remember seeing a guy with glasses, a tattoo (I think) and a guitar gig bag he saw an old lady with two shopping bags and said "Can I help you with that?".

      As soon as he touched it he turned. It turns out the old lady was a humanoid.

      In Eastenders, Lauren was naked and so was her mother Tanya but she was covering up. Lauren was spraying stuff onto Tanya. Then Ian Beale came in with a sick and I mean SICK-looking grin on his face and started spraying the stuff on Lauren.

      Side Notes
      It was a mix between a dream and a nightmare. I think it would make a good film, if you could stretch out the plot. Or a book, I'd buy it.
    8. Low-Recall Lucid

      by , 12-16-2011 at 12:18 PM
      Lucid Fragment
      I became lucid after more or less chaining some dreams together. I did a hadouken and a shoryuken on some guy. I remember the hadouken blowing him away but I don't think I connected with the shoryuken that well. Or maybe I did. This was a dream goal so not bad.

      I'm with two people, one about the same age as me and the other is a small child(I think they were a girl). I was in the future the landscape was almost Tron-like a definite mix between Legacy and the original.

      I'm Batman Beyond aswell, but I'm trying to keep undercover. I save the girl from some woman and her crony, she was old and her henchman was a big brute. Like Ma Mayhem from the Batman Beyond episode "The Egg Baby".

      At one point I nearly blew my cover because of the way Batman punched and I said that "I've seen that before". My other friend there said "How? He hasn't been here before."
      To which I replied "I've seen it on the show" demolishing the 4th wall.

      I ran with the two people to a squash court and then finished the lady and her guy. I think, probably anyway.
      I also remember seeing Terry McGuiness doing poses in his Batman costume.
    9. El Clasico Fragment

      by , 12-14-2011 at 03:20 PM
      I was watching Real Madrid vs Barcelona on Sky Sports. Messi got the ball from midfield ran close to Madrid's defense, entered the box and slotted the ball home into the bottom right corner.
    10. Bad Lucid

      by , 12-13-2011 at 10:28 AM
      Dream 1
      I'm working in a broadcast place. I was being a bit hypcrocitical to some guy who was working at my radio station. He got really angry and started chasing me for some reason it just feels like a dream so I become lucid. I ran out of my house even though it should've been a studio somewhere. I got into a red car and drove really fast, although I didn't get far.

      He found me but started being nice to everyone else (I think) so no one belived me when I said he was going to get me.

      This was a rinse and repeat dream. I remember rubbing my hands together to stabilize the dream as it was very dark. But it faded quickly
      Tags: car
    11. Action Man in MW2

      by , 12-12-2011 at 07:44 PM
      Dream 1
      I was playing Transformers:War For Cybertron. I was playing as Starscream. I played this level again and again. I flew around the Iacon cities and went to a hallway kind of basement thing I placed a kind of fuse thing/explosive and opened the door to see Optimus Prime carrying a limp robot's body run out. I then continued to run around.

      Dream 2
      Now I'm Action Man (the one from the 2000 animated series) in Modern Warfare 2 fighting alongside Sgt.Foley and other Marines. We took cover behind some broken walls and started to fire. I played this again and even noted that "this looks like Modern Warfare 2" there were some good guns such as a "shockwave pulser" which is what I dubbed the gun with a scope and long barrel, its "bullets" blew the enemy away. I also had the standard COD U.S Marine gun, the red dot sighted rifle.
    12. Fragment Day

      by , 12-10-2011 at 04:38 PM
      Kid Muscle and Kevin Mask were fighting in the final of the Chojin Championship Final.
    13. I Hate It When You Can't Remember a Lucid

      by , 12-09-2011 at 04:38 PM
      Dream 1
      I was in the first mission of Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare where you are on a boat. I went through the mission as usual and then ran like the wind to the helicopter. I didn't jump onto the boat I just ran.

      Dream 2
      I was in the Middle East it looked like Battlefield 3 and I became lucid at one point. I flew around with all my equipment. I hate it when you can't remember a dream when you go lucid.

      Dream 3
      I'm in a cove with WWE wrestlers and a person starts explaining how to be accepted by Americans and how Wade Barrett is now called Barry in the US.

      I'm in a clothes shop and there was a 50% off discount.

      Side Notes
      These dreams came on after another as I woke up.
    14. School and Transformers

      by , 12-07-2011 at 10:26 AM
      Dream 1
      I remember playing Transformers:War For Cybertron and I was in chapter 3 of The Decepticon campaign when you're travelling the Iacon subway except I was fighting Omega Supreme and then something that looked like Trypticon shooting out a huge laser ray.

      Me and the other transformers (Autobots were there too) dodged to the left and right, I got hit a few times but never died (classic dream sign) I know I saw Optimus Prime there.

      Dream 2
      I was at school in the music department and Simba was there. I picked up a guitar, it looked like the one Daft Punk uses and I started to play "Robot Rock". It was sick I then started playing something else with a bass (I think).

      The whole point of the dreamwas to pick my GCSE options but I ended up spending most of my time playing the guitar that I didn't pick Media Studies. When the teacher came in he thought that I had picked music. I thought "How am I going to explain this to my mum?

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    15. Transformers:Fall Of Cybertron

      by , 12-04-2011 at 02:36 PM
      Maybe you can explain this dream.

      Dream 1
      It feels like I'm playing Transformers:Fall Of Cybertron a game that hasn't been released yet and it's awesome watching the graphics.

      I mostly remember the Decepticon campaign as Starscream was late at a Decepticon meeting and Megatron unleashes a huge brute transformer which Starscream must defeat. I start playing as Starscream and fly around, first taking out the turrets on the brute with missiles and rapid laser fire. I then beat the robot transform and a cutscene ensues with Starscream barely getting through the dors to the base before the closed.

      Thundercracker wasn't so lucky as he got crushed, I couldn't believe what I saw and rewinded it (which should've alerted me to being in a dream, but I was having too much fun playing the game) I watched him get crushed again.

      Side Note
      I feel like I chain these 2 dreams together so here's dream 2.
      It didn't really feel like a dream though.

      Dream 2
      I was watching Manchester United vs Tottenham and Rafael (who was up front for some reason) was in Tottenham's box with his back to the goal, he did 3 kick ups and squared it to Berbatov who scored.

      Another football related dream was I think West Ham vs Chelsea or Millwall and maybe Frank Lampard broke through and shot on goal, as the keeper dived the ball struck his hands and slowly rolled into the goal.

      I kept watching this and the other "match" in my head again and again as I thought it was cool.
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