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    9/16/10 Old Town

    by , 09-21-2010 at 12:36 AM (348 Views)
    I remember being in some sort of old town. I walked up a road where some men were camping, I think. One guy came out to me. I told him that I need some food. "Sir, can I please have some of your food?" He hesitated. "Pretty please?" I said.
    "Fine." he said. I walked over to where the food was. I saw two or three more guys sitting at a table playing poker. I can't remember if I took any food though.

    - - - - (no recall)

    I remember walking down a sidewalk in front of a motel.

    - - - - (no recall)

    Then I remember being in the same place where the men were, but they were gone but the table was still there. There was a girl there who looked like a big hit on the web (like Fred, only it was a girl, maybe like Venetian Princess) and she said she was quitting for some reason. I stood there shocked. She collected all her umm idea papers? and put them into a folder. My friend AG (who copies people) took all of the papers from her. She looked desperate to take her place. l0l.

    Then I remember being in my dad's house. I walked down the hallway and saw that same web girl sitting on my old bedroom's bed with her hair wrapped in a towel. Also the bathroom had a room connected to it, with two extra beds in it. (In my dreams, the familiar houses always look remodeled for some reason) She was reading a book or something, I can't remember. I then walked upstairs to my room and saw another room attached to it. My homeroom teacher was laying on the bed in that room (wth) doing something. Sleeping maybe. Then I saw my mom standing beside me, and that's all I remember.

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