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    The Mysterious Man, Windy Day

    by , 08-01-2012 at 03:52 PM (467 Views)
    The Mysterious Man (Non-lucid)


    I remember being in some sort of lake house. From time to time, we would go down to the lake and swim. At one point there was some kind of bad thing in the water, probably Pirahnas, and we were scared that someone was going to fall in. My cousin did, which all scared us, but we quickly picked her up out of the water.

    We were back at the lake house, and I met a girl there who quickly became my friend. At this time I noticed that my whole Dad's side of the family was there.

    I was sitting on an outside deck with my friend. At the back of the deck was a rock wall that was about 10 - 15 feet high. Covering the wall was a fence. There were what looked like paintings hanging on the fence. They were small, but noticeable. In the painting was a goblet. On the other side of the goblet there was a big, shiny coin. There were three more paintings like this hanging up there.

    I looked down onto the ground below us just in time to see a tall, srongly built man walk across the path to our lake house. He was wearing all black with a black cape. He wore an eyepatch on his right eye I think, and on his outfit somewhere was a coin that looked just like that in the pictures. Although, I can't remember where it was on his person.

    A couple of things happened at once. The mysterious man knocked on the fence surrounding the deck, near where my Dad and uncle were grilling. The man tried to say something, but as he opened his mouth, my dad interrupted and said "Nope, don't have that here." (or something like that) He then scooped up both of my little cousins and walked quickly into the house. Before I knew it my uncle had picked me up and I was inside the house now. There was a rushing around, and making sure that everyone was in the house, safe. I was standing in the kitchen when my dad opened the fridge and said, "Will blanks be enough to scare him away?"
    "I don't think so." My uncle said.
    "What about bullets?"
    "They won't be enough to kill him with."
    I felt like I was in the middle of some spy movie.

    I woke up shortly after. I wonder who that man is, and what he wants?

    Windy Day (Non-lucid)


    I remember being on some sort of beach. On this beach, there was wide path of sand that lead Straight through the water for about 40 feet, almost like an island.
    On this "island" Ken and her friend had some small boats "docked" (they were actually tied to the sand with pegs in the ground) there. All of a sudden, it started getting windy. The boats blew around to and for, but none of them came loose from their hold. While Ken tried to hold some of the boats still, she hollered over at me for something. As I looked over to her, she pointed, and I saw what looked like a large stray innertube that she wanted me to get. It was getting blown around the small strip of beach every which where. I finally grabbed it and returned it to her.

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