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    Dreams, notes, and other experiments to assist in achieving high-quality lucid dreams on a regular basis.

    Reality Check (RC): Action used to evaluate if one is dreaming. Common methods include plugging the nose and testing whether it can be breathed through, as well as inspecting one's hands for irregularities compared to waking reality.

    Memory Lapse (...): Where memory ends for a given stream of consciousness. For example, going to sleep in a dream and waking up in the dream later with no recollection of the sleep.

    Dream Initiated Lucid Dream (DILD): Lucid dreaming type that originates from the dreamer regaining awareness from within a dream.

    Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD): Lucid dreaming type that originates from the dreamer maintaining awareness from waking near-directly into a dream.

    Wake Back To Bed (WBTB): Sleep cycle interruption technique used to achieve lucid dreams.

    Blue: Denotes regular non-lucid dream recall.

    Purple: Denotes lucid dream recall (formerly Orange).

    1. Night of Saturday 9/23/23

      by , 09-24-2023 at 04:12 PM (Dreamlog)
      Went to bed around 11:45PM

      Directionless at the Arcade
      I'm at a lively arcade with either my friend H or my ex H. It is a two-player game, but she is watching. I lost a lot of recall here because I waited too long to record.
      I'm playing a game where one controls a green lightening bolt that quickly moves across the screen.
      If it impacts a wall, you lose. There are many obstacles and the speed is high, so it is difficult.
      I die multiple times and end up on my last life. I realize on my second last life that I can change direction mid-move, not committing to a direction.
      I can do that repeatedly, allowing me to dodge obstacles as the screen scrolls that I couldn't before.
      I am getting much further this time and hopes are high. Very exciting.
      I finally die, and I reach for a bag of coins to continue as the countdown to do so speeds up.
      I get the impression that I know the coins are mine and it is OK to use them, but also that H doesn't know that and is surprised I am reaching for them.

      Recalled from earlier in the night.

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