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    Night of Saturday 9/23/23

    by , 09-24-2023 at 04:12 PM (126 Views)
    Went to bed around 11:45PM

    Directionless at the Arcade
    I'm at a lively arcade with either my friend H or my ex H. It is a two-player game, but she is watching. I lost a lot of recall here because I waited too long to record.
    I'm playing a game where one controls a green lightening bolt that quickly moves across the screen.
    If it impacts a wall, you lose. There are many obstacles and the speed is high, so it is difficult.
    I die multiple times and end up on my last life. I realize on my second last life that I can change direction mid-move, not committing to a direction.
    I can do that repeatedly, allowing me to dodge obstacles as the screen scrolls that I couldn't before.
    I am getting much further this time and hopes are high. Very exciting.
    I finally die, and I reach for a bag of coins to continue as the countdown to do so speeds up.
    I get the impression that I know the coins are mine and it is OK to use them, but also that H doesn't know that and is surprised I am reaching for them.

    Recalled from earlier in the night.

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