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    Afternoon of Saturday 11/11/23

    by , 11-21-2023 at 06:58 PM (91 Views)
    Missed Signals:

    I'm outside my house on the sidewalk.
    There is a man that claims he has proof that I shot someone.
    The scene transitions, and I'm now in a restaurant that resembles Bennigan's.
    I'm conflicted about whether I actually hurt someone or not, I may have been drunk or high.
    There is a work-meeting happening at a table nearby. They are together for a 5-year anniversary. My boss is there.
    My dad is defending me against the murder accusations.
    I wonder (while dreaming) what problem my brain is working through, or what inspired this dream.
    But I don't become lucid.


    I'm at a game night in a large home. We might have been playing hide and seek.
    HM from the tots may have been on my team.


    I'm on a grassy hill with someone and it's a bit chilly outside.
    We're inspecting the hill for evidence of a person living in it.
    We find an air-pipe and water-line device nearby.


    There is a battle with a queen-like figure.
    It took place in a 2D-platformer game style.

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