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    Night of Saturday 9/2/23 (Comp Night 2)

    by , 09-03-2023 at 09:00 PM (105 Views)
    The REM rebound is real

    The Stylin' Spider Boss
    I'm in a Zelda boss arena that reminds me of the Wizzrobe battle in Stone Tower Temple from Majora's Mask.
    The boss is a large spider-like creature, and the solution is to shoot it in the eye.
    It drops arrows periodically, in case the player runs out.
    Later I'm in another Zelda boss arena. This time it is like Stallord's from Twilight Princess, but with a forest theme.
    The boss is a spider-like creature, with long spindly legs. It might be the same one from before.
    My girlfriend S has painted the legs purple and put converse shoes on the legs.
    Zoro from One Piece is resting against the locked boss door, watching the battle.
    He's saying something to Usopp, also from One Piece.

    It's night-time on a modern-military boat.
    Jiraiya from Naruto is leaning over the railing on the front of the deck.
    Some conversation has just happened, had to do with passing responsibility on to the next generation.

    Basement Fort
    I'm in a large basement, fully completed. A young boy is using it as his room.
    It reminds me of Grandma P's current basement.
    The boy has built a fort out of blankets, sheets, and chairs. He reminds me of S's cousin J.
    There is a set of locks in the sheets, where the keys would open the door. There are 5 or 6 of them.
    My sister's boyfriend N and my Dad are there.
    They are hanging out on a large sitting area, with half-circles of leather couches facing a TV.
    This section of the basement looks like the one from the home I grew up in.
    My brother A has just returned from travel. He is carrying a lot of luggage and seems overbeared.
    But he is handling it.

    Fun commentary here...my brother has a young boy due any day now. I don't really believe in premonition, but maybe this dream is saying that he will be OK?

    I'm at a wedding ceremony. Anju and Kafe from Majora's Mask are getting married.
    They are thanking me for helping them with jobs around town that got them to this point.
    There is another person at the wedding who is trying to have me arrested for meddling.

    The Arcade on Top of the Hill
    I'm in a big hilly place. There is an arcade-hotel at the top of a large hill.
    I'm now at the arcade. Lots of lights and sounds.
    I run into Arin Hanson from Game Grumps.
    I tell him I'm a big fan and he decides to hang out with me.
    We walk around the arcade a bit and then leave through a back-door.
    We're outside, back in the hilly area. There is a concrete floor, with a hole and a ladder leading down.
    He says we have to go down there.
    I tell him I can't because of my knee.
    The hole shrinks, such that a person could just barely fit.
    I try to squeeze through, but I can't.
    I think that maybe using some oil would work.
    I remember there is a train I need to catch.

    I really am recovering from knee surgery, so I was aware enough to reflect that here.

    I can recall a fleeting image of a sky palace area, where paradoxically, the hole from the previous dream would lead.

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