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    Night of Sunday 3/10/24

    by , 03-11-2024 at 04:05 PM (70 Views)
    Summoning F:
    I'm at my Grandma M's condo in the kitchen. There are a few of my family members there too.
    I notice there is a game on the table relating to prospective memory.
    I recall that I've been working on prospective memory for my lucid dreaming practice.
    I perform a nose reality check and
    become lucid.
    I try and summon F, but it doesn't work. I recall that sometimes it is easier to summon using a door.
    I leave the kitchen and go to the laundry room, shutting the door behind me. I imagine F standing in the living room.
    I open the door.
    It works. She is there. Either my family is gone now, or I simply ignore them entirely.
    I go over to start some naughty stuff. I feel the dream stability "shake" when we embrace, but it doesn't fall apart. I feel relieved about that.

    I've lost lucidity by now. I'm in a downtown city area underneath a highway. I'm with F, looking for somewhere to continue.
    I notice that there are cameras all over the bottom of the highway above us and tell her this is too public.
    F is now a man wearing a trenchcoat, and the story changes such that he is my buddy cop partner or similar.

    I'm in an elevator filled with water in an inner tube. I'm with a bunch of other people also in inner tubes and wearing bathing suits.
    This is some kind of ride at an amusement park. Over an intercom, a man announces that we will be racing the 1st years.
    I get excited and sarcastically say outloud to the group "WE'RE GONNA CRUSH THOSE KIDS!"
    One other person and me get pulled aside and removed from the race. Apparently this was unsportsmanlike conduct.
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