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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 17-03-07 London TV-Show, Mars

      by , 03-07-2017 at 09:24 PM
      This entire dream played out as a TV show. I was the dreamer 'dreaming up' the scenario, but I also controlled one of the characters within the story.

      One building in London was central to much of the plot: a futuristic (and massive) trapezoid building, almost entirely made of glass. The windows themselves were triangular in shape. It was called the London Naval Shipyard Headquarters. Or something similar. I saw NYC in one scene, but noticed the old World Trade Center was still there, meaning I was in the past, pre-2001. Then I was in a car, in one of the back passenger seats, driving through London. The sun was bright red. The person next to me in the car, said this was due to "red-shifting" - due to the dimensional/time-traveling we were doing. I arrived at the location where the large building mentioned earlier was supposed to be, but instead there was only an empty plot of land - telling me I was still in the past, and it hadn't been built yet.

      The show had less than 10 episodes total. It had many characters, and each episode had different characters in it. I think the character I played, was the only one that featured in all of them, so kind of the 'main' character. It was all quite tragic, though I can't recall any details. The main character experiences several disconnected events (each self-contained story was an episode) that were still all connected in some way; but in a way not obvious to the characters themselves - only to the viewer/dreamer. In the end, the events of all the episodes ended in the main character being held at gunpoint by a man, a man I knew (as dreamer) to be a good guy), who mistakenly thought the main character had killed someone, or did something terrible. I (as character) was forced to me knees, and I heard him say "don't fucking move", but I heard pain in his voice. Maybe he thought I killed someone dear to him? Either way, the event he blamed on me actually happened in a previous episode, and was done by a completely different character.

      The whole dream had an amazing soundtrack, but especially the main theme at the end of the last episode was beyond awesome. It sounded mysterious, like the soundtrack of Half-Life: Decay, but with a very sad violin at the end, reflecting the tragic nature of the story.


      Second dream. Someone (a rather attractive blonde woman in her late 20's) had bought our old house from my dad. There was a massive 'basement' below the house, which I'd never noticed in the years living there. The basement was large, clean and very well-lit. In fact, it didn't look like a basement at all. It was made into a kind of museum, where books and other stuff owned by the woman were put on display. I had a look at the books, and eventually left.

      I found myself on the surface of Mars. The 'air' was breathable, and the temperature non-existent (I can't feel temperature in dreams). Along with a group of other 'visitors', we walked past several large buildings, looking for a place called the "Moon Dome" (inspired by the Moon Dome from Wolfenstein: The New Order?). We walk the Martian surface, until we find a mountain 'bowl' - a place completely surrounded by (not very high) mountains on all sides (except on one side, we came from a flat plain). I saw some kind of monument in the distant, up against the mountains. I started running in that direction, and noticed the ground was on a downward slope. I started floating because of this, and quickly learned to change that into flight. It was easier than usual, thanks to Mars' low gravity. From the air, I see a child (a little girl) falling behind from the rest of the group. I dive down, land, and help her get back to her parents.

      At some point, some guy said something that pissed off Alex Moore, a guy I know in real life. Alex got really pissed and started chasing him as he fled, along a rainy street at night (clearly on Earth now). The guy had to stop to unlock a door, which is when Alex caught him. I can't recall what happened next.
    2. 17-02-27 Man Mind-Controlling Children

      by , 03-07-2017 at 08:34 PM
      There was a man who was using some kind of ability to mind-control children into doing his bidding. I had a feeling he was going to get them hurt, by using them as weapons.
      At this point I was close to fully waking-up, so this was more fantasy than dream: I walked away from there, and mind-controlled a lion. I wanted to make the lion attack the man.
    3. 17-02-25 Sith Girl Redux, Night Flight Over Los Santos

      by , 02-27-2017 at 02:44 AM
      Now it gets weird. I was in 'reality' (or so I thought), and I was watching yesterday's dream about helping the red-headed Sith girl on TV. I was dumbfounded, and for a second I was convinced I had predicted the future, as I remembered last night's dream in the dream... amazing.

      I was in Los Santos, GTA's version of Los Angeles. There was a slightly older guy, a pilot, who wanted to take me along for a little night flight in a small but fast single-engine prop plane. For some reason I did not feel like I was 'in' the plane, but rather 'hanging onto it'. Bizarre. Anyway, he flew really, really fast. You wouldn't think a prop plane can do that fast (it can't), it was really jetfighter fast. He said that flying this fast and this low was illegal and you couldn't get away with it during the day. I enjoyed the view from up there. The colorful display of the city lights below me. He 'landed' near a food stand somewhere he was just suddenly standing there) but I was still attached to him via a rope. I expected to hit the ground at speed, but my 'natural anti-gravity system' kicked in again and broke my fall. I even kept floating a bit. I told him Los Santos looked beautiful at night, much better than Liberty City or [insert other city from non-GTA game]. He confirmed this.
    4. 17-02-24 Sith Girl, Dry Riverbed

      by , 02-27-2017 at 02:30 AM
      I had visions of a red-headed young woman, who was a Sith. Darth Vader's apprentice. She was hurt while on assignment. Later on, I found her (not the all-knowing observer anymore, but as my own character). I still knew what she was, though. I think I helped her up, and wanted to get her out of there. I told her "Lord Vader won't be pleased". I knew her Sith career was finished. The Sith do not tolerate failure. I doubted whether helping a Sith was a good idea. She could hurt me, if she wanted.

      I was sitting in the grass, next to a dried out riverbed overgrown with grass. It used to be a big river, reinforced with concrete, and it used to have ships going up and down its length. It looked somewhat post-apocalyptic. I had a little house on the grassy hill next to the river. My mother was there, and told me "they" (the government?) would start working on restoring the river, which would cause quite a bit of noise for weeks/months. I thought to myself that I didn't mind, I rented the place and could leave whenever I wished.
    5. 17-02-23 Alien, Red Horizon

      by , 02-27-2017 at 02:12 AM
      I was inside a wreck of sorts... it looked like the inside of a passenger airplane's fuselage, but larger. Much larger. It also looked like it'd been there for a while. At some point, I ran into the Alien again. I couldn't believe my bad luck.

      I looked out of a large window, and saw that the ground near the horizon was bright red for some reason. It was so red, the sky itself reflected that color, giving the horizon a very eerie, alien red glow. Red weed?
      Tags: alien, red sky, wreck
    6. 17-02-17 Private Jet Crash, Lynn

      by , 02-27-2017 at 02:05 AM
      I was on board of a private jet, along with someone I knew from waaay back in school, when I was 6-8 years old (Mercedes). The plane was on fire, and we were definitely going down. I could barely stand, with all the shaking of the plane. One thing I noticed was that I wasn't scared. In real life, I really hate flying. It gives me horrific anxiety. So I should have been mortified if we were crashing, but I felt like nothing could possibly happen to me. I decided to abandon the plane, so I jumped out. We were already flying really low, so it was a relatively short fall to the grassy hills below. My fall was possibly slowed by the usual gravitational weirdness. Mercedes somehow also got out fine. Not sure how, I didn't see her jump. The plane carried on in the distance, a trail of fire and smoke behind it. Of the two pilots (a man and a woman, both black like Mercedes), the woman jumped. But she got tangled in some rope from the plane as she fell, and she was horrifically hung in mid-air, snapping her neck... The plane dragged her behind it, and presumably crashed in the distance. Anyway, I left the area and entered a big city. It seemed completely abandoned, and I felt like I was watched. I felt an evil presence in the area. Like something was 'wrong' but I couldn't say what. After a while, I found a group of guys, about my age. They reminded me of REDACTED. I entered a large building, perhaps a opera house? I had stuff to do there, a "mission". It was very dark, but there were guards patrolling the area. The rest of the dream was in the style of "Splinter Cell", the game. I hid in a shadow, and had a guard in a choke hold from behind. Another guard came very close, and would have discovered me. I think I was left with no choice but to shoot him with my suppressed pistol.

      I was sitting on the back of Lynn, a girl I used to have a massive crush on back when I was between the ages of 9-11, as she was flying. Weird, I know... She landed somewhere, and we talked a bit. I think there was a bit of confusion for a second, as she thought I was still into her, or something like that. I'm not. She was nice to me, surprisingly. Friendly.
    7. 17-02-08 Brussels Nuked, Monster Chase, More Nightmares, Driving

      by , 02-09-2017 at 07:01 AM
      I was in a large high-rise with several others. Among them my former friends (Fenn & Barra). There was a large window overlooking the city, which was definitely Brussels. The atmosphere was tense. Something was happening, something "global". I said "they" would never go as far as nuking a certain military target (some 20 miles from the city). But then, a nuclear explosion occurred right in the center of the city. In that split second, I came to the horrible realization how wrong I was. The explosion was blinding and the fireball spread quickly, and I knew we were fucked. In that moment, I realized I was going to die. There was not enough time to think about it, not even enough time to get properly scared (only the onset of fear with a little bit of denial). I felt the intense heat from the blast almost scorching my face, and everything got really bright as the fireball arrived. But suddenly, it was gone. No fireball, no other people, nothing. I was still terrified, ran the other direction and jumped out of the window on the other side of the building (a smaller window). Not sure if it broke, or if I phased through it. I effortlessly flew away, and got out of there. After a while, I was flying over a wide road that no longer looked like Brussels. The weather was a lot sunnier than before, also. I made another stylish landing, and remembered what I'd seen. I had obviously been thrown back in time, somehow. I thought to myself that I should probably do something about it, and stop it from happening. After all, I had knowledge of the events, and I had this cool set of powers which kind of made me responsible. I think I suddenly 'knew' about all my other abilities, ones I had used in previous dreams but not in this one yet.

      Nightmare time. I recall being in a building (just on floor, ground level) full of poorly-lit (and confusing) corridors with doors that all looked the same. Some kind of monster was loose. I could never get a proper look at it, but it was the stuff of nightmares. It didn't really have a shape of its own. It can best be compared with "The Thing", as it could also body-snatch victims. In one scene, it got very close as it attacked me and another person (or several). At this point, it was more or less an amorphous mass of grey "matter", but definitely biological (a bit like the Molded from Resident Evil 7). It made a leap for me, but I ducked away and it missed. It undoubtedly killed the other guy as I ran away through the corridors - terrified of course. I went through doors without knowing where they'd lead me. They all looked the same. I closed doors behind me, and locked them. It could bust through doors without a problem. I entered a bathroom, and for a moment I thought I'd run into a dead end. It would catch me for sure. But then I noticed a door I hadn't seen before... on the opposite side of the entrance. It lead to another wing of the building. I kept running, and came to the docks (!!). There was a person in the last room before I got outside (I think). I also found a box full of things I could use as weapon. Including a rusty Katana in a plain wooden sheath. I shrugged at the shitty quality of the blade, and took it anyway. I ran across the docks, an reached a ship. It looked like an old fishing boat. I managed to convince the crew and owner that we needed to leave right away. As they prepared to cast off, I kept an eye on the building. I *knew* the beast wasn't going to give up, and it was after me.

      This nightmare took place on an island, I think. There was some kind of "infection" spreading. Not a simple disease, but something monstrous. I knew this dream was "the sequel" to the previous one. The whole atmosphere was terrifying. In the end, we'd made it to an airport, and had boarded a plane to escape. I looked out of the window as we were taxiing. The tarmac was covered in a kind of fleshy "red weed", which was taking over the whole island. But only we (me and the others from the group) could see it... no one else. It was playing mind tricks on us... In another scene, someone had died. One of my companions, an alien (humanoid, but not quite human), was angry at me because I hadn't paid my proper respects at his funeral. I was too shocked at the time, because his body was full of (and overgrown with) the horrific red weed. It was a repulsive sight. In the end, we had to do something to end the infection. It happened in a relatively small basement, and involved a bizarre puzzle on the wall involving foods (linking food to a certain category, also some math)...

      I was driving car through city at night. But something just felt "wrong". Like, something evil was in the air. A general sense of dread that also filled the previous dream. Suddenly, my car didn't want to accelerate properly anymore, and it took effort on my part just to make it move. I pulled over. At some point I pull a cover off my car (like a sail people put over their cars to protect them from the winter cold). I drove off again, and noticed I'd forgotten to turn my lights on again. At a junction, I looked to my right and recognized a former classmate (Tim Botte) on the sidewalk. I think I was distracted and didn't realize the light had gone green. I made a right turn at the light (depite not being in the right section for that maneuver). What a boring ending!
    8. 17-02-01 Arthur's Castle, Animals Switching Bodies

      by , 02-09-2017 at 06:00 AM
      It was the Dark Ages, and I was involved in a battle for a castle in Britain on a cliff. Kind of reminds me of Tintagel castle now that I think of it. Enemy soldiers were trying to use rope to scale the cliffs and reach the castle. I informed Arthur (or did I simply propose the idea?) of traps we'd installed in the cliff. It's hard to explain, but the edge of the cliffs (on the top) was "on hinges" and acted like a trapdoor. When the soldiers reached the top, it "flipped" down and sent the soldiers falling to their doom. I felt pretty pleased with myself. I thought I could do well for myself in this age, building crazy traps for Arthur.

      The next dream. A weird one. It took place in this "park", some kind of zoo where creatures of various animal species lived... except their souls would be randomly swap bodies! I encountered a man, who was actually a bird living in the body of a human. He said he hated it. In the beginning of the dream, I was in the body of a big ape (orangutan I think). I was climbing a tree (or something resembling a tree, the "branches" were quite thin and straight). Despite having all the ape's climbing abilities, I was not comfortable hanging from that branch fifty feet in the air. I also remember encountering a group of elephants. Later in the scene, I found a group of men (humans, I think I was human myself). I think these men were enemies, or at least rivals in some way. Their "leader" said he knew who I was. He said he knew I was involved with a major battle over a thousand of years ago (he said the name of the battle, I forgot), referring to my previous shenanigans with Arthur.

      I was with *REDACTED*. *MORE REDACTED DETAILS*. I kissed her, a slow and long kiss - and it felt great. My recent real-life experiences augmented this experience. And that's all I say on this subject.
    9. 17-02-07 Manifesting Dream Cat in Reality, Classroom

      by , 02-07-2017 at 03:59 PM
      I was in bed (in reality) but not really sleeping. At one point, I started hallucinating (with my eyes closed) about seeing our old cat, Sylvester. It moved strangely, and I knew he wasn't real. So it was a hallucination I was controlling it. He walked closer, and hopped onto the bed. I was now seeing a dream version of my bedroom through my closed eyes, and I was still in bed both in the dream and in reality. Sylvester walked over me the way cats do. For a second, I was convinced I had woken up and had somehow "pulled" the cat I dreamt up into reality. That belief was short-lived when I accidentally opened my real eyes - and my long-dead pet vanished in front of my eyes.

      I was, once again, back at school. I wear, that place just won't let me leave. I'm in the classroom, and the rest of my former classmates are there too. Max, one of the guys who used to torment me, was trying to get under my skin again. And succeeding at it, but I tried to hide it. I sat with my head resting on my hands and subtly gave him the finger. They laughed. At some point I'd gotten up from my desk, and accidentally sat down again next to Ken, another guy who was occasionally tormented by the populars. He was in the "loser club", a group of 4 or 5 kids who were looked down upon by the popular kids. Even they wanted nothing to do with me, though. Anyway, I realized my mistake but tried not to make a big deal out of it. I grabbed my stuff from my own desk and sat down next to him.
    10. 17-02-04 Chased By Alien, Wax Factory

      by , 02-05-2017 at 07:37 PM
      I was chased by an Alien (from the movie Alien), no doubt a result of playing "Alien: Isolation" a week ago. I remember running, together with other people, as it chased us through the countryside. I somehow remembered this happening before, as if I knew the plot of the dream before it had happened. I also remembered that it would chase me through a forest, and that we would then battle the beast in a sawmill of sorts. The final battle of the plot. I ran into the forest, and avoided the site of the sawmill. In another scene I fled from the beast in an industrial harbor, zigzagging between the legs of gigantic loading cranes. It was dark (night) and once again raining. Then we were in a supermarket, still being chased by the Alien. There were once again a few of us now. At one point I knew I could not escape, and the Alien would get me. I kind of "gave up" and turned around instead to face the beast. When it approached, I attacked it instead. I gave it a good whack in the head. Then, I had its head in my grip. I held its mouth (which looked more like a bird's beak than an Alien's mouth) with both hands to keep it from biting. As long as I could hold it like this, it was restrained. The other people showed up. One of them was a giant, who made it clear he would fight the beast to keep it distracted. We made a run for it. I ran out of the supermarket, back into the rainy night. I ran as fast as I could, towards two people who were just getting into their car. They turned out to be former colleagues. I pretty much begged them for a ride, and they agreed. They completely failed to see the reason for my panic. I tried telling them, but they just ignored my warnings... like stupid characters in a horror movie. I told them that if they saw something weird on the road ahead, to definitely NOT stop the car. I somehow knew I was in a horror movie, and I was afraid all the cliche tropes would actually happen. I was even afraid one of the men would turn out to be body-snatched by the monsters or something. While they drove away from the harbor (taking their time, much to my annoyance), one of them asked where my car was, and said he would never want to sit in a car like mine. I used to drive a crappy 1990 Opel Corsa (and clearly subconsciously feel insecure about that). We kept driving, and they kept talking. Much to my surprise, it looked like we were actually going to get away! I chose to end the dream there, as I was afraid that in the next chapter (!) the beast would show up again.

      In the next dream, I was inside a wax factory. I think I worked there, in a pretty high function. I remember taking a bite from a honeycomb. There were other employees in the warehouse with me. Later in in the dream, I was in an office upstairs (overlooking the factory through a large window). Night had fallen, and the other employees had gone home. I was there alone. There was something I needed to do downstairs in the warehouse... but something felt wrong. I again "knew" I was in a horror story and this was going to be the first time I run into the monster (not the Alien this time). I do recall a monster from later in the dream, a beast that looked very different from the Alien, but still scary.
    11. 17-01-31 Attacked By Brainwashed Girl, Letter From Texas

      by , 02-05-2017 at 06:53 PM
      There was a crazy (sick) girl who attacked me with a knife (in an underground lab?). I used my sword, which kind of functioned as a lightsaber (it lights up a second after drawing it). I hacked her in the neck, but there was barely any blood, and she didn't even flinch. She didn't stop coming at me, and appeared not to feel pain. I injured my hand slightly, because she attacked with a knife. The dream ended mid-battle. I know there was a guy behind the whole thing, he had done something to her, drugged her or something. Another woman had lured me down there and trapped me with the sick girl (hoping she would attack me).

      Somebody handed me a letter, written by an aunt (?) in Texas. It contained euros and a written note. I speculated it was intended for different person with my name, I decided to find him.

      Third dream I forgot.
    12. 17-01-X2 Old Schoolmates

      by , 02-01-2017 at 12:54 AM
      I was in the company of Jeroen and Sander, two fellows (brothers) who used to be in my class (Jeroen was, Sander was still in the previous year) waaay back in 1998-1999-2000. I think we "walked and talked" while moving through a long corridor. I was bullied, excluded and tormented in those days (and all the years after that until 2008). I asked Sander if I ever hurt him, and he said I did. I halfheartedly apologized. It's true, they used to be really fat, and I wasn't. The rest bullied me, and my frustration needed a way out, so I bullied the only ones I perceived as more pathetic than me, the fat kids!
    13. 17-01-30 Video Game World, Flight, Rooftop Whorehouse

      by , 02-01-2017 at 12:48 AM
      I was in some kind of video game world. I flew up, but went way faster than I expected. I went so high, I could see beyond the borders of "programmed space", like when you go out of bounds or "no-clip" out of the map in a game. From that altitude, the world looked very artificial and gamey indeed.

      I came down again and came in for a landing near a big building. My approach was fast, and at very low altitude, so I skidded on the gravely ground for several dozen meters before coming to a stop. There were some people and some stuff I don't remember probably happened, but after that, I took off again (which was a challenge from ground level, flight is easier if you jump off stuff) and flew up to land on the roof of the big building.

      The building resembled a huge supermarket, not high but very big. On the roof, I encountered a few kids, many aged between 8 and 12. I asked them if they were planning to jump. Apparently, flight was common enough in this dream universe for that question to make sense! Now that I think of it, I recall jumping off a building (no fear whatsoever) and flying effortlessly, but don't remember when this happened in the narrative of the dream. Anyway, the kids laughed at my suggestion and said they were there for another reason.

      I followed them into some kind of "bar". It was some shady dude's apartment (on the roof of the supermarket!), but retrofitted to act as a bar. There were some minimally dressed young women laying around, one on a couch, a few more standing around elsewhere. I didn't think they were too attractive. I found the guy who ran the place in the kitchen. I bought a drink, and I think he offered me "other services" as well (okay, he was a pimp). I wasn't into the idea at first, but in the end I was like "what the hell, okay" and said I wanted the chick laying on the sofa, because she was the hottest of the bunch. Sue me.

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    14. 17-01-29 School Shooting

      by , 02-01-2017 at 12:23 AM
      I'm in a bathroom, one that closely resembles our bathroom from when I lived with my parents. I think I was getting dressed, but I had a friend (a black dude, never seen him before in real life) who was still in the shower. When I got out of the shower, I accidentally left the door open, and water had spilled all over the floor. The floor was made of light gravel (as it used to be in real life), and the water got between the gravel, soaking into the floor.

      I left the bathroom, and found myself in a massive corridor that resembled a shopping mall. I went all the way to the back of the hallway, and up an escalator. There was a military outpost there. The soldiers were clones, like the ones from Star Wars. I apparently got into a big fight with one of the commanding officers, who betrayed me. The clones under his command immediately opened fire on me. The day before I watched an episode of "The Clone Wars" in which a clone commander betrays the Jedi. I grabbed my own gun (a pump-action shotgun, I think) and fired on my attackers while I rushed back down the escalator. I ran back through the hallway and exited through a door somewhere.

      I found myself in one of my former schools (it was a mix of several of my former schools). I wandered around, not sure where I was going. I was still armed to the teeth, and realized I was around children... in a school. They'd think I was one of those terrible school shooters, and I didn't want that! I hid the gun in the sleeves of my coat (!!). I now had two guns, one in each sleeve. I walked through classrooms, and across the courtyard of the school. One person recognized me, and shouted something at me. But it was definitely the present, not the past. I walked behind a couple of girls who were on their way to their next class (I guess), and saw a teacher I recognized (in reality, he is a German actor who plays the medic in the movie 'Der Üntergang', or 'Downfall'). I asked him how to find the building where the adults take their evening classes (that was apparently the large building I had escaped from). Not sure why I was trying to go back there.
    15. 17-01-XX Giant 'Illuminati' Buildings

      by , 01-31-2017 at 03:18 AM
      I'm in a Tr0n-style landscape, that feels quite surreal. I think I'm in a rocky/somewhat mountainous area. I look in the distance, and see three absolutely titanic "buildings" (somewhat resembling a pyramid with flat top, or Tyrell Industries' HQ in Blade Runner) in the distance - each adorned with a giant triangle symbol above its gate. One building glows in a red hue, the one next to it green, and the one next to that blue.
      Tags: triangles
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