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    08-04-16 Skii resort with Krimi

    by , 04-08-2016 at 05:08 PM (6612 Views)
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    I am at a ski resort. It is an oblong one, with the slopes placed after one another on a straight line. It is bright and sunny outside and the pistes are covered in snow and the scattered pine trees are dark and green looking healthy.

    I am speaking with Krimi, who is there as well wearing a bright yellow ski outfit. On the way up in a lift he is explaining that he is actually getting bored of being there. “Sure it is nice enough and fun to ski, however when you do it day in and day out repetitively it becomes so similar.” I acknowledge this position and express my agreement, though I have only just arrived and am eager enough to ski.

    Some fragment of talking to Duki at the top of a piste.

    Immediate interpretation: Think this relates to the new and exciting relation with Karen, and that we are reaching a plateau where the newness is no longer a sufficient element to build on/learn from. While I have just arrived and still find it exciting Krimi could represent my fears of Karen not really finding the relation stimulating on the same premises.

    Looking up themes: Snow essentially can mean a lot of things – the one I found most relevant :To see the sun shining through landscapes of snow, foretells that you will conquer adverse fortune and possess yourself of power “ The colour of Yellow is related to the solar plexus chakra and deals with self-confidence. In this light the dream could be taken to mean that I can emerge on the other side of a personal problem – either related to Karen, the Psychedelic Research Association or with Bjarne for stalling him – stronger. Dreaming of skiing could mean that I am pushing my mental and/or physical abilities to the test – which suggest my relation with the Psychedelic Research association might be the theme for this dream.

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