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    1. 2018-12-03 Prospective collapse of water structure releasing the dinosaurs and electrocuting big dad

      by , 12-03-2018 at 02:07 AM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretationwake/dream visuals/visions

      2018-03-12 There have been many dreams of late, a certain theme have played over in its variety of incarnations. Approaching the water, confronting/releasing the reptiles. This dream showed up about a week following our last gathering. It felt big, as intense symbolically as when I have been guided previously by African Dream root. I didn’t intend to dive into it, but it seems appropriate at this time.

      Dream 1: (2018-11-23) A series of events transpire in a complicated building complex with a large body of water, containing dinosaurs in them, which revolve around teaching others to express their needs and confronting children in an armoured “Big Daddy” suit.

      I am in a large building complex, it is very bright and modern looking. There is plenty of sunlight pouring through the windows and there is a lot of greenery spread out around in the building. It is as if the building is roughly centred around a large pool in the middle, which is in place both at the ground floor and the basement. At the ground floor this massive square pool is surrounded by spectator seats, as there are multiple shows of “scary” animals taking place. In particular at present there are two megalodons in the waters as well as a larger dinosaur that during the dream ends up killing and consuming the two sharks.

      In the beginning of the dream there is a show happening in the central room where the sharks and dino monsters are held. To begin with there is a jovial touristy atmosphere surrounding the show and all the spectator seats are filled. It very much has a Jurassic World kinda feel, which is significant in its theming.

      I find myself at the basement looking into the waters through a thick sheating of glass. This is where I observe the massive dinosaur consume the two sharks in the tank. It also slams into the glass, though I am unsure if it displays signs of cracking at this or not. In any case this is where I get the feeling that is common to my dreams “I know how this story plays out”. I know that the massive dinosaur is going to crack the tank, thereby releasing 4 dinosaurs where one is a massive snake, the other is a t-rex, the third is the water-dino itself, while the 4th is unknown (immediately here the theme of the 4th unknown deserves attention as it has been a running theme since the night before our first dream sharing gathering, where I encountered an inner child that I didn’t know all that well amongst 3 others that I knew very well).

      As per usual as I am thinking this an alarm goes off and there is a somewhat panicky atmosphere as the building starts being evacuated.

      I head out off to a side building. It is on the right hand side of the body of water. This time I am on the upper floor. I am sat on a pathway made of steel and below there is a botanic room, again beautiful and floral. I am preparing a workshop. This workshop is about me making myself available to my clients for whatever they dare express their desires around. This particularly is meant for me to teach others about expressing their desires in a public forum, but with me as an object (something that was a major theme at a spiritual workshop in 2017, which I spoke to MA about). F is there and she says that she is interested in a massage, but nothing sexual.

      Then I am in Hornslet, where I grew up. M is there with E on the road from the park, leading up to the council building. For some reason this is still connected to the building complex with the sharks and dinos. I am also there talking to M about what happened between them at the spot, so both while it is happening and after. M tells me how they decided to have sex, despite some of the warnings we had discussed about romantic ideations following transpersonal journeys.

      M tells me: “We had a lot of sex and to begin with it was just vaginal penetration. But then I decided to fuck her in the ass, despite the fact that she had told me that she didn’t want to. It was rough on her, but I decided to do it anyway so she would have the experience from a friend. She needed to learn”. Throughout this interaction there is an implicit meaning between us around E’s tendency of leaning too hard on support from the outside, in particular male support, which can lead to her being exploited, which is what M was trying to teach her tough-love style.

      There is a brief flash of running into my Cousin on a similar steel pathway on the uppermost floor.

      The last full scenario again takes place on the right hand side of the large body of water, somehow in the same place as the last scenario with “expressing desire”, yet also below and somewhat unrelated. Again very bright and a light and pleasant atmosphere.

      I am in a “Big Dady” suit from Bio Shock. I have almost won, yet I am caught off-guard by a grenade that slips under a big white statue or cardboard cut-out of a statue. The grenade is thrown by a little girl and the reason it catches me off guard is that I have stepped in a puddle of water and the grenade explodes in a long arc of lightning, nearly killing me. I try to escape by rushing to the stairways, but am electrocuted.

      I sit down and feign death until the little girl and her mother appears. They walk down towards me the mother approaching. She leans really close checking my pulse, talking to me, asking me if I am dead or not. She has almost decided that I am death until one of my eye-lashes brush against her cheek and she proclaims “I felt a streak of lash against my cheek” and she discovers my deception. But she is so close and in such a vulnerable position that I manage to throw her off and have her eliminated upstairs.

      The small girl that was accompanying her mother knows that upon the death of her mother that she can’t hope to win our contest. I am simply armoured too heavily in my “Big Dady” suit. I walk upstairs and am now confronted by 3 children, 2 boys and the girl. They all know they have lost, but decide to choose their weapons – pillows.

      As we engage in a pillow fight and the kids seem drained of hope, I get a bad feeling. I feel bad for them and as such I decide not to fight to kill them.

      Dream Ends.

      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretationwake/dream visuals/visions
    2. 16-01-17 “Road Trip to Iceland, with Steen and Dad”

      by , 01-17-2017 at 08:56 PM
      This dream was what I recalled this morning following the intention: My intention for tonight is first and foremost to wake up and remember my dreams. Secondly I feel like I am approaching a cross-roads and I feel uncertain about where to place my efforts, so I would be thrilled with some assistance from my dreams in this respect. But foremost I trust my dreams and want to remember whatever they bring. It feels as if it is relevant somehow and I will use it as an opportunity to practise both descriptive evocative writing as well as Jungian interpretation methods.

      I am pondering the idea of going to Mexico, which appears much as you perceive a fantasy or mnemonic ideation in the waking state – the incipient sense of an image, a map perhaps, appearing before my inner eye.

      I direct my attention outwards and find myself in the passenger seat in Steen's silver-grey car, although I am inside the car I can clearly see the matte nuance of the silver grey colour on the outside of the car. My dad is in the back seat, and he seems gleeful and excited though he doesn't say or do much during the dream. We are going on a trip, and my dad and Steen are there helping me out, as it is mainly me going on a mission.

      It is pouring down outside, it is clouded and grey, which produce a darkish hue. We are at a ticket office, which resembles a mixture between a gas station and a junk food drive in. There are two protruding window tills on our right hand side and above an almost square section of roofing is covering the pavement next to the windows, providing some cover for the rain outside.

      We drive slowly towards the first of the two window tills – one for ordering another for picking up the tickets – and as we do I feel something bump into the car towards the back, which also produce a mild audible thump. I look out the window and backwards to see if Steen has accidentally hit one of the massive concrete columns extending from the building. He is really close but I can't see any damage done to the car.

      I lean back in and Steen switches on the radio and the GPS system. The audio-scape is flooded with remnants of old mobile conversations, radio clatter and noise. I feel uneasy and a bit confused, as it is supposed to be a GPS system, providing guidance. Steen remains rather calm and composed and simply asks the GPS if it is there, and it dawns on me that it is a voice activated system.

      “I am here” a clear loud and direct female voice responds, which is a tremendous reassurance.

      Steen proceeds to drive forward and I wonder why I don't have to open the window to get the ticket. “It isn't necessary when you have one of these” he says and points to a rectangular electronic device, with an old school digital display in the bottom right corner of the front window, just in front of me as it would seem. It is essentially a device that registers that he has been here and automatically charges him for the ferry ride, which is what the ticket office is for.

      “So we are going to Iceland” he says, and I feel at first excited, but then a bit concerned because we will be sailing and we are supposed to go to either Mexico or the Faeroe Islands as well today and I am afraid we won't have time. I think about this only briefly before relinquishing the thought at aspiration to do all of these things.

      We look at a map and a black marker line appears that takes us from the ticket office “to Odden” which on the map is a full scale island, elongated and egg shaped except for a very pointed en on the right hand side. The black line takes us to the top and centre of the island, where the port town is based, from where we will board the ferry to Iceland.

      End of dream.

      In this interpretation I will start by breaking down the dream into its constituent motifs, and run free associations on them.

      There is a preceding map, an idea of a journey – which implies a plan and a set destination it also represents an overview of a trip, which can symbolise knowledge of where I am going in life. This is particularly salient as I am taken somewhere else than what I had “mapped out”, which excites me although the expectation of having to go somewhere specific within a given time frame becomes a source of frustration and tension/restlessness.

      The car is a solid and large station car, it is silver grey – the colour symbolising the silver grey snake-like pathway through space I frequently perceive in meditation, cannabis and psychedelic states also symbolising the spiritual cord often reported as seen in OBEs.

      The car is a symbol of my body, it is in good shape and the fact that my dad has been relegated to the back seat can be an expression of our recent confrontations and my insights on how he has dominated the development of my low self-esteem though his parenting style. He is now put in the back seat, representing that I still carry him with me and care for his approval and love, yet this aspect is no longer the driving motivating psychic energy for my aspirations for life – such as “save the world and become super famous”, which is simply a conditioned tendency I have developed as I felt under appreciated and unseen as a child.

      Steen is an old friend of the family, both my mum and dad – I associate to him that he recently helped me out with cheaply renting his summer house to me following an Ayahuasca journey where I wanted to stop smoking and I didn't feel for returning to my parents' house where I currently live right after. At this time he said to me that he sees how my dad communicates to people and told me that one would get insane living in that environment constantly, which felt extremely pleasant to hear as someone external with knowledge of my dad seemed to understand how hard it can be. Recently my mother expressed – in a sober state – that it can be extremely challenging for her to live in that and that friends of the family finds it a challenge to be around him as well. With Steen in the driver's seat I feel that I have taken a step towards taking control of my life and am grateful for the moral support of individuating myself from my dad, who has – without fault of his own or even consciously – dominated much of my life, through establishing uncertainty both with regards to a fragile self-esteem but also the messianic and grandiose drive to save the world to finally be worthy of his admiration and love. Steen represents a new found aspect of myself that is compassionate and understanding towards why I have turned out as I did as well as the drive to liberate myself from the clutches of my dad.

      The rain outside symbolise a torrential state of affairs with regards to my emotions – since my last Ayahuasca journey it is as if a lid has been removed and my libido is now coursing freely upwards, which result in more passionate responses and an easier time setting boundaries. It could also symbolise the fact that I am expending a lot of emotional energy in response to external uncontrollable aspects of the world, which is reminiscent of the saviour complex alluded to earlier.

      The ticket office could symbolise a public institution, such as the Health Authorities which I have recently been in contact with, with regards Ayahuasca. I might be approaching, or at least that is how I perceive it, a point where I am close to getting in trouble due to my enquiries, yet no harm is done yet. The whole point of issuing a ticket could represent my thinking on Ayahuasca's precarious legal status and potentially in the future thinking of a license model for practising, where the dream hints at that license is nothing that comes from the outside but an internal license, a calling (electronic ticket system).

      The GPS and radio system is particularly interesting to me. The clatter represents conditioned thinking and the attention I pay to outward clues for finding out how to direct my life. However when I look closely the “ancient mother” (female GPS voice) is there and is capable of taking me in the direction I need to go. The trick is to ask and learn to listen for what is coming from within and ignore restrictions I put on myself based on external sources of esteem and approval.

      The fact that I am concerned with the duration of the trip represents a problematic aspect of how I relate to life in an impatient way. I am lacking trust in life unfolding as it is supposed to. This is related again to the map I saw in the beginning of the dream, which representative of how I tend to construct expectations of how life SHOULD unfold and I am operating under an assumption that I need to go somewhere specific and I need to go there quickly. In essence this result in an escapist approach to life, where I am not allowing it to unfold on its own terms and cannot fully embrace and meet events in a curious, compassionate and open way.

      The end of the dream I see the ocean and the beach sort of imaginatively overlapped onto the map with the black line. I take it to symbolise that I am still in the process of letting go of my tendency to construct expectations and narrow definitions of success, but I will shortly arrive at a position where I let go and let Life overcome me and simply concede to the abrupt changes that are about to happen, with excited anticipation and joy in letting whatever happens happen. The fact that it is a sailing trip could represent a recognition of the potent force of the collective unconscious, and my submitting the stubborn fantasy that I am in control and surrendering to the collective collected wisdom of the evolution of Life itself.

      Reconstructing the meaning from associated and elaborated ideas.

      So a potential message from the dream could be that I am still constructing expectations of where and how life should take me. This becomes a source of frustration when I run into unexpected opportunities and twists of fate.

      My dad has been a source for grandiose and messianic ideation, due to his belittling and command-like style of communication, from where he will never explain why he commands, reminds, reprimands, but simply asserts himself in a supercilious tone of voice. Since we have widely different interests in life and he has proclaimed that he has no interest (or capacity) in trying to understand me I have since very early childhood developed these tendencies as a way to garner his approval, which is already there he has just never shown it in a way I could understand it when younger. The fact that he is relegated to the back seat symbolise that I am relegating the grandiose and very ambitious saviour identities – and associated expectancies – to a position where they are no longer “driving me”.

      The downpour contrasted with the comfortable, sturdy and undamaged quality of the silver grey car, can symbolise the progress I am making with meditation, where I have found an easier time dealing with painful emotions, as well as physical symptoms. They aren't allowed to penetrate to my core and when I continue the exercise I will strengthen my capacity to sift out the “radio clatter” (which can also signify the attribution of value to others' judgement of me) and listen to the voice of my heart, represented here by the Anima archetype, my deity in prayer – Mother Gaia.

      The ticket office close call could symbolise that I need to tone down my activities with certain authorities to avoid getting in trouble, especially because I already have an inner license to pursue my dreams.

      The trip to Iceland represents where I am headed next, which isn't a literal journey, although that might be fun also. In fact it might be very useful as it is Steen guiding me, which could mean a pointer to a place of safe haven, which he provided following my last Ayahuasca journey. However I have also recently considered reading up on mythology to get a better understanding of the empirical data that underpins the theory of the archetypes. This journey serves as a pointer towards examining Nordic mythology and shamanistic/divination cultural history.

      In short. With particular reference to the intention here I am being reminded that uncertainty is OK, cause if I try and envision or anticipate a direction I will form an expectation, which will lead to suffering when life takes me elsewhere. As long as I listen to my inner voice the direction is guaranteed, so I should just continue the work of being better at letting go of old ways of thinking and sharpen my attention on what matters instead of the clatter. Then a further dive into the Nordic mythology is in store.
    3. 15-04-16 “Amazon Calling”

      by , 04-15-2016 at 05:34 AM
      I only remember a single fragment, but it was a rather powerful vision/exit dream. Got up maybe 10 minutes ago, still blurry and associative fluid.

      I see a vision of expanding consciousness, it is expanding into light from the top of my perceptual field. There is a brief moment of pre-verbal reflection on my increased capacity to enter these expanded quasi-mystical states.

      An image appear, or rather it is a translucent spectral scenario, set against the backdrop of the fluid shadows in darkness at the back of my eye lids.

      It is a river bank, the river is wide, it is the Amazon. The trees are in-differentiable, there are so many. The image twirls inwards on itself as slightly to my left The Golden Python makes a brief appearance, she has business with me. Intent is clear, content incipient – I hear you Mother!
    4. 10-04-16 “Porn Dungeons and Death by Drowning”

      by , 04-10-2016 at 11:41 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      I am in a basement. There are a series of 3 rooms next to one another, used for sexual activity. We are 3 couples coming out of each of these, though I am unsure if I am with someone at this point. From the 3 rooms we enter into a larger room and head towards a door on the right hand side.

      We are talking about a larger sex assemble which is to take place in a bit. I know I won't be participating and I think there is another woman who won't either and so while I am exiting the room I look over my left hand shoulder to spot and make sure that the woman is leaving the room with me.

      4-5 people go back into the room, while the woman and I remain in the adjacent room. This room is darkly illuminated. There is a sofa and an oblong coffee table next to a dividing wall that separate the larger floor plan into two major rooms – where we have just been in the other one. From the point of view of the sofa, which is located at the centre of the dividing wall there is a small kitchenette up to the right, right next to a door that leads into a room I never see, but notice that a fairly bright white light is flowing from it.

      As we all walk out for a break the woman who is also not participating in the group session – she is very skinny, with shoulder length hair and is wearing loose beige (?) trousers and a dark green t-shirt, she is a head or two shorter than I – tell me in an asking tone “Is it ok if we don't have sex but just cuddle up a bit.” “Sure” I reply, a tad disappointed, but not a lot.

      We sit down in the sofa in our separate corners. She lies down with her head in my lap and flick on the television, which is over right next to the kitchenette on the left hand side – opposite the door with the white light. The first channel is a two way channel – which is intended to show the other room what is happening in ours and we will be allowed what is happening in the other room. The woman tries to flick through the channels – at first we seem to be stuck on the channel we start out with – but when we finally get going there seems to be porn on all the channels. After having flicked through a couple we settle on the two way channel.

      At this the woman turns frisky and direct her attention towards me, she turns her head upwards and kiss me, gently at first but with increasing vigour. We both start opening our mouths more and more and eventually I feel the cold sore at my left corner of my mouth rip open, a typical searing pain and a slight sensation of moisture, but I don't care I continue to dive into the kiss – feeling excited and horny as hell. Eventually I start adjusting my body posture, trying to roll with the woman into the motion of getting down into a laying down position – thinking yes, nice a sexual encounter is in the making. She reacts fiercely standing up in the sofa and starts rearranging the pillows in the sofa. At first I think she is making more room for our endeavours, but I soon understand.

      “Traitor!” she proclaims “We had an agreement!” she continues.
      “Yes, and I was going to keep it, but..” I reply.
      “You can't be trusted!” She interrupts. She doesn't seem to understand that I really didn't mind not engaging in a sexual encounter but that I was fully open to do so if that is what she wanted. The situation had evolved from her desire and her initiative.

      Feeling it is a lost battle I simply place myself in a tailors position in my end of the sofa and look her in the eyes – she has deep brown eyes. She starts talking about something that happened to her with her dad.

      Sensing that it is a recurring pattern I ask her;

      “So did this or something similar happen with your dad before?” I ask, sensing there is something like a fear of flying.
      “There was an accident” she goes on – at this point the conversation is blurry to my memory – and she explains that either something similar happened at the age of 6, or later at the age of 21 – but essentially she is either saying that something happened before or after, with the other age representing the first event we were talking about. She starts looking rather pale, and slightly taken aback, I can see the surprise in her eyes that I am willing to sit back and talk therapeutically with her despite her recent judgement of me as being a traitor – which might actually refer to a generalisation of men she has developed.

      We are interrupted at the conclusion of the sexual adventure happening behind us. There is a large window, with large black curtains obstructing the view. I start becoming aware of sounds from inside there, just a few moments before they enter the room we are sat in. I get a feeling of some sadomasochistic adventures happening and feel a slightly forced disinterest in knowing about the details.

      When the people come out and start making their way towards the kitchenette, Jackie comes over to sit down, as well as a black man with long dreadlocks, though his hair isn't as greasy as you would expect from this hair style. I feel slightly embarrassed as I am no longer wearing my trousers and pants, though I still have my long woollen socks on. The black dude knocks me on my shoulder, and Jackie comes over with a glass of Orange juice and playfully say “Ahh it is good to see you asking for so much to drink” referring to it being a typical expression of recently having had sex and also to the glass of water I had drunk just a little beforehand.

      I have a blanket covering my genital area, which helps with the embarrassment, but I also feel deceitful for the others misjudging the activity me and the woman were engaging in. From the kitchenette they start talking about their fascination with a flail-like whip, which is what they plan on using next.

      I feel a strong urge to get out of there and I start making my way towards the doorway out, which is on the left hand side – leading into a small stairway, which is gloomily lit and dark green.

      There is a slight skip.

      I am now outside. I am walking down a road, there are trees and hedges along the side walk, and it is sloping downwards as I am walking down on the left hand side. It is dark outside, it seems wet and somewhat windy as well, it is raining. The light from the street lights seems gloomy and contains no warmth.

      I continue walking downwards, having a conversation with Ronan, though he isn't actually present. We are talking about the option of setting up a company each, for 5 kroner, and then swapping companies – somehow this is relating to the treatment centre I am about to start up – and I am surprised he agrees. I recall something about a Facebook conversation where we were chatting and we came to the conclusion that the only thing we might have in common is Aesthetic taste, but that this might be cause enough to meet up anyway.

      - this is relating to an earlier dream I had, the conversation took place at a street close to where I lived previously, lots of yellow building about, during the daylight. I recall the trouble of typing during this dream.

      As I am walking along during this mental/technological conversation I come across a tent. It reminds me of the attached tent of a caravan. It is dark blue and from behind the plastic windows a greyish and eerie light shines through. I am aware of the strings that hold the tent in place, as they are extending out to the road blocking the path of the side walk forcing me to walk around them.

      I am still heading down the road when I become aware of my shoes – they are getting wet and I wonder why I am wearing my slippers outside in this god forsaken weather. I look up and to my left and see the state library – rising above the darkness of the tree lines, with only a hint of the light of the street lights reaching the top like an ominous tower. I feel an increasing sense of unease, but carry on downwards.

      Not long after this the water levels are rising and I feel like I know the bottom of the road will be completely flooded, blocking path to get home. I look up and back over my right hand shoulder and spot the road I can take which will also take me home. I turn around and start walking backwards. I feel like my vision is starting to slip – like fade completely – and I become increasingly afraid that I will loose my sight completely. At the same time I start feeling intoxicated, like proper drunk and my movements become erratic and unbalanced and I desperately reach out grasping for the strings of the tent for support. And while I find them and grab them they can do little for me as my balance continues to deteriorate. I think it is a bit weird as I didn't drink a lot back at the porn complex, but I can feel that I have definitely breached all levels of safe intoxication. My conscious perception seems to turn into a series of broken mosaics, as if invisible lines of fractures appear before my visual and spatial perceptive capacities.

      I become so scared at the rising water levels and my continued diminishing balance and think to myself “Shit I could actually drown in this state. I am a poster boy of how not to get drunk.” While entertaining this thought fear levels keep rising, and then boom – I step into a pothole that is maybe a metre and a half deep and find myself too drunk to get loose – fear becomes panic as I struggle to get free.

      The rain keeps falling the water is murky, brown like the colour of mud and there are multiple pieces of foliage, sticks and branches adrift on the watery road.

      Finding myself terrified and sure of my death, I wake up.

      Immediate interpretation: The cold sore bit was hugely disturbing to me as I woke up and is referring to a situation with Karen recently, where I knowingly kissed her before telling her that I had it. I became immediately aware that I am not completely free of selfish tendencies, which is also related to the knowledge that when I am practising so much self control during sex, I am liable to release more pre-cum, which of course increase the risk of pregnancy during unprotected sex. Knowledge I have kept to myself. It symbolise how I have been willing to put my own selfish needs in front of both her and our needs, a tendency I was deeply ashamed of upon awakening.

      The black curtain shielding the view of the other room in the dungeon represents a boundary – black, the colour of nothing – meaning that while I am intrigued with exploring new aspects of my sexuality there are still areas I don't find meaningful to explore. Only if I fear exploring it does it make sense to do so, though this is not a fear based response – it is simply not interesting to me.

      My interaction with the woman represents some of my concerns with Karen – that she asks for space, and then also take initiative for sex. It represents my confusion with it all, but also my willingness to take up the role required for her personal growth. The tad dissapointment could represent my feeling of repressing my sexual advances towards her to accommodate her need for space.

      The interaction with my embarrassment regarding the others who assume we have had sex, while we haven't I believe represent the uneasiness I have felt in describing my relation to Karen to the outside world. I am trying my best to avoid putting labels on it, and while I don't find this a problem in our personal relation or when talking to people who frequent Tantric environments it is difficult to describe this mode of being in a relation to “old” friends and family who are not participating in this new-found spiritual journey I find myself on. I am somewhat afraid of what Karen thinks – if she would prefer I don't mention her at all, though that would violate my need to be open about what is important and meaningful in my life.

      The drowning in the puddle represents – I looked this up as well, I was aware of the meaning of water representing unconscious emotions surfacing – that I might be forcing the issue. Before looking up the theme I thought to myself “Hmm now you have invited her into your inner most private world, of course we dive straight into the dark side – as represented by the cold sore bit”. I then looked it up and it could mean that I am forcing unconscious feelings to the surface prematurely, which makes sense against my immediate thoughts on the matter. It might make sense to keep certain dreams or aspects of my dreams private – it is ironic that we have talked so much about giving and asking for space and we then end up attempting to dream share, effectively eliminating space between us entirely – however as I was awake and praying for the spiritual purification of selfish tendencies I also felt that it made sense to dive into this, as she could help me face the issues and as such transcend them.

      Having looked up a variety of dream themes I am increasingly aware of the truly wide variation of what people interpret stuff to mean, which has led me to the conclusion that it is primarily the immediate interpretation that matters. When I am baffled by a theme, object, colour or person I will look it up as and when needed and find the one that resonates most clearly with me. I also think this is a great way to start working on making symbolisms of dreams more translatable and better capable of communicating clearly between the two states of consciousness. Also regarding the privacy I spoke with Karen, and it dawned on me that some dreams can only be understood when analysed against other dreams or contextual events, which might necessitate “sitting” on them for a while as already mentioned.
    5. 08-04-16 Surviving the Ocean Quest in the desert

      by , 04-08-2016 at 06:53 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      The following dream took place after a nap on 08-04-2016 so a few hours after the three other entries of today.

      I am at a pier, it is late afternoon or early evening. The pier is wooden and one or two ships are docked, also wooden and sailed ships – it feels like this time is around 2-300 years ago, or even set in a fantasy universe where technological development isn't near as advanced as today. It is cloudy and a bit windy (?).

      There are a few fragments before I recall the narrative picking up. Which include, being in a pub/inn, which might be on one of the ships or a settled part of the pier. There is something of communion – that is either gathering a party or just being there with friends or associates.

      When the narrative pick up, I seem to be floating disembodied above this inn and I notice the clouded weather as well as a sailor – your rugged, politically incorrect stereotypical privateering mercenary type. He is dressed in a sailors outfit – black and white – and he is making advances at a woman, a middle aged wrench, dressed similarly. She has long and curly red hair and is wearing a necklace that looks like a talisman of some description dressed in a dress of black and white with a lot of curly details.

      Our sailor is putting an arm around her and making an approach to kiss her, she is smiling and he seems rather determined if not even slightly hard handed in approaching this sexual situation. She lifts up her dress and he approach to enter her, she is smiling somewhat hungrily at him making him aware that she is willing. A person rush behind him and pushes him towards the woman – I feel this push, though watching the situation on our Sailor's left – which forces him deep inside the wrench sparking a concern on my behalf if she is even wet enough for such a quick entry – I don't feel the coitus aspect, only the push.

      Our sailor quickly looks about, but can't seem to find the person and so continues to engage in the sexual act. He is however quickly interrupted as many hooded men, dressed in black and a head or two shorter than the sailor starts swarming about. It is clear that they have malicious intent with the sailor and more and more of them approach. A feeling of intensity and excitement arise as the sailor starts fending off the assailants. While still inside the wrench the sailor looks to his left and throw a thundering punch in the face of one of the hooded men, knocking him out. But there are too many of them and quickly they complete their mission, which isn't exactly fatal as expected.

      The sailor, the wrench and now me are knocked into the water. The sea is somewhat turbulent, dark waves with frothy crests and we are thrown into barrels – which I observe from a distance further out the sea – and it is clear that we will survive this endeavour.

      A voice rings out over us.

      “you are not in danger yet, we do not intend to harm you further”.

      Associated with the voice is a sense of the hooded assailants following us over the barrels, as if they can either walk on water, roll on the barrels with their feet or fly above. They have a clear intention with us – they need us to do something, we find ourselves participating in a bit of an involuntary mission.

      There is a quick skip.

      When back we find ourselves in three dingy boats at the shores of a far away land. The sun is bright, not a cloud in the sky, and the sea is rather calm – yet the waves seem to be forcing us towards the cliffs of the shores of this remote land. I myself manage to pull up and start sailing parallel to the cliffs and manage to avoid danger.

      The cliffs are dark and contrast the rather bright blue water. They are black and dark red, with hints of brown here and there. Above the cliffs there is a vast area of sandy dessert shining brightly beige in the unimpeded sunshine.

      I notice that my companions aren't as fortunate when it comes to avoiding the cliffs. So while I could continue in my boat towards the sandy shores a bit further up the coastline I sail towards an area of the cliffs where I can see a naturally occurring “step” up towards the dessert.

      When I get up I meet up with my companions. A woman and a man, the wrench and the sailor – though on the dessert lands their identities seem irrelevant. It becomes apparent that we are now stranded, but that somewhere on this dessert land there is a city and we must find this and procure a ship. I remember being here before and I start explaining.

      “There are dangers here” I start out “There are a variety of animals on the desserts” and as I am talking about this I am reminded that there are a number of dinosaurs and beasts, dog like (Varghest) – but massive. I begin to inform about this, but as I do one of the threats emerge from behind a cliff out-spring, that forms a natural door as there are cliff walls on both sides of the hole. In the door appears a pink and chubby dinosaur and we don't get a lot of time looking at it before it shoots a bone projectile towards me and the male on my left.

      The projectile is diamond shaped, like two very pointy pyramids joined together at the base with 4 planes running towards the top in a square and pointy fashion. Both the male and I don't manage to dodge it, though I attempt to catch it before it strikes me in the chest – directly at the heart.

      As the projectile sinks in I am briefly afraid, but then a reassurance appear at a pre-linguistic intellectual level that I have a certain amount of lives, or layers that I can withstand before I collapse.

      I start moving towards the dino in a zigzag fashion and manage to catch the next projectile to immediately throw it back towards it. It sinks into it's throat and within a few seconds the dino is defeated and dead.

      Not long pass before a new one appear a bit further up on my right. It is half way behind a stand-alone cliff that rise steeply and pointedly from the sand. It shoots smaller – needle-like – projectiles towards us and I immediately take up the zigzag course again.

      To begin with I head pretty much directly towards the dino – which is smaller, not as chubby, but still pink – but then we alter strategy and decide to work together in unison, splitting up and approach the beast from different directions.

      I am finally the one that reach it and plug one of the small, but sharp and pointy needles off the head of the beast. I start perforating the throat of the beast, but the first sting does nothing, nor the second and I am reminded that a few holes will only drain the beast of air slowly, so I have patience and use agility to avoid getting in danger of being pierced myself.

      Immediate Interpretation: This to me is a hero's dream. The ocean and the confinement in barrels represents a forced emotional turbulent situation, that I will be thrown into and can do nothing but observe and await cessation of – this could easily be relating to Karen's and my relation, the frivolous sailor and the wrench engaged in promiscuous and playful endeavours, that turn into an emotionally tense situation that must be ridden out. Once the storm of this emotional turmoil is over I will find myself in a situation, where I have to overcome challenges, I am likely to have my heart broken and I will find myself in a situation where there is limited support and understanding available, though a few select allies will be able to help me out. The killing of the dinosaurs represent to me the fear of opening up to love – symbolism of pink – and that I will continue to approach this challenge until it is finally achieved, and integrated into my personality – the killing of the dinos – though this doesn't happen in one broad sweep.

      Looking up themes: Desert – loss and misfortune – you may be suffering from an attack on your reputation, feelings of loss and isolation. Could signify my fear of ridicule associated with writing my thesis – where I position myself as an emerging shaman – and the loss of prestige I have been expecting for not being the person who writes a PhD, but instead facilitate that others can do this. Dinosaur – outdated attitude or belief, you may need to abandon an outdated habit or patterns of thinking – old issues coming back to haunt you – This I think is very much related to my ego-attachments of the “happy couple” and how “love” is supposed to be played out in a relation between two people – the fact that there are a couple of allies with me might signify a change in cognitive schema's on the whole issue on poly amorousness and being able to let go of the fears of Karen being with someone other than me. Alternatively it might represent conquering my fears of loss in a love relation and the killing a discovery of true, unconditional love.
    6. 08-04-16 Aggressive Oral Sex

      by , 04-08-2016 at 05:29 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      Karen and I are lying in bed and we are getting friendly touching one another. She then turns very angry and decisively try and perform oral sex on me. She is very angry and is trying to bite me, though I don't get the idea that she is trying to mutilate me. I try and fence her off a little – as I am not interested in having sex of any kind in this emotional state – but she keeps making her advances, and I keep trying to fend her off until I awake.

      Immediate Interpretation: I have experienced a fear that Karen is engaging in sexual activities with me in a forced manner that is she is doing it either to avoid confronting an issue or to please my expectations. In this dream I see the aggressive push for oral sex as this fear of her trying to stifle communication of an emotional/personal problem – as she is blocking her throat chakra – and I feel irritated and misunderstood because she doesn't seem to understand that I am more willing to listen to her concerns regardless of what it may implicate for our sexual relation.

      Note: When we had sex the night before and we were lying naked next to one another, looking into one another's eyes she looked away timidly and said “the bodily unrest is back now” and after looking at her and asking where it was, she went on “I had it silenced for a while there” in a cheeky tone. For this reason I think it is rather pointless looking up things and frankly this interpretation makes so much sense to me. Also the anger she is displaying in the dream is representative of my own budding anger at her not feeling comfortable with opening up to me about this bodily unrest, also because it might have implications for my actions – however she may simply not be aware of what it is.

      Looking up themes: Willingness to receive pleasure – talking about sex. We are talking about sex and I am explicit about my attraction to her. It could represent the recent fascination with anal sexuality.
    7. “Consulting on the Nuclear Power plant – picking up my new car – TotM”

      by , 07-05-2015 at 08:53 PM

      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      “Consulting on the Nuclear Power plant – picking up my new car – TotM”

      I am sat in a meeting with my new work-group, or rather I am sat with them and I am suspecting we have a meeting sometime shortly. It is at the beginning of the day and I am just hovering around really, I have other places I need to be in connection with my other project – which concerns youth and alcohol use (which is an actual IRL project I am working on) . However I have a feeling that I need to stick around for a bit as if I am expected to stay there.

      Eventually the leader of the project comes around, she is a darkish haired short woman, who is pretty and American or English I believe. I tell her that I am excited to be connected with the project (though I frequently experience a sense of weirdness for participating in a project for constructing a nuclear power plant, which is never really fully conscious and I don't verbalise it) . She smiles at me and asks if I know how to handle Sheila (a IRL colleague of mine, who is apparently also on this project) . At this point we are walking outside the office in a courtyard of grey concrete in the early hours of the day, there is a lot of columns around forming small walkways – it reminds me of the style of construction associated with my old primary school. As she is asking about Sheila we sort of move into the office, without really moving, but rather being moved, or the building starts encompassing us.

      Inside I see Maria has appeared (an old colleague from my time in England) who is also on the project. She is saying that she is excited to be on a project where “patriarchalism” (the meaning is feminism/social constructionism in the dream) is employed and that she sees that rarely. I replay “oh really? - I haven't been on anything else but these approaches, maybe it is because people preparing to become clinicians never really take this road?” She concurs a bit and throw me a smile, showing a lot of gingiva and then looks away towards either Caidee or the project leader.

      While she does this I get a lot of spreadsheets appearing in front of my eyes. They are interview questions and are getting closed down one by one. The first being closed is the most recent and contains a lot of questions and the more that gets closed down the more questions disappear. I can't really see the questions, but there is a picture of a black female student in the top right hand corner and I see her name is Caidee. I instantaneously know that she is a student helper and she has been involved with constructing the interview guide from the start.

      When these spreadsheets are all closed down we are starting to sit down by the table. I am getting anxious at this point because I think we are getting ready for the meeting and I thought the meeting wouldn't be till this afternoon. I take off my trousers under the table and look down at my blueish boxer shorts. I am briefly aware of the embarrassing nature of showing legs and start looking for my sweat pants – I don't know if I ever find them, but I start wearing them regardless – I then look under the table and see my red shorts lying under there. I am surprised as I don't remember wearing these, but I pick them up nonetheless and stand up and look at the table. I see now that Sheila has appeared so I go and sit next to her. I don't know if I will be able to persuade her in anyway or get to know her position in the project as the leader has told me about – in fact I am not even sure what I am supposed to do, but I sit down anyway.

      I ask about whether we have a meeting already now and I am told that we do indeed and that it is a weekly thing as well. I mull this over a bit until from behind me Christina appears (Old school/class mate) and tell me that she has received the keys from Saab and that they will be here with my car shortly. It surprise me a little seeing as I am not yet in a financially stable position and I don't know why I have already bought a car, but I think little else of it as it was part of the plan. So I grab the keys, which is a massive bundle, with a couple of car keys and 8-10 other keys and I wonder why there are so many.

      I start walking down the hallway towards the entrance and Bjarne (Old friend from childhood/adolescence) and Rasmus (Old school/class mate) appear along the way and talk to me, I can't recall exactly what they say, but it seems taunting or mocking. I get to the end of the hall and enter the lift I notice the button (yes there is only one and that isn't weird! ) is slightly broken, but I press it anyway and I soon find myself outside in the school car park, that is vast and fenced in with wire mesh – and seems more like a car park belonging to a large shopping centre than a school and there is a lot of traffic.

      I stand around looking at the cars driving in. There seems to be a lot of black mega trucks or hummers and I know that this probably isn't mine. I can't remember which kind of car I bought, though when a couple of silver grey smaller station cars and smart type cars start entering I get a feeling that my car is definitely silver grey, though I am still unsure about the type, but having a feeling that it isn't one of the completely little ones. A couple of grey cars enter the car park and turn towards me and park. After this a massive black hummer truck pulls in (which I think look a bit weird, but after googling “hummer truck” this morning I found a picture that looks exactly like the one)

      hummer truck Photo #06

      I start getting bored so I decide to jump on the bonnet of the cars parked making a neat little run/jumping course – and I am thoroughly satisfied with the sounds and feel of pressing down the metal as I jump. I start out with just common SUVs but I eventually land on a Porsche – which for some reason is covered in a fine layer of snow – and the car following that just before the massive hummer truck as a black Lamborghini, which stops me in my tracks as it is so low that I can't possibly get up on the truck – also I am quite surprised to see 2 such expensive cars parked next to each other as Denmark isn't a cheap place to buy a car.

      I move around and jump maybe 3-4 cars more before I think to myself “This is something I would do if I were dreaming”. So I look up and it all seems pretty normal, but I decide to do a reality check nonetheless. So I move my hands slightly to the sides and let myself hover above the rooftops of the cars.

      Realising I am lucid I start taking to the skys, which is a habitual thought and I quickly realise that I have more important stuff to do than goof around. So I let myself drop out of flight and land on the ground again and when I do I find myself on the side walk outside the wire mesh.

      I start walking up the side walk and start looking at my hands. The first basic task is my mission and I have already planned how this one is to unfold. I am somewhat excited though as I have never actually made something appear before my eyes. But I recall the visualisation of making a seed of light appear in my hand – a seed of love and light which I intend to plant in my chest and watch how it grows inside my body – while watching my hands
      (It is fascinating to think that within the dream world a mental visualisation appears phenomenologically similar to how it would in the waking world, as a sort of translucent image appearing in a distinct mental space – which one could easily hypothesise being occupied by running the “world simulation” that is the dream) To start out with not much is happening in my palm which is outstretched palms towards the sky. I see my fingers in a somewhat illuminated light and start focusing. Eventually I see a bright, but tiny dot of light in the middle of my palm and as I am watching it, it grows to the size of a water drop that is perfectly spherical. As I look at it it continues to grow and spikes and sparks start appearing around it leaving a distinct burning sensation in my hand as tiny specks of fire and ice are bombarding the surface of my skin.

      Soon a gust of wind appears and rips the seed from my hands and I panic and jumps after it. It lands in a corner where there is some grass, but I manage to find it rather quickly. I then go all the way into the corner to avoid getting disturbed by the wind again. I take a look at the seed, my hand still being illuminated by light that reminds me of dawn. There is no pain any longer and I think of the seed representing compassion and love, as I press it into my chest. I don't feel it entering and nothing abrupt happens. I turn my focus and visual capacity towards the inside of my body and I get a view of the inside of my shoulder, but not much more, and the bright lines of light I expected aren't really there. What is worse is as I am focusing my attention like this I sense the dream world destabilising – so I start focusing outwards. At this point the dream is gone, but I am armed with patience – I have experienced this before, I maintain my focus directed outwards – although I am also aware that it would be irritating only starting half of the TotM task and not see it to fruition (literally .
      (In previous dreams over the years experiencing this sensation would normally have led me to feeling disappointed and accepting the disappearance of the dream. However in one of the first lucid experiences since Ayahuasca the same thing happened – the visuals faded and I was left with nothing but internal and auditory stimuli – but here I just decided to wait instead of waking up and soon after I was pulled back into the dream world, albeit in a different spot than when I left)

      I get flashes of a white rugged wall, it is plastered and I reach out to touch it and I sense it with my fingertips, but only very briefly. I start sensing the light of dawn characteristic of the dream world I was just in and I feel myself pulled back in. SWEET! I am back on the side walk and I decide to not focus more on the seed, I had already thought about the fact that it might take longer to grow than within a single dream – planting compassion and love in my own heart will still be an interesting theme to watch unfold over time.

      So I start walking up the side walk to find a tree. I am however conscious that I would prefer finding a tree surrounded by nature, but looking around and having no experience with teleportation or portals I think I will have to settle for one of the trees by the side of the road.

      I find a tree not far away, it is a very short tree and the trunk of it is very strange in that it narrows a lot towards the top, almost needle shaped. I place my hand on the tree and it feels chilly, not cold to the touch and I can feel the texture of the bark against my fingers, very authentic. I notice a curved line heading diagonally up from bottom left to top right on a point on the trunk. There is some dark green slime around the line and I wonder if the tree is forming a mouth. The slime should look unpleasant, but it doesn't – in fact it seems rather natural. I look away and at the tree again and the line has widened, though also thinned out a bit. The point is the changes to the line isn't gradual but jolty.

      I think I look at the tree a couple of times more watching the line change, but it still isn't speaking to me and as I am about to give up hope and look away I hear a deep bassy rumble emanating from the tree.

      “You cannot, help me – even with your flatter and good intentions.”
      Astonished I turn around and face it.
      “but I can help you” it says.
      “How?” I ask as respectfully as I can muster, which isn't difficult as I feel very humble even towards this young tree standing amidst the concrete.
      “We trees see things humans aren't equipped to see” it continues.
      “Amongst our roots we keep closed the gates of hell”
      “Humans aren't prepared to see this – they would freak out – but we trees have watched this for ever.”
      (I have taken some artistic liberties with the sentences, for which I don't recall all of them exactly, though they were perfectly linguistic, which excited me – though the meaning of the words is represented exactly as they should be. I felt it more important to convey the intelligence, wisdom and almost all encompassing and physical presence of the tree's intentions directed at me)

      I thank the tree and wonder exactly how that is a help to me, not negating it – the message felt important to me, but I think I might not be able to fully grasp it yet. (upon awakening I got the feeling that the tree was trying to help me with one of the TotY – visiting the underworld, though I am unsure if there isn't a deeper more personal/spiritual message enclosed within as well). I take off into flight thinking I have done enough tasks for now, wanting to relax a little – after briefly considering doing the painting task, but giving up cause I don't feel like finding a painting at this point. However I then again think I might not have completed the basic seed task as I haven't seen anything grow yet – I quickly glance inside my body again, but don't really see anything – more a sort of translucent view of my shoulder again. And look outwards. The skies are tuning dark and I land on a rooftop covered with old roof platings. There is a lot of moss growing on the platings and I think it might be a good idea to conjure up more of aforementioned seeds so I start doing that.

      The seeds seem more vigorous and self determined than before and start flying out of my hand spinning, when they have reached an appropriate size. I still feel the burns of the sparks and ice shards. One of the seeds actually jump up the slope of the roof and enter a crack between one of the platings under a ventilation hood.

      I stop producing seeds and just look at the crack and wonder if there is enough soil and nutrients for the seed to grow. After a little while slowly a thin rolled up green leaf appears from under the crack and as I continue to observe the growth I see a sort of elongated cabbage shape take form along with branches with leaves growing out of the new little plant. It also starts forming a flower and end up looking like a mixture between an orchid and a cabbage. As I watch this unfold the dream starts fading and I wake up.
    8. Potter, Spells and Defense

      by , 10-05-2011 at 01:06 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      05-10-11 No intentions, not even to get lucid, though maybe with a hint of wanting to remember dreams. Stoned.

      “Underground Potterish showdown”

      I am in a Harry Potter like universe. I am Harry to begin with I think, but then something happen something about an adventure and a person shifting into a black jaguar or similar.

      I then become one of the twin brothers I think and we are supposed to go to this theatre or school and scare up the evil kids who are voting capital V. Throughout the dream when I am this brother I recall comparing my wand with my brother's, which I believe is the elder wand. Or at least something stupidly powerful.

      Mine is.. quite the opposite. It s fairly long and thick, though it seems made of plastic or candy. It is made of all sorts of transparent coloured tubes that are wrapped around the main shape to give the wand in it's entirety a rather complex look. It is flexible as fuck though, which sort of surprise me. I remember thinking “I really like this wand” although I am not a wand guy. I even thought about that during the dream “I really don't like wands, but this one..” Anyways enough of me talking about how much I love my stick, and on to how I use it!

      We head to the theatre and walk through the doors. I can't recall if we have any problems walking in, but I don't think so. There is a wall immediately behind the doors and we walk around this and find another set of doors. I ward myself with a spell that will nullify the first 3 offensive spells that hit me, by drawing my wand in a half circle around me and saying something in a tongue I didn't knew I know. Though I remember not what I said the language sounded dark side, and it ends on a defensive word like “defendarius” “Repeltor” or maybe it was “reflector” (though this last word I used in a later dream and I might just be confusing myself). I only become aware of this 3-spell-limitation in function later on when I am battling the kids and I think to myself “Gee I wonder how many charges are left on my shield?”.

      So my brother and I slam open the doors and find a crowd turning their heads in surprise. I can sense that I am becoming angry and I start slinging out spells, though I think I am aware of not wanting to kill anyone, they need to be hurt enough to get scared. I seem to remember some sort of slicing spell that will cut them a bit, but not kill. We are walking down a centre isle and as we get to the bottom of this and are standing around the people I say something more in my dark side tongue and take off in flight to my left, which is also where I spot Voldemort. I am not particular afraid of him though he is looking at me, and this is also the time I check up on the status of my shield.

      The dream skips a bit though this might just be due to the violent battle that ensues. In any case I find myself outside the theatre and it was apparently located on this ledge. The surroundings have a dark feel to them, unnatural dark at that. Like it is a city underground, which would explain the fragmented memories of walking around underground/sewer tunnels.

      The feel is exactly like this:

      However imagine that the platform is naturally attached to the tunnel where the POV is, instead of the mechanical “arm” that is holding it up, and on the platform is the theatre in question. I am looking at the theatre from a distance up in the air and I can see the tunnel I am supposed to go to. The place is collapsing (further) into the ground.

      I hear my cousin's voice, she is asking me “Will he survive?” she is referring to my brother, who is not as close to leaving the theatre as I am. I see him jumping between the broken pieces of rubble and fly down and grab him and his dog (?) under my right arm and reply “Sure he is” in a cheeky voice, while I pull him into the tunnel, safe from the fall.

      “Powerless Christmas, Angels and Wizards”

      I am in my parents' house in Hornslet and it is Christmas time. I am looking for some paint I used to play with when younger painting role small figures. I need to get this paint to Pil, one of my friends who needs to paint a character for a role play he is playing at the minute. I might as well grab it while I am there, as I have bought a figure myself recently, in fact quite a large one that is supposed to depict “the queen of blades” combined with some sort of fallen angel.

      The figurine I am holding is separated into two pieces, which is bugering me a bit because I have to hold onto two pieces rather than one, which is just mentally demanding. At the same time I don't really want to attach the piece if it means it will be trickier to paint the figure.

      I am walking around thinking a bit about where I have left the paint, though I am somewhat positive that it will be in a box on the attic of the main building, though it is entirely possible that it is on the attic of the added apartment building.

      I walk into the guest room and I see the light flicker. I look a bit closer and it does it again. The light is fairly yellowish compared to how the light would normally look. It flickers again and this reminds me of that one Christmas where we didn't have power (never happened) and the scenery changes to being of the parking grounds of the church, heavily clouded and with light snow falling.


      I am now in a field with a bandit group or similar and we are out collecting wood. It is still Christmas time and the group has no power either, which is why we are collecting wood. I am the second in command and the leader is not there. I get the feeling I am somewhat stupid.

      We are trying to get the wood back to camp via an alternative route that involves tying up all the wood in a bundle and sending a small monkey across a puddle of water with it. However as the monkey is crossing the water the knots around the wood loosen and the wood ends up all over the ”shores” of this little puddle. I notice the monkey sitting across the puddle with an attitude that looks like he is giving up.

      I do a little speech to my men saying that the only reason we are out on this shitty day and the Christmas is bad is because we have no power. I rally my troops and point at a theatre all of a sudden standing in the same field. “There is power right there, and I am going to take it” I say. The theatre is in fact a nuclear power plant that has been shut down for unknown reasons.

      I walk to the door, which is one of those double swing doors and the door knobs have a red diode light in the middle of them. I kick the doors in, I think I have to do it twice, but I manage to get in. I feel a sense of aggression rising again. We are faced with a wall we have to walk around (a bit like the previous potter dream) and when we are around this wall I am faced with an angel in human form guarding the door. I throw a spell that will make me immune to angelic attacks and continue past the angel, without thinking more about her leaving her speech less.

      In the hall I see a wizard standing on my right hand side, I think it is the brother from the previous dream. He is about to react so I mumble something dark side again (this time the ending word is “...Reflector” which will make any spell he throw at me return in his face).

      I keep walking down the centre walkway towards a band playing down in the bottom of the hall. I know I can pick up the microphone stand telekinetically and this is the point where I think “hang on a minute..” Loads of people are panicking and trying to get out of the theatre/powerplant. Some are running past be back the way from which I came and others are running further into the building, maybe towards exits unknown to me.

      I put out my arms in a defensive, yet apologetic gesture and say “Whoah, whoah, whoah... Lucid... Lucid” in order to get the people to calm down and realise it is just a dream. It doesn't work. Then I see someone that doesn't look like a DC run past me and I grab him asking him if he is another dreamer, he say yes. I ask his name and he tells me it is “Shakira” which makes me suspicious and I say “Shakira, really!?” “Tjakira/Tchakira” he corrects me. His appearance has now changed from a blonde man with short cut hair to a man with long grey/black hair.

      I leave him and head back out again. I fly a bit after having thought about why I am walking about like a looser, but I decide to not fly that much any more anyways. Back towards the entrance I am faced with the wall I had to walk around to get in. I decide to fly against it and through it, but end up slamming right into it, though it happens really slowly and without pain.

      Someone behind me is laughing at my efforts of going through the wall, but I don't really care. I just drop down and walk around. as I am closer to the exit the dream starts fading. So I, quite aggressively, slam my hands out to either side and start feeling up the walls, which feels like tile, wet and cold as well as breathing through my nose. The air is equally cold.

      Slowly the dream comes back and someone, maybe one of the twins from Hornslet, is walking in the building. Outside the weather has changed quite dramatically. It is pissing down and windy as fuck. I feel how the rain is slamming against the side of my face, the cold strong wind making it really annoying.

      I think to the dream “Is this a way of telling me that the dream is really unstable?” and start throwing pathetic fireballs the size of shirt buttons to cookies into the sky. The way I throw fireballs is by charging them between my cupped hands at my chest. They don't even look that hot and the last one (think it is number 3) I can barely see. Now I can only see the rain.

      I wake up.

      Notes: I am starting to put up wards around myself, which I suppose is a good thing when it comes to dream travelling.
    9. Death by snake bite, Seeing the stars, 2 pac and the healing non-invasive crystal

      by , 09-08-2011 at 10:47 AM
      08-09-11 I am standing in a tent on field. The field is filled with dandelions and I am starting to tear up the flowers with root and I do this quite frantically. Eventually other people start joining in until there are no flowers left. However as I go along I start pulling them up less careful about getting all of the root up.

      When there are almost no flowers left I start noticing that the earth is moving and that the empty holes are crippling with spiders. I don't get to dwell on this thought as the next I know I find myself under the water in the ocean near the bottom.

      I look up behind me and notice a sea snake being dropped into the water by an unknown entity. I start swimming towards the top and I don't know if I am kicking through the snake(s) or not. When I get to the top I find myself close to the shore of a beautiful beach.

      It is high sunshine and I am wearing a wetsuit and am carrying a surf board. I have never surfed before, but I manage to catch a pipe (don't know if this is what it is called in surfer terms) on my first ever attempt, which the person with me considers quite the achievement.

      I start feeling ill and I fall off the board and find myself in a living room right next to a door out to the hallway. Behind me there is a short haired girl who grabs me around the waist. I am in a different perspective and punch my own chest to start CPR. The perspective shifts back and I shout for someone to call the hospital. Someone runs into the hallway to do this.

      The girl pulls me to the floor and Shane of Weeds is standing over me to continue the CPR.

      My vision starts fading to grey and I am loosing it, but I hear a voice that tells me to stay here, relax and breathe. After a while my vision starts returning to normal and as I am looking up at one of my living room plants it gradually becomes green again.

      After a while longer I can sit up and I look down my leg and notice a large circle. It isn't red and the bite marks from the snake have already healed up. However now we know that we are dealing with a cobra strike and I or someone else shout out into the hallway that the person getting help should tell this.

      Notes: I remember having two more dreams after this one related to it, though without the nightmare themes. However upon waking up this morning they seem to have vanished from memory.

      I am in Holland and going into a shop to buy some weed. Someone is with me and I think I am the experienced one and need to show them how it is done.

      I walk over to the counter and tell the guy I need the weakest most mellow product he has. He immediately walks to the hash counter and tells his associate to service me.

      His associate start dishing out this pink goo onto the counter and explains that this is the most mellow he has. Then the first guy comes over and tells the associate that it wasn't what I asked for that I needed something with a bit more fly to it. He starts pouring some brownish goo onto the counter. Then the associate asks me what I am after, most mellow or something with fly and I quickly explain just mellow.

      We all laugh and I think I buy some of the pink stuff.


      Outside the shop, which looks more like a garage on the outside I run into some shady businesmen who are looking for 2 Pac. As they explain this he appears on the other side of the street wearing a long business like coat looking nothing gangster like at all.

      I stop and think to myself that he is dead and that all the conspiracy theorists that predicted his return must have been right. I think to myself that either he came back in 2007 or we are actually in 2007 right now.

      The reason they want to talk to him is because he has developed something and the dream shifts into a camera chasing him as he is running through a garden. In the centre of the garden is his invention. It is a crystal that emits some sort of high frequency sound/light combination. This invention has the possibility of performing any know surgery non-invasive.

      However it seems like it is overloading and hence 2 Pac and his assistant are running to get to cover. All the while this crystal is pulsing emitting this crystal like sound-light combination. There is loads of colours in this pulse, which is quite sharply contrasted by the grey clouds in the sky.

      I am in a Sims like situation a person is telling me that he has never seen the stars. I sort of force him to do this. He replies that he has seen them on Youtube, which I find ridiculous.

      I run up on a mountain that apparently is the highest location nearby and phone him and tell him he should get up there as there is absolutely no light pollution what so ever.

      Besides I am standing right next to Mount Everest and I don't think it would be particularly difficult to reach the top of that either.


      On a beach now still with the same mission in mind though it is daytime and he will have to wait a while. Another person/Sim is there and he has the trait that he is easily burned and will have to return for sun lotion all the time.

      The parents voice sort of explain that he will have to stop playing with me because of this. There are loads of other persons that assemble around me.

      I follow the easily burned guy into the house, one of his arms is really red and he is whimpering. He gets sun lotion applied and there is a bar that measures his degree of burntness that goes down with applications of this lotion.

      In the house I explain that he needs a hardcore lotion, maybe like one of those for babies and all of a sudden I am in a shop that sells sun lotion, after sun, sun tan amplifier and soap. Among other things the shop also sells katanas relatively cheap.

      The shop is run by WakingNomad and he tries to charge me 500 dollars for little test samples in blue bottles. I am annoyed that he charges this much because I know the protection they offer to be exactly what I am looking for, but it is stupidly expensive. I mean the bottles are like the size of small shot bottles.

      Swimming with the family along the shore of a nice beach in high sunshine.

      With the family in a house. There are two dogs that keep jumping into the lap of my dad and uncle.
    10. Native American shenanigans and a Vampire / Demon / Wizard showdown

    11. Vampire Chase, talks of Architecture

      by , 08-26-2011 at 12:35 PM
      15-08-11 I get teleported into a gorgeously decorated church. I am not alone, there is a vampire with me. The church is quite famous though I don't know which it is. I am amazed by this. And I start laughing in wonder, I look back and see if I am the only one experiencing this reaction.

      The vampire, who looks like Bill off true blood, does seem a bit impressed, however he isn't only happy and excited. His face is lighting up and he is in agony, didn't think of the whole vampire on sacred grounds thing.

      I rush to him kneel down and put my hand over his face and throat and keep chanting “your spirit is welcome here”. After a while he settles down relived of the holy pressure and a thought occurs to me. If he was feeling the effects, why wasn't I, being half vampire myself. I look back and see a bunch of sorcerers walking slowly towards us.

      One of them seems as surprised as I am at my freedom from the pressure. Then she looks a bit to her right and breaths out a bit of mist.

      “Thank you Jake/Jack” I whisper and think of the ghostly spirit that is accompanying us. I recall who they are and address the people walking towards us, being confident that I could annihilate them should a confrontation arise.

      “The Order of St. Giles right?” These people are vigilant vampire hunters, we are however not here to cause trouble and we don't wish unnecessary bloodshed. I explain that the man lying wounded on the floor is a good man, though he is a vampire.

      I manage to persuade them to listen out for a second and next we are sitting around a table in a booth towards the front of the church. This time Erik is there as well and it seems like we have earned the trust of the order (In the Dresden Files they are known as the Fellowship, but hey, my dream).

      I tell him that we will get his memory restored in no time. He sort of looks at me blandly, but looks grateful as well.

      The scenery starts moving about quickly and I think I switch character. I am moving away from the church and it is dark around me. The streetlights don't produce much surrounding light, but sticks to an unnatural cone straight down.

      I keep moving away from the church eventually going under ground, where I have to move under some metal fences for quite some time. On the other side the character I am, a little blond chubby boy is given a spell that for some reason is dangerous to vampires. I am not quite there to witness exactly what happens, but a big bad ass vampire in a black long leather jacket appears.

      I think he deals with the person who gave the information away as I retreat bellow surface the way I came. I wonder on the way back how illogical this is, as if he was chased by a vampire he would be dead soon enough, though I rationalize that maybe big baddie didn't know which direction I went.

      I am in a rather big city. Lasse F is there, though the chronicling of the dream is slightly off.

      I meet up with a woman I know in a shop, I don't know her name though. She has some markings on her lower left face, but I am left in doubt if these are permanent or just some recent light scaring. Her hair is shoulder short and approaching black in color.

      I dunno exactly what we are talking about, in general I think it is just some small talk to get to know each other. I think we are in the same school. We leave the shop rather quickly and continue the conversation on the street, where we depart soon after.

      I am at the same spot in the streets now I am talking to Lasse F. I ask him quickly what city in Europe he would consider the best architecturally. I am expecting something like Barcelona or Amsterdam, though he doesn't answer with any of these cities.

      I don't hear what he says at first, and when I ask him what he said he seems unwilling to repeat himself.

      The dream is working towards a big meet up of a line of characters, some I know and some I don't. I remember not if this actually takes place in the end or not.

      I am in a book shop of some description and all of a sudden a battle between a death eater and a harry-potter-like character takes place. I am not sure if there is an actual battle or it is just pretense. The Harry Potter character is a woman/girl with spiky hair of a dark color.

      I sit back silently knowing that I could take them both on and get out on top.

      I talk with a couple of friends about the way people have gone traveling and are unlikely to come back. One of these is Minka and her brother gets used as an example of a person that has left and isn't coming back.

      I mention Anders as a person that has come back, and Skovborg might be in the room, he himself as an example of a returner.
    12. A magical escape

      by , 08-26-2011 at 12:17 PM
      26-08-11 Golf clubs and weed.

      Something about an ex girlfriend I get into a discussion with in a locker.

      I hug the other party in a bed, and try soon enough to disentagle myself as it was only intended as a friendly hug from her.

      Peter Scotson from Weeds is the new husband and we talk a bit and defuse the angry bitch.

      I am in a dark room with Minka, I want to kiss her and be with her and I think I am making an approach, It might get a little intense, though nothing happens. We walk out onto a grass field that normally would be massive and open.

      However at the current time it is occupied by a temporary fairgrounds. It is dark, it is night time and the only source of light around is small lights from the various tents and things on the grounds. We walk on the outskirts of the fairgrounds until we spot where we are headed.

      There is a circle of people sat in the grass, it is a coven and their leader is sat in the middle facing off against Lafayette (Yep, true blood guy). We may take seats in the circle or I just drift in without my dream body and is sat right next to Lafayette.

      Though I might be separate from him, I still am feeling the sense of agency in what he is doing. Their leader, who may be Marney (Antonia, whatever dunno if it is even centred on the vamp theme).

      The leader starts summoning a water elemental, and up until now I haven't noticed the puddle of water between Lafayette and her.

      The water is muddy and so is the elemental, which isn't big and looks a bit like a statuette climbing out of the water. When it is slightly over half way there Lafayette/me swats it and it crumbles. I am aware that he/me is the only one in the circle with the power to destroy these.

      “You will lay the fuck down with **** and ****” (remember the names I do not) Lafayette says and I become aware that he has been thwarting attempts at whatever their leader is trying to do twice before us turning up.

      Lafayette/me makes the move to finish off the leader. It is a spell and it is designed to crystallise the fluid in the cells of the eyeballs of the victim, making them burst, a vicious piece of water magic if you ask me.

      The spell is fired and I expect the leader to go down. That doesn't happen, when the spell (which isn't as such visible by the way) reach the leader a bright blue flash appears from her neck. The necklace she was wearing wasn't a normal necklace.

      The blue light manifests. The spell didn't hit the person, but the tiny faerie (What is with the fucking faeries in my dreams recently!? (btw I am not complaining =P)) enchanted into the necklace. She was immune to the spell and she has dark eyes, pretty much the only thing in her glowing body that is dark.

      This is getting out of hand. I am in my dream body now. Not sure if I have become the person that was Lafayette or whatever. I let out a shriek, to warn the people in the fair. These were the people the leader was trying to hurt, so everyone in the coven realise that this might be a prime situation to practice running.

      Luckily we are close to the edge of the grounds which is surrounded by bushes. I look out and see Minka already on her way through the bushes. I myself dart after her. It is a fucking pain getting through a piece of bush in utter darkness with human limbs flailing about. I have a plan to sort that out since this is moving way too slowly at any rate.

      When I am through to the other side I shout out “Minka!”. I think I feel having her attention and I roar. She gets the message and I see her shifting into a fast animal, I myself shift into a lion(ess?) and feel the powerful muscle (though the speed seems to be lacking a bit).

      Minka is a wolf and way ahead of me, but she sense that I can't follow that speed and shift into a lioness as well. I still feel my clothes on my body, which is hindering me a bit, but I don't know what I can shift into that will solve it.

      We are running up a hill road, a road that reminds of one in the city I grew up in right next to the town hall. I keep running looking at Minka. At the top of the hill she shifts into a bird, a rather small one, maybe a blackbird or raven (definitely a dark bird, not sure if a raven would be too big, I am a bit far away) and takes off into flight.

      I decide to do the same though I am unfamiliar with shifting into flying things. I think Eagle. I shift and leaps and get up a bit, but flying with wings is hard. I keep flapping about, but only just barely manage to keep floating.

      Until I realise that I can push forward my legs which will make my wings carry more and provide quite a significant up drive. I fly high, I mean high enough to make me think “Shit this is really high”.

      It must look hilarious the way I manage the height of my flight. I push forwards my legs to go up and pull em back to go down while flapping my wings the entire time. I fly over Minka and look down at the brick houses and flat roof tops.

      After a short while after this I land in a yard of a small house. The terrace is sort of formed like a playground and I transform into a kangaroo when I land and jump between some of the smaller platforms for the fun of it.

      Minka lands shortly after. I go to her, intending on kissing her. She doesn't allow me and says “Dennis”. There may be tears in her voice, she starts talking about how I take risks, like I just did in Eagle form.

      “If you went skiing with your dad, would you jump that high” “If you drove a snow scooter, would you make jumps” and things like that. I keep thinking when I dream I fly that high, and eventually she say “When you dream” (Nice one missing the lucidity clue there).

      “You don't understand I really care for you...” “but you just don't want me” I think to myself. There is a sense that I take too much risk for her to be interested in me, she might be afraid to get interested in me.

      I pick her up and place her on my arm and start walking inside, carrying her like you would a baby. She is still crying.

      We get inside and I see her boyfriend/ex boyfriend or whatever he is. “Darly” she says and her crying intensifies. I look at him pleadingly to take her, not because I want to let her go, but because she wants to go to him.

      “Great sleeping beauty (or similar)” he says hinting at her crying, but eventually he accepts her and take her in his arms. My niece is sat on the sofa next to him and as soon as he is occupied with Minka she starts crawling out over the sofa, but I anticipated this from before I even handed Minka over to Darly and catch my niece as she starts falling.

      I start looking at her while talking to her and they lie down for a short moment on the sofa. Then Minka says “Dennis” again tears in her voice, she seems hurt that I have again handed a love interest into the arms of another man and just let go.

      I am slightly hurt, but I channel love into the moment with my niece and try to ignore the other parties in the situation.

      She is the only person whose friendly love always shine brighter than the hurt of not being with her.
    13. Tenerife, Holland, Cash collecting

      by , 07-30-2011 at 12:58 PM
      30-07-11 I am on a trip in Holland. First of all Holland has turned in to an archipelago connected with numerous bridges each island effectively having some degree of autonomous control.

      I rent a quad bike to go driving along the coast lines of these islands to really see Holland. I brag to my cousin about this.

      I go driving, sometimes close to an edge where there is a long fall down. The horizon seems limited or narrowed in at these times. It is dark.

      I sometimes make extreme jumps out on to the bridges, these bridges are something else. Long narrow (very narrow) wooden suspension bridges (you know, Indiana Jones style). Brief fearfulness of missing is ever present, but I never do.

      At one point I make a jump over an edge and land on another island. I am immediately warned that I am trespassing and only people owning 7 bicycles can pass or stay on the island. I get fined.

      I drive back to safe territory and speak with Ruth, who is at work and Ida is there with her. After explaining the situation she sends me an email with what I am to write to the organisation that manages these situations (It is the same she is in). First in Dutch, then English, so I do that. It explains that I am living with her at the minute and was unaware.

      I am on Tenerife and the weather is sunny and bright. I am being guided by a Mediterranean guy who is trying to close the gap between fundamental Muslims, Christians and the general population. He is telling me about these circular buildings on top of walls that we go visit.

      The roof of these buildings can actually be taken off to let in the light. The complexes themselves seems filled with people wearing turbans drinking coffee and smoking pipes.

      As we exit one of them he is talking and talking explaining something, but I don't really listen. I pretend and feel that I should tell him something like; Listen I want to hear you, but since I missed the start it is difficult. I just let him talk.

      At one point we come to a church like structure (we later come to what the guide refers to as “the church”) I feel really happy when I see the spires, which are excessively tall and twisted towards the top, they look beautiful.

      We then come to “the church” and my guide starts laughing unable to stop himself. He explains that the only thing they actually use their church for nowadays is the bus station and he points at a small black shed, currently empty where you would order your tickets.

      I go towards the area I presume the buses would be in and start looking up the amazing twisting spire. For some reason I become almost euphoric at the sight.

      Some mates of mine from elementary school come to greet me. It is all the people a year above me I first became friends with after school. I am pleased to see Lars S doesn't hold a grudge from our last encounter. N is there. Reza is bullying a bit, but I decide that now we are all grown up and I am significantly larger than back then I give him some back and he soon lays off.

      Lars starts singing. I go to the rooftop of an adjacent building to marvel at the spire from higher up. I then hear Lars continue the singing. He is singing about cookies, coca cola and alcohol and water in the tune to “Beauty school drop out” from Grease, sometimes in tune with the melody other times as an extended talk about cookies that doesn't fit the melody unless you listen to the entire rant. I am laughing, but I somehow struggle laughing because I find it funnier than my body is actually expressing.

      Lisa is there and we talk a bit about how things are going and I think it is her that asks me if I am seeing someone.

      I am at a house. I walk out and press the doorbell. It is blue and I have an instinctual hunch that I will get money from pressing it. Someone appears in the window and I explain my hunch. She gives me money by letting the light on the doorbell button light up.

      My friend express admiration for my foresight.

      The entire dream is about me walking around looking out for blue things, including a quite wondrous specimen of blue flowers, plastic from the inside of fizzy drink caps and any other bluish colouring of the surroundings.

      In the end I find myself staring down a road looking at the incoming rain. It is mild at first but gain in strength, I am looking at the drops as they bounce from the road. The space between them become less and less.

      A wind start sweeping in from the left. and I start making my way back towards the village counting the blue caps I have collected so far, after first having just stood and just felt the rain and wind for a while.
    14. Gloomy times in Hornslet

      by , 07-27-2011 at 11:36 AM
      27-07-11 I am at a brick house in Hornslet, located next to a little lake of some description. On the grass in front of me there is a little black rabbit with long hair. I look at it and it turns around and runs through a gate, made by wire fencing with rather large holes in it.

      I get worried, but the rabbit soon come back. I walk towards the gate to see if the owners are there. I hear conversation and smell a spliff and find two women talking together sat on a picnic table, much like the one I was just sat at next to the house. I look around and find the rabbit now in a little lake (not as big as the one on the other side of the gate) with a duck standing on top of it. It is swimming around and most of the times it doesn't have it's head above water, which worries me.

      I ask the women if they are missing a rabbit, and they say something like that they do, but they think he will be alright. I tell them that at the moment it looks happy enough swimming around a pond with a duck standing on it and they laugh at the remark and join me at my table, with the spliff in hand. I see it and don't really want any of it, but it appears like the women think I want some of it, cause one of them proclaims her intentions of making a new one, as the first one is nearly done.

      Shortly after we are joined by an obnoxious man, who complains that he can't sleep as he is sleeping in the room with the top window located just above our little picnic table. Although we don't really like him we move to a table placed a bit further away from the house on the corner.

      The entire scenery is played out at around sun set, the lighting has that warm, but diminishing red feel of the evening sun.

      We are joined by two men, or the women transform into two men as I am headed into the house to go to bed. I am on the ground floor with the previous man living on the floor above me.

      The two men follow me into my room and go over to stand in the corner, as apparently the grumpy man's bedroom is located directly above that spot. They prepare to make some noise and start lighting cigarettes.

      This agitates me and I tell them to get out and they refuse. I somehow expected this and pick up a tool, probably best described as an Ice pick and walk over to them. I point on the tall skinny one and with madness in my voice tell him to get out as I will not be afraid of using the tool.

      They still refuse and I give the small chubby bloke a quick stab to the back, a stab not actually strong enough to penetrate his skin. They start making a move though, but keeps turning back on me aggressively as if they want to hurt me or are refusing to leave. I get caught close to the tall man right next to a door and this time I stab him in his right shoulder, hard enough not only to penetrate skin, but pin him to the wall behind him as well.

      This treatment, strong as it is, still isn't enough to convince the two blokes to leave so I start stabbing more frequently, the entire length of the blade. Think I hit the small fat one more as he is generally always closer to me. However the first man to receive a stab in the bollocks is mister tall and skinny and shortly thereafter Shorty McFat receives same treatment. This convinces them that it is probably best to leave.

      They shout back towards me standing outside my front door that this will be painful for me. I know this, not fearing their physical vengeance as much as repercussions from the authorities and the social ousting I know is to come from friends around me.

      As I walk outside I am anticipating the arrival of the police though I am fearful of the response from my friends who are closer by. I have no intentions of running and I briefly think if the entire treatment of the men actually constitutes self defense or I have crossed some line already concerning that.

      I am joined by friends around me, who all look upon me with a mixture of anger, shame and fear in their faces. It is however Ida who hurts me the most, by coming up next to me and speaking in Norwegian tells me that ”Michael” ”Who, the one standing over there in the pink jacket or the one next to him?” (which is my cousin and is actually called Michael) she confirms it to be the one in pink and goes on to tell me that ”I know 2 Danish guys I am ashamed and sad to stand next to you at the moment, where the other one is actually rather good looking”.

      (I am unsure if this is a separate dream or just one hell of a long one)

      I think I see Mikkel N. wearing no shirt before the scenery freezes and takes me back to a point in time prior this incident. I remember feeling a distinct sadness as I know I am about to relive the first couple of hours or days leading up to this event.

      The general theme of this continuation is a series of party oriented scenarios, no way near as sharp recall as the episodes above.

      They all seem to be centered around Mikkel and Mark and their general dominance over the course of events, filled in with other random people and Ida's presence.

      Though the second time around my murderous ousting of two men never happen I am unsure as to which scenario actually ends the dream, though I will start with the short one cause the other might actually just as well have carried over after I wake up.

      I am in a sofa with Ida, I am lying on the long side, she on the short (it is a corner sofa). We are lying head to head, and I am a bit sad being in this position knowing she has rejected me. However she starts making her way onto my side, she places her head next to mine and continue to come over. In the end she is sitting up looking down upon me smiling with her bare breasts hanging out. She has minging saggy tits though. I realize I am dreaming as I start noticing her fade away and course my luck.

      I am at the central festival spot in Hornslet. There is a festival and people are merry though all of a sudden everyone's attention is directed skywards. There is a large triangular shape with lights floating by partially covered by clouds. As the shape continues to be uncovered by the clouds I am wondering if that can be a flying object at all as it is all triangular and definitely not aerodynamic. Shortly after this thought some of the object is revealed much closer towards the ground and the shape of a massive (MASSIVE!) ship is revealed, much larger than the titanic, though the conversation amongst people young and old alike is if this is in fact Titanic.

      I become skeptic. The only source of water close by is a narrow stream of water meandering through the landscape, no way A: Straight enough to hold the ship in question. B: holds enough water to support the weight of the massive ship.

      I walk closer towards the ship and the water stream and find my dad standing there. Apparently this isn't the first time this ship has appeared and I walk over and start discussing why it is impossible that it is there. He tells me that if the ship just has a shape that somewhat mimics the shape of the water stream it will work. He draws it on a paper and I counter his argument explaining that it will not be able to move if the length of the moveable walls is exactly the same as the shape of the stream, rather it will need much smaller segments almost allowing it to move as a snake. I attempt at drawing my solution to the problem and have forgotten the problem of the amount of water.

      We stare at the now resting ship for a while.

      The atmosphere is dark and clouded it is night time and there is no clear source of light. This makes the appearing ship look ominous as hell as it is completely black against the dusk coloured night sky.


      I am in a car with Mark H. I am starting to become a bit angry, not as much with him, but my surroundings in general. I complain that the massive ship had to travel down a small stream of water when we actually have a river just behind a block of houses from the stream (there isn't such a river). He agrees and I look down the river and see that it is more winding than I recall, but definitely has more water to support the weight. We are in a van.

      I wake up and find one of my plants in a plastic bowl with loads of new small sprouts. I tell Mark H. that I am happy with this development and proclaim my intention of replanting the plant straight away considering that it is already in a pot with loads of space where it won't be disturbed too much by being removed. I exit the room and when I come back the plant is somewhat changed. All the small sprouts don't seem to be standing up on their own accord any more, but rather it looks like a big mess. I quickly wonder if this is Mark's doing, but when I pick up the plant and turn it around I see that the branches are just following the direction of the sunshine.
    15. Random Family event

      by , 02-14-2011 at 03:21 AM
      14/02/11 I am in some sort of apartment complex that is nothing like the one I live in. Although I live there. Daniel and Mick are going to join in for some wow. I telle them I will take them through some instances to boost them a bit.

      I wake up, I realise I have slept little more than 5 minutes, I cannot understand that and I ask Thure if it is the next day or something. I am getting a bit ill. I take an apple and go back to bed.

      I am at a bus stop, some woman is asking me to look after her kid who is not far away at the stop as well.

      I find him and make sure he is within my sphere of attention. I look across the street and see Maria, Swedish Maria from EIMS, and give her a brief nod.

      She nods back and looks at me in a funny way.

      I start dancing down the street, in a particular way I end up spinning around impossibly leaned backwards being held up by the momentum, until the point where I have to break it off because I am headed into a tree.

      This gets her attention and she is now laughing, I compliment her on her hair. Inge is walking by and apparently they are headed towards the same pub for a dinner arrangement.

      I walk with them in and at this dinner arrangement turns out to be my entire family. I shake hands with a lot of them and exchange compulsory pleasantries, but I am headed for the door.

      I get stuck between a huge man, called Marius who apparently is the new boyfriend of Nancy (who died recently).

      I sit down, and my grandfather on my mothers side asks me if I would like to start us off, whereupon he can continue talking about “Peder-something”. I have no idea why I am there, but start off with explaining I might be difficult to hear.

      I then make some linguistic fuck up, by mixing Danish and English and explain that I do that a lot, and that probably my grandfather, on my father's side could help me out with that.

      Then I start speaking about the things I have learned from my other grandfather, my mom starts laughing as if she could read my mind about the joke I am about to tell. That I have learned how to drink Schnaps from him.

      There is more I want to tell, but I wake up before I get there.
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