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    1. “Consulting on the Nuclear Power plant – picking up my new car – TotM”

      by , 07-05-2015 at 08:53 PM

      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      “Consulting on the Nuclear Power plant – picking up my new car – TotM”

      I am sat in a meeting with my new work-group, or rather I am sat with them and I am suspecting we have a meeting sometime shortly. It is at the beginning of the day and I am just hovering around really, I have other places I need to be in connection with my other project – which concerns youth and alcohol use (which is an actual IRL project I am working on) . However I have a feeling that I need to stick around for a bit as if I am expected to stay there.

      Eventually the leader of the project comes around, she is a darkish haired short woman, who is pretty and American or English I believe. I tell her that I am excited to be connected with the project (though I frequently experience a sense of weirdness for participating in a project for constructing a nuclear power plant, which is never really fully conscious and I don't verbalise it) . She smiles at me and asks if I know how to handle Sheila (a IRL colleague of mine, who is apparently also on this project) . At this point we are walking outside the office in a courtyard of grey concrete in the early hours of the day, there is a lot of columns around forming small walkways – it reminds me of the style of construction associated with my old primary school. As she is asking about Sheila we sort of move into the office, without really moving, but rather being moved, or the building starts encompassing us.

      Inside I see Maria has appeared (an old colleague from my time in England) who is also on the project. She is saying that she is excited to be on a project where “patriarchalism” (the meaning is feminism/social constructionism in the dream) is employed and that she sees that rarely. I replay “oh really? - I haven't been on anything else but these approaches, maybe it is because people preparing to become clinicians never really take this road?” She concurs a bit and throw me a smile, showing a lot of gingiva and then looks away towards either Caidee or the project leader.

      While she does this I get a lot of spreadsheets appearing in front of my eyes. They are interview questions and are getting closed down one by one. The first being closed is the most recent and contains a lot of questions and the more that gets closed down the more questions disappear. I can't really see the questions, but there is a picture of a black female student in the top right hand corner and I see her name is Caidee. I instantaneously know that she is a student helper and she has been involved with constructing the interview guide from the start.

      When these spreadsheets are all closed down we are starting to sit down by the table. I am getting anxious at this point because I think we are getting ready for the meeting and I thought the meeting wouldn't be till this afternoon. I take off my trousers under the table and look down at my blueish boxer shorts. I am briefly aware of the embarrassing nature of showing legs and start looking for my sweat pants – I don't know if I ever find them, but I start wearing them regardless – I then look under the table and see my red shorts lying under there. I am surprised as I don't remember wearing these, but I pick them up nonetheless and stand up and look at the table. I see now that Sheila has appeared so I go and sit next to her. I don't know if I will be able to persuade her in anyway or get to know her position in the project as the leader has told me about – in fact I am not even sure what I am supposed to do, but I sit down anyway.

      I ask about whether we have a meeting already now and I am told that we do indeed and that it is a weekly thing as well. I mull this over a bit until from behind me Christina appears (Old school/class mate) and tell me that she has received the keys from Saab and that they will be here with my car shortly. It surprise me a little seeing as I am not yet in a financially stable position and I don't know why I have already bought a car, but I think little else of it as it was part of the plan. So I grab the keys, which is a massive bundle, with a couple of car keys and 8-10 other keys and I wonder why there are so many.

      I start walking down the hallway towards the entrance and Bjarne (Old friend from childhood/adolescence) and Rasmus (Old school/class mate) appear along the way and talk to me, I can't recall exactly what they say, but it seems taunting or mocking. I get to the end of the hall and enter the lift I notice the button (yes there is only one and that isn't weird! ) is slightly broken, but I press it anyway and I soon find myself outside in the school car park, that is vast and fenced in with wire mesh – and seems more like a car park belonging to a large shopping centre than a school and there is a lot of traffic.

      I stand around looking at the cars driving in. There seems to be a lot of black mega trucks or hummers and I know that this probably isn't mine. I can't remember which kind of car I bought, though when a couple of silver grey smaller station cars and smart type cars start entering I get a feeling that my car is definitely silver grey, though I am still unsure about the type, but having a feeling that it isn't one of the completely little ones. A couple of grey cars enter the car park and turn towards me and park. After this a massive black hummer truck pulls in (which I think look a bit weird, but after googling “hummer truck” this morning I found a picture that looks exactly like the one)

      hummer truck Photo #06

      I start getting bored so I decide to jump on the bonnet of the cars parked making a neat little run/jumping course – and I am thoroughly satisfied with the sounds and feel of pressing down the metal as I jump. I start out with just common SUVs but I eventually land on a Porsche – which for some reason is covered in a fine layer of snow – and the car following that just before the massive hummer truck as a black Lamborghini, which stops me in my tracks as it is so low that I can't possibly get up on the truck – also I am quite surprised to see 2 such expensive cars parked next to each other as Denmark isn't a cheap place to buy a car.

      I move around and jump maybe 3-4 cars more before I think to myself “This is something I would do if I were dreaming”. So I look up and it all seems pretty normal, but I decide to do a reality check nonetheless. So I move my hands slightly to the sides and let myself hover above the rooftops of the cars.

      Realising I am lucid I start taking to the skys, which is a habitual thought and I quickly realise that I have more important stuff to do than goof around. So I let myself drop out of flight and land on the ground again and when I do I find myself on the side walk outside the wire mesh.

      I start walking up the side walk and start looking at my hands. The first basic task is my mission and I have already planned how this one is to unfold. I am somewhat excited though as I have never actually made something appear before my eyes. But I recall the visualisation of making a seed of light appear in my hand – a seed of love and light which I intend to plant in my chest and watch how it grows inside my body – while watching my hands
      (It is fascinating to think that within the dream world a mental visualisation appears phenomenologically similar to how it would in the waking world, as a sort of translucent image appearing in a distinct mental space – which one could easily hypothesise being occupied by running the “world simulation” that is the dream) To start out with not much is happening in my palm which is outstretched palms towards the sky. I see my fingers in a somewhat illuminated light and start focusing. Eventually I see a bright, but tiny dot of light in the middle of my palm and as I am watching it, it grows to the size of a water drop that is perfectly spherical. As I look at it it continues to grow and spikes and sparks start appearing around it leaving a distinct burning sensation in my hand as tiny specks of fire and ice are bombarding the surface of my skin.

      Soon a gust of wind appears and rips the seed from my hands and I panic and jumps after it. It lands in a corner where there is some grass, but I manage to find it rather quickly. I then go all the way into the corner to avoid getting disturbed by the wind again. I take a look at the seed, my hand still being illuminated by light that reminds me of dawn. There is no pain any longer and I think of the seed representing compassion and love, as I press it into my chest. I don't feel it entering and nothing abrupt happens. I turn my focus and visual capacity towards the inside of my body and I get a view of the inside of my shoulder, but not much more, and the bright lines of light I expected aren't really there. What is worse is as I am focusing my attention like this I sense the dream world destabilising – so I start focusing outwards. At this point the dream is gone, but I am armed with patience – I have experienced this before, I maintain my focus directed outwards – although I am also aware that it would be irritating only starting half of the TotM task and not see it to fruition (literally .
      (In previous dreams over the years experiencing this sensation would normally have led me to feeling disappointed and accepting the disappearance of the dream. However in one of the first lucid experiences since Ayahuasca the same thing happened – the visuals faded and I was left with nothing but internal and auditory stimuli – but here I just decided to wait instead of waking up and soon after I was pulled back into the dream world, albeit in a different spot than when I left)

      I get flashes of a white rugged wall, it is plastered and I reach out to touch it and I sense it with my fingertips, but only very briefly. I start sensing the light of dawn characteristic of the dream world I was just in and I feel myself pulled back in. SWEET! I am back on the side walk and I decide to not focus more on the seed, I had already thought about the fact that it might take longer to grow than within a single dream – planting compassion and love in my own heart will still be an interesting theme to watch unfold over time.

      So I start walking up the side walk to find a tree. I am however conscious that I would prefer finding a tree surrounded by nature, but looking around and having no experience with teleportation or portals I think I will have to settle for one of the trees by the side of the road.

      I find a tree not far away, it is a very short tree and the trunk of it is very strange in that it narrows a lot towards the top, almost needle shaped. I place my hand on the tree and it feels chilly, not cold to the touch and I can feel the texture of the bark against my fingers, very authentic. I notice a curved line heading diagonally up from bottom left to top right on a point on the trunk. There is some dark green slime around the line and I wonder if the tree is forming a mouth. The slime should look unpleasant, but it doesn't – in fact it seems rather natural. I look away and at the tree again and the line has widened, though also thinned out a bit. The point is the changes to the line isn't gradual but jolty.

      I think I look at the tree a couple of times more watching the line change, but it still isn't speaking to me and as I am about to give up hope and look away I hear a deep bassy rumble emanating from the tree.

      “You cannot, help me – even with your flatter and good intentions.”
      Astonished I turn around and face it.
      “but I can help you” it says.
      “How?” I ask as respectfully as I can muster, which isn't difficult as I feel very humble even towards this young tree standing amidst the concrete.
      “We trees see things humans aren't equipped to see” it continues.
      “Amongst our roots we keep closed the gates of hell”
      “Humans aren't prepared to see this – they would freak out – but we trees have watched this for ever.”
      (I have taken some artistic liberties with the sentences, for which I don't recall all of them exactly, though they were perfectly linguistic, which excited me – though the meaning of the words is represented exactly as they should be. I felt it more important to convey the intelligence, wisdom and almost all encompassing and physical presence of the tree's intentions directed at me)

      I thank the tree and wonder exactly how that is a help to me, not negating it – the message felt important to me, but I think I might not be able to fully grasp it yet. (upon awakening I got the feeling that the tree was trying to help me with one of the TotY – visiting the underworld, though I am unsure if there isn't a deeper more personal/spiritual message enclosed within as well). I take off into flight thinking I have done enough tasks for now, wanting to relax a little – after briefly considering doing the painting task, but giving up cause I don't feel like finding a painting at this point. However I then again think I might not have completed the basic seed task as I haven't seen anything grow yet – I quickly glance inside my body again, but don't really see anything – more a sort of translucent view of my shoulder again. And look outwards. The skies are tuning dark and I land on a rooftop covered with old roof platings. There is a lot of moss growing on the platings and I think it might be a good idea to conjure up more of aforementioned seeds so I start doing that.

      The seeds seem more vigorous and self determined than before and start flying out of my hand spinning, when they have reached an appropriate size. I still feel the burns of the sparks and ice shards. One of the seeds actually jump up the slope of the roof and enter a crack between one of the platings under a ventilation hood.

      I stop producing seeds and just look at the crack and wonder if there is enough soil and nutrients for the seed to grow. After a little while slowly a thin rolled up green leaf appears from under the crack and as I continue to observe the growth I see a sort of elongated cabbage shape take form along with branches with leaves growing out of the new little plant. It also starts forming a flower and end up looking like a mixture between an orchid and a cabbage. As I watch this unfold the dream starts fading and I wake up.
    2. Sharing with Silas, Smoke-A-"Ton" 2011

      by , 09-13-2011 at 08:29 AM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      13-09-11 I am lying in my bed and I can hear Silas talking to someone, a dream entitiy. For some reason I think he is talking about a location I know and that he is part of IOSDP. I keep thinking windmill, which is then repeated by the dream entity and he talks about bikes as well. I think I know the location he is talking about so I think hard about Vesterguard, and this is eventually repeated by the dream entity as well, first as guard and then the full name.

      Not sure if the above section was a FA or HH → pre REM dreaming.

      I am lucid and the dream starts forming. I am in the sea, swimming around unable to get to shore, know I am dreaming, but my vision is blurry and I have limited control. I see light in the horizon out over the water and what would be a sea port town. I eventually stabilise the dream through breathing.

      I am waiting for Silas or ”Crusher” (definitely a name with a C, though I will refer to him as Silas from now on) or whatever to get out of the water. I decide to finish off the TotM tasks. Walking on water was simple enough have, but I have to try a bit harder to pull out a ball of water from the ocean mentally, the water keeps rippling where I try and pull out the ball, and sling it maybe 20 metre in a forward arch (this is what I tried to do in the first lucid I had, but got interrupted).

      Silas comes into shore and I take him to the place I thought was the place, but it turns out he doesn't recognise it it. We talk a bit about us both being new to this whole IOSDP thing and that we will just continue marching on writing down our stuff and trying to meet.

      Silas takes off and I try and do a cool back flip onto a little hut, that turns into a chest in my grand father's house, albeit a very tall chest and the back flip is sub par. I jump down and someone is using a crowbar to tear through a thin wall.

      ”We have nearly destroyed my grand mother's house” I say, think to either Silas or the person using the crowbar. I am in the basement and I say ”Well, see you around” and try and fly out, but can't get through the walls or windows, I try and open the windows and now I have the crowbar, they are too small, I try another one and get stuck looking at some girl/woman who I tell I have been playing around and stuff. She tells me I have been playing with (don't recall name) a baby girl, because apparently I have colour in my face.

      Notes: Though lucid the entire time even with access to waking memory (cf. The TotM tasks) I don't realise that I am talking to Silas, a TV show character and treat him as a member of the IOSDP. Aside from that the control I had in this dream was horrible apart from the TotM stuff.

      I am in possession of copious amounts of weed, bags that would indicate in the kilos. This particular theme is recurring over what I believe to be a series of dreams. But it is all very fragmented.

      I get back from a party and I am pretty pissed, I think I try and skin up without much success.

      I pick up some weed somewhere and bring it to a friends house, which results in the house getting raided as I bought it of the mum of the girl I was visiting and the dealer didn't want weed around her daughter.

      I run into an old female friend of mine from way back, who explains that they have gone out to town recently where they brought “the other Rasmus” and Sisse and they ended up hooking up and having sex. I was surprised to find that this actually hurt considering it was 8 years ago and that I was only with her for 3 months approximately.

      I return to the first girl's house where I find that the weed I brought the night before is still there. I start making a roach and look for paper. I have some in my pocket, but it is all crumbled up and I am unsure if the clue will stick. Doesn't matter in the end I find some on the table. The roach becomes really weird and some woman calls me from downstairs before I can roll a spliff.

      I am talking to a friend who have found a stash of wed of maybe 3 kilos. He is talking about how it is located in a residential area and he has seen it quite some times just lying there. He argues we could make some profit of it by starting to sell a bit.

      We are under a bridge with graffiti on the wall and in a room which looks sterilised and metallic, though shaped like a container on the inside. This is where the aforementioned 3 kilos of weed is. We get busted and try and explain that we could sell for the dealer, but he doesn't care explains that he deals in larger lumps and as far as he is aware all we do is owe him and eights.

      In a sauna/steam room with a lot of men and I am about to fight my dad. I keep placing well placed uppercuts. He warns me that he will get going soon, there isn't a lot of room to move and I am afraid of bumping into other naked men.

      Kaiser complementing my new jacket and informing me that he will start shopping in second hand shops as well.
    3. TotM, Portal Attempts, metal transformations

      by , 08-05-2011 at 12:12 PM
      05-08-11 I am in holland again, I am outside and I am sleeping, though I am partially awake. There is chatter in the background and I believe they wouldn't actually wake me up, due to me having specified having an interest in dreams and sleep.

      I keep waking up and looking out down towards the garage. At one point Ant comes over, I hear him before I see him and he intends on waking me up in a rather funny, but unpleasant matter. He intends to pour a glass of pickled cucumber over my face.

      As he approaches I look up and laugh a bit, he doesn't seem to want to stop so I look at him, still smiling and start making some physically impossible move and tell him to lay off or “there will be violence”.

      He lays off and we decide to head out. We head towards a supermarket at first and I am quickly left behind. I think about Ida who is standing a bit ahead and I think it is fair enough she doesn't want me anyways, I have little interest in her anyways. However it does spark a hint of emotional discomfort though no way near as much as usual.

      As I am climbing over the wall I look down and I see a blue beetle that is best described as a mixture of a lady bug and a LEGO Duplo piece, with legs. I hear Ruth shouting to the others “He is coming I have just seen him jump”.

      I notice how gracefully I jump both down the wall and past a couple of people over a pool of water. I notice my dream sign that I am capable of parcour. I become lucid.

      I start looking around and fly a bit. I am in a city that seems like a crossover between Århus and Amsterdam. The rest of the crew is in a warehouse on the top floor and when I see them I start flying up towards them.

      On the way up there I decide to try out some spider man stuff instead and I procede to crawling up the wall. Close up the wall is mostly redish with a lot of black to gray texture in it. The way I am stuck to the wall is remarkable in the way that I don't seem stuck as such, but it feels like my hands and feet are magnetically attached to the wall.

      I start thinking if there is somethng I am supposed to do. I have decided to give the confidence issues a bit of a rest and decide to go playful. What is the TotM. Get a DC to sing and go to the chocolate factory, right.

      I let go and drop to street level. I burst out in song in order to get the rest of the many DCs on the street to join me. I think I am going with “Dangerzone” off top gun, but no one seems to join in except a guy from behind me across the street and he just shouts Danger!

      That won't hold up and I get a bit annoyed.

      I ask to ladies walking by if they want to sing for me, but they refuse.

      I think at this point the dream starts to fade and I command it to come back verbally. Things go blank and as the dream comes back it feels like I have one eye open in waking life and one in the dream world. I have felt like this before though and this time I decide to just ignore it.

      I command the dream to stabilize and between that and ignoring the open eye syndrome (Coined!). I get the dream back on track. I run into a tanned guy wearing a yellow sports T-shirt with a sports bag over his shoulder.

      I ask him to sing for me, but he only looks at me briefly before he turns sround, take on an arrogant attitude and tells me that he won't. Now I am getting angry so I grab hold of him place my hands on both sides of his face and looks him in the eyes. I briefly think of vampire compulsion, glamour or whatever you want to call it and start talking to him.

      He stares blankly at me.

      “God damn, this is my dream and I am sick and tired of getting refused”
      He reples with an astounding empty stare.
      “Now you will sing to me!”
      He starts singing “Happy birthday to you...”
      “Yeah yeah that will do” It is boring and not my birthday, but task accomplished.
      “Why do you need me to sing for you?” he asks
      “Don't worry about it, you have done your part thank you”
      “You keep information tight, don't you”
      “As I said, this is a dream, so once you have been integrated with my consciousness again you will understand”

      Now to the chocolate factory. I immediately think about doors. I have to find a door and expect the chocolate factory to be on the other side. It is getting darker, but I find a door inside a building and try and will the chocolate factory on the other side.

      When I open the door I expect a portal to be there, though I only find a white canvas. I try it out and try and walk through it. It is difficult in particular my head doesn't really seem to be willing to. After a couple of minutes of faffing around inside a door that isn't a door the dream starts fading.

      I pull the move I tried out before and when I come back in the dream again things have changed slightly. The scenery is darker and I am not sure what is going on. I am pretty sure I am dreaming, but I am uncertain so I pull a hand RC. Sure enough.

      I was trying to open a portal to the chocolate factory, right onwards. I spot something that looks like a hotel up the road. I walk to it and prepare for the door to be a portal.

      Now unfortunately the front door is made of glass, so it will be difficult imagining anything but the hotel I can see through the glass door. So I decide to walk through it and find another door I can try with.

      As I open it there is no portal behind it, but a small passage way and a mirror at the end.

      A mirror, that is interesting. That could be used as a portal, but first I observe my self reflection flicker in the mirror. It isn't like anything is missing, but my reflection is there one moment and gone the next flicking on and off.

      I decide to hop through it and having learned from the first experience I go through head first. I manage to get my entire body fully through and then I just hover there. I start falling a bit and I figure that will work, never done portals before I don't know what to expect.

      I keep falling and eventually looking up I see a door, I reach up for the handle and try and pull myself through, however I wake up just as I get the door open.

      I am with some superhero crew. We are gathering some black obsidian bars, that are to be transformed into a single adamantium bar. I proclaim to someone that it is stupid to try and do that since adamantium can't be altered. I wonder if Stark can do it seeing as it is him collecting.

      Notes: Third night in a row with a lucid. The technique of awakening from a night of dreaming, trying to recollect them and then go back to sleep seems to work wonders. Though I didn't have many dreams to recollect this morning the Obsidian/adamantium dream was fresher in my mind, but I have spent much time with my niece while writing down the dream, so memories have faded a bit.
    4. The theme is "shared", Killing the king of the wild things (without the wild things)

      by , 07-13-2011 at 11:34 PM
      13-07-11 I am on a beach and there are someone there that I am supposed to remember. The scenario concerns shared dreaming. I turn lucid at some point though the trigger eludes me and the vividness of the dream isn't great. The person running the show isn't who I expected. A couple of other rookie lucids are there with me as well. They all tell me their names and I find it important to remember them, but they are soon forgotten. Was there a Mark in there, and someone whose name begins with an R (Not supprising considering I readh MoShs shared dreaming thread just before bed). In any case the whole thing is a bit difficult to explain. The beach seems to be this gigantic hub and the leader is passing from one person to another assisting them, either with control or something else.

      When I step in an start directing the show a bit, it is with great respect for the people around me. I say something like.

      “Right, time for dream stabilisation, how do you guys normally do this?”
      There may be some mumbling amongst 3-5 people standing by the waves before the answer is returned.
      “Have you tried spinning?”
      “Think I have done, but not in a while.”

      I start spinning, but not your average spinning. I utilise a technique I have picked up in my non-lucids where I gradually spin with my body more and more parallel to the ground. People either try trampling me or try and jump over me and I become a bit playful and start doing some whirled spinning jumps up amongst the people standing right next to me. I turn around and spin around with my back towards the sand. Though this is fun I don't think I am engaging the scenario enough and I soon wake up.

      I recall only the dream after I turn lucid. I may have been lucid prior, but what is written is what I remember. I know that the dream was long prior to what I remember though. I am in some sort of hall. It reminds me of a mixture of a factory warehouse and a sports hall. I think of what the task of the month is and I remember it is about ”where the wild things are” and becoming their king.

      I don't encounter any wild things to my memory, but I undertake a quest to summon their king and dispose of him. There are three pre-quests I have to fulfil before I can find him. These three quests will grant me three keys I have to use to get the final key. I start the first one but start thinking that I may not have much time left in the dream, so I decide to cheat by flyng up and grabbing the key from a wooden box with a narrow opening in it. My flying isn't really controlable at first but I manage to snatch the key before I start the descent.

      I defy my lack of ability to fly as I head for a risen platform hovering above the floor where the King will spawn. ”I am dreaming I know I can fly!” and this thought makes it possible. There are four boxes on the platform, one at each corner. I put in the key and turn it. There is a mechanical vibration in my hand as I do this and looking out over the floor I can see four elements descending from the ceiling forming a square. I know the king will be in the middle of these. I look around on the other key hole boxes on the platform and wonder why there are keys in all of them, though i reason that if I hadn't cheated I would have had four keys in total.

      After a short while the king makes an appearance, He approach from a gate on the lefthand side and as he makes his way towards the descending things he is ethereal at first. I figure I will have to wait until he takes on coporeal form to attempt an attack on him. At first when he takes on bodily form he is naked and very white, sorta vampyrish, however I am dreaming and have no fear so I jump down flying at great speed towards him. When I arrive he has taken on a bunny suit and is slightly fat. I tell him I challenge him and put up my fists preparing for a boxing round.

      Before the fight starts we are interrupted though by 3-5 people wearing black cloathing, the leader seems to be a woman. I feel slightly frightful and grab the king and take him behind a shelf.

      ”Wasn't I dreaming, I am sure I was dreaming, there is no need to hide” I think to myself.

      I look at my hand and as I do a couple of extra fingers start growing so I am reassured and take the king and walk over to the people. I also know that I can't really hurt anyone so I talk to the woman and tells her to grab hold of the kings legs.

      I grab his head and rip it clean off and I am somewhat relieved that it makes the sound of clothing being ripped as this happens. He was only stuffed afterall.

      I start walking towards the gate the king appeared from and think to myself. ”Damn, you got that ”where the wild things are” story completely screwed up, this probably won't count anyways”. ”Ah well it was mildy enjoyable in any case”. After this I wake up.

      I am in a room and a handful of attractive women are there and I am talking to Kaiser about Caroline Loven. I tell him that I have been with her 4 times. I am going through the excersise starting at 5 trying out 3, but decide on 4 (the actual number is 2). I am unsure as to how the conversation arose, but think we were discussing attractive women we had been with.


      I look outside the window and am surprised to see a large red building move towards my left away from me. I think it a bit weird, but quickly someone tell me that TV2 is going to get their asses handed to them for this as apparently they are to blame. I recall the television show and don't find it particularly weird (Would have hated myself for missing this, if it wasn't for the fact that I had already had one lucid that night ^^).
    5. Elastic burst effects, Maelstroms, black holes - Chasing devil people with my bass (ToTM Basic)

      by , 07-07-2011 at 12:03 PM
      07-07-11 Lucid: I don't quite remember how I turn lucid, but I am outside and it is misty and raining. I start out wanting to take off in flight, but I quickly realise that the detail isn't all that great so I decide to spend quite some time stabilising. I do this by engaging all the senses and verbally commanding it. There is a wall covered with a bronze layer on lop and I run my hand over it. I feel the water and cool sensation of touching metal in the rain, it is a somewhat grainy texture as well as if sand has been lying on top of it. I keep trying to see past the mist, which produce quite a solid boundary for my area of perception. It does expand a bit, but not a great deal.

      After a while doing this I feel I am anchored well enough in the dream to start exploring. So I do just that. I start out with flying through the rain and I realise I am getting a bit cold. I try to focus on increasing the temperature of the winds hitting my body, which in turn makes me think about how cool it is I am able to simulate that (nothing I haven't done before, just keeps amazing me). After a while of flying around and looking at walls and their details I decide to go up the road to some friends' place. I know they have moved out of that place, but only recently.

      When I arrive I can see through the windows that there are 3 people sitting in there my two friends and a dad to one of them. I walk through the wall and appear in their living room. I look around and see that the flat is empty bar some boxes and the three people sitting in there. I start taking off my shirt, I don't know why I do this as I have no intentions of attempting anything adult with any of them.

      I start talking to them.

      “Yeah so we are in a dream, did you know this?”

      They respond with a period of speechlessness and attempts at smiles.

      “So how does it make you feel that you are just a figment of my imagination?”
      “Ronja I would think that you at least would enjoy this experience” (Yeah ok, my logic is probably starting to mess up a bit here)

      They provide the same response, and I get a strong feeling of guilt. What if there is something to them that in a sense they are real. I don't have any rights to rob them of their existence. This guild and introspective focus is causing the dream to destabilise, I sense it and get periodic flashes of diminished clarity.

      I shout out “Stabilize the dream!” and it gets back on track, but I can feel it is a wobbly ground I have entered (metaphorically). So I spontaneously start jumping around, I realise a bit later that this is actually a good way of stabilising the dream (can't actually remember if it is or not, but it works). I shout out “Increase vividness!” and to my delight I notice that the ground now has multiple little light reflections in the watery areas of the pavement I am walking. “Ooooohhh that's nice” I smilingly proclaim to myself, I enjoy that a lot.

      Sooo what to do? I now get reminded of the ToTM and also my idea of chasing down the devil and killing him with the sound of my bass. Yeah that's a splendid idea. I take off in the opposite direction of my flat and I turn around mid air continuing flying backwards. Here I start imagining that I am tightening an invisible elastic string that will send me off fast towards my flat when I let go. This effect does happen, though not as powerful (don't get me wrong I am picking up A LOT of speed) as I would have thought. I decide to take a quick detour by flying upwards and as altitude increases I notice the ocean. It is beautiful with the large steady waves and a sunset in the background. As I am up there the final light of the sun disappears.

      I decide to fly down towards it and continue out over the water. And although I am cold I decide to fly down so I am skimming the surface. I can clearly feel the water against my torso, but there is no obstruction to my flight from the water. After a short while I look out over the horizon and it is starting to bend upwards in the sides (The opposite direction to how it would normally look considering the earth is round). Straight ahead of me I sense a big (BIG!) maelstrom and although the temptation of looking at it close makes me fly just that little closer to the edge, I decide it isn't the right time to investigate that.

      I turn around and am amazed to find that the vortex is making it really difficult for me to fly away (I am not sure if me thinking there could be a black hole in the bottom of it comes before or after I notice I am struggling to fly away). I remind myself that I am lucid and with a quick effort of will the gravity chains break and I am off again. Although I remember being cold I am thinking to myself that it isn't that bad now. Still I try and think of the temperature of the wind against me increasing.

      I fly to my flat and enter from the garden side. I am looking around and can't immediately find my bass. After turning around one more time, with a bit more intention of it being there I realise there are two of them. I start out by picking up the one lying on the bed, but to my surprise it doesn't have a fretboard. I wonder if this will count negatively towards the task as to me at that instance it doesn't really. However, I might miss out on some training so I ditch it and go for the one on the couch, which is pretty much lying in the position it is in real life, although on a different couch.

      I pick it up and I strum the strings. The sound is.. well... bassy and to my annoyance I can't really play any grooves on it. Normally in my dreams I can play some funky grooves, but the lucidity is probably blocking it by giving me access to my waking technical knowledge of the instrument (have had it for 2 months and never touched an instrument before). I do briefly strum the different strings and try the fretboard, but I quickly abandon using the fretboard.

      The sound of the bass is somehow skewed, it is deeper and more encompassing than normal, but at the same time there is a higher pitched ending tone regardless of the strings I play. The sound does reverberate a bit in my dream body, but not the full on flowing through me I had hoped for when thinking about the scenario awake.

      I decide to go and kill some minions. I jump though the window, foot first, bass in hand ready to go murder mobs, bard style! I run across the lawn and I can see a man with red skin on the road outside it. I shout out “Hey! Devil boy!” and start running towards him. I don't actually know if this is the boss I am after, but I believe so at the start. However as he briefly walks towards me and I start strumming the bass he sort off gets knocked out and decide to make a run for it. Now more red skinned humanoids are starting to pursue me, and although I don't kill them with the sound of my bass they do get knocked back. As they come closer from every direction I decide to hit them with the base of my bass (hehe) while strumming a node. This seems to work on some of them, but not all of them (My confidence in the instrument or the lack of it, seems to have carried over in to dreaming state).

      After a while they realise that it is stupid pursuing me and I get time enough to run around the corner to find original devil boy (this is however when I notice there are lots of red skinned people and devil boy might not actually be their leader). The dream is a lot brighter now and they are all standing at a bus stop.

      On my way around the corner I notice my fingers are starting to hurt and my D string is broken. In fact the strings all look like a mess and I get a brief doubt if my waking bass is all-right. Your fingers in waking life to respond to the movements of your dream fingers (not sharp enough here to realise there is no way I could have gotten up and actually picked up the bass).

      I wake up.
    6. Trains and Travel - kissing a DC

      by , 02-23-2011 at 12:53 PM
      23/02/11 I am travelling on trains. Lots of times. we encounter policemen and guards who are supposed to control tickets. We climb to the roofs of the trains in motion to avoid detection. At a certain train station I get left going out of the train to take a breather, twice. I am not a happy bunny. I throw a litter bin onto the tracks in hopes that it gets destroyed as a train will run past it. My ticket is still valid for the next train though.

      I am half asleep. I think about train tracks as I have dreamt of these. Slowly a blurred image of me moving in a vehicle besides train tracks appears. it stabilises. I don't dare take my eyes of the window yet. I need the dream to stabilise a bit more. I finally get a crystal clear image and take a look around. I am in something best described as a very short bus. Except there is no driver. I see that the weather is still grey. I fly out through the window, not breaking the glass. I fly a little upwards and start overtaking cars that break as they see come flying past them. The wind is strong, and I stop up mid air. I get blown back heavily and I get a passing anxiety of falling over and hurting myself until I think otherwise. I think this is going to be cool demonstrating how you can go from heavy momentum to a slow walking speed without any problems, so I do just that. there are now people on the streets and it is sunny. I see a lady walking by n a yellow top with massive breasts. She turns me on a bit and reminds me of the monthly task. I keep walking and ask the first woman I see “hey lady, could I borrow you for a second?” she gets a bit shocked when I kiss her. She asks why I did that and my reply is something as lame as “happy new year”. She decides to follow me and asks if I ever had sex with random travellers, to which I reply that I haven't. She says she has and although she is a bit plumb and I don't really find her attractive I decide why not. We head towards a house and as she is turning slightly around I place my hand on her stomach and slims her down a bit.. I guess she really is a DC then. We try having sex, but I have some blocking and can't get in. I keep trying to focus on her eyes, but soon the dream destabilise.
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    7. Unclean Boxing Match, seeking education in sleep cycles, summoning Vader for a duel

      by , 11-17-2010 at 05:12 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      17/11/10 The dream was massive but I remember little before actually turning lucid.
      There was something about a mini LAN event.
      Thomas Marcusen (old school friend) was there.
      Stoffer was there.
      Then there is a massive park of some description, the sun is shining.
      We are setting up tables for a public event.
      I feel like I don't quite belong there, although I am a common face in the group.
      There is a woman from my study who is sort of taking the lead.
      I grab some milk and start drinking it out of the carton, but am careful not to let my lips touch it in case anyone else want some.
      Think there is a quick thinking process about mouth-mouth transmitted diseases.
      Rasmus is talking about how his brother has come home for the weekend.
      He has gone to a festival and returned a day later without saying he was going, now with a woman in his bed, although this woman later is a man.
      The boys and I are going to a fight between some random (played by the actor playing Cas is Supernatural) guy and Geaorge Foreman, who is actually Evander Holyfield, but we call him George.

      The fight is messy and unclean, but the crowd seems to love it so an atmosphere is building and the fighters embrace it. George seems to have the upper hand and at one point knocks the other guy clean out, that is the first time we see it. Although we are physically present at the fight there is still a replay function and seen from another angle the other boxer returns to his feet very swiftly, which I find a bit strange. There is a break up and Cas takes the opportunity to throw George to the ground and gets a stern warning from the ref, however there is limited the ref can really do at this point due to the intense atmosphere surrounding the fight. George knocks him through the ropes and to the floor and at this point I am standing in the ring and start a chant that takes the crowd with me “To the Floor!”. George takes it to the floor and starts stomping on the poor guys face, I feel a little bad for this.

      After this I am in a class room of sorts and here Cas is teaching something concerning sleep cycles. I feel very tired and I am walking around in a beige suit, hmm it has been a long time since I have worn this suit (technically I don't have the vest I was wearing either IWL). I feel like I have pulled an all-nighter, but I am there out of respect for the guy. We are old friends after all. It is a bit like a film scene where two main characters look at each other in silent understanding, except I don't understand at all why I know the man, but I know I am given the context of the situation. He is teaching something about re-arranging letters in words, that although slightly amusing seems pointless, but relevant somehow. He is walking around the class and spots me, I wink at him and he comes over. He abandons the class because we have something to talk about, which I think is a goodbye. We go to his flat and I lay down on the bed and shortly after so does he although he takes his clothes off first, which means it is getting slightly uncomfortable for me. We talk about something and towards the end of the conversation I give him a brief hug making sure he is covered in a duvet before doing it. I get up.

      I look around and my eyes fall upon a glass covered surface. It is dark, but still the surface doesn't produce a reflection of any kind. Hang on a minute this is what I was just paying attention to in waking life. I am dreaming. I talk to the professor who is supposed to be an expert on sleep cycles, yet he has never heard of the topic of Lucid dreaming. I spend a lot of time rubbing my hands and activating my senses while I talk to him about lucid dreaming in order to stabilise the dream. I try flying through the window as a demonstration, doesn't work, damnit. Ah ok, just going to try to fly through it backwards, success! I am now in a park of some description, the sun is shining brightly and everyone in the park seems to be wearing a smile of peace and enlightenment. I run over the grass and while doing so I try and pick up a ball using Telekinesis, which I am only somewhat successful with (The ball moves in the direction I want, but can't keep up with my pace). I leave it for a bit and try and think about what to do. I am not going to call Mitzu, as I am afraid she will just end the dream prematurely so instead I decide to try out something new, to see if I can make lightning shoot out of my hands, which I can't although my arm starts throbbing in the effort.

      I try and think if there are some tasks I should be doing as I am manoeuvring around the city paying attention to all the details to remain in the dream. Minka (very old and dear friend) appeasr on a bike and I think that there was something about being thankful, or was that last month? Who cares, I call out to her to stop, she is riding a bike. She says she will come back in one minute, I tell her we are dreaming, she stops pronto and gets off the bike. I tell her I am thankful for her always being kind and a good friend and hug her. I carry on down the street trying to get my phone to work, it sort of does, but I can't seem to get to the texting interface propper so I can't write kaiser, gah some other time maybe.

      I fly around for a bit thinking about what to do, damn I have a poor creative imagination. Ah well, I recently had a dream about duelling Darth Vader, where I wished I was lucid so I expect him to pop up around the corner, which he does. He hands me a sabre and we kick it off and I demonstrate my very limited force powers to my friends as they appear. Although it is great fun being in a sabre fight it was actually more entertaining when I wasn't lucid, when the sense of fear actually meant something however I enjoyed it enough for it to have been worthwhile, I mean it is after all a light sabre. I realise I have been focusing too much on Vader and the dream starts to fade as I wake up.
    8. Walls closing in, lift style! (2 fragments and a WILD)

      by , 09-01-2010 at 07:53 AM
      notes - non-lucid - lucid

      01-09-10 I am making pancakes, I forget to add flour and the result is obviously not great. I tell my mum that I forgot flour, she still thinks it will fail (thanks mum >.<). I didn't care I knew I could do it.

      This might be a continuation or a separate dream

      I have spent the night at my parents. The key to my flat is being taken to the owner of the building, which means I have to stay in Hornslet, this annoys me so I decide to eat some cereal on my parents expense. I tell my mum that I am disappointed, not in exact words but by repeating what she said in a depressed tone of voice. She says all I have to do is go to the shop and meet Lars who will have the key, I repeat this mentally to myself and then Lars appears, no one is saying anything to him and he is wearing a stupid hat plus not all of his hair is grey, I find this odd, but not enough to induce. He drops the keys on the table and write something on a piece of paper, I check out the piece and it is a “to/from” card normally associated with Christmas. This is weird, I grab the note and start writing my own stuff. The funny thing is that Lars and his wife have just repeatedly written “to” and “from” throughout the months (note: it was written in Danish, one of the rare times I dream in my native language). I realise it is a weird game he is playing with his wife, I don't want to interfere, so I erase what I have written on it and put the paper back on the wall. Mental note I had written Caroline in one of the boxes.

      (WILD) I wake up, I am lying on my back, I am positively sure I just fell asleep on my stomach. Damn what if I am waking myself up here. I quickly open my eyes, I am lying on my sofa. Come again!? The sensation of SP is gone, I know I am lying on my stomach in my bed, sod it I'll risk it I open my eyes and check my fingers, Ooooohh seven fingers on one hand, surely that is a record. Hang on the scenery is amazingly vivid, this actually looks like my flat as it does in real life. Telekinesis is off, are you sure that you are dreaming? Check the hand again you fool! Ah, two of my fingers are merging, good still dreaming. Vester you are an idiot, would you just accept the god damn fact that you are dreaming, trust your powers and fly out the window already!?

      I fly out the window, the buildings in the streets have changed instead of being constructed of red bricks they now have grey grained surfaces. Interesting I think, they look amazingly real. I decide to fly right this time, then up I look at a parking lot with a lot of cars making sure I really use my senses in order to stabilise the dream as much as possible. I turn around and start flying left, I need to find something I can do, how about finding a small hotel, surely that has a lift in it. I take a left and see a small bar, it looks like it could have been a hotel at some point so I decided that it will be my target. I land in front of it and as I see a man sitting outside drinking a beer I decided to take a quick detour and ask him my dream name. I ask, after a bit of a break he replies “I really don't know”. Gah never mind I have other things to play around with, I walk through the bar expecting to find a lift. I get a bit of a brain freeze from thinking about if the dream will recognise if I use the word lift or elevator and what meaning it will have on the task, but decided that it is irrelevant. I walk through the corridors and in the end come to an old looking metal door, here we go! I walk in in a strange shaped room, the floor is covered in a carpet typical of lifts/elevators. There is no controls, but a manage to summon 1 button on the wall. “One is good enough I only have one destination anyways, atomic world it is!” I press the button.

      The lift start moving, really slowly, come on Vester can't you make this thing move quicker!? nope, no go, damn I really need to practice dream control, especially the whole manipulation of my surroundings part. As I think about how I want to spot the holes in atoms so I can surf the particles in wave form I notice that the walls of the lift are starting to close in on me. I think to myself “great you moron so, the way you decide to go to the atomic world is by having a freaking lift squeeze you to the size of one!?” I stand there for some time, but I then see that the patterns of the walls become blurry, the dream is destabilising, I touch them, make sure I really focus on them, rub my hands, however nothing works and I wake up.
    9. Failed WILD to DILD - > attempts at TOTM (although August is almost gone)

      by , 08-28-2010 at 07:08 AM
      Non-Lucid Lucid

      28-08-10 I was in my grandfathers house on the floor reading. There is a girl next to me, actually my mother is also there, but she quickly leaves and I put my head in the lab of the girl and start stroking her head, at first she finds it nice, but then say I should stop it, so I do. I am trying to go to sleep. At one point I see Djana (home town friend) and her sister standing outside the door I go to let them in, oh yes that is right it is New years eve, how could I forget, Don't be lame and spend it alone like last year! I go up to see what is making that noise in the kitchen it is my mum making coffee. We gather around the table for dinner I look out and I swear that I can see some sort of weird distorted daylight, I talk about this with my uncle who tells me it must have been lights from the car, “What, that somehow generate enough energy to illuminate the planet in daylight!?”

      I am not sure if I wake up or there is just a shift in the dream..

      Next dream I am watching Yes Man (haven't seen that film so pretty sure it is nothing like it). I see Jim Carrey come strolling in an office, he is stopped by his secretary who is completely naked, hang on is she actually really naked, I look again, closer yep she is naked small perky breasts and a neatly trimmed landing strip, nice! I follow Jim as he thinks nothing of this and continues in the office. He is talking to someone, he gets interrupted by his secretary, chess! Anyways I notice that people are somewhat out of phase and only Jim can see in both phases. There is a shift he is going somewhere to do some carpentry, now as Sam from True Blood, he is in the service of some lord, who likes having well built partially naked men around, Sam runs out and I follow.

      same as before..

      I was in a train, actually more like a subway train and was very suspicious that I was dreaming. I am escaping some terrorists led by John Travolta in the setting of that recent film I saw something about train 123. After the train is split in half and an explosion is tearing through the station I wonder why the windows of the train don't get damaged. I manage to get away and go through a door that leads upwards, but still look like the door that is connecting trains. I go up jump through a couple of windows. When I find that at the top of the stairs there is a last door that leads out through another moving train I decide that is RC enough, I am defo dreaming. I run upwards through more stairs and shoot some terrorists with the AK47 that I apparently have just received. I make sure I really use my vision and touch some bags on the way up to stabilise. I quickly grow bored of playing action movie, I have stuff to do! I fly upwards through the walls, ground everything, man I am so pleased I discovered how to do this! Oh oh.. now I have to think of a scenario where I want to reappear, I am bad at this (stupid idiot, you have just made sure you can't do it >.<). I come out in pretty much HH land loads of flickering lights and fragments. but I am still in a dream, the closest I come to an actual dream scenario is some grassy land in front of Taj Mahal, that seems drawn by a school girl. Can't handle this I wake up, hang on a minute.. wake up, this doesn't feel right. There is something on my sheet which is a picture of an old school no signal screen they used to put on at night time.. lets see if we can find one.. there..
      Now in the dream there are loads of small coloured squares in the version I saw, and in fact there were loads of coloured squares all over the shop. So I quickly pay close attention and make sure I spot a red, blue and yellow. I jump out of bed, am I still dreaming? it is starting to feel very realistic! I look at my hand, oh that looks normal... wait.. is my index finger growing shorter? ARGH, that is some scary mumbo jumbo that is, stop looking at it and jump out the window, yes lets do the classic exit without breaking the glass stunt I have grown fond of. My friends are outside, quite impressed with the leaping through the window and me weakening gravity to land elegantly, what did I have to do again? BAH can't remember my personal goals, lets see if a noob like me can do a unicorn!

      Hmm the last time I was on this street some crazy things happened if I looked to the left, Left it is! Oh would you look at that there are a couple of beige (can you describe a horse as beige?) horses. Unicorn I shout in a seductive shout (a tone that sounds a bit like if you were a large cat shouting for the mouse to come out from the hole in the wall). I fly around the corner and turn right, I see a gathering of horses and a lot of shops around. Damn it I don't want to make a unicorn, would be cheesy to copy Nomad's move, at least I think it was Nomad who slapped an Ice cone on the head of the horse. Bah, get practising Vester, I turn around and see two white horses coming out of the cinema, this will have to do. Right “Unicoooooorrnn!” Nothing is happening I shout again, Out comes a White glowy horse, with a purple mane and a horn on it head, chess! Damn though, you are going to look like an idiot on dreamviews for spawning something that looks like it came out of “my little pony” don't care, lets get to ride it, the unicorn goes behind a car and comes out in human form “DAMN YOU!” “actually you are one stunning red head!” I jump on her back, pretty sure that getting a piggy back ride from a unicorn in human form won't count(haven't even read up on if this is possible in mythology surrounding unicorns), screw it maybe I can trick her. “You are very beautiful, even in your horse form!”. She seems insulted being put in the same box as a petty mortal mammal used for transportation by humans and say “stop mocking me” “Oh sorry I meant Unicorn, you are a very beautiful Unicorn” She looks at me teasingly and I wake up.

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