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    15-04-16 “Amazon Calling”

    by , 04-15-2016 at 05:34 AM (493 Views)
    I only remember a single fragment, but it was a rather powerful vision/exit dream. Got up maybe 10 minutes ago, still blurry and associative fluid.

    I see a vision of expanding consciousness, it is expanding into light from the top of my perceptual field. There is a brief moment of pre-verbal reflection on my increased capacity to enter these expanded quasi-mystical states.

    An image appear, or rather it is a translucent spectral scenario, set against the backdrop of the fluid shadows in darkness at the back of my eye lids.

    It is a river bank, the river is wide, it is the Amazon. The trees are in-differentiable, there are so many. The image twirls inwards on itself as slightly to my left The Golden Python makes a brief appearance, she has business with me. Intent is clear, content incipient – I hear you Mother!

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