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    by , 08-23-2010 at 08:39 AM (407 Views)
    23-08-10 3 fragmented stuff. Mathias Amdi paying for a pizza, in a swimming pool talking to a very cool penguin/shark/hedgehog in a pool , one of my friends stroke it and I think it is weird to stroke a soft jelly type animal, it might also have also have been a jelly fish. A female friend of mine discover she has a camera that can film under water and also link up with a receiver to provide live streaming (I am dumping the universal dream sign of technology not working for me period!). I wanna pay for the pizza I give 100 kroner, when the final prise is 85, so Amdi and I talk about sorting it out. Something about an after party we have to attend. Something about the airport? Many women following around, I seem to know them all. Something about me not being able to take on a pair of diving glasses under water.

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