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    Left 4 dead?.... Hardly! =P

    by , 12-27-2010 at 02:43 PM (481 Views)
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    Note: This was very long so have tried adapting a more "to-the-point" format to try and fit it all in without boring the face off the reader. hope you enjoy.

    27/12/10 The dream starts out with a snow storm, and there is a lot of snow.

    I am at a friend's place, which also happen to be the place where I grew up.

    The snow keeps on falling and towns and cities are being closed off gradually.

    I stumble out in the snow although I am safe in my friend's place. I need to see if there is anyone out there in danger.

    I get stuck in a little roadside bunker of sorts. I ride out the storm.

    The next day the snow is smelting and there is a lot of water on the roads. And I notice how many issues it will cause if it freezes up again.

    There is a drama between two men and women who switch partners during the dream, it causes a strain on their friendship.

    The two men join opposing sports teams. We are in a pub at the conclusion of this. It is getting dark.

    The dream changes plot.

    Zombies. Thunder.

    There is a radio in the roadside bunker and I overhear some communication between a captain of a ship and the governmental control that has to allow it into Danish national waters.

    Zombies come out and I am in a place where I have to leave the safe house, walk up a tunnel while zombies swarm down. It is hard to get out.

    I am back in the roadside bunker, there are two of us there.

    We shoot zombies like there is no tomorrow. I get reminded of Mikkel (an old school friend) who is stuck in the tunnel safe house.

    I make a dash for it to go help him out. With my assistance he gets out and join us in the roadside bunker.

    Zombies are everywhere. There is a sniping zombie in one of the windows. I take his head clean off with a SPAS 12 shotgun. He turns out to be a cyborg zombie, and the other zombies try to get him working again, but it is useless without the head. I feel proud and we all joke about it in the bunker.

    We are running out of ammo. We retreat further back into the bunker.

    There is cable car leading out the back.

    The problem with this plan of escape is that there is a massive zombie, a golem of sorts, in the yard below.

    We attempt it anyway.
    I am starting to become aware of the fact that I am dreaming.

    Our combined weight in the cart makes it skip across the surface of the snow, but we make it to the end.

    The golem turns for us. We panic and start to run. We prepare to take shots at it. It speaks.

    I call for my mates to hold fire. The golem explains that the virus just “left” him for some reason. I have a feeling that it is due to his level of intellect, but I speak to him, get a sample of his blood to see if a cure can be manufactured.

    I encounter three smokers (Big tongued mofos that pull you in with it and want to eat you) and I take them on with nothing but bare hands and sheer defiance, and I win!

    There is a montage (I swear to god (or any other non-specific deity of your choosing), there is a literal montage of us three taking out the elite crowd, while administering the cure to the lesser zombies, all perfectly narrated with a “and the future looks a little bit brighter” remark in the end)

    I am now free of the plot and can do as I choose. I jump off a building. I jump from balcony to balcony downwards. It is quite tall.

    I take off into flight. Can't quite manage it although I can keep afloat it is more of a floating sensation. I take great notice of the sea winds against my face. You gotta love being lucid!

    I keep hearing my parents (in particular my mum XD) wanting to wake me up because we have to go somewhere. I will it off and continue just flying looking at things.

    I eventually wake up. Although I am in my flat and there is no way my parents could have shouted at me.

    Note: There might have been a FA that I recollect nothing off. It seems like I had to recall the dream through a third party.

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