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    Mainly random shit

    by , 09-16-2011 at 07:24 AM (445 Views)
    16-09-11 Showdown starting in hornslet, mexican goes nuts with a gun firing small bullets though they could kill, think he misses all, I try to stop him, but he has a gun, after he is done shooting I take him to the ground and start choking him to render him unconscious, some weird car appear to pick him up think the colour shifts from dark/black to red, looks like the gorilaz in it.

    Think it has something to do with Esteban Reyes, he is cleaning out the house of people that work for him so we pay a visit. It seems like he is doing or has recently been doing the same in his mansion. There is a stand off, think I am the first to draw my weapon and command the opposing team to drop their guns, I might be in the perspective of Murphy, though I am sure I don't have breasts.

    It all goes down well and I am sat next to Esteban or some agent (as either Nancy or Murphy) asking if it has all gone to shit over a woman, think I am hinting to myself. Esteban shows up and outs the agent and himself right after (pistol in the mouth style)

    Satelite pictures of just how close southern California is to the equator. Shifts out over a rather large island, I remember thinking it was some small island connected to the states, but it can't be with the size of it.

    The POV shifts towards a giant bear that apparently swam across the world, eating large sharks as he paddled on. It looks like a druid in bear form and it sort of jumps behind the shark every time it gets attacked, although when a really big one appears it hides on a tiny islad and lures the shark to go there and then eats it.

    The sharks look weird, like their spines are protruding out from either sides of their bodies.

    In the office as an errand boy, I have a letter to deliver, it is a tax claim for the company I work for. I accidentally open it as I don't know where to deliver it. I figure out it is one of those envelopes that automatically goes the right place.

    in a meeting with the executives, afraid that they will discover it has been opened, I try and reattach the tape that would indicate this. They end up opening it themselves and I say “I will need a new envelope” “of course” they say and hand me one and tell me to use the old one to fill it out.

    I leave the building contemplating how I can start systematically blowing up banks without anyone getting hurt. I stand at a games workshop type building and wondering if I could wrap the small metal figures around some small scale fire crackers and drop them in the letter boxes where they keep the cash.

    It is early morning and all the shops are getting their wares. I keep running into coca cola affiliated delivery people and dislike them. The city looks like a mixture of Århus and Amsterdam by the water.

    I get into some small alleys and I see a well trained man buying some coke light and he intends on serving out tasters, I briefly wonder if I can have some, but then I realise it is coke and I obviously know how it tastes.

    I head for the museum and ask if it is free to get in, which it is. Inside there is an exhibition on all sorts of guns, AK47s to the left and there is a big collection of small canons in the next room I see.

    There is a woman that keeps picking up the knives from the table and touching everything as she is explaining that she used to have this and that in her childhood home. She gets warned loads by the museum's custodian, who in the end asks the child if he/she would like a liquorice from the next room to get the woman out of there.

    Being driven home after a football match by Lars R. I tell him I would like to buy him a beer when we get back as a thank you. We stop at one point and he is having trouble starting again. We have to stop for gas on the way back home, when we do so it is in a large grey building-area.

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