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    1. Lovely sexual exploits and Animal Rights Action Hero!

      by , 09-02-2010 at 08:10 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      02-09-10 I was having sex with a previous one night stand, very vivid imagery and sensation. Become lucid halfway through, by noticing some actual physical changes in my body ^^, but have no influence or dream control whatsoever. She loved it and wanted more. (Many details omitted, as I am not sure I would break any age policies or something)
      I was sitting outside on a porch of some description, a lot of my family was there. I notice a strange cocoon like figure right next to me. I study this intensely and I can't quite make out if it is a butterfly or some sort of bird egg, it is beautiful nonetheless. As I watch it, having previously helped it in some way, hatch I see a duckling come out of it. I put my hand towards it as I do not see its mother around. It walks onto my hand, I see another couple of ducklings hatch, including the mother just around a corner. I put down the duckling, but after a while a dog, named Blicher, picks it up and starts chewing it. I quickly grab its mouth and attempt to force open its jaws, but fail the first time. The second time I manage to get it to spit out the duckling, but it is all chewed up. I start beating the living crap out of the dog, wanting it to learn. Blicher learns after I have had its head close to the other birds, but then there is another dog, Zica, to deal with, together they manage to kill 3/5 ducklings before I decide to escort the remaining 2 to the water. In the pond they are joined by more birds and I put my hand out to one of them, it seems like they are growing and maturing right in front of me. It comes and start nipping at my hand, it doesn't seem like it is afraid and I become suspicious as I know I have just seen this little duckling hatch.

      I am in an old institution of some description, it is being used as a means to kill animals, and I discover this as the dream plays out. More precisely I discover it as I am petting a cat and it starts dying in my hand and I notice a strange flower collar around its neck. I know that these flowers are killing the cat and I quickly get them off, I wondered why the cat had been so cuddly, now I realise it had been dying. I become alarmed, I have to check on the other animals, we quickly discover that these collars have been in use all over the institution on all sorts of animals.

      In the mean time there is a second storyline playing out in this dream involving a fanatical preacher from Sweden who is gaining wide population support against the EU (Insu, as it was spelled in the dream, he meant EU though). Sweden had a law, a law I in the beginning knows nothing about (and for that matter I do not think that Sweden has such a law ^^) that is being forbidden by the EU, and this blonde blue eyed preacher (oh yes, he turns out to be a dick ^^) is advocating EU out of Sweden.

      The stories merge, as the preacher is leading a rebellion against the government representatives, in this case I am one of these, or maybe I am connected to a different activist organisation, not quite sure. I am heading back to the institution driving up a road by the sea. There are loads of rebels that want to keep the institution the way it is, which now both include killing animals as well as having a dungeon to have sex with 15 year old girls, whether they want to or not. Thinking that this is more of a maturity question as some 15 year old women might be ready to consent, I am horrified to learn that the preacher is advocating that the girls should have no say, “because they are not old enough to think for themselves” and just oblige in having sex with adults.
      I honestly don't know how he raised so much support for himself. Anyways enough covering my ass through moral considerations.

      I am driving up the road making sure I use the car taking out as many rebels as possible, I am disturbingly satisfied to see them leave blood on the front window. As we get to the institution the car breaks down and my cousin starts fixing it, he asks me to do it while he deals with the rebels. I yell at him “you just go back to fixing that car right now!” as I summon a rage and starts heading towards the rebels. Actually now it is morel ike a toy car than an actual car, but who is counting. Here I discover that some friends that were with us in the first parts of the dream has gone rebel now, 2 sisters and their mother. The mother is injured and the oldest sister is kicking and screaming about preserving their way of life. The little sister sneaks of while I make a futile attempt at explaining the all sorts of wrongs going on in the place. I notice the little sister is gone and I head back up towards the main doors. I manage to get to the little sister, I grab her hand and she is not scared of me, we know each other. I tell her “every time one person goes through that door, they kill a little tiger” (think I am referring to a cat here) the little girl gets scared and drops my hand. I notice the older sister pull back to her mum, I bring down the kid and I now hear the older sister telling her mum why they should stay on our side. I look her deep in the eye to see if it was my stunt at explaining it very bluntly to the young one, or a genuine understanding that has manifested this change. It is understanding and I thank her deeply almost getting tears to my eyes as I look into her eyes.
    2. Fragments, new dream sign (quit smoking)

      by , 08-30-2010 at 11:03 AM
      30-08-10 I was in a cathedral in Barcelona and I had been to see a certain section of if 3 times already, I was talking to Skouborg regarding this telling him I didn't want to accompany him as I had already been there. I had a feeling that it was more out of duty than actual desire I was there in the first place. I was trying to roll a cigarette, but the tobacco was way too wet and I had picked up an extreme amount to fit in the paper. My old Danish teacher, Kirsten was asking me why I was rolling a cigarette in front of kids. I decide to throw the tobacco away, not because of the kids but because I don't want to smoke anymore.

      Post WILD attempt. I am receiving a gift a watch, I know no who has sent it or why. It is a very expensive Sony watch, a black/grey colour. I am trying to find a web based computer game, some sort of shoot em up. Pil has shown me this game before, and although I find something close I never quite get the real Mckoy.
    3. Failed WILD to DILD - > attempts at TOTM (although August is almost gone)

      by , 08-28-2010 at 07:08 AM
      Non-Lucid Lucid

      28-08-10 I was in my grandfathers house on the floor reading. There is a girl next to me, actually my mother is also there, but she quickly leaves and I put my head in the lab of the girl and start stroking her head, at first she finds it nice, but then say I should stop it, so I do. I am trying to go to sleep. At one point I see Djana (home town friend) and her sister standing outside the door I go to let them in, oh yes that is right it is New years eve, how could I forget, Don't be lame and spend it alone like last year! I go up to see what is making that noise in the kitchen it is my mum making coffee. We gather around the table for dinner I look out and I swear that I can see some sort of weird distorted daylight, I talk about this with my uncle who tells me it must have been lights from the car, “What, that somehow generate enough energy to illuminate the planet in daylight!?”

      I am not sure if I wake up or there is just a shift in the dream..

      Next dream I am watching Yes Man (haven't seen that film so pretty sure it is nothing like it). I see Jim Carrey come strolling in an office, he is stopped by his secretary who is completely naked, hang on is she actually really naked, I look again, closer yep she is naked small perky breasts and a neatly trimmed landing strip, nice! I follow Jim as he thinks nothing of this and continues in the office. He is talking to someone, he gets interrupted by his secretary, chess! Anyways I notice that people are somewhat out of phase and only Jim can see in both phases. There is a shift he is going somewhere to do some carpentry, now as Sam from True Blood, he is in the service of some lord, who likes having well built partially naked men around, Sam runs out and I follow.

      same as before..

      I was in a train, actually more like a subway train and was very suspicious that I was dreaming. I am escaping some terrorists led by John Travolta in the setting of that recent film I saw something about train 123. After the train is split in half and an explosion is tearing through the station I wonder why the windows of the train don't get damaged. I manage to get away and go through a door that leads upwards, but still look like the door that is connecting trains. I go up jump through a couple of windows. When I find that at the top of the stairs there is a last door that leads out through another moving train I decide that is RC enough, I am defo dreaming. I run upwards through more stairs and shoot some terrorists with the AK47 that I apparently have just received. I make sure I really use my vision and touch some bags on the way up to stabilise. I quickly grow bored of playing action movie, I have stuff to do! I fly upwards through the walls, ground everything, man I am so pleased I discovered how to do this! Oh oh.. now I have to think of a scenario where I want to reappear, I am bad at this (stupid idiot, you have just made sure you can't do it >.<). I come out in pretty much HH land loads of flickering lights and fragments. but I am still in a dream, the closest I come to an actual dream scenario is some grassy land in front of Taj Mahal, that seems drawn by a school girl. Can't handle this I wake up, hang on a minute.. wake up, this doesn't feel right. There is something on my sheet which is a picture of an old school no signal screen they used to put on at night time.. lets see if we can find one.. there..
      Now in the dream there are loads of small coloured squares in the version I saw, and in fact there were loads of coloured squares all over the shop. So I quickly pay close attention and make sure I spot a red, blue and yellow. I jump out of bed, am I still dreaming? it is starting to feel very realistic! I look at my hand, oh that looks normal... wait.. is my index finger growing shorter? ARGH, that is some scary mumbo jumbo that is, stop looking at it and jump out the window, yes lets do the classic exit without breaking the glass stunt I have grown fond of. My friends are outside, quite impressed with the leaping through the window and me weakening gravity to land elegantly, what did I have to do again? BAH can't remember my personal goals, lets see if a noob like me can do a unicorn!

      Hmm the last time I was on this street some crazy things happened if I looked to the left, Left it is! Oh would you look at that there are a couple of beige (can you describe a horse as beige?) horses. Unicorn I shout in a seductive shout (a tone that sounds a bit like if you were a large cat shouting for the mouse to come out from the hole in the wall). I fly around the corner and turn right, I see a gathering of horses and a lot of shops around. Damn it I don't want to make a unicorn, would be cheesy to copy Nomad's move, at least I think it was Nomad who slapped an Ice cone on the head of the horse. Bah, get practising Vester, I turn around and see two white horses coming out of the cinema, this will have to do. Right “Unicoooooorrnn!” Nothing is happening I shout again, Out comes a White glowy horse, with a purple mane and a horn on it head, chess! Damn though, you are going to look like an idiot on dreamviews for spawning something that looks like it came out of “my little pony” don't care, lets get to ride it, the unicorn goes behind a car and comes out in human form “DAMN YOU!” “actually you are one stunning red head!” I jump on her back, pretty sure that getting a piggy back ride from a unicorn in human form won't count(haven't even read up on if this is possible in mythology surrounding unicorns), screw it maybe I can trick her. “You are very beautiful, even in your horse form!”. She seems insulted being put in the same box as a petty mortal mammal used for transportation by humans and say “stop mocking me” “Oh sorry I meant Unicorn, you are a very beautiful Unicorn” She looks at me teasingly and I wake up.

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    4. Reverse plot: attempt to pick up additional details, WILD attempt, started in non-lucid >.<

      by , 08-24-2010 at 07:41 AM
      24-08-10 Gonna start from the end, as the beginning seems very blurry, much of the dream could have transpired during my snoozes that happened over an hour. I am talking to Sam about something, the woman from before is interrupting in what might be Norwegian, I seem to understand some of it, but although it sounds strange and makes me a bit suspicions, I write it off as wishful thinking. People are exiting the bus, I am waiting behind as I need to get to the top floor to get my backpack. As we are coming to and end of the journey I continue my conversation with some of the younger guys, I explain how awesome the train policy in Germany is regarding group tickets (missed the train sign), some of the younger guys have asked Sam (a younger Sam Winchester, only in resemblance, residue) if they are really going to Amsterdam. We recently got to Holland and as this comes to my mind, I say it it sounds interesting. This conversation is happening on the top of the pier, a pier I have come to like over the past few days, there are 4 or 5 of us now present. “Sam”, his best friend the younger guys and the outsider, namely me. I am still in awe about what Sam and his friend have just done, the reason we are now sitting atop the pier, that rises very high above the surface of the water. The journey back up to the pier starts in the ocean, I wonder why Sam's friend doesn't swim as it will be quicker, but he seems to prefer walking on water. As I come to the flight of stairs I notice a lot of silver worms in the sand (Residue, you guys should have seen the size of the creatures I saw at work yesterday) I quickly head to the top and await the others. I quickly swim over to Sam's friend and tell him what they just was insane and amazing. They placed themselves in the top of a box stacked upon another, and tilted this from the top of the pier into the sea. Funny enough the boxes actually don't just fall down, but slam into the side of the pier sling shooting Sam and his friend under it, but I somehow know that this is what they intended and both come out OK. Think this is where I first saw the woman who spoke in Norwegian, short blonde girl with a slim face and very very long hair, not all smooth, which sort of goes with the crowd we are hanging out with.


      Oh and here is what I remember from my second dream ! I wake up, I know I have to go to work tomorrow and I know I am only in my first REM stage, I am really tired so I quickly find a post-it block and jog down a few bullets from my first dream, wow that was quite short but amazing. I might as well try to WILD, as I might have to leave the minute my alarm goes off, I lye down, focus on my breath with the intention of going to sleep, I use my breath checking on a lower frequency than before, as I recall how aware and awake I can become if I focus on it too much... I soon drift off and go to sleep...
    5. Fragmented at best

      by , 08-22-2010 at 12:24 PM
      22-08-10 Something about dreamers forum, Finding my dream name, telepathic communications with a new user, she asks me to put a program on my computer, this gives acess to game statistics, I thought it would avoid minimising the game if new message received, Niklas from WoW is there explaining to some wisehead that it took ages for a lot of people to find out that beer was his dreamsign and apparently mine too, although I don't recognise this to be true for me.

      22-08-10 Something about a competition in exorcism versus a loner played by Sean Penn, kept travelling all over the country. Was somehow also a competition in dreaming so went to the dude's website and gound my dreams to be waay cooler than his. All I really wanted was to be better than this guy. I had a partner, can't remember who it was exactly. I do remember at one point paying extra attention to trees, but never enough to remind myself of a reallity check. Was there something about a graveyard as well, possibly some train traveling, man a bucket load of dreamsigns.

      Dream change, it is Christmas and my entire family is together. The kids run around and look for presents on the parking lot outside the communal office and it is bright sunshine (!!!!!!!). They ask me if I brought presents this time, sort of refer to my sisters baby who at this point already is born. “I don't do presents, you all know this!” They then question both my cousins on my mothers side and for some reason especially Heidi is speechless and looks to me for support, I don't quite understand what it is she wants me to do, until she says “Dennis tell them!” They keep looking at her with question marks in her eyes. I say something like “Oh for crying out loud just give them a couple of years of it, they will get used to it”. The entire family starts laughing as we walk into the communal office.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. A night at Merlot's

      by , 08-21-2010 at 10:01 AM
      non-dream non-lucid

      21-08-10 I was in Merlot's (yes the bar from true blood, ) with my friend, colleague and soon to be neighbour (first time I dreamt of him, couldn't do anything about that ). He was getting a lot of attention from all attractive women in the bar (I hate him!!!) except one, a red haired girl that seemed to go blonde over the course of the dream. She on the other hand kept smiling at me and I smiled back, but didn't do anything else. She told Daniel she had to go back to Max, her presumed boyfriend. At one point I get a message from an unknown number and I know it is her, it is an animated film about a small blue man that lives in the wall like a mouse. The text after the film says “This is Max ”.

      After almost being sucked into another dream about a small dog that lives in the same wall as Max, I get called back to the first by a scene where someone is stealing the tip money (very similar to the last episode I watched). Two friends of mine (random DCs) and I run through town to find Claire (An English friend of mine) and it is quite obvious that she has taken the money. We run through the city which has a cross between Barcelona and Copenhagen feel to it. We find Claire at a café with a stack of money on the table and a couple of notes she has quickly dropped in a half full pint. I pick up the notes and put them in the stack. One DC want to take some of the money and claims it to be finders keepers, another want to set up a recurrent business. I tell them it is all going back and the DC with the business plans asks me “Who put you in charge of our ethical considerations?” “I did!” I reply and start heading back to the bar.

      When we get back Claire is at the bar serving a pint, she seems anxious and I know this is because of our return. Sam gets up and I give him the money. He calls me and another DC into his office, and this DC transforms into the aforementioned woman. We have a bit of a mouthing and the woman is acting like bitch. To wipe her smile of her face I go to slap her, although I have no intentions of carrying through Sam grabs my hand behind my head. “I had no intentions of doing it you know?” He explains how she has been through a lot with his brother and how she has now had to move out, so even if I had slapped her it wouldn't have been the worst that could happen to her (!?!?!?).

      The woman starts to make serious moves on Sam and he can't resist it. I close my eyes as I don't want to see. Devious tramp I think to myself, before my idea about her turns into “Succubus!”. I keep standing there as they are blocking the entire office until the woman makes small room and says “scoot”. I grab the door and the wall and swing my lower body over Sam's legs in order to get out. The last thing I say is “Oh btw, she stays!”. “Who her?” Sam replies “Claire, you idiot!!” I reply, “She stays or I go” (somehow I now have a working affiliation with Merlot's). I feel like Claire deserves a second chance. I go out of the office and over to the bar and over to Claire. She is blushing as I approach and I can feel how uncomfortable she is becoming, I kiss her on the cheek grab my dream journal and start walking towards an empty part of the bar. Claire calls “thanks” in a questioning tone of voice and as I can hear she doesn't want to let it go right away, I turn around and send her a smile. She smiles back and resume her work.

      As I am walking towards that empty place in the bar to write my dream journal, a woman calls me and smiles at me. She is quite large and she tells me she wouldn't mind kisses either. I send her a smile and carry on with my route. I wake up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Mickey Mouse - Cake version, Childhood Friends in Limo's and Ravens on waterslides

      by , 08-16-2010 at 02:55 PM


      1: My friend Kaiser has an opinion about the most effective way to get water out of a bottle that keeps collapsing in on itself (in reality this should empty the bottle very quickly, but it didn't) and he suggests using a straw to get more air in.

      Shift to a scene of Mickey Mouse and Goofy in an industrial kitchen. They are walking merrily around until they find Peg Leg Pete under the table and become scared. It seems like Pete is scared too. Mickey and Goofy run off and hide. Goofy in a cupboard under the kitchen table and Mickey behind a Cleaver. They both become completely square and flat, which results in them rolling themselves in some dough to become cakes. Later the phone rings and it is the chef who is supposed to participate in a contest on baking cakes, but since he has been unable to practice he asks Mickey and Goofy to do it for him. They accept (somehow being back to their 3D selves). I wake up ready for my failed WILD attempt.

      Post WILD attempt.

      2: I was being escorted by an old friend from kinder garden Simon Olrik, he was driving around in a limo. We were driving through town and there were many speed bumps, somehow I was meant to be delivered to the government or some secret organisation. I decided to steal the limo and drive towards my family's home in Hornslet. The getaway was a bumpy ride in more ways than one, the people on the street kept, unintentionally, putting obstacles on the speed bumps. This included shopping cards, cardboard boxes and other things. I knew the people would get out of the way so I just ran the limo into all of these obstacles, although sometimes it got pretty rough I never hit people. I drove home and a lot of towels were placed in the bathroom as if they had just been washed. The sink was filled with soapy water, but I emptied this in order to get to brush my teeth. Saying that to begin with I just opened the water and kept filling the sink more. But I realised I was using my old toothbrush and the new one was lying right beside it, so it was when I switched the toothbrush I decided to pull the plug. I noticed my movement wasn't as fluid as normal, and I should probably kill myself for not checking further on my hand seeing as it was well within my visual field. I went outside and my parents were talking to my neighbour about young couples, they were also talking about an old flame of mine I dated for about 3 months, mentioning that she was still single. The topic of conversation was if they believed in change in people and if people could find back together. I ignored this conversation and remembered Simon I had left in town, so I went to pick him up. I somewhat apologised for stealing the limo although I didn't really feel guilty, he was, you know, trying to hand me over. He didn't hold a grudge, but asked me how I had driven the limo since the front was dented and fragile now. For this I refused to apologise. I recall no more

      3: I was in a strange building comprised of many levels, with water slides connecting the various floors. I was being dressed up as a clown to pretend to be a mascot for a motor cross race or similar. The building was both placed within the track but also in a forest. The area where the motor sports would take place was called Road Tracks + and I started to recognise this building as I continuously ventured to the top of it from the inside using the water slides (I was walking up the slides, not sliding up). In order to get into the building I had to climb some dirt hill under a roof coming out of the dirt hill and I got to recognise this path up. The reason I was being dressed up as a mascot was so we could get another mascot on the track to infiltrate the people running the show. This was achieved by letting the original mascot enter the tracks, then being run over by a donkey card and holding on to the card from underneath which would then allow me to take his spot.

      At one point I was at the top of the building with the water slides and the final slide led out over the edge of the building. I walked down there and checked out the fall which was a long one, but I somehow knew I could slow my fall so it wouldn't hurt. I did this and the second time I tried it I had called some people that were part of our secret operation to prove it. This time I decided to take the water slide and to my amazement a raven was doing this water slide for fun. I looked at it and it at me and I knew that if only I just took the water slide it wouldn't fly away because it could see that we were just sharing the fun. So going down the water slide seeing the ledge, I started panicking because I had had the idea that it would be possible to make the jump without slowing the fall. However I was too afraid of this so I grabbed the rails next to the water slide to prepare myself to slow the fall. And I landed safe.

      There is a shift in the dream and although I am still in an outfit, it is more shamanistic and I am suppose to summon good morale and spirit for a pretend war coming up. So I walk in the field and wake up the men. Some are old friends of mine from earlier states in life it is sunny and the people are lying around on the grass, in trucks or tents, very varied sleeping arrangements. I pretend to do a rain dance and I hear someone saying “who is doing a rain dance? I don't wanna stand next to him” The people catch on to the jolly show I am putting on and a good atmosphere arise.

      Fragment: I am talking with Lindsey (friend from my time in England) regarding my knowledge on plant life and we walk next to a stream as I identify plants that are edible. She seems more pre-occupied with the pretty plants though.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Bikes, Starcraft and generally not important

      by , 08-15-2010 at 07:52 AM
      15-08-10 1: Very fragmented. I was riding a bike through Hornslet (the town in which I was raised). I am having a conversation with my mum and wonder if she thinks the petrol station will be completely removed, underground tanks and all. I keep riding my bike and at a point, right next to the old Music café, I ride extremely close to my grandfather on my father's side. I ride so close that I end up on a trailer made of egg container cardboard. He tells me with disappointment in his voice that I shouldn't drive as reckless as I am.

      2: An old friend of mine (Asbjørn) was at my house playing Starcraft 2 on my old computer and me on my own. We are very close to starting the next semester (now we don't even study together so I probably should have noticed this). We somehow non-verbally agree that we shouldn't take the semester too seriously and focus on playing Starcraft instead. We decided to try and link up the computers, but have trouble finding a network cable long enough. This we eventually sort out by moving the router with a longer power cord instead. There is a shift in the dream and I am now on a bike and I am thinking about actually applying myself for next semester. I notice a trailer parked in the middle of the road and I wonder when a car will find it a nuisance. A car drive up from behind, but makes a turn before the trailer becomes an issue and I notice how the garage opens up with a guy behind a bar. I keep biking and speak to a friend's mother about how difficult it is to bike when you have just returned from summer holidays.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Tedious work experiences AND a brown haired Lady Gaga at a scouts camp!!

      by , 08-13-2010 at 12:18 PM
      Side Notes

      13-08-10 Fragmented stuff only from this night. In one dream I was back at that dreadful marketing job, trying my best to spend as little time on the phones as possible. I was doing the best in terms of time spent on the phones per lead, but I was just not happy. Mark was leading the team and he was shredding people's performance, he acted like a dick. Although right after the shouting he invited the entire team for coffee on him, I sort of missed out on this as I had to explain a couple of things to some clients who loved my little acting. An old school friend of mine (who never worked with me when I lived in England) was stood over the setting really wanting me to explain the quality assurance procedure. After this I walked out into the streets realising that I knew not what coffee shop to go to, it wasn't the usual shop and none of them looked as they used to (I remember feeling a bit suspicious about this, but I managed to find my friends soon after realising this).

      Well after this hell hole, dreaming got a whole lot more interesting..

      I was in some weird house after a party and my family was hungover. My sister requested that I joined her for some Crosby (it wasn't actually that particular show, but this is what she said) Now thinking I am in for a world of hurt she flicks on the telly and they explain their intentions of not only showing the next 6 episodes, but also how they will integrate Lady Gaga's new album into these. Just great, 3 hours of agonizing family entertainment spiced with ear sundering attempts at music are my thoughts at this point. However I quickly realize that the episodes will be centred around a boy-scouts-meet-girl-scouts-camp, which indeed sounds horrible, until I realise that the only rules in the camp are: boys must wear moose hats (lol) and the girls (lead by a brown haired, short Lady Gaga, yummy!!) must wear transparent bikinis and make themselves 'available'. For a short while I shift and I am actually in the camp exploring it myself, which is thoroughly enjoyable, until I shift back. At this point Drew (a good friend of mine who worked in the marketing company mentioned in the previous dream) is also lying watching. We talk about a test I still have to do that he, completed some time back by reading six pages (!?!?). Anyway, dirty as I feel, I decide that I would rather watch this show alone, so I come up with food as a distraction, I go to the fridge and see that there are some sausages and tomatoes which I decide to cook. I ask my sister how many she wants (Neither her nor me question my intentions of eating hot dogs at this point, which is odd considering the fact I am a vegetarian) anyhow she wants six. I go back to the kitchen and realise I am a vegetarian and decided to just go for the tomatoes. I wake up.

      On side notes I attempted to WILD last night, and reached a state where the hallucinations were many, but kept getting distracted by some sort of bug (I checked it, and it was actually in the room). I couldn't seem to get past the hallucination point, but I did feel my body slap into a completely relaxed state. At certain points my body would shake violently, but pleasantly (something I have experienced while stoned AND (not simultaneously as I never practice meditation techniques under influence of any kind) when having practised quigong) I can stop these shakes with conscious efforts, but I tend to take an observing role and just let it roll over me. However I had had no sleep prior to these WILD attempts which could explain why I was unsuccessful (I am an utter noob at this though, so this is just way of getting across that I have read the WILD tutorials ^^).

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. 2 dreams, one lucid

      by , 08-12-2010 at 04:17 PM
      Okies so,

      This is the first entry for me here so be gentle, should probably work on shorting down the descriptions a bit, but as I am only getting back into dreamworks (clever ey!) I find it helpful to increase the level of detail I notice, I might start shorting down the forum posts and keep the detailed descriptions to a private journal.


      12-08-10 Attained lucidity after waking from a dream within a dream. In the first dream I was hearing routine scraping sounds from my living room and I feared these a bit. In fact i feared them so much that I would not go to the kitchen in order to get some water or milk (I knew I had no milk). I decided instead to go to the toilet which was a hotel style toilet (even though it was right next to my room and I have no such toilet I didn't spot the hint) I was sitting in this toilet looking at the details noticing the increased space, but also that there was a sign right next to the toilet that explained what it was in different languages. I returned to my bed and noticed that my duvet was a bit too small that I could somewhat not fit under it and hide from the ghosts of my flat. At this point I woke up (within the dream) and the scraping sound was now louder from the room next door, but this time it was accompanied with a whisper clear in my head and I looked around and saw a transparent face. Now I suspected I was dreaming so got up, confronted the ghost and told him ”you are a spirit, I am dreaming” he tried to talk me out of it, but I tested my thesis by trying to fly, successfully. I landed snapped my fingers and said ”I am dreaming” I awaited a bit to see if the excitement would wake me up, but this waiting a bit seemed to stabilise the dream. I made the face my spirit friend and told him to come along for the ride, saying ”you are created by me”. I went to the corridor of my flat and tried to fly straight through the door, but everything became black as I tried to do so and after another unsuccessful attempt I decided to try the window instead. Here at first I banged my entire body against the glass (without it breaking) and I took a step back, focused and flew straight through the glass without breaking it. My spirit friend was at this point a bit behind me, but since he wouldn't keep up (or I couldn't be bothered keeping creating him) I flew high and low and saw some people on a spot of grass, and landed in front of them. I told them I was dreaming and that they were projected by me and that we should relish the chance to have a party. The scraping sounds had now turned into a full on funky house background theme song that stayed till the end of the dream. I flew down towards the university and a mass of people where gathering, again I told them they were just in my head and they accepted this and things turned riot like, in a good way. A car with some people in it and an angry driver Jacob Kliver, an old football coach of mine approached. He looked angrily at the people in front of him so I flew straight towards the car (to give him the surprise of his life ^^) put my feet first and kicked the window (without breaking it. The car emptied and I picked it up, to the amusement of the crew around me and tried to throw it in a top floor window, I couldn't quite get it to fit although I tried 3 times, but they seemed happy enough that I could throw a car around. However determined to prove that I could achieve some proper stuff I summoned a leather/metal sofa (now getting reminded that telekinesis was also within the realms of reality) picked it up with my mind and planted it halfway through the top window of the building across the road. I flew onwards and decided that I wanted some sexual/romantic action too and wanted to kiss the first girl that turned up, which happened to be a delicate good looking friend of mine reminding me of Sarah. I kissed her, but it was just too wet and I had some fun explaining to the girl that it was probably because I was kissing myself and in an attempt to stick my own tongue down my throat I was drooling all over the place. So I wiped my mouth and flew on without much happening till I got to a night club where I saw Sarah and a guy that had been on a street earlier. The funky house music was now coming from the speakers of the club and we decided to hang out a while. The guy I decided was a pain in the ass and I wanted to erase him, which I couldn't. I had a conversation with the guy about it saying it was funny that I couldn't because in reality he was a projection of my mind (not sure he thought it was funny) they left, after I insisted on getting his name, which he had to tell me twice (Jay 100) and I went to the window and decided to do a full on telekinetic exit I shattered the glass outwards with my mind (explosion style!!) jumped from the window in a huge arc and landed on a radiator on the outside of an adjacent building, to great amusement of some random people passing by (yes it seemed perfectly logical that a radiator would be placed on the outside of a building, at least at the time!). I decided to practice a few dancing moves, but at this point I had some trouble breathing. I took some time to focus and regain my breath, which I did (although I have no idea as to how, when I woke up later I was face down in my pillow). I danced a bit and did some heavenly parcour (spelling?) until I had some trouble breathing again. At this point I became scared thinking I might not wake up even if I was dying because my conscience was not with my body. I demanded to wake up without success, until I decided to close my eyes and focus on my breath (I have only recently tried WILD techniques, unsuccessfully, but apparently they are great for stopping a no longer wanted dream too =P) and woke up, drawing a deep, DEEP breath (after having pulled my face out the pillow).

      Notes: This is the second time the presence of a ghost gives me the hint of the fact I am dreaming. This was in fact a wake back to bed attempt as I had been sleeping most of the day after not having slept much yesterday and getting called to work this morning by my dad.

      Regarding the content of my dream, the meanings can be interpreted in a standard Freudian manner about desires, fears etc.

      Also at some point there were some old school knee pad protectors (brown and fluffy) and I somehow knew I would need them, although they don't figure in the later stages of the dream(s). However I am not sure what dream they figure in.

      12-08-10 Fragmented series of dreams. I was somewhere with some friends of mine Kaiser was there. As the end of the trip approached he told me he was looking forward to going to a long planned event with me that I had totally forgotten. Even as he reminded me of the contents of this event I had no recollection of what happened and how I got involved. He later tried to sway me me by having Dukakis on a call and a friend of Duki's asked what and what was happening to me, I believe the place I was supposed to go was Bulgaria. Later on I even took out my calendar flipped through the filled out pages (I should kill myself for not realising this was a dream here, as I oppose diaries and calendars with a passion) and did indeed find the date in mention with a note called “focus fuck” referring to my intentions of participating in this event. I still couldn't remember a damn thing, and although now I was actually getting convinced I had agreed to it, I was sure I hadn't agreed to anything that took place foreignly. When I in the end refused to go, Kaiser was severely disappointed, in fact he was in tears and this touched me. We departed at the train station, actually a hell of a lot of train travelling took place, and I ended up in bulgaria although Kaiser and Duki were not part of this segment of the dream. I met a girl, not a very attractive girl (in fact with a female mustache) but I felt connected to her and I liked her in a non-sexual fashion. We were not able to communicate a lot and therefore we decided to attend a language school together and at this language school the teacher asked who was serious and actually intended on learning something rather than being there to get credits for something. Both her and I decided that we were going to learn the common means of communication. However this never occurred as a demonic (seemed goblin like) police officer turned up in a car outside. He shot the girl in the throat, a fatal wound, and I never managed to catch up with him. I returned to the home of the girl and decided to remain a little longer in the company of her brother. Her brother introduced me to an older brother of his, who had experience and an underground network of people, in fighting supernatural beings. One of these ended up being a warewolf, also a police officer and I was riding a bike with this older brother who told me the gun I had was loaded with silver bullets. I shot this man who was chasing us from the back of the bike, I hit him in the shoulder, but because of the silver bullets this was enough to kill him. As he was dying I noticed that he started to shift (he grew a mean ass set of teeth!) and I also noticed that from the bullet wound a silver coating appeared engulfing the man's shoulder starting from deep within his veins. We returned to the house of the siblings and we went to a field to play some football the two brothers and I (after having ventured on yet another train travel). I somehow had a ticket that would allow me free roaming transport on any train, after having checked this with a controller. In the end I departed and explained to the younger brother of the girl that despite the tragic circumstances I was glad to have gotten to know him better and had a good time. I woke up.

      Notes: This is not the first time I have experienced (and missed) trains as a clear dream sign.
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