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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Tucker the Cat speaks

      by , 11-02-2012 at 03:46 PM
      Bailey the dog got loose and sprinted down the street and into some old lady's house. i ran in her house and began to apolagize rapidly. The old lady's dog was really cute and acted with bailey nicely so i felt a lil bad taking her out. When i got to the porch the old lady's dog was there but i couldn't find bailey. i look on the stoop and theres my big old tabby tucker sitting there staring at the dog. "I love you baby, you will always be mine" tucker says in a low deep voice.

      the dog only responded to tucker by kissing his lil mouth wit her nose. Tucker rubbed his furry lil head on the cheeks of the dog. Than the old lady came out and kicked us all off the porch.

      My family and i were so amazed by what happened we decided we would just follow bailey from now on. the next place bailey took us was down the street to a house where a man had been murdered. the wife was there and we tried to console her but she was a mess. we were a lil freaked out and had bailey take us to the next spot.

      she led us into a hugeeeeeeee house this time and we were nervous cuase it was so big. we ran around the large empty house and no one was there. we wandered a little longer and after a while we didnt even know how to get out of the house. eventually we found the backyard and there was a party goin on. we pretended like we had been there the whole time and soon we were all like family. i sat at the table and was fed delicious food. i even ate a hot brownie fudge sundae which is unlike me.

      jim rushed me to get into the pool so we could play water basketball. the pool was huge and had to baskets on each end. it was probably the size of a basketball course. when the game started, the court tripled in size and became more of a lake than a basketaball court. andy richards was in the water as well, and a bunch of water polo players who i batteled. it became more of a blood bath rather than a game. i never got out of the pool cause it subtley transformed into a field where i was playing soccer

      some outlaw kid was trying to build like a generator out of stolen parts from the announcer table. i envisioned this part of the dream narrataed.


      before any of this happened i was driving home on the freeway and pulled over to try this guys dips. he had many different kinds and i wanted to buy some of the dips even though they had meet in them, to take home. luckily the guy brought me vegetarian options which were reallly good. i knew both men were kinda shady but didnt care cuz i like their products. the police showed up and tried to arrest me for having an ounce of weed on me. i told me they were crazy and that it was armandos fault. he apparently was a natorious man i got arrested.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    2. NO Coco puffs

      by , 09-09-2010 at 03:38 PM
      i dont remember a thing about my dream last night acpet that my dad told me not to eat coco puffs cause there un healthy