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    1. Giving birth and other dream fragments

      by , 12-23-2019 at 08:40 PM
      As a man this was a particularly strange dream. I first remember being at the hospital and going into labor. When I looked in the mirror however I looked really skinny and didn't feel pregnant at all.

      Nevertheless, I was rushed into an operating room. I wondered how I would give a birth without a vagina. I think I actually grew a vagina at this point and my stomache had a weird feeling in it. Then I felt like I was going to have an extreme bowl movement.
      A huge push and release and then out came the baby with all sorts of disguisting vile and feces. Additionally, there was this huge alien rock looking thing that came out as well. The doctors immediately took that away and gave me the baby.

      Then dream skips a bit and I am at a department store lying on the ground wondering where my baby is. I face timed some strangers and they put my baby on there. They were taking care of my baby. I felt angry about this but too scared to ask for my baby back. I lied on the floor of the department store sobbing and weeping hoping someone would help me get the baby.

      In the next part of the dream my sister and I were going to a music festival. There was some guy in our house who seemed to be using us just to get a ride their and back. I told him he could find his own way home.

      Later I was watching a spy movie and got absorbed in it. There was a scene involving an office with a bunch of spies sitting around. An authority figure said he had a new top secret mission but would only accept the best of the best. All the spies started going around the room referring to themselves as "The gardener" and then a number (indicating rank) and bragging about their achievements.

      It turned out this secret mission was a trap to lure all the office spies into a torture chamber. The authority figure apparently that they were double agents from russia.

      There was an establishing shot of torture devices on the wall such as water picks, drills and so on. Gyms often have metal bar contraptions with ropes attached to them that people used to do rope and body weight resistance exercises. This is what the victims were attached to. Every victim was wearing what looked like extremly tight green
      latex type material, but the front of their head looked like a tight version of a mask that a fencer might wear. The torture master poured water onto the mask of one of the victims who started struggling. There were many spies just hanging their life less on the bars. A new victim was brought in begging to be let go and even offering to give information. He was forced up a latter and into a coffin like device but in the shape
      of a human body with a little face portion for his head. The head portioin was covered with small nails and two large nails for where is eyes would be. He begged not to go in but the closed the coffin on him and he screamed "my eyes my eyes".

      I then remember him being removed and stuffed into one of those green latex suits left hanging their to be tortured further.
    2. Killing aggressive lesbians and being chased by bugs

      by , 12-14-2019 at 05:53 PM
      Yu came out into the hallway of a hotel outside our room naked. I was standing with these other girls Michelle and Tall Girl Sasha. Michelle and Tall Girl started groping her and making sexually aggressive comments about her body. Yu was really upset, crying and yelling stop. When she managed to get away, she started yelling at me thinking I was trying to setup a lesbian 4 way so she ran inside.

      I think I punched Michelle and Sasha at this point and went inside my room.
      Yu and I layed and talked for a while and I tried to comfort her.

      Suddenly the door swung open and Michele and Tall Girl were back for revenge. They started punching me and we brawled until we were back outside of the door of the hotel room. We were many floors above the ground and I managed to throw both of them over the side railing to their deaths.

      Then the dream took a really weird turn. I was in a college like environment and some guy was explaining the code for a game he wrote. But then a terrifying bug (literally a giant insect) emerged and started chasing me down. This was by far the most terrifying part of the dream. The bug was not only scary looking but it spoke directly into my head in a deep devil like voice.

      The day before that I dreamed that I was having a really heart felt conversation with Lady Gaga. I felt a strong love for her (in a family sort of way) and blurted out "I love you to her". I realized then it is unlikely I would be conffessing my love to Lady Gaga and woke up. But, it was a false awakening and now I was departing off of a plane.

      In the terminal, I stopped for a coffee. At the caffe, the cash register was on the second floor and I orded my drink their. I then went down an esculator to the first floor to pick up my drink
      nightmare , dream fragment
    3. an encounter

      by , 09-12-2014 at 04:59 PM
      i drempt i was at some fair and i bought 4 acid tabs again. also my dad offered to smoke a joint with me but idk what happened to that plan cause i dont think it happened. in the dream i was having a gay encounter with colin. his dick was like the same as mine. later in the dream we were at a fire drill. at the fire drill we had to avacuate the fire drill itself. at that point i left wit hsome chick cause we were trying to win a contest.r
    4. an encounter

      by , 09-12-2014 at 04:59 PM
      i drempt i was at some fair and i bought 4 acid tabs again. also my dad offered to smoke a joint with me but idk what happened to that plan cause i dont think it happened. in the dream i was having a gay encounter with colin. his dick was like the same as mine. later in the dream we were at a fire drill. at the fire drill we had to avacuate the fire drill itself. at that point i left wit hsome chick cause we were trying to win a contest.r
    5. night mare lady

      by , 10-23-2013 at 02:18 PM
      i was at some party and i guess you could say i was some bored. i walked up stairs to this creepy old room and started wondering about self defense and if i could protect my self if iwas in a mental hospital. i saw a vaccume in the room and thought it might relaly scare someone who walked up there. i brought it with me up more stairs till i made my way into an old school living room. but this was like a living room hel. this ladys head who must have been some mom that went mad was infront of the fire place and was like all screaming. there was like a weeird view of the mountains where the party was but you couldnt see the party.

      i got scared went back down stairs and started running. i opened a door and in my head there was a voice saying "they can;'t see what you see"

      and right as i arrived back in the party the mom from upstairs was on top of the birthday girl like mauling her body! trying to save her i through water on them both. but it turns out the birthday girl wasnt really being attacked and i had only imaaginedd the monster so she was kinda like "wtf whyd you throw water on me"
    6. Prom Night Terror

      by , 08-08-2013 at 03:18 PM
      I was at a party with a ton of people and everything was kinda fuzzy/grainey. A tall thing white lady dressed nicely walks by me dragging someting behind in one hand. I realize she is dragging a body. I look down to see a young helpless looking teen saying "prom was fun this year"

      I don't pay much notice other than "must be a drunk girl" Later in the dream however im at a large convention full of thousands. i go outside to get some air and again i see the same woman dragging the girl by the hand on top of the concrete. the two dissapear into an elevator. this time i raise an eye brow.

      then one of those weird dream moments when everything makes sense began to unfold. At the convention, apparently cold play was there because i began mouthing the lyrics to "viva la viva" i think it was dream lyrics and i was singng either a completly different song or was just making shit up, but everything in the song went something to the effect of "i took you by the hand and drug you through" By the end i realized how fucked up what the ladie had down to that girl was and i began freaking the fuck out.

      suddenly i was at home in my living room with my dad and carlo. we were watching some TV and i tried to explain to them that i had the craziest dream. Unfortunatley they were to busy with the tv. So i went to the phone and tried to call my grandma. The phone wouldnt dial. Or perhaps, i couldnt dial cuz i began to panic and kept pushing the wrongnumbers..

      then i hear a taping up my porch steps and become anxious until i see my grandma come through the sliding door. She is then followed by my mom, and 3 other of my mom's friends. They sit down and i say "thank god you guys are hear, i just had like the craziest dream/life realization"

      roxy interupts me "ok but can this be like a 30 second story"

      dishearteaned i respond "gime at least 4 minutes you guys have to hear this"

      None of the women respond. I start explaining "so you know those nightmares where you don't realize until the end how fucked up everything is...well this is kinda"

      As i kept explaining all the woman bgan to dissientegrate into these little black grainey dots. I fell back and screamed "mom!! mom where are you"

      I felt my hand tugged a stumbled onto the floor. the entire room became like a fun house with the walls squishing then squashing, and the sound distorted and choppey, like a deep voice police phone behind rewound and sped up.

      I keep screaming "Mom Mom!! please... anyone!!"

      I get to a pount where i cant scream any longer and am pushed onto my couch. the dream starts to fade as i see the white face of the lady flash before my eyes and hear a menacing laugh. I spring out of bed and freak out becasue im lying exactly where the dream ended....on my backroom couch alone in the dark
      Tags: scary woman
    7. I wanna go home

      by , 04-10-2013 at 02:02 PM
      night mareish dream i was stuck in some farm country and wasnt sure if it was movie or not but i somehow knew i had already lived it once. I was stranded in a house and dad had been chased there by some nasty ghosts or fucking lil murder guy and at night he came out and finally i jus was like im out. It was living in the house knowing there were killers in the forest. it was the strangest experience.

      anyway later i was in like a lockdown facility and there were monsters everywhere and particuallry there were ladys alls dressed not dressed actualy made out of towels trying to scare people walking around it was so strange. Towel girls neon colors making weird movment through the town

      it was strange then i cleaned up and had to help ghosts, I was in like a factory kinda seting ware house prolly better describes it, then somehow i was back in my room and my dad woke me up in the middle of the night and yelled "ONE" loudly like he was about to be killed

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    8. oh no

      by , 10-08-2012 at 01:30 PM
      first half of the dream was pretty cool. i was with damien looiking for a slice of pizza around treasure island and we ended up at a rugby game. i kind ajust msingled my way into it and then struck up a convo with some of the players after. a very nice boy similar to ryan uleg talked with me and said rugby season for golden gate was already in motion.

      Later in the dream there was some crazy bitch who was outa control and the solutino for her was to take a bunch of pills and then she llitterally went down a drain and ddiedd, but then somehow ended up reaparing alive but with repulsive injuries like the girl from mean girls.

      then i was in a room that held lots of poeple but everyone was trying to get the lighting right cause we thought it was the end f=of the world, even though me and susie new it wasnt. we meditated on purple chakra. the people began joining. we ended up or i did at leas was in a bed full of people and some naked indian girl laid on top of so after i laid on her and almost licked and fucked her but apparently she was new to the program and needed to take the pill that made the red girl really small.

      last part of the dream was freaky and i was in like a bar talking with people and cud seee ronal mcdonald across the rooom. there was girl who kept playing a machine as well. mcdonald comes over and shakes my hand very nice guy. he expresses fears bout girl who keeps playing gthe same machine. damien thinkgs shes on to many vikadens. she gets really angry, that the machine breaks, and then somehow startes hanging out with us. she is constantly scratching or talking to people that arnt there. she ends up sitting next to me and trying to scratch me. she thinks the skittles i have are the rainbow and eventuallyl starts chasing mel i have to have ronald mcdonald and my friends restrain her. later ronal mcdonald tries to run from her but she catches up i woke up really scared
    9. scary hell dream

      by , 03-21-2011 at 09:14 AM
      nother weird dream i had

      Entrance to a new world

      The sound of death. Your insides clench as your lungs try and produce and last breath of air left in them. You are almost litterally frozen to a point where you canít feel the coldness anymore. Unfortunatley you never reach this point. Your cold dark, and most of all alone. Nothing from your old world mattters any more. Who you were their has no meaning to who you are now. Your alone You become engulfed in a sea of darkness as you feel your bones shake and your eyes widen. The feeling of millions of tiny needles poking your skin trying to tatoo you. You are unsure if you even have a body anymore, you are left alone with your thoughts. As you sink deeper and deeper into pitch black darkness, you begin gasping for air. Your eyeballs feel as if their ready to pop out, your spirit, aganoy tatooed all over it. You are sure your dead now, sure u have drowned because you feel a warmth. I feeling of hope. As this warm feeling grows onto you, you donít carre that your still in pitch black darkness and alone, you focus on th warmth. Then you notice a change, you now feel slightley warmer. Minutes go by, and now you are breaking a sweat. Your heart begins to race, that feeling of warmth has now turned into a feeling of anxietey and panick. As you sweat more and more you begin to feel hotter and hotter. You sink deeper and grow hotter and hotter, until swear is pouring out of your spirit. You begin to gasp for air as you stare into the red and yellow glow of the fire, and breathe in the repulsive smell of burning flesh. Your skin feels as if it is being ripped off of you by hooks. Your eyeballs have never been so dry in their life as you burn, slowley, falling, driifting, Deeper, dirtier, into, a dark, dark, solitary, pit. The last thought that goes through your head is, ďI am Dead,Ē
      non-lucid , nightmare
    10. Dirty cop

      by , 07-30-2010 at 08:50 PM
      The first part of my dream was me getting a phone call from my friend telling me she had the house to her self nd i should bring some weed and com over. I said okay and left my house to go meet my dealer. I brought a book with me called the fourth kind, real book, and told my mom i had to take this overdue book back. When i left the house it immediatley started to rain, so i took of my shirt so i could shelter the book from getting wet. as i kept walking towards down my rainy street, i reached the series of apartment where my dealer hangs by, i waited around untill they finally came out and brought me my weed. They didnt ask why i had no shirt. after i got what i needed i decided the library wasnt to far so i would walk there to. In the dream i thought it was about 8 o clock, i did not expect lots of people to be there. As i saw the library in the distance, i noticed i no longer was wearing anything except for a back pack. I asked my self wat has happend to al my clothes. I was nearing the library and noticed there was a shit load of cops there along with many other people, one of the liibrarians must have snapped or somthing. when i got on the premicise of the library a lady cop ran towards me and said freeze, she frisked me even though i wasnt wearing clothes which was teh least bit akward, and then removed my back pack. She rummuged through throwing my book in the gutter, upon where i said "youl have to pay for that book" and then pulled out my pipe and the weed i just purchased. She said aha, go home kid this is all mine now. I went home but naked wondering wat my neighbors would think. (i wake up mad my pipes gone )