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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Inside the mouth of two vampires

      by , 08-14-2015 at 03:11 PM
      This dream was nightmarish. First i was at a water park that required you to exercise while in line. some kids from high school were with me, i think joey rigger and his cousin or something. one line we ran in place. then we saw that the gruzzly didn't have a line so we stopped running in pace and went over there. i held the rope door open for a girl passing by. we got to the grizzly and could stand right infant of where the carts passed by. we saw a friend in a single car on the ride.

      later we were at a caffe that happened to be in line of the roller coaster. i had an espresso with coffee and the server told me i was a child guy.

      i eneded up being roomates with dalia and a bunch of other actor kids and i acted quite and reserved.

      before all of this happened i was on a stage in a secret compartment, drew showed me that if you go under the stage there is turn table that rotates in a circle and can take you to the back of the stage. it was really fun. i said i wanted one in my room. i also told drew i couldn't be a plumber like my dad.

      finally the scary part of my dream was that one of my friends was a zombie and kept trying to eat everone. he ate a couple of my friends and i drove off in a hurry. he tried to eat me on the 3rd floor of a parking lot and i screamed for help and slammed his head against a wall. i was able to throw him off the building but the ledge had a grassy hill instead of a 3 story drop and i think he would have been okay. i woke up anyway.

      the other part of the dream was i imagined dracula had bit some girl and they were both flying around getting people. i was inside both of their mouths at the same time and could see their snake ilike fangs growing and hissing. It was like being in a snakes mouth. The room was gummy soft pink color. i could also see there eyeballs from the inside of their head. by the looks of her eye balls i determined, she was dead. Dracula, however, was in some other state.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. earthquake

      by , 08-25-2014 at 05:13 AM
      this wasn't an actual dream but ltterally there was a 6.0 earthquake that woke me up. the fan was shaking i was quite startled. i texted natalie after cause i had to tell someone about the earth quake. she already knew cause she felt it to.
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. my kinky debut

      by , 02-24-2014 at 05:24 PM
      drempt that i was the star of a play on stage infront of some random audience and was in a scene where this girl was playing me in a mini game of soccer. she was a witch and it wasnt a typical game of soccer. any thing she called out i had to do. like she said grab your balls and if i didnt she would try adn rip em off. so id listen until finally i scored and she starrted to melt and i cupped my hand over her mouth as she bit into my theme so hard and it hurt!! it started bleeding and icouldnt take it so with my other hand i wripped of her pants and started fingering her really agggresively and she moaned and scremeaded till the curtain came down. then we just stopped acting and wen back to being normal people and were like "good job out there"

      then i had 30 minutes to learn the rest of the lines of my play but i got lossed and couldnt find the stage again, i could hear it but never found it and it made me mad and sad that i had thrown the 2nd halve of my show away

      then i stole a corvette from a biker and followed the biker. he was like "dont change the station from 106.kmel cuz i got my bluetooth head set on and i am almost done with my workout" DJ has got us falling in love again was playing and ireally wanted to change that shit cuz he had nice speakers and i watned to see their potential but i obeyed his order. then i drove the car into a pool
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. garbage dive and clowns

      by , 02-10-2014 at 09:34 AM
      "Garbage dive and clowns" This was probably one the weirdest dreams I have had in quite some time. To give you a visual I viewed this dream from a movie perspective meaning that there were multiple cuts to various scene. For the majority of the dream I was just an observor watching the events go down, influencing the endings with where every my unawoken mind went. Over the course of the night i woke up twice so emotionally involved in the dream I went right back to sleep hoping to revisit the dream I had awoken from. Luckily i was able to each time

      First thing I remember is looking into a home with someone else. Some kid took out the garbage and then began thinking about garbage. Next thing I knew I was in millions of pounds of garbage but it was not the kind all bagged up. I was all squishey and was alive. Felt like I was in a tub full of worms! My companion asked me how much more time till we get to the bottom! I said it will be very soon. Meanwhile unfriendly clowns were holding hostage some of my friends. The clowns had set up an enitre under ground world in which there were doctor clowns, school teachers clown, school kid clowns, librarian clowns, every type of human job replaced with a clown face and human body. They detested the presence of my friends and had tortured some of my friends. Luckily most of the hostages were able to escape and they set up two barracades infront of a doorway entrance into an autitorium. The clowns held there distance as my friends had managed to aqquire guns.

      Meanwhile back at the house I remember listening to a conversation between a young kid and an older adult. The adult was warning the kid not to play in the garbage but the good was friendly but defiant in his beliefs repeating "my uncle has always told me if you are in garbage keep digging".

      In the midst of the garbage I recalled what this young prophet had said and i told my companion of this seemingly profound axiom. We began chanting it and very soon we recahed the bottom of the pile. The garbage was essentially a large vat contained by 4 walls that descended down for hundreds of miles. I did not know where the garbage actually began, only where it ended. I felt my feet dangeling out into the air as my body slid through the rest of the slimey garbage making a thick waterey that resembled that sound of a tounge clicking against a cheek. Finally my head exited through the muck and I dropped about 10 feet into a dull and dark halway. I remember landing with an umph on the hardwood floors.My companion was thankful to be out of the mess and I reminded him to be quiet as there were clowns all around us.

      We managed to exit the eerie hallway and make our way into another large hallway swarming with clowns of all sorts. The first type i remember was opening a door in the hallway and seeing a tall and slim woman clown reading a book to a group of young clowns sitting criss crossed on the floor. She stared at me with a deceptive hate in her eyes. The actual seblance of the clown is hard to describe because their heads seemed hollographic, Meaning they switched between the face of a human and that of a clown.

      '" come on lets go!" I yelled to my companion. We sprinted down the long hallway slapping and punching the clowns that we passed by. The hallway was full of twists and turns and at every corner we would run into a clown that seemed to be busy working doing things like carrying lots of paper work or drinking a cup of coffe.

      Soon i began to sense we were near my friends as I had multiple flashbacks of them crying out to us from the barracades. we ran through the hall way shoving our way pst multiple clowns until we bursed through a door and found ourselves in a large room filled with hundred of angry clowns. I looked around and noticed one of the barracades. I made a run for it with my commrad right behind me and dove over the barracade into the safety of my friends. "Thank God your here" they said.

      Then I woke up.

      Feels like an epic dream that i should write a creative ending for.
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. a dream from long ago

      by , 02-10-2014 at 09:28 AM
      epic proportions Interpretation in caps

      It is the end of the world. and zombies have taken over the world. People are floodings through the street being litterally eaten alive. I think i am in some soft of hotel. I can hear people screaming and have heard letters of those who have survived, Aparently in order to escape you have to follow al the sighns written and the walls and avoid seeing any hands poping out of the walls. if you see any hands popening out you are dead.

      i have seen hundred of people make there runs to safety, but the majority is eaten alive. they sucked through the walls and carried away from life. the time comes when it is time for me to make my run. The night before i am at church with Hayley. We have a blanket over eachother and are just sitting there talking. I thin about my family..not just my current one but my future one, what will become?

      I wake up and am alone. (not in the real world but in the dream) lights are flickering and static everywhere. the building is falling appart. Across the halway i see a horde of zombies chasins a group of people into a dead end. They are not so luckey and there heads are chewed off. ISomthing touches my arm, it is a hand, I run. DOwn the halway to the right. I follow the sighns but it is hard to see them in the flickering lights and darkness. Fear takes over my body and i am no longer there, i am just running. i wonder for a moment how people made those sighns in the first place.

      I enter a long hallway and all the lights are one. the sighins are all blank. i hear a pshhhhhhhhhh sound and out pops one hand from the all. i run, zombies run toward me, another hand pops from the wall, another, another, another, until there is nothing but hands on the wall reaching for me and zombies running at me. I stop running. Give in, fall into the wal..

      Back to concioussness. I am at my school with mR. Sullivan. There is boxes of pizza and i start thinking about how people get food in the midst of a zombie apoccalyspe, let alone totos pizza. i go into the room and desks are scattered all over, i almost expect him to be teaching class. there are only 6 other surivors in the room. he asks me if i brought king richard II. I say no and he admonishes me. I laugh sarcastically and was like "yea that was not the 1st thing on my mind when was trying to escape from the zombies. then it dawns on me, i didnt escape, i was killed.. then why am i alive still. i raise my hand and ask mr. sullivan. he says all the questions be answered eventually

      I leave the school and start thinking about hayley. how will i contact her? is she alive? i have no phone, dont know where I am, don't know how im still alive and am extremly distraight. Luckily i run into some family. My mom is over joyed to see me and so is my dad, though mell is not as excited. than i notice that we are all wearing blank purple shirts. before i can ask why, i turn to my suprise and see hayleys brother jake. it is not the current version but perhaps a younger and more innocent Jake. We begin talking, what about i have no idea, but i remember wanting to talk to him more, and not being able to reach[ that deeper level of conversation. Eventually my family with jake who is know apparently my brother are caught in thee midst of this huge parking lot. thousands of people are there in all different colored shirts.

      Than i see hayley walking along in a blue shirt with her family. I scream her name out loud "Hayley HAYLEY HAYLEY: but she does not answer. I look at the ground and see acorns. I begin pelting her with acorns. She touches her hand to her head in pain but still looks very confused. I feel bad for throwing them at the same time find it kind of funny. she is walking with her friend and i keep throwing them and eventually she sees where the coming from and walks towards me. She says hello as if she is talking to a mirror. jake turns to me "she cant hear you, you have to have on a blue shirt. he takes off his shirt, and becomes a hollogram. He starts talking to the girls and mentions me to hayley. She jumps in excitment. And then he tells hayles friend to take offf her shirt, he taps me to do the same, then he instructs me to trade with her. I put on the blue shirt, and she puts on the purple shirt. her and jake go skipping off into the crowd and hayley can now see me.

      she jumps into my arms. We both cry and she says she though she had lost me. As we walk away, i realize nothing matters anymore. sure the world is destroyed and the zombies nad have killed most of the population, but now im with her. I laugh and send her funny face bok images through my mind but she gets mad and replies "is this really the appropriate time for that" i send her another picture in return. she laughs. I feel warm again. the fear has melted away.

      we both return to my house and no one is ther. it is our house now. i am happy again, i ask her if she wants to spend her life together she says yess. we snuggle and fall asleep
      i wake up again (still dreaming) and am in the bed hayley still asleep and into my living room and carlo and all his nephews are there. his 5 nephers are my age and we chat and then hayley comes into the room, they all stop talking to me and start talking to her. "can we have ur picture" they ask, she smiles for the camera."one more this time turn around" she puts her hands on my kitchen pantry and sticks her ass in the air, they take a picture . i grab the camera from them and see hte pic of her ass, i break the phone in half and tell theme to get the fuck out. i am extremly jealous. \\

      I walk across the street minutes later and see carlos decorating his house. with a knife in hand i ask "where are your nephews" he says upstaairs and asks why. i tell him i plan to kill each one of them, cut their throats. to my suprise he laughs. "ooo are eu jealous. matt, they live the same life every day. while you have found your love and each day is filed with excitment and somthing new, these guys sit u stairs and smoke weed. thats alls they do everyday, cut there blunts open with a knife like yours and just sit up stairs andget high. they text guys not girls, girls dont want them" i turn around and am humbled. i see susie decorating and sit next to her and chat . the Tv is advertising hotels like the marriot royal for 9.99 Yes if you are alive come stay here. I laugh

      I sort of lose conciousnes and wake up on a really tall tower outside overlooking the city. hayley comes out into the night and looks sad. she hands me a piece of paper and says here is your vest back. i am confused. and ask whats wrong :"i have to tell you something she say sullenly" but before she can explain, and indian kid comes outside and she brightens up and starts taling to him about a higher power moment. I wonder about what she wants to tell me,,,,,,i look out towards teh city, this must be a dream, i think. i wake up, half not wanting to take up because i want to know wha hayley said

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      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Nat, the cloned cats and the real life connections

      by , 01-29-2014 at 12:15 AM
      this dream was broken up into two fragments.
      1) I was driving down the street I saw natalie standing on the sidewalk. I got really excited and yelled "hey natt!" i saw her smile and she said "hey matt!" in that giddy way she used to do. Unfortunatley i did not got to visit long cuz though i wanted to stop the car kept in motion. When i arrived home i told my dad i would try and quit smoking ciggarettes for good. (i don't even smoke in real life) he was proud of me nonetheless

      2) now for the realy fucked up part of my dream. So my cats tucker and pheobe both walked out the slighly ajar front door. nothting unusual about that until moments later a horde of Tuckers and Pheobes came running into the house. (tucker is a boy, big ole white and orange tabby, and pheobe a girl, innocent, petitie, mostly white with some patches of other colors on her coat, most remarkably she has one green eye and one blue eye)
      I was really freaked out and immediatley tried to figure out which cat was the original tucker and pheobe. I began looking at each pheobe, some were white with her patches but had green eyes, others had the eyes correct but were all white. I was really scared and wanted the vagrant animals out of my house.

      I got really scared when the tuckers began attacking the pheobes. i particularly recall the ghastly image of a tucker bitting into the kneck of a pheobe and watching the pheobe go limp. frantically i kept searching through the cats runing through my living room until finally i came across what i believed was the real pheobe. her eyes were normal and fur coat looked okay. i picked her up and thats when the dream ended.
      (note, also remember seeing Rickey in this dream)

      whats weird is the next day my mom called me and told me pheoebe has to get surgery along with tucker. WTF!!
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. acid with natalie

      by , 09-15-2013 at 04:46 PM
      anthony was at my house for some reason and he has a bunch of acid which i asked him for. i asked what would happen if i took the entire role and he saidi that i would have ceisure.

      i gave a piece to natt and apiece to myseelf. within minutes we both felt very euphoric and all the colors felt brighter. i went in my house and felt really high and my mom said she needed help with the grocieries. i panicked but played it cool and yelled back noooooo i cant help...because thats wat not high mat would do and i didnt want her to be suspicious if i helped with the grocieries.

      when i went back into the garage nat was playing some facing game and we both giggled at the screen which was mor[hing colors and such into pinks and blues. i was like yeaaah lets play.

      but than and old friend caleld and was asking for urgent help. i called and he was asking for a name of someone i didnt know. he hung up.

      i yelled at natt for when i got of the phone for cheating on the video game. i told her to wait tll i got off the phone but she defied me and kept playing.

      at one pt i realized i must be dreaming cuz anytthony would never come over to my house....i ignored these thoughts and kept being high

      next thing i know natt and i are in a big group of people. natt reasured me that its cool and we somehow end up in a sky skraper with natts friends mom. nat was wearing a robe but she decides to get naked. the mom doesn't care.

      i talk to the group asking if they thought i was talking weird to my mom in the kitchen? they saidi i was normal and ireplie good cause i felt like my eyeballs wer guna fall outa my face and i wasnt sure if my mom noticed. we stay in the sky skraper and i forget what the rest hasppens.
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. San Fransisco in Havoc, Bob Marley Saves the DAy

      by , 08-05-2012 at 02:28 PM
      firstly i was at some concert.It was huge and there was like 8 major sections that made up a half dome. I started to imagine "there is a llot of people here, what if someone invadedd, like the Spanish" Then i soon saw through the scope of a sniper, a shot fire at the gase line of the San fransisco main pipe. Then another shot was fired at a nearby tree which incinerated a small root and caused the gase line to ignite. Then the entire SF Gas line seemed to catch flame, but since it was so cold everything froze and the entire city turned like into a stif block oof ice. I began hearing announcments throughout the city about staying in your section. It appears that the inhabitants in SF thought this freeze over was some sort of class war. All the buildins started turning away from eachother and everything became broken off into zones. They said on the intercome throughout the city "stay in your zone or you will be kiled" i was like this is bullshit we are SF and are about love we need to re unite. So i starteed moving through each zone singing "one love" amongst other Marley songs, and the ice slowly started to melt and the houses turned back towards each other.
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Suicide

      by , 12-08-2010 at 04:22 PM
      I drove to the San fransisco golden gate bridge with my dad and our plan was to jump off the end of it. When we got theirnmy dad ran of the end of nit and I hesitated and broke down and started crying. I count do it. After I took a snow gonala upa mountain which took me to some bar where my friends were all watching a soccer game. I ended uP watching then the nex thing I new I was In a soccer game nd I wanted to do a goal kick butnthis kid kept stoping me from doin it cuz he said he was sposed to dp it so I started cheken him rely hard.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. mystic mountain

      by , 12-02-2010 at 04:30 PM
      the first thing i remember was attending some sort of concert that my friend was putting on with the piano at a park that was also an amusment park. the grass was dark green cut nicley and the playground reminded me of a carousal kind of build. There were some rides but not to many. Friends showed up and we all started dancing to the piano and i eventualy made out with a girl i know whos two years younger then me. She invited me to sleep over and iwas lsikke yeaaaaa. we kept dancing in the moonlight then we went up the trail to trailer and someone have me like and eigth of weed two joins and a blunt for no reason except that he would be coming over later to smoke some. I said aite sounds good Then we went up to tayler and watched some kid get busted by our schosol administrator who was driving around in a golf cart searching people. I through a bunch of tin foil nd shit over the fence and walked calmly home. I showed up home with my friend and then put the weed in my second mail box which was now in a coca cola coin collector. I covered it with shubberey helped my dad with chores and went back out and grabd my weed put it into a bag.
      I showed my friend how much i had and he was very excited so then a bus picked us up and we went to majic mountain. There was some sort of sling shot bunjie thing that shot you into the air and i attempted it and shot up way high and floated down towards the ground. After that there was another concert in the park and i attended that. After i again walked home and hung out with my friends in the front yard. After i found myself at a train station and when i got through to the other side me and my friends were all high as fuck making fun of diferent tour guides who showed us into what was a museum inside the train station. after that there was some dance and i didnt go i waited outside and some girls asked wat i was doin nd isaid i was thizzen wen i wasnt nd they said oo come in side but i did not nd woke up soon after
    11. talk with my girlfriends dad

      by , 10-18-2010 at 01:27 PM
      First thing i can recall is just being released from jail and being extremley hungry. I ate a ton of food at some junky restraunt then went and got high with some friends. Later i text my girlfriend at home in my room and said my usual goodnight. She replied with "fuck you fagot, i know what you said to shane" Im like fucking great whad shane do this time? I called shane nd he said i told him i was with my girl friend on saturday, which fucked him over because he told his parents he was with me, which wasnt possible cause my girlfriends parents who were cops told his parents that he was at something else. Might have been my fualt might now anyway so i get a call from my gf as soon as i angirly through my fone under the bed. (told my self in dream once i throw my fone under the bed its gunna ring) and i expected i would have to make an apolagy speech to get her back. It was her dad on the fone who like i said was a cop and two time heavy weight golden gloves boxer, true statment, and told me he was coming over in five. He showed up in like one second nd I did most of the talking in my room. Turns out he was a good listner and let me explain my side of the story which i really just bullshited cause i didnt no what my side of the story was. I wish i new how i ofended my gf nd my dream explained it better but im still clue les nd shes stil pised of in real life. Anyway the room started to morph and i remember being at a really fancy wedding dinner on some football field and i was just pigging out infront of her father. Like i had like 5 plates of steak and mash potatoes. I told him that i just got out of jail and was hungry. He laughed taking it as a joke. Then my friend cody showed up and the three of us sat at the table watching a firework show overthe field .I said this must be an expensive wedding wow. Later my world morphed back to my room and i was in my bed and the dad was about to leave and said thanks man for coming over i had a fun time, like we just ended a date or somethan. I asked cody what i should do and he said walk him to the door. I was but naked so i but on some shorts and now there was some black dude standing in my hallway. I figured it was her other dad but now realize wtf my girlfriends 100 percent cockasian. I woked both of em almost to the door and the dream ended
    12. skinney dipping

      by , 08-25-2010 at 03:22 PM
      i was waiting to go to a concert with my friend by the steps that led up to the concert entrance. I kid approached me and offered to sell me 5 bucks for like a whole role of tickets to get into the concert. without thinking i bought the tickets not realizing they were complete bullshit.I quickley chased after the kid into an alley way where i saw my dad standing by a fire escape ladder that led on the top of some roof. I quickley ran up there to find the kid along with a ton of his friends. I aproached him ready to fight when his friends acted lke they wre gunna get invovled i said no let me and him settle this, the kid agreed. It was then I saw that he was a good 3 heads taller then me and no longer a kid but a big fucken dude. He was twice as quick as me doing like backflips and karate kicks. I said fuck this keep the five bucks and went back to the concert steps. I couldnt find my friend but i saw the manager of the concert who i had seen before in another dream, i ran up to him and told him what had happend. He said he could help me outt onnly under the condition that i played in the football game as a running back for one game. I was confused at furst but then i realized i was at the 49ers statium.I agreed and he said to meet him down at the field. I went to go tell my friend wat was going on nd he appeard infront of me, we began to walk in when a group of girls who i am friends with stopped me from behind. I told them i would be playing in the game tonight nd that they should come sit with me. As we walked i realized i was now wearing what i wear at school football. The road we walked on kept getting father and father without me noticing and we started drifting away from the statium now goin past another place i have been in a dream. There is this row of beautiful houses and one of them is very plane and bear(thats the managers house which i visited in another dream) the girls told me they snusck into this house before and i laughed. Below all the houses was a huge grassey hill that led to a large swimming pool and a beaitful house. I got excited and then ran down there. As i steeped onto the grass i realized i was but nakked. I did not care and encouraged everyone to join me. Some did and some did not. I swam around and a girl made a comment that the pool was heateded(this is significant cause in another dream i looked at this pool from a distance and wondered the same thing) I swam around for a lil and got out. The owner of the house came out and greeted us, she had lil kids and she told them to go inside. Suddenly the girls dissapeard and i looked over outside to see my dad my friend and my dads friend playing mario kart on an n64. i wanted to play so i ran over. My dads friend said i culd play after the race and i told him rainbow road is hella hard. When i got the controller the dream ended
    13. Haunted Mansion

      by , 07-29-2010 at 07:50 PM
      Woke up twice not membering any dream but when i finaly fell asleep i had a long vivid dream about the disney haunted mansion ridde. The ride in my dream was much different that the one in real life. To enter the cart you had to to do a back pedal for about ten feet trying to catch up to the cart. Then you had to dive into the kart with a stranger. I went on the ride two time. The first time the ride sped very fast into a hallway where i heard lot of deep dark voices and as the voices got deeper the light became darker. When i got into the next room everything was brighter and neon. I remember seeing bright dolphins that were trying to scare people. When i was entering the next rooom a mummy poped out of a coffin causing me to fall out of the kart. I feel down for five minutes and i landed in the next room with tons of people doing various activites. I saw a friend and asked him what he was doing. He said that he was getting a tatoo and I decided to get one to. It wasnt a standard tatoo, it was a green machine that you put a sticker in and you put a body part under it so it could burn that on your skin. I did this twice. one on my left wrist. Came out poorly. And then on my face, of two and a half stars. After getting that tatoo it teleported back to the entrance. i repeated the previous activites but couldnt get the tatoo again.
    14. Army Dream and others

      by , 07-26-2010 at 07:49 PM
      I woke up once in middle of night fell back asleep and the First thing i remember was enlisting myself in the army, my older sister joined with me to. I was shipped straight to the warzone with no training and was later informed that this was because of the shitty economy. I unpacked my stuff in my room and immediatley went to the battle field. It was not a modern day battle field setting instead and old school swampy forest kind of setting in the junlges of wherever. I do not remember the dirty details of the killing and drama but do remember one strange thing. I was in a small bunker taking cover by myself when all of the sudden i was hoisted into the air, i looked around to see what was picking me up and saw that it was a black creature. The thing had four legs that were long and powerfull but had no feet like a spider. They all connected and formed a body a verry skinny platform which stuck out and also what iwas sitting on. The head of this beast was very small like a tiny ball, except at the top it had a opening where it would release screetches. I realized that when sitting on this creature it was very hard for me to talk and all i was able to do is control it and shooot my weapon at enemies. When i finally landed i was informed by an allie that it was not safe to ride these becasue you end up losing your vocal cords becasue of the creatures screech.
      I went back to base which was quite nice, there was a 4 star restraunt where my family was. I ate dinner with them and we never ended up discussing anything about the army just a simple family dinner. After dinner we went to the casino, me currently not being 18 i felt real cool going in there and no one saying anything. The way the casino worked was strange, i was given a pink slip based on my army peformance by the ladie at the escalador, which led to the casino. On the slip it ready $50 and said my name. I figured eh not that bad. When i got p the escalator i realized my family could not come in with me so i wen t back downstairs where the ladie was standing. Then my pink slip flew upwards and landed in some fat guys hand. I ran up chased him around but with no succes did not find him.
      the next day of fighting was much more vivid. It was about 2 am judging by the thick night, and the group and i were posted off to the side of a river where enemies were in boats doing what ever. When the first boat passed by we succcesfully ambushed them with a flood of led and there ship sank as if we had called the last numbers in a game of battle ship. The next boat was more prepared and had a turrent that was able to succesfully obliterate several of my friends which caused me to get very angry. I through a frag at the turrent which had to be a good 50 yards away and the ship blew up into a million bits. The last boat of enemies was the trickiest one because iwas informed by the team we needed to bored this boat in order to make it back to camp. we first shot at a few visible enemies and then swam out(river current did not affect us at all) while i was swiming out i saw all these tiny miny grenades, so small you could fit about 20 of them in your hand. I was told to pick them all up and get to the boat, when i got on the boat immediatley was cast back to camp. There was a note on my day which said i would be going home in one day and my shift was over, a 2 day term in the army not bad. When i read the note i talked to my sister which was the first time id seen her in a while, about how hard it was in the army. Next my dream took a completly different turn
      I was on a gradual hill somwhere in the city where some sort of festivity was going on which casued the street t be closed off. I was going around with some guy writing down names on the most wanted list, on one list i saw my name on there and my friends nameHe began to run so i chased him down, when i finally caught him he was in the bathroom taking a piss. I yelled, "Who are we?" and he cureled up in a ball and began to cry. I turned around from the urinal and a team of detectives shot my friend down, i walked out iwthout saying a word and ran wen i was out of the bathroom. Thy yelled "get back here" and i heardmore gun shots, but none of them hit me. I ran all the way down the hill of the city to a restraunt where iw as meeting my dads friend for lunch. i saw to cute girls my age and quickly invited them to the table. I was going to ask there names when my cell phone which i just realized i had rang. I do not remember why or who i was talking to, but i was yelling at them loudly making a scene in the restraunt. When i got off the fone the girls were for what reason i dont no still there along with my entire family. When the waiter came he was tall fat and black and for a reason i dont no i hated this man and started making fun about how he shouldnt sit down cause hel break the chair.(i am not a dick in real life, so this dream is all strange to me) he tried to ask me what i want in an angry manner and i said nothing casuse you will spit in my food He turned around and left then came back and asked if i wanted any alchohal on the house. I didnt reply at first but after a second time of asking i looked up at the man on the verge of tears and yelled no. I looked one last time at the pretty girls and they were waving good bye. I woke up the next minute and was verry sad.

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