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    Lucid (DILD) - " Remote Land " - 16/06/2013

    by , 06-16-2013 at 11:14 PM (510 Views)


    I just arrived in a car with my older brother to a remote place, i see some college guys dressed in their gown ( is the academic costume ... i really don't know i to say it in English)... i propose to my brother we prank them by shouting something to them and my brother ignores me and starts to walk on their direction ... suddenly i start to looking around and i realize i'm dreaming , for some reason i don't do a RC.

    I start walking, following my brother while i rub my hands for stabilization ( I didn't forgot this time XDD)... i pass through the college guys and go to a bar .... is a weird bar , looks like an abandoned house , there are no doors , or windows or even any furniture... all there is is walls, old wall stained by time.

    There are a lot of young people in there ... i see i guy and i recognize him, in the dream i'm sure i know him from the DV or some video tutorial i saw about Lucid Dreaming ( the truth is that i don't even know him in real life although is face looked familiar ), i address my self to him saying that we might be sharing a dream... he ignores and i think to myself " he must think i'm a DC".

    At this point a woman starts talking to me , she recognizes me .... is a old woman , dressed in black with few teeth in her mouth . I take a second look at her and she looks like a aunt of mine ( only my aunt in not that old ).

    Now i'm not sure but i think at this very moment my lucidity starts to fade away i don't realize it .

    FA 1

    I "wake up", look to my side in bed and there is a person but i can only see his silhouette ... i assume is my brother but immediately after this i do the nose plug and i know i'm dreaming ... i'm so happy about it that i start pointing my finger to the person next to me and saying :
    -" AH AH... i know i'm dreaming !!"
    The DC get's angry and starts attacking me, i get under the blanket and try to change the dream scenario ... i think of a desert ( it stupid ... i should thought on beach ) but doesn't work ...

    FA 2

    I "wake up" , i'm under the blanket, i get out and i do the nose plug and i can breath through but i'm so convinced i'm awake i do it again and again and finally i can't breath through so i think i'm awake ... i look to the ground and i see a digital camera , i pick it from the floor and i wake up .

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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Nice job! You caught 2 FAs as well!
    2. KingYoshi's Avatar
      Yeah, congrats on catching that first FA. Its always a great feeling catching those. Also, its a good idea to have a couple different RCs. That way, if one works but you aren't convinced, you can try the other one to assure yourself that you are in the dream. Its also good for if one fails, the other can pass and help you assure yourself in that way. The nose pinch is my favorite, but I always have a few back ups in mind, just in case. Congrats on your success, btw!
      Wigl666 likes this.
    3. Wigl666's Avatar
      Thanks ... is going really good ...i'm really motivated XD