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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves

    Channel 72

    by , 11-06-2015 at 02:39 AM (531 Views)
    I was in third person point of view. Seeing two men in the air in a constant spiral. After sometime they finally landed on the ground. Judging from what I could see, they were in a large open field with hardly any trees around. That's when the visuals got much closer to them. They were having a conversation since one of the mask if they could use a bigger chair, while the other man explain it was a stool. Around this time I notice the scene change in to the house I am familar with. That's when I had my own body and could see the men still here. One of them left one the rooms I were in while the other stayed. I tried getting up but got hammered on my head by one of the guys punch. Told him to stop and we began to fight but my fist felt like sponge and he could easily lift my weightless body. With in the new blows I realize I had to be dreaming but it didn't matter cause the next jab felt too strong, waking me up. Lucidity Time: 7 seconds

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      Someone can punch me all they like...if it gets me lucid
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