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    1. Limo to Purple Sky Forest DEILD

      by , 07-21-2014 at 04:18 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I appear in a car and it was very fancy that's when I knew it was limo. I became shock that my DEILD work for me I was already lucid that's when I look out of the limo windows and saw the very colorful green trees and grass. I found them to be so beautiful I wanted a better look I jump out the moving limo rolling on the ground, The driver in the limo stops his car and believes he hit something so gets out of the limo to see what it was. As he gets out he seems shock that I am getting up I started walking inside the forest as the sky changes quickly from a blue sunny sky to a magical dark purple sky with tons of visible stars there was shooting stars and other kinds that created very nice lights. It look too great , the grass and the trees were blowing as I saw another DC enjoying the site and running through the trees. I lay down in the grass looking up to the sky and feeling the wind blow calmly. I then realize the dream ended as another appear but through the transition I lost lucidity.Lucidity Time 2 mins

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    2. Father Room to College Campus DILD

      by , 07-21-2014 at 04:06 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      After the other dream ends I wake up in Father room and my head was feeling very static , I got up and tried to turn on the lights but it didn't work I tried again but the same thing happen. I look at my hands and realize I was dreaming again, I had very good control this time I made a small white light appear now instead of the usual orange light. I began saying I'm dreaming again and felt very excited and shouted yes, my voice sounded as if it were digital. I started jumping all around in Father room I then try to phase through the wall again but it did not work as I wasn't focusing again. I then left Father room in to the living room and could tell the outside through the windows were gray and clouded. I told myself to remain calm and to focus on maintaining control over lucidity, I saw the back door and unlock it to go outside. I walk down in till I see a man who look frustrated with a knife in his hands approaching me I began to back up and that's when I realize the situation that was happening, I notice him arguing with another guy and claiming that the guy stole his truck. The guy in the truck drove off quickly almost running the man with the knife over as he shouts for the guy to come back. That's when he and his one of his partners who were hidden ran up a snowy cliff trying to catch up to the truck driver. I decided to walk on the front road thinking there's a lot of DC's here, that is when I was approach by a woman in a pink dress. She ask me how was I dream character? In my mind I was surprise she called me a DC but then I realize I am inside my mind right now. I said I am fine and add on that I was really liking this lucid dream, she smirk and ask me What am I? I began to feel different instead of feeling excited that I was lucid dreaming I felt much more determine , I could see the place changing into a college campus as we walk on the road. I told her I am who I am, after that I felt very relax and we both laugh as we see a lot of people panic and running about being late for school. She told me as we finish walking all of the front road that the two standing forward from us were her friends as they waited for us to arrive. We finally made it to where I notice one huge guy in a t shirt and 1 girl in a white dress. The girl seem happy to see her friend as they begin their conversation the dream begins break down and turning gray, they were all frozen as I could see the dream starting to fade. I rub both of my hands to try to prolong it but it was doing no good as it continue to fade. That's when I realize and knew I wouldn't let it end like this , I close my eyes I could feel the dream ending once it was all gone I only felt my actual body in waking life for one second and then I was back in another dream. Lucidity Time 5 minutes.

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    3. Living Room to Father Room DILD

      by , 07-21-2014 at 03:40 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Dream started in the living room where my Mother explain to me that Father and her would be in my Brothers play. My Mother and Father showed me the camera in the house and inside the garage however when I was in the garage I couldn't find any. I then went out in the living room and realize my Father was dying when he left America, I tried to hurry to prevent it however I was too late, I look at my brother who could've prevented it but instead he allow it. I grab a plant seed that's suppose to represent my Father now , I ask Mother for a bag to bury him in. She drops one bag down from upstairs as I catch it and went back in to Fathers room. As I seat there thinking what am I going to do, the door opens with Mother asking for me as I approach the door I see my Brother seems angry and was claiming I took his pink pencil so he couldn't draw and that he couldn't find it. I didn't know what he was talking about but then I look down and saw a pink pencil and realize this must be what he was looking for. I gave him his pink pencil but he was still mad and assume I took it so he tries to attack as I dodge his first hook, then he tackles me so I ended up kicking him in the face but very fast he grabs me with his arm and lifts me up and starts choking me. I was shock how incredibly strong he was and that's when I started thinking no way this can't be real , no one is this strong as if it were arms of steel. That's when I became lucid and realize I was dreaming I kick my brother which knock him back and I continue to remain up in the air , my Brother spiral in to nothing and my Mother disappear as well. I then tried to go through the walls but kept getting push back as I chose not to focus. That's when the lights went off and soon I couldn't see anything. I lost lucidity when another dream began to start. Lucidity Time 58 Seconds.
    4. Father Room to Living Room DILD

      by , 07-18-2014 at 06:41 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am sitting on a porch and looking around the houses talking to a person I never knew, that's when a kid I knew came and ask how was I? I said I was alright and told him what was his last trip since I been gone? He doesn't answer and decides to walk away. That's when I wake up and was surprise to see Father there, he had the TV on and was brushing his teeth. I went in the bathroom and turn on the lights wondering he's suppose to be gone as I came out I ask my Father may I stay in this room a bit longer however he said no it was best I leave soon. I began saying this isn't right I must be dreaming I went over to the window to see that the sun is beginning to set , my Father tells me to get a grip on reality. I told him am I dreaming? My Father told me no. I look at my hands and saw my fingers were small and large at the same time. That's when I left Fathers room in to the living room and saw my brother and mother sitting down talking. I approach my brother asking how did he came back this soon? My brother look at me but did not respond I was going to ask him again but felt as if something was covering my mouth. That's when I woke up and became lucid but it was dark there was no lights on, my head felt like it was going to explode as I felt all these vibrations racing back and forth. I got up and started floating but couldn't handle all the pulsing in my head so I started clutching myself and felt the urge to scream as I feel my feet crumbling I yelled very loudly which I woke up again. This time I lost lucidity and tried to search for my journal to write this dream down however for some reason I couldn't find it. I began becoming semi lucid where I began wondering if this was a dream again, I end up getting a pill from the bathroom and look around to see if everything look normal. It was morning so I went in the kitchen surprise to see all the lights were on as I went in the kitchen began feeling sick and truly woke up. Lucidity Time : 7 seconds

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    5. Father Room to Elementary School to Living Room DILD

      by , 07-12-2014 at 11:19 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Dream started with my Father Mother and brother all inside Father room , it was near night we were discussing what place will go to. That's when we all agreed that the place that cost $500,000 was best , I began to become excited that this was going to happen and couldn't wait for it. I ask my Father does he think he could do this every several months however he did not answer and continue to lay down watching television. That's when we all fell asleep that's when the next day began and the sun began to rise up. I got up to my surprise my brother has already been waiting for me to wake up, I knew today was the day for the trip so I felt excited again and quickly went inside the bathroom to prepare. As I am in the bathroom I look at myself in the mirror and realize I had facial hair and a lot of it, it was very long. I then starting thinking when I woke up why wasn't my brother surprise about the new appearance but decided to accept it and thought it must've all grew over last night. I came out and waited with my Mother and brother for Father to arrive however I knew this was going to take hours and decided to fall back to sleep. The scene began to change and the alleged dream began I was in my elementary school however it was 3rd person point of view, I saw this boy who was ask by another kid to watch his cat . The boy agreed to watch over his cat as he went inside the school however right after the cat owner leaves the boy snatches the cat and went behind the school. He sat there talking to the cat telling the cat that it had to die as he didn't want to be caught and knew the cat owner were suspect him if he steals it. A police guard started walking toward his direction and this made the boy panic to where he decided to run leaving the school off in to the woods and I never saw the boy again. I then wake up from this dream and got out of bed , it was night and I began getting excited realizing he'll be here. I went out to the living room and look through the window and saw Father coming inside. I started running around in joy in till I trip on the ground and fell. I got up and went inside Father's room looking for other stuff my Father enter inside as well and told me he won't be able to do it this night as he car needed to be fix. I told him I understand and decided to go back to sleep, that's when I back in the other dream where the police was talking to the cat owner saying he did see a orange hair kid running away which made the cat owner angry. That's when 3rd person point of view was gone and I finally realize I had my own body again. The police officer, a commander and the cat owner come toward my way and I realize I needed to walk with them. As we all walk the scene change to a door which I open it and left the door open for the commander and others to enter in. We all appear in my living room, it was dark blue outside through the windows which told me that it was soon to be night. As we stood there the commander decided to hit the cat owner in the face, the cat owner began to panic and ran all the way upstairs. I notice this and began thinking again wondering if commander is going to attack me as well, he was in the kitchen and began gliding after he did a loud howl he starts flying viciously. I began to panic and decided to run toward him to fight, as we collided he disappear and I hit the front door with my face. I became lucid however I could not stop flying around I had no control of it as I am flying around I tell myself to stay calm and to try landing. My flying began to get lower itself as it enough for me to start walking, I still felt like there was a force pushing me away. I also felt very light headed I wonder if I had any dream control but knew it can't be much I had a hard time stopping that. I test to see if I could make a DC appear by closing my eyes however it did not happen and knowing the chance that this could wake me up I did it anyway. I woke up. Lucidity Time : 55 seconds

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    6. Underground Metal Bunker to Father Room DILD

      by , 06-26-2014 at 10:48 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Dream began with me being underground in a metal bunker I recently avoided a couple of overgrown mole rats. I notice two guys at the far right and was planning to ambush them but didn't have the right weapons. So I pulled out my pip boy and realize it was partially broken. After I focus on how odd the pip boy was I became lucid and realize this was a dream, however as I became lucid the two men notice me and was ready to attack. I tried to shoot one of them with a gun but the gun wasn't working , the closest guy threw 1 punch at me as I barely dodge it. I then lift him up by the shirt and began punching him relentlessly as I continue to do so he began to insult me so I decided to kill him. I look at the other guy and told him I do not care that this is a dream , I will kill you just like your friend over there. The guy had a lamp as a head so I use a poor telekinesis to blast him knocking his lights out. I went over to continue punching him intill I was positive he was unconscious, after the fight I no longer wanted to be in this metal underground as there were way too many monsters and people for me to handle. I move some stuff out of the way so I could find a clear wall to create a door that will take me out of here. I tried to make it appear by just thinking about it but it did not work, I decided to place my hand on the wall and try to shape a door which did work. As I see the door I open it to only find a lot of books staple on the wall. I look at a corner to try to phase through but I stop the prcess as I remember in my previous Lucid dreams that my eyes can get blinded during the transition. Having a limited options I decided to close my eyes and imagine being in my Father room and there I was lying on the bed. I got up and look at the time it stated 7:57 AM I look around and decided I wanted to know what the outside looks like, I began to lift up the orange curtains and saw that it was very icy and snowy. The sky had a very magical orange morning sky as 1 of the branches block out the sun from my sight. This surprise me as I wasn't expecting the dream to make the outside to look like winter like it was an ice age. I then reach out my hand to touch the tree and as I did it did not feel cold at all I actually felt warm when the feeling of the wood occured. I then look at a glimpse of my dream journal thats when I thought about how I would write out this dream I am experiencing into my dream journal but then a non intended thought of my brother came and said you shouldn't start out your dreams with " My dream began " I thought it was weird that thoughts also lead to dreams. That's when I began thinking about how I know the brain must be at Gamma waves right now and that I wish my brother could measure so he could fully continue with the conversayion we were having yesterday. I then wanted to leave Father room and open the door to the living room it was a hit darker now as the windows aren't litting out sun light. I then assume that the sky was no longer early morning and was turning in to another ice storm. I then see my grandmother coming from outside in her work clothes. She seem to wonder if its too cold for her to go to work. This intimidate me on whether there's a chance I am actually awake in waking life but as I open the unlock front door knowing my grandmother would always lock the door I felt certain it's a dream. Right after I went out the front door I check my hands to see if they look wrong and they were wrong. I look at the roads inflanted with snow and a huge building broken on the road. As I walk I wonder why the place is torn apart now, as I continue walking on the road I tried to see if I could manifest a dream character but it didn't work. As I came up the road it began to lag a bit so I rub both my hands together and continue walking, then I saw 3 people in my way as I approach one of them I get tackled and thrown to the ground as I see one huge guy coming I struggle to maintain control over the dream but before I could do anything else I woke up. Lucidity Time 3 mins

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    7. Designing Company to Father Room DILD

      by , 06-20-2014 at 02:01 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      The dream started with me in a rich looking building it was very tall, I was in the black stairway and saw my Father walking up. As I began to follow him up I saw a woman with dark brown hair wearing business clothes making a speech to a very huge crowd outside the building while stood at a stand on the edge of the building. I went up the stairs and saw my brother and Father with uncle, they were all sitting down. My Father was talking to uncle who was in Canada so I assume we went back on a trip to visit him. I could tell they were both waiting for the business woman outside to be done. So I went back down as I heard the thousands and thousands of people cheer for her words, that's when she was done with her speech and I could hear my Father calling me to get back up the stairs. The business woman who made the speech also came up she then went to this little girl that I now notice and showed her a new paper. I then realize this was a company for designing new clothes as I saw the little girl drawing a new design, I then took a seat next to my brother and then we were both ask by two girls if we were hungry. We both said yes so they left to bring us something, that's when I notice that there was a lot of little kids here now. I got up and began walking to try to find a fork that's when I realize I didn't have a shirt on so I said excuse me everyone and went back to my seat to put on a grey shirt. I got up again to react what I wanted to do but as I got up looking for the fork again I was approach by my Father. He told me did I have a white clean sheet of paper , I said no my Father face appear shock that's when I look around the whole building with my eyes to only see that everyone was holding a white paper but me so I carefully but quickly try to find a white sheet of paper. A stack of folders caught my racing eyes and check it , my eyes began to lit up when I saw papers in the folders but the sparkle quickly faded once I realize the paper was already written on. I knew time was running out if I didn't have the white paper in my hands I wouldn't get my meal and would also get kick out of the building. I remain calm in till I saw the brown hair business woman who made the speech, I shout to her do you know where I could find a blank sheet of paper. I knew she heard me but with a grin on her face as it seems forever as she closes the door she ignored me and left. Damn her I look around and was interrupted from my chain of thought when my Father told me I shouldn't have bother her. I told my Father I was only asking a question , my father counter my statement by saying when she's done working and is ready to leave she doesn't need to do or answer anything. My Father then sat down and continue talking to uncle, I began thinking this is crazy why is everyone such a jackass? Well that's it I am getting a white sheet of paper by any means necessary. I got up on the table and body slam a pack of little kids and tried taking their papers . Before I could continue my rampage of taking out the girl that drew the new clothes who was their essential need for money. But unfortunately out of the blue two over grown body guards came and grab me they knock me to the floor , they drag me and as I look at my Father face he seemed to have a grin. I close my eyes thinking no food no house this is the end. My eyes open when I was shoved in to a volcano cell with a bunch of little kids. I place my head down as a little boy climbs on my head, I told him knock it off he got off of me and played with the other brats in the cell. I place my head back on the wall and thought to myself why here? The brats began to make a lot of noise and began fighting, I told them all to shut up and watch television as I turn on the tv to a cartoon channel Timmy Turner was on. As the Timmy Turner intro began playing I became lucid and fully realize this has to be a dream as there's no way I'd watch Timmy Turner I never like that show. The Timmy turner show fully suck me inside the cartoon as the intro continue to play I constantly kept trying to change the scene and with some trouble it finally work, I transition out of the show and appear in my Father room. I could still hear the show playing but I was no longer seeing it. I analyze the room quickly trying to see if something was wrong and then I saw that a yellow spot was pitch at the end of the corner so I look at it and easily phase through it. I then appear outside the house and it look a little bit as the outside in real life would be however there was a few differences. The road was more blue and blurred out, despite becoming lucid I still felt heavy minded through the past experiences with this dream. I ran a little bit forward but remember that running somewhat decrease my lucidity so I stop running and walk forward more while passing a lot of trees , after not caring anymore going quickly through a lot of trees I appear in a place I never seen before but was familiar to me for some reason as if I imagine being here in waking life. It was sunny and I look at how vivid and detail everything was. As I approach a side corner I test to see if I have any dream control to only find out that I did not. So I look the other way and ran more passing dried up grass, I then while running rubbed my hands together to prolong the dream. That's when I stop running and saw a brown brick building with green curtains covering the front of the building. For some odd reasons this building was familiar to me as well ( And now that I am awake in waking life I feel as though I've been in this building when I was a brat ) I wanted to go forward to enter the building but then I notice that a gray tall and large fence prevented me from going to it. So I ran to the other side to see if there was an entrance but there was no entrance, it was fully gated and there was no way to pass it normally. I began thinking the store must've shut down I place my hand on the gated fence to test if it feels real and like real life it felt exactly the same. That's when I notice my hands, I look at it to see if it was correct however it was not, 4 of my fingers appear normal sort of but my middle finger was really short and bent as if it was broken. I decided I would check the next side to see if there was an entrance on that side that would let me enter, as I began running I heard a woman scream and then I heard the voice started talking. I thought it was odd because I knew I didn't want any DC's in my dream when I become lucid. So I run to the direction where I heard the voice and as I ma running I could feel and hear the wind passing through my hair and ears. I also this area seem to refuse to change as I retrace my steps passing through the same trees and once again seeing the house I phase through from my Father room. That's when I found the person who scream , she notice me and begins saying she's glad to see me and needs my help. Before she could speak more I interrupted her by pushing her to the ground, she quickly gets up again and says she's a human being and that I had no right to do that. That's when another of her appeared so I push aside the one tackling me and grab the other clone of her and smash her head to the floor. Then the subconscious showed in big letters that said ROUND 2 FIGHT! However the woman was knock out and her other clone disappear , she resemble the business woman but not fully but it was good enough for me. My lucidity began becoming light and I could feel I was being blocked and that's when I woke up. Lucidity Time 5 mins

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    8. Bathroom to Father Room OST + WBTB + DILD

      by , 06-09-2014 at 05:41 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was playing video games with 1 of my cousins in the living room and he told me that he needed another controller to play while that was happening my grand mother was complaining about how were playing and using the tv downstairs. When I got up to get the second controller I stop to argue with her about the situation, I began making my speech as my Father and two target co workers shown up out of no where listening to me. Once I was done I walk forward passing my Father then he fix up my sleeveless shirt as the scene change to a bathroom I was not familiar with. That's when I notice a difference in how vivid everything was. The bathroom was extremely hideous and lime green, there was a lot of people who must've not knew how to use the bathroom. The only people in here was me and some random girl that was lying with her face hitting in the stall and only wearing a red towel that resemble my Father towel in waking life. It look like she was pass out as I approach her , I decided I would help her so I begin to pick her up and then I immediately drop her back to the floor. I became lucid due to how vivid everything was. I look at her and thought she was disgusting, that's when I saw another hallway and decided to walk in it as I am doing so I say " I'm dreaming " as I open the door and just like I wanted the scene to be I was in my Father room. The lights were off and I could tell outside was night the front door of my Father room was open and I could tell that the lights were on the living room, I then close my eyes and tried to change the scene in to something that had more light but it didn't work. So I decided I wanted to go through my Father orange curtains as in my previous lucid dreams it spiral extremely magical. So I jump while floating in the air to the bed. That's when I went through the magical curtain only to get my eyes blinded after going through it. I can feel myself shooting forward while flying as I could feel less and less I began to only see very blurry waves and that's when the dream ended. Lucidity Time : 1 min

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    9. Father Room to Living Room OST + DILD

      by , 06-04-2014 at 03:26 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      It began with me in a food store where my Mother and brother were all living in. I got out of the tent I was in and heard my brother and mother talking and went toward their direction, I only saw my brother though as he was complaining about his drink , that's when I heard my mother in my tent so I check in and saw a lot of stuff in there. She said that she was going through my stuff to find what my brother needed. That's when I realize what my brother was looking for, I went to the back of the food store and grab a green soda from the beverage section. I then walk toward my brother as my mother and him were both waiting, I told my brother I didn't drink soda and would be glad to trade drinks with him, he smile and thought that's where it was and thought that was tricky that's when the scene change. It started with me walking into the living with my parents and enter my Father room. A woman was in my Father room and I realize that this was my parents therapist in the dream plot. My parents sit at the front of the bed while I stood at the far back while the therapist ask them many questions about how they are. I stood listening and then the therapist ask how I was. My Father told her that I was doing fine and that I looking for a better job but have been having troubles confirming an ID. She ask me what did I want to be and that's when my Father and Mother told me that I wouldn't be much because of my beliefs. I told them that my beliefs made who I am now and that I prefer it this way. My Father told me that you'll need help in life and that I should rely on others , that was an answer I expected. I told him that I do not need to rely on others and that I can do it all on my own and that's the way I wanted to live. I'll find my own way that's when I left the room, another day pass and I wake up in my Father room where I see my Father going to the bathroom and my Mother standing out on the front door of my Father room and I see the therapist on the front of the bed. She ask me how was I and I quickly told her I was fine , she then told me she had a rough day today and ask me if my days were bad. I told her my days do not bother me and that I didn't care about how her day was, she told me it must not effect me because she suspected I was being a jerk to everyone else. That's when I smile and thought other people thoughts do not matter and got up and left . The scene change into a side walk where there's a huge bench with a lot of kids sitting on it. I was sitting on one to and hearing other kids talking so I assume we were all waiting for a bus. That's when one kid turn around and look me and told me did I hit him? I said no, but he seem to be sure of himself that I was messing with him so got mad and said I better not do it again, as clutch hands on my shoulders which made me angry so I quickly punch him in the face and then pick him up by the shirt and punch him one last time , there was this kid that was laughing as he did before the bench. That's when the kid I was fighting was bleeding and I could tell he didn't wish to continue so I let him go and sat back down thinking this day seems too normal. That's when a lot photographers came and the outside side walk became a building with red lights shiny through out the room. The kids started jumping and shouting for the photographers. I then I appear in my Father room lying down on the ground looking at the tv screen. That's when I started looking at the chair and thinking about the other scenarios that happen in this dream. So I got up and look up at the roof and realize that there was no walls anymore, everything was just curtains that reveal the outside. It show the outside was grey clouded as if it was about to rain and I was surrounded by woods everywhere. I thought this was weird and thought I never knew the house was this way so I hid under the bed thinking why is it like this. That's when I eventually crawled out and got up and look around my surrounding , I look at the bed and began to pick up some clothes intill I saw a huge flying black bug on the bed, it's wings were very orange on the end of the wing. So I decided to open my Father door and get a bug spray can to spray and kill it. I enter back in saw it preparing to fly so I spray all over it but it seem like it had no effect on it as it flys toward me so I assume it was poisonous as it gain it's way on me as I headed to the living to the front door I was telling myself there is no way a bug is actually being a threat toward so I was yelling that this can't be real and that's when it hit me that yes it is a dream. But then the dream scenery change and my vision got blurred, I couldn't see anything and eventually got in to another non lucid dream. Where I was telling this random guy that I was in a dream. Lucidity Time : 3 seconds.

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    10. Middle School to Living Room WILD

      by , 05-20-2014 at 07:46 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I woke up after 4 hours and decided to attempt a WILD it took 8 mins after experiencing all the hypnagogic imagery intill the next one I found myself inside the dream. It started with me appearing in middle school I was in the boys bathroom and like my memory of the place it look exactly the same as I remember it. I then left the bathroom and peek through one hallway that leads you out of the cafeteria however I didn't want to leave yet. I then walk in to the cafeteria, there was a lot of kids eating at the table that's when the scene change and I began to appear in my living room. I could tell it was sunny outside as the windows and the living room was very bright. I walk to the kitchen and open the refrigerator to see if everything look right, it wasn't bad at all it was in great detail. That's when I saw the back door and I decided I wanted to go outside so I made an attempt to go through it however I got push back. So I decided to look at it and told myself that there really wasn't no door there at all and that I could easily phase through it. That's when I made another attempt to go through it again and it work I went through it. I smile and saw how the outside look, it was very bright and had many green forest. I look down to see the grass had a huge hole that show the sky appearing on the ground. Unfortunately this was my only way of crossing so I made an attempt to walk on it but as I tried I started falling so I got my arm and grab on the ledge of the concrete. I look down and pulled myself up again I began to believe that I could walk on the ground sky as there was truly no ground sky. I made another attempt to walk on it and it work as I walk toward a forest that had a grassy path to lead me. I also notice that the ground had cherry blossoms on them. As I walk deeper in the forest as the trees block majority of the sun light I took a stop to try to communicate with the subconscious but no answer was given to me. That's when I notice 3 people were walking through the forest as well. I wonder why they were going the opposite way as I knew nothing came from the path I walk from. That's when the scenary change again and a table appear in front of me, I could tell I was in my Father room and that it was night outside. I saw this necklace inside the table and thought it was cool so I began searching for it which took me 5 mins looking for where it could have disappear on the table. As I search under the table all I found was colorful jelly beans so I felt like I've been trolled wasting my time. As soon as I stand up the scene changes again and now I appear on a football field, the sky was light gray and people were wearing foot ball clothes. I wasn't sure if they were playing foot ball though or I guess they were but it was different. They hold bats that look like feets in their arm as they all tried to hit the ball with it. That's when the coach told me to get in and play, one of the players tease me so I went in which made me lose a bit of lucidity. I was wondering how could people swing this as it 10x larger and longer than an ordinary bat. However the players came at me once the coach handed me the ball so I swung the giant feet and it hit. That's when the next game started as I walk on the field to only find myself waking up. Lucidity Time : 9 mins

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    11. Elementary School DILD

      by , 05-17-2014 at 11:05 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      It started with me walking in my elementary school door. I open the double doors and walk forward turning my head to see the cafeteria on the right side it look exactly the same as I remember it. I saw a few teachers eating as I walk more in the hallway and walk pass this boy who was about to enter the cafeteria, I assume he was happy because he has a smile on his face. As I walk more I began to realize that I was taller than I was in waking life then I just thought I'm always in depth with my dreams so I realize I was dreaming, once I said I'm dreaming I saw the whole place vibrate very quickly. I walk to another hallway knowing this will lead me out of school. As I walk I thought to myself this feels normal no spontaneous feelings or surprises, everything felt calm. I made it at the end of the 2 double doors and went outside, it was night as I run around the city lights looking at the sky. I became bored of this and wanted to leave elementary school again. I enter back in it running faster than usual and went through the school as I run on the road I began thinking about how I know my physical body is asleep. I then saw a huge green sign up on the road naming the streets which made me notice a large hill. I wanted this to be my final action in the dream so I ran as fast as I could to it and went up the hill and jump as I see all the cars and other roads below me. I make an attempt to fly however as I feel the air coming on my feet it was not enough. I went down feeling the wind pass through me rapidly as I get closer to the roads and cars. That's when everything went black and all I could hear is two voices that sounded like me they were both screaming at the same time. I felt like I was being spun around in a vaccum. That's when I woke up in my Father room and my father told me he was sorry for waking me up. I could still hear the faint sound of my two voices I felt dizzy and place my head back down. Then I saw my brother came inside the room as I turn around he tap me to get up so I did as he show me his new game stop card. He made me get a better look at it as I hold the card and thought it was nice. Then he show me his new game which made me question him because I already knew he had this game. That's when I truly woke up. Lucidity Time : 5 mins

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    12. Detectives, Criminals , Father room

      by , 05-03-2014 at 09:29 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Me and my brother were complaining about how we hate the gang members in our house. We wanted them to leave so I decided to go downstairs to confront them. There were detective in the living room so I went inside my Father room and there they were, I walk in without bothering either of them as I see they are beating up 1 person so I walk pass by to only get hit in my stomach. Once they did that I grab a large blue scissor as I attempt to stab him with it however push himself back. That's when he pulled a gun and told me what am I going to do now and what will I say now. I look at the gun thinking how many times has this happen to me where I am fighting someone and then this gun comes in to my face, why? The guy began threating say he was going to kill me as he sent one of his other gang members to close the door so the detective will not hear. He decided to sit down on my father bed and point the gun at me. I began walking and left my Father room. The man follow me saying that if I move he'll kill me, I told him detective are right there, you shoot me you'll be jail. He told me he won't kill me he just wants to hurt me. That's when the detective came over but he kept following me. I made it to the front door preparing to leave and I told him when I get back your gang and the gang uptop the stairs should come together to try to kill me. I open the door and left walking outside it was night time. I saw my Father walking on the road so I came to talk to him. I told my Father we should leave this house and he said he will as well, I told him I have been held at gun point so many times in my life that it got tiresome and that I was sick of living here. So me and my Father began abandoning the house not knowing where we'll go. I look at my Father and realize something was off his hair was very long. I ask how did his hair got so long and he told me it's been this way. But I remember his hair being short when I was first talking to him. I started wondering if this was a dream or not. It was too real though, this feels just like real life there's no way it can be a dream. However as the colors around me and around the area began to heighten I began to realize that this was a dream. That's when the scene change and I notice my Father change in to someone I did not know. We were in a park and people were on their laptop so I walk in this hall that seem like others we're waiting. That's when I lost my lucidity. Lucidity Time : 45 seconds

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    13. Father to Mother Room DILD

      by , 04-29-2014 at 07:23 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      It began with me waking up in my Father room from the voices of my grandmother. She was complaining a lot, I then heard she said these disgusting kids made such a mess. Which made me angry that she would immediately assume it was me and my brother. That's when I got up and threw the blankets off me and kick my Father door in anger. I then look at the curtains and thought the sound of the kick was sort of wrong. I also started thinking it was weird that I wake up hearing I did a mess when I've been sleeping the whole time. That's when I got both of my hands and made my finger go through my it. It went through and that's when I became lucid and confirm it by saying " I'm dreaming " " I'm dreaming " I look at the curtains and the 1st thing I wanted to do was to jump through the curtains however as I did it push me back. I then wanted to fly as I felt my feet elevated with air I then jump to only find myself floating in the air. After being disappointed I decided to put my hands through my Father door to only find that it wasn't working. I open my Father door like it was any regular door, damn objects , as I open it and walk in the living room I confirm it was night and that all lights downstairs was turn off. However the orange lights outisde flash through the house giving me some sight. I then tried to create a video game character by thinking of it. I close my eyes with concentration and then open my eyes to find that it didn't work. I then began walking more through the living room and could tell the dream was getting slower sort of like lag in games, this alerted me that the dream would end. So I rub my hands together as I made my way upstairs I rub my hands together again so the dream can be prolong. As I reach the top stairs I could hear in my Mother room that the game Tekken 5 dr was playing. I enter the room the lights were off and I saw the flat screen tv hang up on the wall. As I enter in my brother said hello, I look at him and said hello back. I then jump on the bed and once more wanted to go outside. I look at my Mother wide large window and attempt to go through however it didn't work which made me unsatisfied. My brother and I began talking he was saying he was learning a lot of characters in the game and that it been taking awhile for him but he told me he was getting really good. I replied by saying yes you have been playing for a long time. My brother smiled and pop up the PSN screen menu really quick and then went back in the game. I had an idea, I immediately told my brother to bring the PSN screen up again. He did it again in confusion as I took a great lookat the date label on the screen. The date said 8/15/11 , which suggest this dream is being claimed as in the past. I then look at my brother and ask him how old he was . He lay down on the floor and said he was 14. I took another look at him and confirm that he look exactly like his present day self which is 19. I began telling my brother about lucid dreaming saying that were in a dream that claims we're in the past. I told him " I am not the brother you knew, I am the future of myself I also know the future you as we ll" My brother look at me and was wondering how I got here. I said it was because this is a lucid dream, we then began debating about if it's a time machine or a dream. He assume it was a time machine due to all the things I was saying. I told him it wasn't but I can't 100% convince him, as he and I both sit down on the floor I decided to get up which made the lights turn on. I thank my brother for giving me a new topic to debate with my brother in waking life in the present day. He told me he would never forget what I told him. I began walking to my Mother front doorand stare up at the ceiling. I could tell my brother was wondering how I plan on leaving. As I stare at the ceiling I said " oh subconscious may you come on down and join us in this conversation. The subconscious replied by making me go through my Mother door and sending me in a different dream scenery. I look around and was in some house , there was 5 room in this average size house. I walk and saw a few other people with me. I look at them and could tell we were here to kill each other. The last person alive wins all the cash, as I observe the room I notice they were in all good details. I then open the door in the 5 house place to only find myself back in my living room, the only difference was that it was early morning now instead of night. So I open the front door and look outside, I was amaze by how green it look. I saw 3 other people who were also in it to win all the money. They were standing just talking that's when the blonde headed woman yell the word hello. I look at them and the scene and the feeling of the outside and felt like I needed to question myself again. Because it look , felt and seem too real, that was the only problem it was too real to be real. The blonde headed woman ran toward my way to hug me, as she doing so I was wondering why because everyone here knew they came here to kill each other. I then came to the conclusion that she must be doing this to everyone so she could gain their trust and to make them 2nd guess themself so when it's night she can kill us all while winning all the money. As she let go of me I stare in to her face and knew she had to die. So I grab her and force her to hug me, As I pulled out my pocket knife from my pants I quickly stab her in the back. I then got her body and carried it on my shoulder. That's when everyone enter the 5 room house again as we all knew it was time to eat. As I enter in the house a guy with a red hoodie ask me if could sleep in my room, I told him I already had my belongings place there and that he could have the other room in the back. I then proceeded to laying her body on the table and went in my room. I notice a mirror and decided to look at myself in it. This time nothing seem wrong with me, everything look correct as I would in waking life. I was in the clothes I had when I fell asleep so I thought it was impressive. I heard everyone getting near the table preparing to eat. I came and sat at the table and told everyone the dead body on the table was my food. I look at the specs of the table intill the person in charge came and said it was time to eat. The person in charge had purple hairi n a pony tail and she was waering a black jump suit. As everyone began eating I ask her why was she doing this? She answer my question by saying we were all a family and wanted to support us. I look at the yellow, red and blue sparkles on the table magically appearing out of no where on the table I figure I'm probably going to her for thinking we're all a family by killing each other. I then wanted to ask my subconscious a question for real life. I ask it what's a different food I could eat for when I wake up because when my parents ask me what I would want I usually don't have an answer because I don't know many foods out there. The answer came in my head and it ws indian food and I was wondering why I didn't think of that. But considering I was in a dream in a way I guess in a way I did think of it. That's when I began hearing this soft pulse beat and felt like I was going away. I saw light blue grayish and then woke up. Lucidity Time : 8 mins

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    14. Father to Mother Room 2nd WILD

      by , 04-12-2014 at 12:50 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I have just waken up from a 5 hour sleep, I sit there and decided I wanted to try and have an OBE and with in 2 mins I was knock out again. That's when I realize I was no longer lying down on my bed I was standing up at the front door of my Father room. I check my hands to confirm if this was a dream or was awake or having an OBE. I had 5 fingers however I felt very dizzy as if I was swaying from both sides while standing up. The room look real however I wasn't fully convince I was awake in real life so I decided to jump and when I did I began to hover on the ceiling. Once that happen I confirm that I was dreaming, I decide to leave my Father room and go through the living room to go upstairs. As I went upstairs the dizziness began to increase as it overwhelm me enough to fall down. I manage to make it upstairs and decide to go in my mother room. It look the same and no one seem to be in the house. So I decided to open up the curtains and it show the sky was grayish clouded but bright as if sun was litting out from them. I wanted to go outside now so I attempt to go through the wide window however it push me back . I was wondering why all my lucid dreams don't let me go through things all the time. I left my Mother room and could tell the dizziness was going to take me out of the dream. I jump over the stairs and land gently on the ground. That's when I look at the sofa and tried to change it's color however as it change to stripe orange my arm froze and then everything else froze. I couldn't move and knew the dream was over. Lucidity Time : 2 mins

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    15. Strongest Lucid Dream

      by , 03-28-2014 at 04:44 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      3/27/14 In my dream it started with me waking up in my Father room, it was dark and no lights were on. When I got up I tried to turn on the lights but it didn't work. I then woke up again in my Father room and thought to myself that I could've had a lucid dream if I notice the lights wouldn't turn on. I didn't realize though that I was still in a dream. That's when I heard the door slam. I now thought I was truly awake since in Reality the feeling was more cruel as I said this out loud in the dream. My Father came in and turn on the lights, it came on and he sat next to me while I lied down in the bed. He told me the power was cut and that they had to wait in the train. I was thinking that's why the lights weren't coming on. Then I woke up again in my Father room and felt very strange, lights were off and the timer said 1:00 o clock am as it buzz around as if it were in alarm. I heard my brother in my Father bathroom taking a shower, I felt like I could hardly move as I stay in the bed. I heard my brother singing sort of similar to pokemon, the lights were not on in the bathroom. He then stop showering the door was half open and I manage to atleast manage to sit up to see him. He hid in the door and grab his shorts and with a dark blue shirt. He opens the doorand that's when I wake up again in my Father room, it was dark lights were off I check the time on the vcr again it stated " 2 - 7 " So I got up and tried to turn on the lights but didn't work. I saw the bathroom door was tilted and it show that the orange light was on which only activates if all lights are off in the room. I proceeded in going to the bathroom as I open the door I thought something was off. So I tried to turn on the lights but it didn't work. I look in the mirror and thought this doesn't look to right. So I thought to myself let me look at my hands and when I did I had more than 5 fingers. That's when I became lucid , I look in the mirror and thought " man , I really look stupid " that's when my brother showed up in the mirror and we began debating about OBE if it's real or not. I said " Yea you're dumb , why don't you come over here with your beliefs since we're in a dream " I ramble more on his reflection. Then my face appear and again I thought I look retarded. So I decided to leave the bathroom as I knew talking to mirrors wasn't going to get me anywhere with philosophy. I look around my Father room and the lights came on by themselves as I walk I saw a red towel on my Father tv. I said " Lets see if I had dream control now " So I tried to change it's color to blue and instantly it started changing blue. I was surprise, I look a the carpet and wanted to change it's color , it started changing but I didn't make up my mind so it got multi color. I walk forward more to the bed. I then wanted to create someone I knew in middle school. I tried this before in 2012 and failed miserably so now since I am seeing the effects now I believe my chances were better. I thought of the person and their lower body started to appear and the upper body however it stop. I started thinking of thei face so it can fully appear but it wasn't working as I hold it in my hand. I could tell the subconscious which is the brain change the person I trying to create in to a doll. So I threw it and immeditely I got hit by a mini panda. I turn aound and look at it's online ID above it's head which was " Ps_Zocoun " something similar to that. So I look at it as it was working on the carpet ground. Since I was irritated by what it did I knew I was in control of everything since I was god in this dream. So how dare this miniture ugly panda hit me so I decided to make the mini foolish panda disappear. When it disappear I was very satisfied however in 3 seconds he came back and look much more angry than before. I thought to myself that's not right because I didn't summon him back and stated wondering if I was the controller of this dream. The Panda look at me and tried to attack so I went to the bed knowing it was too small to get up on it. I then saw the curtains and wonder what the outside looks like. I open the curtain a little to see the sky was gray and raining. I smiled and thought yes this is my favorite sky. I then look at the curtain and remember what I did in my last lucid dream on 3/15/14. So I decided to do it again by jumping through the curtains. It did the magical spiral again like my previous lucid dream which made me smile with satisfaction. However I almost got outside but gently was place back on the bed. So I thought " If it didn't work once it should definitely work this time " I jump through the curtains again and the curtains did it's magical spiral again and I decided to smile again but it didn't let me go through. So I got off the bed ran quickly and open my Father door quickly so I could avoid the panda. As I ran in the living room it look quite real to me so when I reach the front door. I decided to peek in the garage as the door was already open. I look in and said " wow " it look like it was burglarize and painted lighter blue. I then look at the front knowing this will take me outside. I tried to go through it but like all the other objects it rejected me. So I open the door which felt eletric like twitching. The door open I went outside and began running on the road in the community. As I run I could hear my grandmoher talking to someone on the phone as her voice sounded at the front door. I thought to myself " She must be wondering why I left the door open " I ran more and made a turn so I could continue running. I saw a person who use to be my Mother friend. She was wearing a dark gray coat and dark jeans with black boots and had long blonde curly hair in a pony tail. As she just finish talking to her friend she started walking and then look at me. I decided to jog and look back at her. I job she walk , she then started telling me if I was going to that place. I couldn't hear her too well so I decided to run more as these two girls look at me and stare. I decided to run more and more. Then this boy look at me with a big smirk. The sky started changing to night as more and more people began to follow me around the community while laughign at me. I tried to climb up the gates but cars was already there and so was all the people. I ran up the hill and just sat down and cried. They all circle around the hill below me laughing, that's when someone came up the hill. It was my brother he was also laughing and was wearing a hat while holding a camera. He took a picture of me and then kick me. I got angry and said " Damn you, I don't care if this is a dream and if your my brother, I'll still kick your ass " I got up, jump and push my brother as we both rolled down the hill. Once we both hit the ground all the people surronded us. My brother then said I was a loser, the crowd around us laugh harder after that. So I said " Watch, can you do this ?" They all watch me began to levitate as I floated over the 16 feeted gates and landed gently down as if a mouse on a CPU pick me up and drop me down. I stand there like a boss and all those ungrateful little rejects started clapping and screaming with amazement. They all wanted to know my name but I didn't say anything I just had a smirk on my face. That's when my cousin appear to me in the crowd who was frankly in a wheel chair, told me something but I couldn't hear him due to his mumbling and cheap wheel chair. So I lean a little down and said " What are you saying" He began saying I needed to go to kungchim camp to get weapons. I was wondering why would I need weapons then I look ahead of me and saw 2 huge tanks. I just couldn't believe my luck that's when I started feeling my physical back lying on the bed. So I knew my time was soon to be up. As I stare at the tanks moving their launchers to my position I decided to wake up voluntary. I woke up and I was in my Father room, the lights were off and the time said " 2:00 am " So I thought to myself my father is taking a really long time to come home. I then got up and tried to switch on the light but it didn't work. That's when I was wondering why can't I wake up? Then I woke up again, this time I was truly awake the time said " 9:08 pm " I quickly got up and turn on the light and sat down feeling very confuse. That's all Lucidity Time : 7 mins

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