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    Thread: Explanations suck

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      Explanations suck

      Explanations suck. Big time.

      Description rock. Simple.

      Oh ok i'll write a little more.

      Sometimes when im reading what people have written on places like dreamviews i feel like i need a PHD in belief systems. There are so many explanatory words such as, higher self, oobe, lucid dream, astral, etheric, Thing is all of these words have sets of beliefs behind them that often cloud the actual experience the author is trying to convey.

      I often feel that the need for explanations is like a mental crack habit. I see addicts everywhere. Users just keep pumping their habits by explaining things in predetermined ways.

      Damn loosen up those paradigms people. Drop those beliefs. Pure description will explain things much more elegantly than any complex explanation of what happened. And as for explanations limiting peoples experiences, well best not get me started on that.

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      That is the exact reason we use words like lucid dream and WILD or DEILD. There are many levels of awareness in a dream and the term lucid dream describes an amout of them. If we had to describe the exact amount of awareness and control we showed in each dream it would just become a hassle, as with DEILD or WILD if we had to describe the entire process instead of just using the term and linking a guide it would take forever. Sometimes detail must be neglected for convenience.
      While I do agree that a fine detailed approach can be easier to understand it can also be easier to misinterpret. If I tried to explain how I do Deild, many could think I was describing Wild or even Dild.
      Since almost every lucid experience is so unique, everyone's interpretation will individually cloud the actual experience to an extent more than a change of wording could stop.
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      I tend to just google unfamiliar jargon.
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      Everything works out in the end, sometimes even badly.

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      Quote Originally Posted by oldbill
      Oh ok i'll write a little more.
      Hahaha I bet you wanted to write "Ok ok I'll explain" but then went all like "Wait, damnit!"

      I think I see where you're coming from. I generally don't like vague terms and in discussions I very often find it necessary to dig into the meanings of words before the discussion can mean anything. Sometimes you'll even get someone who just flails around random fancy words which will make it appear to be really philosophical but in reality it won't mean anything. Words are good when they have clear meanings. You'll need to figure out whether or not the author has actually thought clearly about what they're saying, because if they have, it should make sense if you just google the jargon.

      Ironically I'm not actually sure what you're saying because I don't know what you mean when you say "complex explanation", "belief system", "pure description", "paradigms", etc.

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      I guess examples are the only way for one to get a grasp of that complexity of the discussion. Then again, the examples have to be right.

      I don't think we can just drop the beliefs just like that, we'd be a wreck for accepting anything. Maybe it's because you're not trying to read several perspectives to see the bigger picture. Most "complex" explanations and "jargon" lead to the same cause.

      And most people see little value in the detailed explanations until they have a general grasp of what the concept is.

      For example:

      When I first read about WILD, and how maintaining passive awareness was key to sustaining a conscious mind, I was absolutely confused as hell as how a person goes about doing that without focusing too much on one thing. I thought it involved having to just sit there and be still, and somehow pick random things to keep you awake as the body falls asleep.

      Now I know that's not the case because engaging in one thought process will distract me, increasing the likelihood that I might become unconscious and not have a lucid dream.

      The same thing with meditation, reading all these how-to-guides that go into great lengths on how to do "proper" meditation, there's so much information to contain that it distracted me from it simply being aware of your surroundings and thoughts; not trying to block anything, just becoming passively aware of them to eventually reach the state where they don't have much authority in distracting me anymore.

      I could explain what I mean by that, but then I would have to use my imaginary PhD on you!

      Quote Originally Posted by oldbill
      Users just keep pumping their habits by explaining things in predetermined ways
      I always thought that planning one's course of action in explaining things would be more favorable than winging it and possibly skewing and spread misinformation.

      I guess I didn't get the memo.

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      How about you go learn the meanings for a few terms you haven't heard of before instead of trying to get other people to type way more than is necessary.
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