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    Thread: Obsessed With Self Development

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      Obsessed With Self Development


      I'm not sure if this thread will get any traffic but if it does I would like your take on self development and how you go about improving yourself every day in any possible way and how it may have changed your life. Or your perspective when comes to the idea of your life. I love self development and I am interested in seeing what it has done to others.
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      Focusing on my career and goals. I meditate every morning, use self hypnosis every morning and night. I use the Finisher's Journal to track my progress and plan out my most important tasks to reach my 90 day goals. Also interviewing for jobs. And budgeting. Just became financially independent for the first time in my life. I think self development isn't really about reading books/programs but more about designing your life, your daily habits and routines. It's about consistent action every morning and being strategic about your days,months, year

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      I live by the concept that you are always choosing to do something. If you are sitting and not actually doing anything, that is the thing you have chosen to do. I focus on doing good at my job so I can have a stable life. I then look at what time that leaves me. It is not so important what I chose as long as it is something that takes effort and leads to betterment. Sometimes that is simply walking to stay healthy. I often devote 3-5 hours a week to some martial art or another. I learned to fix basic car stuff, I plant a garden. I decided to learn to keep salt water coral tanks. The point is chose to do 'something' and feel free to change course and do 'something else. It is the wasting time thing that gets people. Video games for instance, should be used to relieve stress and entertain (if you like them) but many people are spending 12 or more hours a week on it. In the end you gain very little betterment from them. Maybe 3 hours on your Friday night, and an hour mid week for the therapeutic effect and to have some fun. If you are a reader, consider getting into audio books, because you can combine them with some other activity, like walking for health.
      Consider the idea of a five year plan. You hold in your mind an idea of what cool things you would like to achieve by the time 5 years passes. Use it as motivation to choose activities that lead in that direction.
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