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    Thread: First Lucid dream

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      Smile First Lucid dream

      So, after 24 days of writing my dreams down, doing RC's and trying MILD/FILD i finally went lucid (or semi lucid)

      2 days ago i decided to do WBTB as usual, wake up after 6 h and stay awake for 10 min.

      I've expirenced couple of HI's(Hypnagogic Imaginary)already but i never could enter a dream from this state.
      At this night i had 4(i think) of these,one every 30 min.I was really frustrated at this point so i went to sleep again doing MILD and moving my fingers(which i think don't work for me but im not 100% sure).I found myself in on a street and a thought came to my mind : lets not say my mind that i know im acutally sleeping.After 10 sec i was in the dream, it didn't fade out like HI so i did hand RC it worked after that i instantly tried to summon someone,after that i did another RC just to be sure, i tried to move big stuff and tried to fly, it worked at some point.

      The thing is i don't really know if i was lucid ? like my mind wans't thinking like in real life but like in a dream, i did random stuff that i don't think i would i found myself in a first lucid dream.

      I hope i will be more "myself" in my next LD

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      It's all about focus on the dream. When you lose focus you start to act like a regular dream dingus. Even if you are "lucid." I definitely recommend meditation before bed or trying more focus techniques in the dream. Try meditating more in general. It might not help you but it really really helped me. Even so your mind is always going to slip into cloudiness. It also might help to constantly reinforce the idea that you are dreaming while inside your dream. The only thing I really know is that you need to keep at it and try different stuff.
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      To be absolutely sure that I am lucid, I will announce it in the dream. Its like asserting to the dream world as well as myself that I know what's up. Also, upon waking if I can recall saying, "I'm lucid", or "I'm dreaming," or telling someone else it's a dream, there is no doubt in my mind that I was lucid even if it was a boring, no control having lucid dream.

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      sined9, congrats on your first lucid!

      Instead of thinking of lucid dreaming as a unidimensional, all or none experience, I suggest thinking of it as a multidimensional spectrum.

      The dimensions consists of different types of awareness:
      - Knowledge that you are in a dreaming state
      - Understanding of the concept of a dream
      - Self-awareness
      - Sensual awareness
      - Access to memory
      - Clearness of thought
      - Control over dream content

      Any of these dimensions come on a spectrum.
      If you dream you know you are dreaming; great, you acquired some lucidity in a dream state. Even though your thoughts might be very unclear and you might not even know who you are. Conversely, you might have a dream where you know who you are; you think clearly and have a vivid experience but believe you are awake. This is also a case of acquiring some lucidity in a dream state. Or that's how I see it anyway.

      So, if I were you, I would be proud of my success and keep evaluating your position on the multidimensional spectrum of lucidity, appreciating any type of lucidity you might experience. Good luck on your journey!

      Methos, I encourage you to continue your affirmations. Yet, I want to warn you: saying "I am dreaming" in a dream is not absolute proof of lucidity. It is possible to dream about lucid dreaming but not know you are dreaming. Dreams have lots of random content, some residual. From knowing and thinking about lucid dreaming in your waking life, you might incubate a non-lucid dream about lucid dreaming. In such a dream, you would be playing the role of a lucid dreamer, much like you might dream of being in medieval times and play the role of a powerful wizard. Playing the role of a wizard is not the same as being a wizard; you are not. Playing the role of a lucid dreamer is only right by coincidence; not because you actually know it. If you were dreaming about playing any other role, you would be wrong. But do not worry, incubating dreams (even false lucid dreams) is something any dreamer can be proud of. So you can appreciate those dreams too and count it as a success.
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