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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. S2024 Nights 6 and 7

      by , 04-06-2024 at 04:39 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I am involved in a ship salvage operation. It is a large ship, easily over 1km long with a horizontal deck plan and bilateral symmetry, it looks to be in fairly good shape. We pull up alongside it assuming the vessel to be abandoned. Upon entering through the airlock we find the ships interior is empty. About 75% of the hull is completely empty of internal bulkheads or any sort of structural support outside of the outer hull plating. There are large windows in places, most of which would have been oriented like skylights when the ship had artificial gravity and such. The windows seem to be odd shapes, all of them are made up of triangular glass panels with an isogrid style design.

      We come under attack. Hiding out in the bottom 25% of this ship are its owners or defenders. The operate small pod-like machines. These machines have four spider-like legs with mag locks or something to that effect that can clamp onto and walk on the hull of a ship, even non-metallic materials like the whitewashed fullerene paneling this ship appears to mostly be made out of. Their machines have large glass bubble cockpits and heavy duty worklights. Two small thruster pods stick out on long pylons with several large nozzles on each thruster block. Most importantly there is a distressingly large rotary cannon of some descrpition on the front of these things.

      I remember grabbing a metal spike, some spare piece of junk from the ship and spiking it through the canopy glass. The guy inside isn't wearing a pressure suit and chokes out from vac exposure.


      I am in the bathroom of my current house. The bathtub is full of water and pee and (theres no really eloquent way to put this) has about a dozen turds floating in it. The floor gives out and the bathroom falls through ot the first floor and then the basement. I am exploring the basement for awhile, its this big maze of abandoned passages and rooms with rusty pipes and crumbling brick walls that seems to go down several levels below the house.

      Manei and I were participants on a game show. We were doing that game where there is a foam board cutout of a person that you must jump through. Its called the "trial of shape" or something like that. There is a rather small form that she wont fit through and she just sort of glares at it angirly annoyed that this game isn't accommodating or fair. I pass through it perfectly.

      The dream changes to a hospital scene. Nicole watterson from the Amazing World of Gumball is going ot have a baby though she doesn't look to be pregnant. She lifts up her shirt to show her belly to the doctor and there is a paper tearing sound and a big belly appears. Then another paper tearing sound and her belly gets even bigger. Then a third paper tearing sound as a baby which is 'me' tears through her belly (its not gorey its just cartoony and looks like torn paper). Baby me is sticking out of the rip in her belly from the waist up starts flailing around like a garry's mod character and screaming obnoxiously loud. He/I takes a toy racecar from nowhere and makes engine sounds driving the car in circles. Then falls asleep for several seconds making an obnoxious cartoon snoring sound. Then wakes up again and continues flailing around.
      The doctor says something to the effect of "ah yes a perfectly healthy baby"

      The dream scene changes though this is still connected to the previous dream. I am in my childhood neighborhood in early dawn hanging out with some other kids. I think I am just wearing shorts and no shirt and I am in dream form. One of the kids asks who I am and I respond by saying "I dont know I was just born but this body is mature. I know english and I think a little of [some other language with a nonsense name]."
      The kid walks me over to a group of friends and tells me I hae to be initiated into his group by playing the slapping game. He tells me to put my hands out palms down and he will slap them. Then I will slap his. We repeat this until one side gives up or flinches. I think to myself this game is stupid and I dont want to hurt anyone. He slaps me first and I don't feel it. I slap him but I intentionally hold back quite a bit. Though he still recoils like I hit him quite hard. He then seems to wait and think. I don't want to play this game or oblige this strange violent social construct this group is using. I notice my hands seem smaller and more delicate than IWL. I then remember a conversation with monkey I had about how the hand check never worked for me even though when I go into my dream form my hands are differnet.

      I'm lucid. I remember this is a competition, and I remember a conversation I had with monkey about him wanting to fight stormtroopers from star wars together. All of the other kids scatter. The sun has come up now but its being eclipsed as I see the death star approaching earth and some star destroyers jumping in overhead, maybe about 15 of them organized into triangular formations of three. I then think that due to being busy I never actually listed the goal on DV and therefore I probably can't claim points for doing a goal that I didn't declare beforehand so I don't want the dream to do this.
      The death star is rotating into position. It seems "accurate" as it rotates I can see all the little details, all of the buildings and greebles on the surface transition from light to shadow with way more resolution than I think WL eyes could manage. I distinctly remember how the inside of the laser dish caught the sunlight and transitioned from completely dark to a crescent moon shape and so fourth as the spherical death star rotated opposite. The sun is low in the sky so everything is tinted beautiful pink and orange, the whole effect is sort of like seeing the moon in the sky. Though it seems about two hand-widths across in the sky. I sense whats coming next and I don't want the dream to end.

      "Set Barrier Radius 6,500,000; origin point earths core."

      I got ot it just in time. The superlaser fires and hits right on the boundary of three hexagonal plates. There is a bright flash and a loud "BWUM!" which then fades like distant thunder. Birds fly away and windows on the houses break but everything is OK.

      I did that to stop the dream from ending when the planet got destroyed, but the dream ended here anyways.
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. S2024 Night 3

      by , 04-01-2024 at 10:23 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in a minecraft world. It is a very large underground room, maybe 30 blocks wide and long and 10 tall with a jungle wood plank floor. There are a couple of doors with stripped log frames and the rest of the room is stone with pockets of ore and such like it would be in a normal minecraft world. I go through the door and up a slab staircase into a sort of dojo like location. This area is much more finished and detailed looking and there are candles set around and swords.

      The dream transitions to a more realistic style but the dojo setting and candles remain. I am doing meditation but my totem is all chipped and scratched and seems to be crumbling apart. I question how it got like this, but don't become lucid. I think to myself I can use "rock glue" to fix it.


      I am sitting in the dojo setting though there is now a large dining table. There are four people at this table, Manei, my mother's boyfriend and a foruth figure that I don't ever look at or identify. There are dozens and dozens of tall egg cups each holding a partially eaten boiled egg. I take a very small bite one and it tastes absolutely putrid and I cough, spitting it out, I think it is rotten. The entire table smells of that nasty sulfurous rotten egg smell.

      I ask myself how the sense of smell can be active in a dream, and how my dream guide can be at the table with a waking life figure. I'm not sure if I got lucid and then immediately woke up, but it feels wrong to count it if I'm not sure.

      NLD: 1pt
      Meditation: 2pts
      RCS: 0.5pts
    3. Comp Warm-Up

      by , 03-26-2024 at 03:31 PM (Lucid Time!)
      The dream began where I was in an OTD hospital. I think I was recovering from something though I felt fine and could more around. I was being kept in this barren stertile room near the back of the hospital. It seems to be just a big square room that sort of juts out the back of the building with windows on three sides. There are vinyl tiles and incandescent lights. The room looks to be a storage space for old hospital beds and random equipment that is out of date, but it is mostly empty.

      I go stand by the window. I see a large machine next to me. A big light gray metal box. It surrounded by a tall chain link fence. It is making a lot of noise, rumbling and then whining like a jet engines. There are exaust pipes on it shooting out streams of fire and electrical transformer equipment with electricity arcs coming between the various components. I get the sense that whatever machine this is (my first instinct is to say it was a generator for the hospital) was being pushed way past its intended load. I notice that it seems to sort of stop and start, not like the machine is failing but like somebody keeps switching it on and off.


      I am with a small skeleton crew on a stolen Scirocco class cruiser. Our mission is to steal another such ship of the same class, though we only have maybe half a dozen people crewing our ship. Our ship is also painted jet black compared to the other one which has its orange markings. We have a lot of insider information on the MCRN including these fake ID chips/cards we can use to access their ships and technology. We pull up near to the ship, which is just floating there in deep space, and send fake voice communications about needing to dock to transfer prisoners. The other ship buys this at first.

      I get into a boarding pod and when we get up close they launch me over. But as I'm flying over the boarding pod is shot but I jump out. I'm outside in the complete vacuum of space but I am at least semi lucid so I just sort of float over to the airlock of the ship we want to board. I get there and swipe the ID card on the card reader. It accepts it but tells me I must type in a four digit pin on a little keypad. Our plan didn't account for this extra layer of security. I type 1-2-3-4 on the pad just to see if it will work and it doesn't.

      The enemy ship realizes what we are trying to do and rockets away, probably pulling several g's. Our ship flips over and does the same. Boosters on, I fly after the both of them. I start gaining on them but my flight seems to be stuck in a lower gear. Then both ships make an abrupt turn bout 150 degrees. Turning around but not quite coming right back at me. I flip over and blast back the other way. They are flying alongside each other, exchanging missiles and PDC fire with each other but mostly not doing any damage to one another. I fly up to the enemy ship and grab on near the engine section, climbing into a gap between the armor and the drive cone.

      I squeeze through a couple of claustrophobic spaces between machinery and stuff until I find an important looking power coupling. Its basically a big circular plug maybe about 15 centimeters across. Pulling it takes all of my strength, especially since I can't get a good grip on it with the thing I want to remove being a big slippery metal cylinder but I get it done and the ship stops running.


      I am in my current neighborhood at somewhere along my jogging route. It is nighttime. I am fully lucid now though my lucidity has gradually been building through the previous scenes. I say out loud to myself something to the effect of.

      "This will be a practice run for the competition. Competitions give the most points for dream control so I just need to do dream control feats as quickly as possible to get points."

      I do stabilization first, rubbing my hands together and touching grass along the side of the sidewalk to crank up the vividness of the dream. I also verbally command for the dream to increase in stability. This gives a small result, though not much.

      I notice that it is dark, twilight/nighttime. I decide to change it to day.

      "Set time to day." I command.

      The sun rises in the south over the course of about fifteen seconds. The sky turns some really beautiful shades of cyan and magenta.

      "Okay now I will fly."

      I lift off on my rocket boosters. I check to confirm the visual is still there since it disappears sometimes. The visual is there. I just sort of fly in a circle above the street and then land at the same spot. The dream scene changes to my childhood neighborhood.

      "Okay now I will summon something."

      I dont even have an idea of what I want to summon. I just reach behind myself and expect to grab hold of something. I bring it back around and get a rusty steel pipe maybe an inch thick and a meter or so long. Its heavy but I can hold it with one hand. I drop it in the street and it makes a loud clank.

      I think I will next use my barrier power but I woke up here.
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. Winter Comp Night 10

      by , 01-18-2024 at 02:00 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Just some short NLDs

      One had something to do with a mass tractor decelerating into a contact binary star system. There was another alien vessel waiting for them there for them. This might have been residue from a (frankly crazy) idea one of my friends had in our scifi roleplaying group about having a ship with radiators and a cooling loop running so hot they glowed blue. That ship is here, sort of a stout silver design with a warp drive ring.


      False awakening. I am sitting in my bed doing something very naughty with myself. I have my laptop on my bed, with a sort of gray tray table that has my drawing tablet and art program open. But in the art program is an innocuous drawing of a rectangle. Six or seven horizontal rectangles make up a vertical rectangle and theres an X through the whole thing. The drawing is done very neatly.

      I then see the door of my bedroom open ever so slightly which means someone saw me.


      Someting about being in the stone face cave. Theres a cave, probably somewhere in my dream realm with a bunch of stone faces like Olmec heads or Easter Island heads. I'm there. Though this doesn't feel concise enough to count for persistent realm.

      3 nld: 3pts
      rcs: 0.5pts
    5. Winter Comp Night 9: Distress on Deimos

      by , 01-16-2024 at 02:55 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a fairly lengthy dream that had me set back in elementary school. I was in my fourth grade class at night doing some kind of assignment.


      This dream transitioned to one where I was with my friend K, but confined in a wheelchair or hover chair of some kind. I was heckin overweight.


      I am on Mars' moon of Deimos. I just intuitively know this despite being inside of a windowless complex that seems to have artificial earthlike gravity. I am with a dream figure who reminds me of detective miller from the expanse and there are a bunch of corrupt security forces chasing us around the station. He fights them off and tells me to escape into this elevator and go to the top floor.

      To get on the elevator I must go down this long hallway, maybe 15 meters with large sliding doors at either end. The hallways floor, walls and ceiling are paneled in white marble and marble columns run up along the side of the walls. There are marble busts and classical paintings set along this hallway. I rush down it and into the elevator which has a similar decorative style. The ceiling of the elevator which is even higher than the hallway leading up to it has a large fresco painting.

      I get to thinking I am probably going to a floor on the station where there will be a huge mob of the corrupt riot cops waiting to kill or capture me. I see there. is a sort of robotic rolling suitcase in the elevator with me. It is black, made out of like a carbon fiber weave and has a little blister on top with what look to be cameras and operational equipment to allow it to roll around on its own. I hide behind it for cover if the crooked cops come in, not wanting to feel exposed. I am thinking about how I wish this was a lucid dream, because then I could fight all the guards, then do a nose pinch reality check to see if thats the case and become lucid.

      Around the time I become lucid, the elevator chimes informing me it has reached the top level. The walls and ceiling then split apart and the walls and ceiling of the elevator unfold like a Chinese takeout box. I am in this massive cathedral-like space with more of the same classical style architecture. Above me is a huge glass domed ceiling through which I can see mars. There are city lights on the night side.

      There is a sort of elevated balcony built up along one wall. I hear dream figures up there and decide to investigate. I can't find any stairs and if I could that would take too long. I decide to fly instead. Boosters on. I fly up, easily three or four stories. I waver a bit in the air but manage to land on the stone railing. Its an ornate bedroom setup openly overlooking the huge foyer type area. Two older men are sharing a bed together. They look at me flying and seem impressed, but not the type of impression you tend to get from lower level dream characters. I intuitively know they are members of that 'review committee', the one that I aggravated back around the turning of the new year.

      One of the men gets out of bed. He looks like Jeff Goldbloom and he puts on a blue robe with white fluffy trim. The other guy looks kind of like jack black. He asks me to sit down with him and talk. I consider that this is a lucid dreaming competition and I should probably be focused more on dream control tasks but that this dream figure has something important to say and that I don't want to aggravate them anymore. I study my dream form for a bit, very standard this time around. I have some cute black and pink shorts though.

      I sit down in a large recliner. Jeff Goldbloom DF dawdles around for a bit making a hot drink on some kind of futuristic keurig machine (he doesnt offer me one) and then shuffles around with a collection of vinyl records. He picks one and puts it down, starting the record player. It begins playing Mars the Bringer of War, I recognize it immediately even though I only hear the first 20 seconds or so. But then I lose lucidity and wake up.

      RCs: 0.5pt
      NLD: 1pt
      DILD: 10pt
      RC: 1pt
      DC Interact: 2pt
      Flight: 5pt
      non-lucid , lucid
    6. Winter 2024 Comp Night 8

      by , 01-15-2024 at 05:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am on my DA account and see I have a DM from a user named "BOGOCHESS" (all capitals). With the message "Dude you should draw more anime"

      Underneath it is a big thread of messages from other random users that I don't read. I find it a bit weird that what is supposedly a DM seems more like a large thread with a bunch of users talking.

      I tried to 'draw' it inso as much as I could for comp points.

    7. Winter Comp 2024 Night 2

      by , 01-08-2024 at 03:35 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was watching third person a horror movie. There are invisible worm/centipede type things that fly around and steal peoples memories. Like all of them. The dream shows a divorced mother and father and their young child in the backseat of a car, they are driving through a wooded area down a two lane road. The child is maybe 8 years old with long brown hair and a chubby face. The child starts babbling incoherently instead of talking as all their memories are stolen. Then the child forgets how to breathe and the mother has to lean over behind the seat and do CPR on her son.

      The dream scene changes to a strange semi lucid (but not really lucid enough to count for the competition) scene. This scene is related to the previous scene.

      I (Hade) am in a dark detective office with bluish-purple lighting. One of the first scenes shows I am in third person wearing a black trenchcoat with violet and silver embroidery. Something moves in the shadows. A monster is lurking around, it sort of looks like Venom from the Raimi spiderman movies, but with a small emaciated body. When the monster lunges out at me I take out a gun and begin shooting it in the torso over and over. This makes the monster recoil and does some amount of damage. After the first clip it is thrashing around on the floor blasted full of holes and leaking caustic blood. I load another magazine, knowing the last bullet in the clip is a rare silver/holy bullet capable of killing the monster. I count my shots, the gun holds 24 and I shoot the last bullet in the head, killing the monster.


      I FA. I am in my childhood bedroom. The alarm clock (seemingly an ergonomic modern silver one I had as a kid) screen is broken into two sections, with the hour section on the side and the minutes section on the front. I see the time reads as 7:99. It then clicks over to 10:00.

      I run to my computer and the dream scene shifts to modern day.

      Meditation 2pt
      NLD 2pt
      going to do a drawing later, presently deciding which dream had the best imagery that would be most interesting to draw.
    8. Winter 2024 comp night 1

      by , 01-07-2024 at 05:37 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Was playing KSP. At some saturn-like planet not in the stock game (though I think a mod adds a planet like this). Theres a big umber brown moon with an atmosphere and a smaller pink and cyan icy looking one I am trying to land on. The lander I am using (for some unholy reason) has a useless girder section in the middle holding the solar panels. Controlling it is pretty difficult but I get it done.

      There is another segment of the dream where I am doing orbital transfers. I have a bunch of satellites in low equatorial orbits around the icy planet. All the orbits get broken due to a glitch and turn red (not something that happens in KSP) and warn me they will crash into the planet. I try to switch to them but when firing the engine the orbit doesnt change.

      WTH i'll draw it for a few extra points.

      NLD 1pt
      Drawing 2pt
      Meditaiton 2pt
      RCs 0.5pt
    9. Alternate Earth Semi Lucid

      by , 10-22-2023 at 04:25 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in a cafe on a brick street somewhere in 'europe', sitting with Marcus. Though I am shown a map of the world and see that the earth looks very odd compared to real life. He says that this company is culturally very similar to Germany though even though being at a modern/near future level of technology, their government puts a lot of resources into alchemy and witchcraft. This is not a part of the country's religious practice but rather a genuine scientific field.

      We ride in this black government SUV with these secret service guys to go see them practice alchemy. They do so in this big castle. Everything is very professional and organized. We go inside this large circular chamber with a vaulted ceiling which has scientists in lab coats drawing an alchemy circle on the floor. They put a small mound of [some kind of powdered substance] in the middle and turn it into gold dust. One of the scientists has a laptop and talks to chat GPT to ask it questions about alchemy.

      Marcus says we need to sneak away and go into an unauthorized area. We sneak away from the guards. The castle has a chapel though this alternate earth germany is not religious. There is a big golden cross with an ivory crescent moon behind it. Marcus says this is a denomination of christianity that never came to be in the real world but that they believed that the moon was god's kingdom of heaven. We go into a side room of the chapel where there is a library. Marcus pulls a copy of a Breif History of Time off the shelf and the bookshelf spins around to show a secret room.

      It looks like an old style library/office. It has about a dozen globes, each of different planets at proportionate sizes arranged in a sort of orrery type device. There is also several bookshelves dedicated to thick purple books with golden stripes. They are all written in alien glyphs. I see the alternate earth and the real earth and a golden tesseract in the middle. Stephen hawking is in there. He isn't wheelchair bound but is walking around with a cane. He pulls a silver revolver and points it at me, and asks "Did aliens build the pyramids?" I respond calmly saying "No, but aliens planted the rumor that they built the pyramids so that people would dismiss alien conspiracies as crazy to keep their secrets until the prime directive can be lifted."

      Stephen Hawking puts the gun away. Marcus says that I am free to look around but that he needs to help them discover the Consciousness constant in the universe and the two go over to a large blackboard to solve an equation. I understand on a base level what they are talking about, the consciousness constant is how much human consciousness is able to manipulate the universe. Since the men are able to do alchemy here, even with a lot of effort they are able to alter quantum states outside of their own brain so it must be higher than "Earth 1" which I know to be the waking world.


      Some time later, Marcus asks me to design a rocket engine. I remember I used a computer (it was like an old school 90s computer with a beige casing and CRT monitor, but I was somehow able to write and run an advanced gen AI algorithim to help me iterate designs). I then draft the specifications on an old style drafting table. I show him the rocket engine which is a methane-oxygen aerospike. I explain how there are flexible metal components that work like heart valves to control the fuel flow and vector the thrust, and that the engine has an ISP of 425 seconds. He says that it is a good design but that it requires technology the people in this world don't have yet to manufacture it.


      I am now playing the role of a 20-something black woman living in another country on this alternate earth. I am a part of a polyamorous relationship with 2 other black women. We live in this country called the "dragon islands" which is supposedly the best country in this alternate earth. The city we live in is this advanced solarpunk type place with all this organic architecture and these white drones which look like the robots from Oblivion. However despite being a beautiful city in a tropical island, it is actually a weird dystopian 1984-like nightmare where all of our lives are controlled by the government.

      I see a poster that shows a little girl maybe 3 or 4 who has a cleft lip sitting on a dinner plate with a knife and fork. The poster reads

      "Remember to protect genetic integrity:
      -No breeding outside of designated units.
      -Get your genetics tested for mutations.
      -Frequently eat all children with defects."

      Yeah this place is messed up.

      I go to my house with my wives. Our house is this weird large cavernous dark room. A doctor comes in along with some of the spherical drones and does a check up. He tells me I have terminal cancer that their society cannot cure and I must be terminated because the cancer is the result of a genetic defect I must be terminated. My wives seem upset about this, they stand like soldiers at attention but still but they are crying. One of the spherical drones flies over and a hatch opens up on the bottom. It hovers down over my head. I am inside the drone. It is pitch dark.

      "Hey uhh its Marcus. I hacked this drone. That body really is toast but I can get your consciousness out of there, I just need need to upload your mind and transfer you back to your body. This is a nerve relaxant but this might still be unpleasant. Their mind uploading equipment is bonified crap." *Clicking noise like a landline phone hanging up*

      I feel needles go into my eyes. I know they went in right through the pupils. all the way back up the optic nerve into my brain. I feel them inject something and it feels like there are ants running around inside my skull eating my brain. I feel very dazed, getting a lot of scrambled thoughts all at once and a lot of (well its not really pain, but sort of this unpleasant electrical sensation) working its way to the back of my skull. This one probably goes in my top 5 most unpleasant dream sensations.
    10. Kailejia'tura

      by , 10-14-2023 at 08:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am having a dream about driving my car and it runs out of gas in the middle of the road. I become semi lucid and change the dream scene. I am with my mother. We are moving into a small oriental styled village.

      There is hilly terrain and a large cliff to one side of the village. It drops off about a hundred meters of twisted igneous rock strata down to a beach. A long windy staircase zigzags down the cliff to the beach. I remember the dream figures there are speaking a language that I don't recognize.

      My mother is trying to find our new house but her phone's GPS isn't working. We find a building. It's sort of like a gym or dojo but has a really low ceiling, maybe 1.6 meters. We meet an older man there, he is the only one who speaks english decently well and shows us to a side room of the gym which is our new home. It mercifully has a higher ceiling than the other main room and has two very small bedrooms, one bathroom and a central sort of living room. I think it is nice accommodations but a little cramped. The older man explains that the reason I dont recognize the language is I time traveled forward several hundred years and the language is a mixture of mostly chinese, laotian and spanish. However he was a linguist and anthropologist who studied old earth languages and knows english.

      My mother then tells me that we could have a problem because I am allergic to tree nuts but all of the food in this culture uses genetically modified tree nuts as a staple food source. I say that it is not a problem and I need to change my form.
      I go in the bathroom and say "fourth dimensional shift transition" and switch from a waking self to my dream self. I then open my backpack and find several bottles of pills, though they're more like a chewy gummy candy. Its sort of like eating a salty taffy with sugar/salt crystals. I intuitively know what they are. Marcus modified my dream avatar body to not need to eat traditional food that much because apparently when getting it constructed I told him "having to eat is annoying". I can photosynthesize light. But there are certain vitamins and proteins that I can't make normally so these are vitamin supplements that make up for that. Ideally I take one at least once a week but I can ration them to once a month though I might feel weak or fatigued. I see that I have three or four bottles each with 144 pills though one is partially empty and think I am set for a long time.

      I go walking around looking for something. I walk down the long stone staircase to the beach barefoot, I think I am looking for Manei and know she is usually found on the beach. I am semi lucid and I am focusing on dream stabilization looking at my feet and feeling the texture of the cold stone. The sky is grayish/overcast and it is raining slightly. I try to envision her being there, but I get doubts in my mind. Marcus appears as one of his little robots and tells me that I am not on earth but a human colony on a planet called Kailejia'tura. He explains that it orbits a binary star and the two stars are 1.51 solar masses at 3.33 solar luminosities and 1.48 solar masses at 2.99 solar luminosities and the stars orbit about 42,000,000km apart.

      The system is about halfway between Woue and Earth. He says that humans are hear with several alien civilizations planning to build a dyson sphere that englobes both stars but because of the two stars masses on orbits they create a lot of stress and make it hard to build a rigid dyson sphere with their current technology but they need to do that because the computer will be built into the skin of the sphere and use physical wires of exotic matter that can transfer signals at faster faster than light. This will allow them to build the computer as big as they need without internal latency from the speed of light slowing down its thinking, since the sphere would be a few AU in radius singals could take half an hour to get from one side of the sphere to the other.

      The sphere is supposed to power a supercomputer that will tell humans and the various alien races how they can live together peacefully in spite of their differences and prevent cultural schisms of wars between the coalition. I ask him why they dont use a different star system and he says this one is important because it has large planets rich with resources they can deconstruct, is centrally located and also has the habitable planet with a population already on it.

      I get down to the beach and look in the water. I want to summon Manei and keep telling myself she is in there swimming or on a boogey board and I will see her any second. Marcus tells me that she isn't present in this timeline and I say that I feel lonely without her.

      "HEY!" Someone shouts. The jump-scare nearly makes me wake up. I turn and intuitively know who it is, MadMonkey. He is wearing a blue and orange Gi like goku and his hair is spiked out ridiculously like a dragonball character. But he has the facial hair and the little pentacle symbol in the place of the emblem on gokus outfit. His tulpas Juliana and Elminster are also present, with Juliana wearing a scandalously revealing purple swimsuit. I intuitively know this is a reference to her old first appearance as Blair.

      "I'm back for a rematch, and I brought the whole system with me! I want a 3v3! And I want you to go all out, no holding back!"

      "Manei doesn't like to fight for sport so it will just be me and Marcus."

      "Alright bring it on!"

      "Barrier On! Origin point: Monkey! Set Radius twelve." I shout.

      Monkey shoots laser vision. Elminster shoots a bolt of lightning from his staff and Juliana shoots the cruciatus curse at me from her wand. But all three attacks hit the barrier now centered on them. Though the laser vision is still blindingly bright as the barrier hex is 'translucent', but all the light is still coming at me. The dream shows the three attacks hitting from several different angles.

      "Set Radius decimal zero one."

      The barrier snaps to a much smaller size. There is a gorey snapping sound of bones being crushed as everyone is compressed to the size of a marble. I turn the barrier off and this little dark reddish marble drops in the sand. I walk over and pick it up, though it is heavy and seems to vibrate and swing around in my hand. Marcus explains that the compression made stable white dwarf matter. I ask him if he can make Monkey and his system respawn. He flies over and puts down a sort of holographic ring. Its a spawn point like in Halo forge mode. (His little ball form always reminded me of the monitors) Once he puts down three it makes 3 beeps and they respawn.

      "How did that not work?! We had such a good strategy! Jay would distract you and Elminster would hold you in place then I would land the finishing move."

      "You see I learned to lucid dream using schema and the expectation effect. I used the same powers over and over to the point that they are second nature. First I learned the fire jets, then the ametyst bow and now I am mastering the barrier. Once I learn the power and the expectation that it will work I can modif I do not think I can really beat you and I only win because this is my dream and I have the home field advantage. But the first time I used this barrier power I was not expecting it to hold up against that giant warhammer but it did. It also killed Azula and I used one to trap Jonathan. So the barrier exceeds expectations even when I consciously think I am in a situation that I cannot win. When I saw a similar situation that I felt like I could not win, I invoked the barrier again since it worked in a difficult before. Its kind of a paradox but I won by expecting I would not win because there was a previous situation that I expected I would not win and wound up winning. Most of what happens in a dream fight is just an aesthetic thing its about winning the mental game like that. I kind of got bored of having dream fights because they are cool but it would be cool if you got to win one, though I don't care who has the dream."

      I start to feel weak and tired in the dream. Marcus cuts in and explains that manipulating the barrier to create that type of crush force actually drained a lot of my energy and I should go take another vitamin. I lose the dream and wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    11. Alien School

      by , 09-28-2023 at 10:14 PM (Lucid Time!)
      The dream takes place in an alternate future where there are multiple alien races meeting at the UN building on earth. They have formed a new organization called the UPO or United Polities of the Orion Arm. I am outside with some Eridians and we are preparing the eridian flag. Their flag is white with a black design. Its sort of a circular design with five rectangles radiating off of it and a dot in the middle. Eridians have prototyped cameras that are wired into their brains to give them limited eyesight but in order for them to 'see' the flag they want me to install this sort of foam that raises up the design in the surface of the flag and use various textured fabrics that they can perceive with their sonar. We want to be accommodating incase the "eridian eyesight" project testing goes poorly. I am working at a table with a sewing machine doing this. We finish and fly the flag. There are many flags that I don't recognize hanging outside the UN. There are three or four Eridians all with complicated looking life support devices on their bodies. Apparently able to handle earth atmosphere and pressure as long as they are wearing that equipment.

      One of the Eridians (there are about 3 or 4 of them with me) says something about spongebob and this prompts me to show them that I (in my Hade form) have some kind of gecko grip ability like spiderman. I climb on the concrete and they are very impressed by this.

      We go inside the UN conference hall. There are other alien species here. Wookies (Star Wars), Navi (james cameron avatar), Septicrabs (Woue), Heptapods (Arrival) and I think Vulcans and Klingons (Star Trek). I get confused about what is going on and a Septicrab shows me a powerpoint presentation. He says they came to earth in the year 2023 and after negotiations went badly with humans (this seems to be a reference to a previous dream, the one where the Septicrabs invaded and my cousin was transgender.) The presentation explains that diplomatic relations degraded so badly that the Septicrabs demanded all humans turn over all their children below an age threshold of 6 years. Then on top of that they demanded 15 billion human babies or they would exterminate humanity. This resulted in a program where governments forced women to have children and then seperated them to give them to the aliens to fulfill the aliens demands. When humankind delivered the last of the children, the Septicrabs then activated a Halo array in a focused blast to wipe out all humans on earth anyways.

      Wiht the ~16 billion human children the septicrabs raised them. They were taught to be accepting of alien cultures and about their own history. Human history generally being presented in a negative but truthful light (a lot of war, greed, propoganda, etc). But also taught about the old cultures and arts to preserve human culture and history as truthfully as they could. The Septicrabs had even been completely open about why they had done what they had done and said that humanity was so hopeless they represented a memetic hazard and could pollute the universe with their bad ideologies and twisted up morals. They believed was the only way to create a humanity that would be agreeable and trustworthy enough to exist on the galactic stage. I remember sitting down and talking with him explaining that I didn't think that was the right thing to do. While I agreed that it was true that humanity in the 21st century was... problematic, that they should not be forced into this state of artificial peace. Even if it took a thousand years they should try to teach the humans that are alive to be better people rather than kill everyone force a complete reset on their culture and ideology, even if it was for the better.

      The Septicrab then explains that they didn't have time. That they had to make a difficult decision. They say a nicoll-dyson beam was fired at earth from about 100 light years away, and that they knew about the beam because they had an FTL ship investigate it while the beam travels at light speed. The dyson beam was created from a clone of bob (Bobiverse) who went crazy and decided he had the right to pass divine judgement on earth. The evil bob is a universe-ending threat and the septicrabs are spearheading a coalition of alien races to stop him because he has stated an intention to wipe out all life for being imperfect. They asked doctor strange to find a possible future where they could win and doctor strange said the only future was in one where humanity was able to put aside their differences and cooperate. The evil bob was growing exponentially and they had to stop him now. They couldn't wait around for powerful advanced aliens to get involved or for their own technology to advance or it would be too late.

      I then travel through a time machine and am back in high school. The blue septicrab is there and he says that this was before the "reset" of humanity. He shows various aliens going to my high school and how they are getting bullied by humans for being different. One of them rips off the Eridians life support and he catches on fire and runs around in circles while all the kids point laugh. I see another one come up behind a female navi and grab her breasts. When she swats them away the kid pretends to be hurt. Then the teacher gets involved and takes the side of the human teenager even though she saw the whole thing happen. The septicrab tells me it is time to go to class. We go to a science class where he is showing how a fusion reactor works. He shows a working model of a stellarator style fusion reactor. It is maybe about a meter across sitting on the teacher desk. The septicrab is explaining different fuel types and fusion chains and the Q-factor of the fusion reactor.

      The various aliens are paying attention and taking notes while the human kids are not. He tells the aliens quiet study time while he pulls the human students aside and lectures them. He says their test scores are the lowest in the class and no human student got above a C+. While all the aliens got As and Bs. He says that if their species is not interested in learning about advanced technology then they will not keep up with other alien races. He emphasizes that they are not going deep into math and only taking about fusion on a basic conceptual level but the human are still not applying themselves. One of the human students argues that the alien brains "work different" and therefore they need less challenging classes and special accommodations. Another student then says the Septicrab is being "racist" because he is singling out the human students. The Septicrab is frustrated but says that if a human student got an A or a B he would not be lecturing them, and that if any of the aliens had been a problem they would be getting this lecture too. He then shows a scientific paper published by Harvard saying humans are proven to have just as capable of brains as all the other aliens. Another student in the back raises his hand. He says that he watches Fox News and Fox News said that Harvard was now run by aliens with a political agenda to kick humans off their own home planet and we shouldn't listen to them.

      I leave and go to the bathroom. I am in hade form but I see I have short hair. I say that this is bad because my hair allows me to do photosynthesis and provides energy. I concentrate on growing my hair and it gets a little longer to about shoulder length. I then see a Septicrab and the Navi girl come in (different one, this one is an adolescent student) and they plant a stink bomb on a timer and run away. I ignore them and walk out. The stink bomb goes off and starts filling the school with noxious green gas and all the students start running and panicking. The school hallway transitions to an outdoor residential street. I am casually walking and then start running and jumping. I notice gravity is very floaty and if I flap my arms I can stay in the air for several meters. I get to the end of the street. There is a lake, some large trees and a cafe area out on a big wooden deck. I jump off the wooden deck, and turn on my thrusters, now properly
      lucid. I see the stink bomb cloud coming for a bit but then will it to go away. A strong wind picks up and blows it away.

      I think about how I want to spar with Madmonkey again. I walk up to a random dream figure and ask where Madmonkey is with the expectation that he will know. The dream figure is Ned from Neds Declassified School Survival guide. He starts giving me tips on going to school with aliens saying. "Remember to have your school install extra-tall doors for Navi, and make sure to have have holographic displays shifted into the ultraviolet spectrum so that [some other alien species] can see them. I wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. Fall Comp Night 2: Borg Cube Demon Fight (SLD)

      by , 09-03-2023 at 03:32 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Still stuck in this semi lucidity rut.

      I am on a mission to the center of the galaxy. When I get there I learn that I have been transported to a hell dimension. The universe around me was twisted. Red stars, black holes and continent sized chunks of land covered in screaming damned souls in rivers of lava being tortured by demons. An alien race like the borg (at least in that they used cube shaped ships and were cyborgs, but seemed like good guys past that) decided to assist me as I am being sent to kill a high level dream demon.

      Their cube shaped ships assemble into a 12x12x12 cube formation that is hollow on the inside consisting of 728 ships. They explain that the demon we are hunting is very powerful and he can teleport, slip back into the fabric of reality, or so on and they can project a field which restricts his ability to do so and puts him in a weakened state. But only if their ships physically interlock like this and form a shield. The good borg also explain that the hell universe outside will be very draining on their shields and that they can only do this for a limited time so I have to be quick.

      They assemble the formation around one of the continents. As the ships lock together the rivers of lava and tormented souls fade away and the continent changes to this “flat earth” style landmass with oceans, grasslands, beaches, and forests. I look down and see the demon standing on the beach. I land on the beach and he spawns minions, some kind of alien spider-like creatures (kind of like the bugs from starship troopers) that I never get a good look at. I spawn my own minions, powerful robots carrying large gatling guns firing some kind of smart bullets.

      I remember very distinctly looking back over my shoulder. Seeing the sky made out of the assembled cube spaceships and and my robot minions coming up out of some kind of higgs boat type landing craft. I then remember that a lot of good borg are risking themselves to trap this demon in a weakened form and I should not be distracted.

      I spawn my bow and kill the demon without much fanfare. The formation of ships disassembles immediately after, with the good borg stating that doing that was putting more strain on their starships than they would have liked. They explain that them killing that demon caused time ripples because the demon existed in multiple time periods at once. The effects on earth are negligible but they show me a map of michigan with different counties. The eastern side of the state looks more normal but the western side of the state is divided up into hundreds of thin horizontal counties. They explain that this was the layout the citizens and governing officials in michigan originally wanted but the demon manipulated how the borders were drawn to gerrymander the state and get corrupt politicians into office. Now that the demon had been killed the damage had been retroactively undone. The good borg explain that these types of missions are responsible for creating the mandela effect in people and that many people will remember the old boundaries and think its weird.

      I bid the good borg well and fly down. I am at a lodge restaurant with my father in michigan now, but it is still the same dream. Semi lucid, I say I don’t want to have more dreams about my father. The dream scene changes to my high school and I say “no, no! No school dream either!” but the dream scene doesnt change. I feel false memories come in telling me I need to go to my 9th grade english class but I push past them.

      I find Manei in the hall and say hi. We begin walking together and I notice she has a piece of computer paper with a color picture of uranus taped to her bottom. I rip it off and show it to her asking her if someone stuck it on without her knowing. She says no, that she just put it on there as a joke and people need to have a sense of humor about themselves. She then points out that the calk around the window we are walking by is new. That is because the last time someone touched her butt without her consent she threw them out the window and therefore it had to be replaced, and no boys harass her after heaving about that story because they are scared of her.
      lucid , non-lucid
    13. Summer Comp Nights 13 and 14

      by , 06-15-2023 at 04:11 PM (Lucid Time!)
      No dream recall on nights 11 or 12. Lots of semi lucid work and lots of effort. Nothing I feel is really worthy of being called genuinely lucid though.

      Night 13:

      I was at an army boot camp. I distinctly remember a large old style white three story building set over a large flat training ground with lots of obstacle courses, running tracks and so on. I was assuming my dreamself identity though it only seemed vaugely lucid dream. I am lucid enough that I think to myself that “my dream identity seems to have a stronger focus than me actually becoming lucid, even though I don’t focus on it.”

      In one scene I am getting hassled by the other recruits in my division. They don’t like me for a miasma of reasons. One of them asks why my hair is long when everyone else has to get it cut. I proceed to explain for what feels like the hundredth time (thanks false memories) that my hair is a plant which gives me extra energy and is therefore important to my functioning as a solider. I then proceed to show them a paper with an official looking seal printed on it that was supposedly my waiver.

      There is another scene. Everyone is in the showers, and one of them points out that hade usually appears to lack certain male equipment. (This is a phenomenon I have noticed; a majority of the times I’ve checked. Ofc I haven’t accurately documented the presence of a penis on my alternate dream self because I don’t really care about that) To which my response was something along the lines of “At least I don’t have a sensitive floppy meat snake between my legs.” Suddenly all the other guys are feeling self conscious.

      The other dream figures weren’t really developed besides a vague amorphous wall of about a dozen marine jarhead stereotypes.

      Another scene. We are running on a dirt road around the base. It's easy for me and hard for everyone else. The soldiers are again frustrated.

      Eventually some of the other soldiers get tired of me and decide to try to assault me in the locker room next to our bunk. At least three of them. I distinctly remember being quite scared for a moment then ‘remembering’ that I was in my alternate dream body. I told the guys (who all easily weighed twice as much as me and were a foot taller) to back off. I remember intentionally engaging a sort of “sped up consciousness” or “enhanced reflexes” mode despite not being lucid. Grabbing the lead bully I twisted his arm and then slammed his head into a locker but was careful not to do it too hard, not wanting to kill him.

      The second guy came at me slowed down. I chi-blocked him, then grabbed his body by the shirt and helped him down so he didn’t hit his head on a bench. The third guy came after me. I baited him into punching and he hit the lock part of a locker, badly injuring his hand and giving up the fight.

      The Drill Instructor came in (He of course looked and sounded exactly like gunnery sergeant Hartman from full metal jacket, because of course he did.) And said “What in the name of god’s great green grapes happened here?!”

      The final scene takes place in an office with the DI, Marcus, Strat from Project Hail Mary, and this Sigmund Freuid looking guy. I can swear it was the same office as the president from the teleporting lucid. The drill instructor explains that he is very disappointed in his men for acting the way that they did, but goes on to ask.

      The DI asked why I was on the program at all. Strat said it was a bureaucratic mistake and in order to be considered part of the armed forces I needed to go through basic training to properly qualify. Marcus proceeds to explain that this was some reference to that story in the Halo lore about when master chief beat up the ODSTs, that he wanted to test me and see what I could do, and that I should have been in a separate program but it was a set up to test how me and the other soldiers would react.

      The DI then asks why if Marcus was trying to make a cybernetic supersolider body he made it look “like a Kpop star”. He explains that it better fits the “quantum consciousness encoding” pattern and that is important for artificial bodies. (The Freuid guy nods) and for discreet infiltration. Nobody would suspect it to be a ‘hyper lethal vector’.

      I start to think more critically about this, that I am clearly a pawn in a bureaucratic play and decide that I’m not going to participate in war on either side. I just turn and walk out of he office and end up waking up.

      Another dream. I am in my English class and notice my hair is growing the little black hard hair protien fruits again. I am trying to brush them out with my fingers and they are falling over the classroom floor which irritates the teacher. She tells me she is going to call my parents and tell them that I am not taking care of my personal hygene. There is some ongoing anxiety dream, we have to give presentations on elements from the periodic table but I have done the wrong assignemnt. For some reason my presntation is on a nonsensical molecule. It looks like ethanol except theres hydrogen where the carbon shoul be and nitrogen where the hydrogen should be, with the hydrogen atoms on the chain each triple bonded to the nitrogen atoms and each other.

      In a semi lucid state I just decide “lol this class doesnt matter” but don’t properly connect to the fact that I am dreaming. I go out in the hall and see Jonathan.

      “Im not lucid but I still need to beat him up for a dream goal. I wonder if it still counts if I’m non lucid… wait is the competition still ongoing? Enh who cares.”

      I rush at him. He just grins as I approach and I punch him right in the mouth. This does seem to hurt him a little but his head just turns his head back to face me. I then tried to elbow him in the stomach and ribs repeatedly. This again produces a bit of a result but not much. Then he starts to hit me back and it actually hurts. Its not a debilitating pain but one that definently makes one acknoledge that they are being injured. It only lingers the moment after I get hit, too.

      The fight goes on for a long time. It swings to favor him for a bit as he pins me against a locker and seems mostly interested in attacking my stomach and kidneys. Then I get out of there and remember that kicking tends to work better than punching, and the fight swings back to me. By the end of it both of us are pretty evenly beat up and the hallway is a mess with blood droplets, dented lockers and a few cracked cinderblocks. I feel tired, but not in the “I’ve been beat up and pushing myself hard” kind of tired, but rather a sleepy kind of tired. I see Jonathan pull out a prison shank and realize “I dont have the energy for this shit anymore” and decide to wake up.

      My awakening is actually a false awakening into another dream. I’m at a crappy log cabin styled motel with several friends. Theres a bunch of faffing about over who is going to pay for the motel. I then go to a subway resturant only to find out its closed.

      Third semi lucid. I am in hade form again in a gymnastics training gym. The coach dream figure is intitially very hostile, declaring that I am not allowed to compete because I am not a baseline human and will be disqualitifed from any compeition that I participate in if I am found out, and he will not be having cheaters in his gym compete as it will damage their reputation.

      I say that I have no interest in going into gymnastics competitions as competing against normal humans would be too easy and that I am just interested in using his gym to try out how this alternate body works. He calms down and apologizes for coming on so strong.

      Night 14:

      NLD 1:
      I am playing ‘sock’er in a large stadium with a grass floor. The stadium is partially populated with fans who do not seem particularly enthusiastic about watching us play. The weather is overcast and cloudy. The game is played with teams of 9 (3 offense, 3 midfielders, 2 defense and a goalie) at the start of the game the players stand in a 3x3 grid for each team and make a perfet 3x6 grid on the field and this is significant somehow. Though if one will pardon the pun, the game is called ‘sock’er because it is played by kicking around a wadded up sock.

      I remember I am one of the offense players for my team. My team seems co-ed and generally very diverse group of mostly OTD dream figures. There are a couple of female players, two very large and muscular men with dark black hair and uniforms. One of the players on our team is actually a dog.
      Another is Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes and somehow this game is actually a variant of calvinball. Calvin is (of course) a 2d animated cartoon character sprite that overlaps with and interacts with the real world in a mostly predictable way. I am semi lucid while observing him and I study his shadow and position relative to the sun and note that he is 2-d and the image of him just always rotates to face me.

      I am one of the offense players and begin bringing the sock to the other side of the stadium to score a goal. I have many FMs of training and being good at this which helps me to control the small and seemingly unpredictable wadded up sock. However I begin to doubt myself and lose control and the sock goes out of the corner of the stadium and down a stairwell.

      I must now kick the sock back into play from out of bounds. The ref tells me I must kick from the concrete stairwell. Being barefoot I am very reluctant because the way he has positioned the sock if my kick is a little too low I will jam my toes on concrete. (We are playing barefoot) I do several seconds of preperation before the dream ends.

      NLD 2:

      I am watching an alternate cut of Independence Day. It is the ending of the movie where everyone goes out to see Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom (I know they had actual character names but I don’t remember them) in the crashed alien starship. However the scene is short differently, instead of daytime in the salt flat.

      Burning pieces of the alien mothership rain down on a rocky tundra at night. The sky is dark, cloudy and full of muffled explosions. The debris seem to fall much slower than they should. The fuselage of Air Force 1 (destoryed) falls and breaks in half. Then the alien fighter sort of pancakes on its belly. The other characters from the movie cheer as will smith gets out. He talks to the camera and says.

      “Winning against aliens is 20% having the right tools, 17% showing up, 37% being in the right place at the right time, and the rest is carefully applied tactical insanity.”

      NLD 3:

      I am outdoors at an OTD location. It seems like a grassy park with a large gazebo with picnic tables for dining. But I am outside a school. This is a Skyrim quest but it is also somewhere in Australia. Weather is hazy, and it has the feeling of being early morning with the sun low on the horizon.

      There is a fairly typical mix of game mechanics and me ‘being’ the character in first person that one would find in my modified layer 1 lucid dream. I make my way into a small castle tower and find the character with the quest marker. Originally I am supposed to kill him, but instead he stops me and talks to me. This concludes the quest and I am awarded experience.

      I head back outside near the gazebo and see people in stormcloak outfits running around. There are teachers and school staff being attacked. There is a rather conflicting factors in here. On one hand the outfits and weapons of the guards look fake, they look like they are just cosplayers or actors just pretending to be guards. Their attacks and movements seem stilted, like video game characters going through specific animations. But when I see them attack I note that there is blood on the sidewalk and on some of the school staff.

      I take out a bow (it seems like the generic long bow design from Skryim) and I am trying to shoot the beligerents with an arrow. This seems way harder than it does while I am properly lucid as the arrow sometimes shoots out and curves down after flying just a few meters. However it seems to still do full damage. I hit one guy in the foot and he drops dead. This was a problem I often had when playing actual Skyrim. I don’t know if it was a bug in the version I was playing or I was just trying to shoot the bow too fast, but I did frequently have this problem on my most recent playthrough.

      NLD 4:

      I am at a beach. I see several tents set up along the beach and deep trenches or sort of partitions maybe 5 or 10 meters. With each partition one person is in the water. This is some kind of game show being filmed where people are challenged to stay in a small section of ocean without getting out of the water. I am watching this from up on a sand dune or hill above the beach from quite a distance.

      A wave breaks in a strange and unnatural way catapulting two large salmon or swordfish through the air and they land very near to me. Someone comes up to me and says we should try to get them back into the ocean before their eggs come out, but their eggs come out anyway. This big mound of black caviar which takes up most of the inside of the fish and is infested with this white looking Rooty fungus/parasite/worms. The smell (smell is not commonly engaged in a dream) is absolutely terrible.

      The dream figure seems grossed out and I am grossed out too.

      WBTB here, about 6am

      NLD 5:

      I am in some kind of canyon like enviroment like the American southwest. It is dry and sunny with clear skies. There is a ruined city with many tall buildings off the distance but the rest of the world seems to be flat desert with only the occasional road or building.

      I am being hunted by a zombie Bigfoot. He has this rough reddish brown texture to his whole body like cooked meat and is very large and heavy set zombie like being. I remember I have a scoped bolt action rifle and am trying to shoot him from long range, but my aim keeps wobbling and getting thrown off.

      At some point I manage to hit him and shoot off one of his arms but this only draws his attention and he is now running towards me. He is still what feels like many miles away and below me in the canyon so I am not overly concerned thinking even if I only hit once every few shots I will be able to kill him long before he gets close enough to be a threat.

      NLD 6:

      This may have been related to NLD 4 but my notes say that NLD 4 was before an awakening and this dream was after. I was a salmon swimming upstream to spawn. I reach the head of the stream which is a large lake with a snowcapped mountain to the far side and in the distance. Coniferous trees rise all around.

      I am thinking about plant life for my personalized dreamplane and semi-lucid, decide to investigate if there is any inspiration around. I investigate the shore of the lake and see a plant that looks out of place. It looks like black and dark red striped grass with a tall sort of pine-cone like structure growing on the end of a long stem that rises out of the water. I am told this is called mosay. It is a grain-like crop that grows in most enviroments and the pinecone looking thing (called a mosay cone) can be ground up into flour and used for a variety of things.

      The life cycle of the plant naturally is explained. That if the mosay cone is fertilized by a pollinating insect it will grow larger until it bends the stem and tips into the water. The cone will then release little ‘seeds’ which are these orange-yellow little tadpole/minnow like things that swim around and then burrow into the mud near the side of the lake or river. This is important because the seed fish can actively and intelligently find new locations for the plant with ideal soil nutrients and water flow with sensory organs.

      NLD 7:

      I am outside at night, though this feels like the beach location from NLD 4 again this was after my WBTB. I am on a boardwalk above the beach. There are small resturants/food stands and small sort of gift shops selling sun screen and beach toys and bikinis and stuff to that effect. One is a surfboard rental shop.

      I then see a woman stuck in a large sort of urn or pot. There is a fire below the pot. It has holes in it where her face and arms stick out and if she shifts her body right I can see that she is naked and standing in an odd sort of crouched position to fit within the urn. She has the physique and demeanor of a warrior being tortured and I somehow intutitively know that she is being tortured unjustly and has been in there for a long time suffering from the suffocating heat of the fire, and that this is some form of torture.

      I go into one of the shops and get a big metal beach umbrella with a sturdy handle. I disassemble the umbrella to just get the handle and use it to smash the pot. The woman gets out and stands up. She is muscular but quite short, a bit shorter than me and has pale skin and reddish orange hair tied back in a braid. Aside from a few burns and red spots from being inside the ‘hot pot’ torture contraption she seems to be unharmed. She speaks with a Scottich accent and thanks me. She says she is a dreamer from the year 1345 and always has bad these bad dreams and has been waiting for someone to free her.

      She then says “This lass gon wake up now.” And disappears in a puff of smoke.

      I go inside another building. This building has a queer sort of ‘new house’ feel to it with plain white plaster, windows with stickers on them and flat carpet with very little in it. The room is square and has a high ceiling. The room has a cold nighttime dark blue lighting to it.

      I am seated at a the end of a long banquet table with a large fat anthropomorphic bullfrog wearing a tophat on the far end. Food is laid out for us, though it mostly seems to be giant dead flies and grubs prepared in various ways, as well as vegetarian lily pad soup. (stuff a frog would eat, or I guess stuff my brain thinks a frog would eat). Two male dream figures are sitting to either side. They look clean shaven, very late teens or early to mid-20’s. I intuitively know they are Jehovas witnesses or some kind of similar religious emissaries and that they are here to talk about my faith and relationship with god.

      I say to myself something to the effect of "I know this is a dream, but I don't see the point of becoming lucid."

      I decide I want to get out of this situation. I get up to leave and the two male DFs get up and try to restrain me. I stab one in the neck with a steak knife and kick the other in the groin before smashing a wooden dining chair over his head.

      A third one comes in. He is this doughy looking teenager who is younger and he looks nervous. The fat bullfrog orders him to attack me. I see that I don’t really want to hurt him and he is nervous about hurting me so I chi block him and he goes down.

      The bullfrog man becomes angry. It wasn’t apparent from my angle but he was the table. In that the top half of his body was a fat human-sized bullfrog with a tophat rotated 180 degrees to give the effect of sitting. But the bottom half was connected in a long ceuntar-like manner to a large body resembling a goat or mule or something. The tablecloth of the banquet and food all falls away as he rears up, rotating the frog section of his body 180 degrees. I see that he has 76 legs with brownish fur and black hooves in a 4x19 grid on the bottom of this long rectangular body, and this is significant somehow.

      He says he wants to debate with me whether capitalism or communism is a superior economic system and he says that he is a buisness owner and will argue for capitalism. 

      Night 13:
      x3 NLD = 3pts
      Night 14:
      x7 NLD = 7pts
      x1 WBTB = 2pts
    14. Summer Comp Night 6: Uma

      by , 06-07-2023 at 02:46 PM (Lucid Time!)
      NLD 1:

      Some dream was taking place set on the ol' beach resort. The same one dating back to my first lucid dream. There were two or three large birds there, standing around in the beach sand. They looked like bald eagles but I remember pointing out that their beaks were an unusual reddish orange color. The birds also had a fatter body than one would expect and I somewhat wondered how they would be able to fly.

      There were some other dream scenes and shenanigans going on involving my family but I don't recall the specifics.

      Did a WBTB here. Actually did like four WBTBs and had no dream recall after most of them but I distinctly remember both reality checking every time I woke up (no FA catches ) trying different approaches on each one of them and none of them worked out.

      NLD 2:

      I was visiting a hotel and resort that I believe was supposed to be in new york city. I remembered seeing an advertisement or commercial for the place which seemed to emphasize an exciting new water slide. The slide was very large and it showed a kid getting into a yellow tube and riding a waterslide that was a sort of light brown color with darker brown splotches. The darker brown splotches kind of looked like scum or dissolved minerals on the slide but since it was new it seemed they were actually an intentional part of its coloration.

      I then proceeded to the actual visit. It turned out the indoor water park was deep underground in a large gymnasium-like location with a high ceiling and white painted cinderblock walls. There was a large swimming pool with floats and lines on the bottom for doing laps. While it was well kept, it felt very empty and bland. Like a liminal space.

      I was with some other dream figures there commenting on how the place seemed like a letdown. I wondered where the slide in the advertisement was and looked up. There were two cutouts in the opposite sides of the room. A narrow light brown waterslide started at almost the ceiling level and ran straight along the long-edge of the rectangular room, going through another wall cutout about halfway down. This implied to me that there were at least two other rooms with pools in them to be discovered.

      SLD 1:

      Not counting this as lucid as it was really low level semi lucidity, though it was related to my wonderland construction. This has been a complicated process going on roughly since the winter comp. The approach I have been taking is sort of a hybrid approach, where some items are distinctly added and I try to investigate and discover others through dreams. I decided to investigate if Woue had its own submoon, specifically after the incident a few nights ago where I failed to become lucid because . It did, and it was named Uma and had a dusty red coloration like mars.
    15. Summer Comp Night 5: The Tree that Speaks

      by , 06-06-2023 at 01:39 PM (Lucid Time!)
      NLD 1:

      I was living on the third or fourth story of an apartment/condo complex. It overlooked a large open grassy park with a parking lot and some hills and trees. The weather looked to be overcast. I could see several vehicles in the parking lot and a family with a father, mother, and one or two children talking with about a dozen police. Their cruisers were parked haphazardly in the parking lot with the sirens on.

      I couldn't make out the specifics but I knew the husband was in some kind of trouble while the wife and kids didn't know about what he had been doing and were tying to convince the police he was innocent. The wife then started making a scene while her husband ran off into the parking lot with a guilty look on his face.

      The vehicle he got into had a flat front, like one of those school busses that has the engine in the back. It was a van painted bright yellow/neon green. It had small, thin wheels and poor visibility due to having no windows outside of the windshield and when he started the engine it made a "thwabbb" sound like a lawnmower. I'm like 'really dude, this is what you are picking as your getaway vehicle?!'

      The man goes around a corner. There is an elevated section of land with a large curved retaining wall made out of brown concrete bricks. to keep erosion down. The road out of the park hugs this wall on an outside corner. The man gets away, going far around the outside of the corner by driving on the grass. The police all scramble to jump into their cruisers and chase after him, but they go around the inside corner right along the brown brick wall. The way the road is sloped, there is a large puddle there which turns out to be quite deep. Maybe a meter. All of the police cruisers drive into the water and stall out as their engines are flooded and the criminal in the van drives off.

      The wife is heartbroken, realizing that her husband really was a criminal.

      LD 1:

      I was on my old college campus when I found out the building I had class in had burned down. The weather was again overcast but all the trees had leaves as though it were summertime. The university quad appears to be larger and though the general layout feels the same I feel as though there is a lot of extra space between all the buildings filled with lawn and trees. I arrived at the building to see nothing but a black pile of rubble and some firemen standing around talking to university officials.

      Upon seeing the pile of rubble I become lucid. I preform a nose pinch reality check to confirm and yes, I am dreaming. I get excited, but not overly so and take off to fly. Flying this way and that about ten or twenty meters above the university campus doing flips and cartwheels in the air. The dream scene starts to shift as the university buildings and sidewalks altogether disappear leaving me in a grassy plane with large lush-looking deciduous trees strewn about. I think the ocean is visible off in the distance.

      I fly around a bit more and see an exceptionally large tree, it looks like an oak but I am not certain. This tree has an 'energy' or 'presence' to it like I know it is significant. Similar to sensing the energy of a significant dream figure like Manei. I fly up under the canopy and orbit this way and that around the trunk of the tree. I noticed that the trunk is sort of vertically ribbed. If one were to cleanly cut the tree down they would be met with the shape of a seven sided star with rounded off points, and that this is also somehow significant. The other nearby trees have more traditional circular trunks.

      I cut out the flying jets and grab onto bark of the giant oak. It has very rough bark with deep cracks between plates I can work my fingers into. I am in that moment literally a tree hugger as my position has me feel like I am hugging the tree, even though I'm more hanging onto its trunk two or three stories above the ground.

      The tree is able to speak in the language of thoughts.

      "Please do not cut me down, I have about a hundred healthy years ahead of me still." It says in a deep voice this is simultaneously both calming and very stern.

      "I was just thinking about the interesting shape of your trunk. I wouldn't dare actually do it."


      I detach from the trunk and start hovering again. I look up to the daytime sky and see the moon through a gap in the overcast clouds and think that I want to go fly and find MadMonkey.

      I have a false awakening. In the FA I feel very groggy. I do a reality check but it fails. I wake up and open my laptop to start writing about the lucid experience with plans of going back to sleep and trying for another lucid dream. I only have a single sentence typed when I actually woke up.

      WBTB, hoping to get back in.

      NLD 2:

      Was watching a spongebob episode. Spongebob was very 'fat' or 'thick' in the front to back direction. His body was more cube-shaped and he had a 5 o'clock shadow. He comes home to his pineapple house and takes out a TV dinner. It says "beef and gravy" on the cover of the TV dinner which looks like a PNG image of a TV dinner contrasting the cel-shaded cartoony style of the rest of the show. He peels it open and eats it while watching TV, making various "mmm" and "aaah" sounds to show that he is enjoying.

      This gag seems to repeat, with spongebob's body becoming longer and fatter each time and starting to distort in odd and humorous ways. Sometimes he is just physically larger with the cube shaped body and increasingly disproportionately small limbs. At other times he is drawn more with the anatomy of an obese human figure. There are other variations on the TV dinner, though they all seem to be the same beef and gravy. The meat is a light color both in the photograph and when the top of the meal is opened, looking more like pork or chicken with gravy. One time the TV dinner is very small with only one piece of meat. Another time it is huge, so huge it physically fills the inside of spongebob's entire fridge.

      2 NLD = 2pts
      1 WBTB = 2pts
      1 DILD = 10pts
      RC = 1pts
      Basic Flight = 5pts
      DC Interact = 2pts

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