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    Lucid Time!

    Comp Warm-Up

    by , 03-26-2024 at 03:31 PM (68 Views)
    The dream began where I was in an OTD hospital. I think I was recovering from something though I felt fine and could more around. I was being kept in this barren stertile room near the back of the hospital. It seems to be just a big square room that sort of juts out the back of the building with windows on three sides. There are vinyl tiles and incandescent lights. The room looks to be a storage space for old hospital beds and random equipment that is out of date, but it is mostly empty.

    I go stand by the window. I see a large machine next to me. A big light gray metal box. It surrounded by a tall chain link fence. It is making a lot of noise, rumbling and then whining like a jet engines. There are exaust pipes on it shooting out streams of fire and electrical transformer equipment with electricity arcs coming between the various components. I get the sense that whatever machine this is (my first instinct is to say it was a generator for the hospital) was being pushed way past its intended load. I notice that it seems to sort of stop and start, not like the machine is failing but like somebody keeps switching it on and off.


    I am with a small skeleton crew on a stolen Scirocco class cruiser. Our mission is to steal another such ship of the same class, though we only have maybe half a dozen people crewing our ship. Our ship is also painted jet black compared to the other one which has its orange markings. We have a lot of insider information on the MCRN including these fake ID chips/cards we can use to access their ships and technology. We pull up near to the ship, which is just floating there in deep space, and send fake voice communications about needing to dock to transfer prisoners. The other ship buys this at first.

    I get into a boarding pod and when we get up close they launch me over. But as I'm flying over the boarding pod is shot but I jump out. I'm outside in the complete vacuum of space but I am at least semi lucid so I just sort of float over to the airlock of the ship we want to board. I get there and swipe the ID card on the card reader. It accepts it but tells me I must type in a four digit pin on a little keypad. Our plan didn't account for this extra layer of security. I type 1-2-3-4 on the pad just to see if it will work and it doesn't.

    The enemy ship realizes what we are trying to do and rockets away, probably pulling several g's. Our ship flips over and does the same. Boosters on, I fly after the both of them. I start gaining on them but my flight seems to be stuck in a lower gear. Then both ships make an abrupt turn bout 150 degrees. Turning around but not quite coming right back at me. I flip over and blast back the other way. They are flying alongside each other, exchanging missiles and PDC fire with each other but mostly not doing any damage to one another. I fly up to the enemy ship and grab on near the engine section, climbing into a gap between the armor and the drive cone.

    I squeeze through a couple of claustrophobic spaces between machinery and stuff until I find an important looking power coupling. Its basically a big circular plug maybe about 15 centimeters across. Pulling it takes all of my strength, especially since I can't get a good grip on it with the thing I want to remove being a big slippery metal cylinder but I get it done and the ship stops running.


    I am in my current neighborhood at somewhere along my jogging route. It is nighttime. I am fully lucid now though my lucidity has gradually been building through the previous scenes. I say out loud to myself something to the effect of.

    "This will be a practice run for the competition. Competitions give the most points for dream control so I just need to do dream control feats as quickly as possible to get points."

    I do stabilization first, rubbing my hands together and touching grass along the side of the sidewalk to crank up the vividness of the dream. I also verbally command for the dream to increase in stability. This gives a small result, though not much.

    I notice that it is dark, twilight/nighttime. I decide to change it to day.

    "Set time to day." I command.

    The sun rises in the south over the course of about fifteen seconds. The sky turns some really beautiful shades of cyan and magenta.

    "Okay now I will fly."

    I lift off on my rocket boosters. I check to confirm the visual is still there since it disappears sometimes. The visual is there. I just sort of fly in a circle above the street and then land at the same spot. The dream scene changes to my childhood neighborhood.

    "Okay now I will summon something."

    I dont even have an idea of what I want to summon. I just reach behind myself and expect to grab hold of something. I bring it back around and get a rusty steel pipe maybe an inch thick and a meter or so long. Its heavy but I can hold it with one hand. I drop it in the street and it makes a loud clank.

    I think I will next use my barrier power but I woke up here.

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