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    Winter Comp Night 10

    by , 01-18-2024 at 02:00 AM (100 Views)
    Just some short NLDs

    One had something to do with a mass tractor decelerating into a contact binary star system. There was another alien vessel waiting for them there for them. This might have been residue from a (frankly crazy) idea one of my friends had in our scifi roleplaying group about having a ship with radiators and a cooling loop running so hot they glowed blue. That ship is here, sort of a stout silver design with a warp drive ring.


    False awakening. I am sitting in my bed doing something very naughty with myself. I have my laptop on my bed, with a sort of gray tray table that has my drawing tablet and art program open. But in the art program is an innocuous drawing of a rectangle. Six or seven horizontal rectangles make up a vertical rectangle and theres an X through the whole thing. The drawing is done very neatly.

    I then see the door of my bedroom open ever so slightly which means someone saw me.


    Someting about being in the stone face cave. Theres a cave, probably somewhere in my dream realm with a bunch of stone faces like Olmec heads or Easter Island heads. I'm there. Though this doesn't feel concise enough to count for persistent realm.

    3 nld: 3pts
    rcs: 0.5pts

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