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    2024-03-20 spring comp night #1

    by , 03-31-2024 at 03:26 PM (40 Views)

    all day lucid presence

    night time:

    voice memo22:
    + gathering room, salad at the counter
    Earliest dream in terms of sort of a room that's going to be a gathering party there's a provider of food and refreshments I go up to the calendar with a womum's aren't concerned that there won't be enough fresh vegetables the third will just be no industrial crap and there is the amount of the clerk across the counter and up against the wall to the clerk's right across from us I see a bit stacks of containers and bins of fresh grains And I say Hey look I'll go over there it's okay you know there's gonna be the possibility of fresh silence and there's like 2 or 3 layers levels tall and they're like rooted some of them but there's a lot of different different from fresh greens like a standing out like even sprouts and silence and things and then sort of the next the major thing you say here is that the room is full of naked men and women having sex and II think that this is actually a video playing but it's happening you one right in front of us and I feel that my wife is next to me and I'm very embarrassed by this scene and I want adjustments to turn off and go away

    + work group ice cream?
    Number 2 later probably maybe a fragment with a group of company D contractor friends maybe like the serious brothers are standing around and I think we want to go get lunch or go get ice cream or something I think we'd be a Rus. P. is there and we want too yeah even his name like we were gonna name our groups of flubs or somethand yeah we're like I think we don't really want to name our group Next is or evaluating some computer code in a class there is Ata or an instructor who is reviewing their supreme outs in front of us I don't know if I'm a participant or I'm is sort of helping grade or helping my friends I guess maybe mark wrapped and we're looking at the pronouncement we're reading the statements library's line and the gist with this is that my friend has written code that's not going to work and it's crashed in the whole system and I'm kind of trying to really understand what's going on and there are little phrases and things that catch like VD or VD or anything of thing click this number imagining what these is stand for for Later dreams like along the dachshund along the puzzle ordering you know that we're the between theories yes

    + baby wild pig at the country home
    it's dark it's twilight mostly dark outside and then I see what do you think is a Cuban chick and I call it Cuban chick and I'm trying to see if it's like a dog or a pig and I think I see it little flat snout and the walking along the path towards home dot your front yard it's like the old Doctor nothin Newman and I'm concerned about this thing following me and it does follow me I'm really still trying to look at it and see what kind of A face or whatever it has is it a couple of years is it gonna get into our Yand coming around to the front side I'm looking at our fence and thinking about the fences different kinds of fences there's new metal holes and then there's just a kind of nylon netting and I'm trying to see if an in this cabin took a still walking around and I wonder if our dog is gonna come app and start barking at it cause they have to go crazy if they see the couple and then they're gonna around like to the front and I'll call my wife Hey come over to the Caban check And I'm looking at it and I'm wondering is it gonna get in and looks like it has looks like it is squeezed and too between the fences and gotten to the original my wife comes out and she's not impressed and she's okay now and you're gonna have to get it out and you know build app the fence and let me know the next couple of more thoughts or meals imagining stringing you know fencing around the whole perimeter of the property and there's something with another scene where it's also sort of the same area dark and when I'm riding a bike with big wheels a large diameter mountain bike and it's going slowly but I'm maintaining my balance and it's going up over some like a Bumpy log hill with her these logs and But it's rolling pretty smoothly and I make it in front of the house I sparked the bike there and I'm concerned about leaving it there because I might get stolen

    + [f] crushed fiesta roof There's a There's a fragment about the crushed open roof Ford fiesta it's and apparently my old Ford fiesta and it's missing a roof and the and it's passe you're Kevin's a frame it's sort of like a the whole frame is crushed like it's been really severely ruined rolled over and totaled and it's like how to mechanics or something and the guy I'm running around what can we do about this and guy gets in somehow a car and from inside he pushes just with his hands and muscles the frame out undoing basically all of the dents and I'm watching this and I'm amazed that I'm looking at just all the different components and things that are visible I'm wondering how can you do this

    + swimming pool
    Inside a swimming pool a Stark there's a lot of people around and a lot of kids jumping and splashing and then swimming around and I'm bumping up against everyone it's very crowded [MEO] next result for a little there's a scene kind of outside of that where there are some people like a family of no standards Middle Eastern family or I'm older and there's like a man serious man Liking you with a terrorist face and the conversation is life caught some guy and they're saying well yeah if you had touched my sister in some way you like like a kisser or something like that held her hand that would be one thing but you comparatively grabbed her boob and the her kid in the pool this has become a huge problem and they're gonna be like this guy's the attacker is a mother is there and there's like oh yeah we're not gonna we'll be here we're not gonna flee the country and then there's something about a guy for the run saying how I knew yelled the people of his ethnicity they run all the restaurants along the street and yeah we say that we basically control the whole place

    + business meeting
    There's a business meeting dream I'm talking with call like apparently we're in a corridoutside of a meeting room there's a meeting room on one side and then there's an office on the other side and the conversation goes you know what I'm saying what is the CGI no court what is this company there like a problem for us and our business dealings I say I could understand someone like shell or Chevron big oil company I'm gonna understand that I'm not causing a problem but what is the CK what what are they and And I'm in the meeting room looking for a long narrow meeting room filled with the meeting table and people are sitting down on the table I moved to the kind of the far corner of the room away from the entrance door and everyone else has taken their seats all around this table like 14:15 16 people and they all put their bags up on the table and I think like their lunches are in these bags as well and I'm trying to find a spot on that the far corner have a lot of the round overall table because like a Woman on my right and a man on my left and I'm Running to Find the chair and I think how man am I going to have to stand up for the meeting that'll be embarrassing

    voice memo continuation:

    I find the couple chairs and I squeezed in the spot at the corner of the table and they're passing around handouts for the a meeting on the table right in front of me are the kind of the note taking tools of the people sitting around me I'm gonna wear several pads of legal you Know small size legal paper and pencils and pencils and things there are 2 handouts going around that are getting passed around there there are no Staples presentations and I get your presentation that I take a pen and I'm recording the topic and the date I think it's like CGI or CGA C and I write these letters and I write the date I don't like you on the month/the day don't remember maybe it's March something I write down In the sort of

    final scene of dream is when I'm entering a room it's sort of like a business interview or a business dealing where I'm kind of like a contractor and the guys I'm dealing with are like a snack contract managers of a how's uh uh how's the place where you know companies come to them and they supply the contractors and the Russians I'm coming in and the guy says you're coming come in and extend up against the wall how tall are you and I answer 63 and says well we're gonna say you're 6 too and I say why is that is are the clients scared of tall people and the guy kind of laughs or smiles and his Big Beaver buck Keith and Betty doesn't really answer the question I'm a little annoyed by this and then the question of salary comes up in Israel we can probably get you 98 I think that's low That's very low for me you know I was thinking my head over there and over 200 before and then I say oh well it's the idea that we're going to severely underbid the job and then I'm going to quit you know if to get the client to accept it and then I'm gonna quit because I'm gonna be so dissatisfied with the low salary I said I'd like my lucky gwhile in Virginia in the foreign language and he gives her the smiles and nods but doesn't answer and now he's got a call accessing next to Hermosa as big buck Front teeth like beaver teeth and they're smiling and kind of looking very sly like the other trying to like they know things and they're not telling me and I'm getting annoyed by this Possibly back at the scene where importance of bicycle after going over the logs I'm looking at in the distance at a house I don't know a woman inside the house I'm not sure
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