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    1. You're fine.
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      Hey, just remembered I have an account on this website. Hope this isn't weird or anything. Oh, and, I'm sorry for everything.
    3. Hehehe, "not in my genes." That made me laugh, thanks.
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      Thanks. I like your profile picture and pretty much everything in your interests.

      Hello friend. I'm not wearing any socks but I could lick my epidermis instead, and I prefer chocolate shakes.
    5. That's okay, I just saw your "I like to draw" thread and decided I liked you. That sounds kind of creepy. Please disregard the creepiness of that statement.

      (Also, my friend who is sitting next to me at the moment says I should tell you to lick your socks and that I saw your epidermis. He's an odd one. He also says "Strawberry shakes.")
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      Howdy miss, just accepted your friend request and figured I'd drop by because frankly, I have no idea who you are.

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    "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?" ~Alice in Wonderland
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    writing, reading, drawing, painting, music, singing, elvish, nonsense, poetry, acting, dreaming!
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    *stalking* I mean, google.


    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistant one."
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    Dr. Who, Barnabas Collins

    by redisreddish on 08-24-2012 at 06:41 PM
    I'm in my house, along with a small crowd of people. They're all there because the doctor (11th doctor) is doing something. He's pacing back and forth and talking to himself. A bunch of girls keep trying to flirt with him, and he's getting visibly annoyed. He walks into the kitchen and comes back out with a Pop Tart, but after one bite he just looks at it strangely, hands it to me and continues pacing. All of the people clear out after a while, leaving just me, my dad, and the doctor. The doctor starts searching for something and my dad begins to talk to him. I can't remember any of what he said except the last part.

    "So, ah... You should take Taylor (that's me ) with you."

    The doctor drops whatever he was doing and spins to face my dad. "What!? I don't think you realize exactly what I do. I travel the universe. I cross time and space and different dimensions. Every day--EVERY DAY is dangerous, and anyone around me could die. Or worse. And you want me to take your daughter with me!?" Without waiting for a response, he steps over to where I'm sitting and leans down so we're face to face. "Do you want to come with me?" he asks quietly.

    "Yes," I answer immediately. Even though I'm excited beyond aything, the word comes out as barely more than a whisper.

    The doctor just stares for a few moments, his eyes drilling into mine like he' reading my life's story. Suddenly, he snaps back up to a standing position, looking like he's figured something out. "One year," he murmurs to himself, gazing off into space. Then his eyes find mine again. "One year, and I'll come back for you."

    "Okay," I nod, happy to wait any length of time for the chance to go with him.

    The doctor grins. "See you then."

    This dream was short. I was driving a van, but the brakes stopped working so I got out and started walking around the town I was in. I kept seeing the doctor from the corner of my eye. Every time I looked at him, he disappeared. I wondered if the year was up and it was time for me to go with him.

    I'm in some building when a wolf runs in. His fur is long, glossy, mixed black and brown. He looks at me, barks, turns in a circle, then waits, moving his front paws up and down impatiently. People are staring and both of us.

    "I'll follow you," I say to the wolf. Immediately he takes off through the door, and I run after him. We go down a winding road filled with random people. Every so often the wolf stops and picks out someone, and they join us. Eventually there's about ten of us standing in a circle. Then out of nowhere, Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) walks up and stands next to me. He places his hand on my shoulder and a warm feeling starts to spread through me. My eyes close, and I feel my body go limp. Barnabus catches me as I collapse... And then I'm asleep.

    It's the most beautiful sensation. Like pure happiness is flowing through me. It's warm, and soft, completely fills me on the inside and feels like being wrapped in a blanket of comfort and contentedness on the outside. Slowly, I wake up. (In the dream.) I'm lying in a large four-poster bed, on top of bright red sheets. The wonderful, fuzzy sensation starts to diminish in intensity, but I'm still extremely happy for no reason. I look over and see Barnabas standing at the side of the bed.

    "You do not have much left," he says. "If I take any more, you will die." I realized he's talking about my blood. I've just been attacked by a vampire... and I find myself not really caring. He didn't kill me, so it's all good. And the bed is so comfy... Barnabas starts talking again, and the dream ends.

    Trying to Fly, Weeping Angels

    by redisreddish on 08-15-2012 at 06:44 PM
    This one was lucid, but I didn't accomplish anything. -_-

    I think it started with me and a group of people standing in a parking lot, and Optimus Prime appeared and told us he needed people to help him fight evil. He handed each of us a mask, and when we put our masks on they turned into a full Power Ranger uniform. I was green. Optimus told us all our names (Glitter, for me ) and informed everyone that there were aliens in a nearby city. We were supposed to fly there... But I couln't get off the ground. Of course. So I grabbed hold of Optimus when he took off and rode all the way to our destination.

    We landed in a mall. There were large dinasaur-humanoid creatures rampaging around. People were screaming and running everywhere, and the other Power Rangers quickly went to work beating them up. I, however, had no idea what to do. One of the aliens spotted me and started to charge. I ran, but he was catching up. I made a feeble attempt at flying and landed flat on my face. The alien actually stopped and laughed at me, along with most of the people who had seen my fail.

    I gave up on the alien fighting and headed into the main part of the mall. People pointed at me and whispered things along the lines of, "There's that Power Ranger who can't even fly. What a loser." I just tried to find an interesting store. My friend Wesley came in after a minute or two and started following me, and I lost lucidity while trying to lose him.


    Just a fragment. I was in some kind of house or half-outdoor setting. The whole place was overrun with weeping angels from Dr. Who and Inferi (basically the Harry Potter version of zombies). I had a sledgehammer and was trying to destroy the angels and keep away the Inferi at the same time. That was pretty much the entire dream. At one point towards the end, though, I think I was explaining what weeping angels were to someone. There happened to be several of them surrounding us at the time.

    "You can't blink," I told her. "Every time you blink they come closer. When they're far away they look like this--" I put my hands up in the weeping pose-- "But when get up to you they look like this." I tried to imitate the hands-clawed-teeth-bared stance. As I was doing that, I noticed an angel behind me doing the thing I was trying to imitate. I pushed it away and said, "Back off, I can do it myself."

    Spoiler for Don't blink:

    More Zelda?

    by redisreddish on 08-04-2012 at 06:21 AM
    I think I've been playing that game too much.

    I was walking in my basement with a group of three or four people. There was one doorway to our left, covered by a huge spiderweb. After just looking around for a minute or two, the people I was with suddenly informed me that we were being chased, and that we needed to get away as quickly as possible. I grabbed a broom and knocked the web out of the way, and we ran through the door. We came into a random basement room that doesn't exist IRL, then ran through another door into another nonexistant room. It was large, with a shiny wood floor almost completely covered in green foam. There were bits of metal and wood and broken glass all over. A glass sliding door was set into the wall to our right.

    In the middle of the room, a portal like the ones in Twilight Princess was spinning around.

    A shadowy version of Link came out, along with several twilight-realm-ish Pokemon. The group of people I had been with was gone, and I was now dressed like Link, holding a sword. I got sucked into the portal on accident once, then spat back out, and I think the dream ended soon after that.

    Texting with a box of cereal

    by redisreddish on 07-31-2012 at 04:49 AM
    ~I was sitting in a floral-patterned armchair in my grandma's attic, which she had apparently just remodeled. It looked like a living room and a kitchen had a baby--there was a counter and cabinetry all along one wall and wrapping around a corner, but there was a couch, the chair I was seated in, and a coffee table also there. I was holding a red box of cereal, looking at a comic book that came with it. Two cats started climbing on me and I suddenly received a text on the back of the ceral box. Somehow I replyed to it (there weren't keys or anything on the box), but then realized that the texts cost money. I set the box down, moved the cats, and left the attic.

    ~My friend Hannah was preparing to get a tattoo. I think it was Mickey Mouse with his little wizard hat on. Apparently the proceedure for getting a tattoo in this dream was a bit different than IRL. She layed a picture of what she wanted on her arm, then took out a small knife. She started cutting little holes in her skin all around the picture. I was FREAKING OUT, but she assured me that everything was perfectly fine. There was no blood at all when she finished cutting the holes. It almost looked like she had stitched the picture down, but I kind of think that's what the holes were for--pre-cut spots for the needle to go when she did stich on her tattoo. *shudder* Oh, that made me squirm.

    ~A few kids from school and myself were babysitting a bunch of little kids. We played hide and seek with them, and then let them take naps. They were all dressed like Pillow Pets.

    Collection of Notes

    by redisreddish on 07-26-2012 at 04:25 AM
    I'm just going to copy some notes, straight out of my written journal. So some of them might sound a little strange.
    ~Go to some country to give toys to kids, we show a girl a balloon, a car, and a helicopter.

    ~At a weird camp where little goblins can take you.

    ~Fish fight

    ~Ice cubes covered in chocolate

    ~I'm in a play, pretty big role. I have a speech part and it sounds stupid, can't figure out how I should say it.

    ~In the filming of Harry Potter! One line, but still... It's in Russia, I want to talk to someone. Two brothers are spraying each other with a garden hose, so I talk to them and they ask me if I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or waffles with ketchup.

    ~Found Kenny Chesney, he's eating some ice cream, I talk to him.

    ~Fighing zombies as Link with the weapons from Twilight Princess

    ~Grandma on the phone with a girl telling her where to drive and keeping her from falling asleep

    ~Looking at miniature typewriters, there's a pretty blue one

    ~One of those dreams with a huge storyline I forget as soon as I wake up. I was a vampire, Louis and Lestat were there, and Gabe from Good Luck Charlie. Apparently the movie (Interview With the Vampire) is playing out and since I know what happens I tell Gabe I'm from the future.