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    1. 10/14/2014 - "Pirate Punishment", Fragment

      by , 10-15-2014 at 08:11 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Pirate Punishment"

      I was boarding a ship with others. It looked to be a cruise ship, but smaller than the large vessels that you would normally see leaving from the cape. I don't remember where we were going, but there were quite a few people on the boat.

      While out on the water, before even having gotten too far, our ship was attacked by 'pirates' (for lack of a better name). These guys were real bad news, and seemed as if they had just stepped out of the pages of a comic book. One of them was a dark-clad, helmeted, Darth Vader-looking s.o.b., and he was apparently the overlord of the group.

      The majority of us were down in the ship's hull. The bay door was open, and these goons were ordering us all to surrender to them, or they were going to blow us out of the water. Though there were only a handful of these assailants, we could see that they had the weaponry to take us all out (some of them having metaphysical powers, as well). There was no way we would be able to stop them.

      That's when I realized that I was dreaming.

      Despite having planned to use my lucidity for other things - and never being one to shy away from lucid combat - I allowed the storyline to conduct me and stepped out onto the open rear hatch, eager to turn the tables on these guys. I assured the rest of the people that things were going to be just fine, since "this was just a dream" and "no harm could come to any of [them], anyway!" With that, I levitated out from the wide mouth of the ship's bay door, hovering over the still water of the harbor and squaring up in a position to where I could better face our would-be captors.

      I don't remember too many details of the battle, but I was controlling my flight rather well, changing elevations over the water while evading the attacks from the group of baddies. A bit more action took place between me, the pirates and the passengers, but I don't recall much. Throughout the fight, there were a few times that I used telekinesis to sling my enemies in all directions, but the main thing I remember is facing off against one guy, in particular, that had a throwing knives or straight-razors, that he would throw at me. I don't remember if all of the pirates were able to fly, but I know this guy could. We had a good mid-air cat-and-mouse, and I kept flicking his projectiles away with TK, before they could reach me, guiding them with my hands outstretched, to mentally arc them around my body.

      Finally, unexpectedly, he pulled out a large meat-cleaver and chucked it at me. Still on a telekinesis roll, I waved the weapon off to one side, but then imagined it spinning around behind me, hooking around from my other side and launching back at its previous owner. In a state of shock, the other guy didn't seem to know what to do. It tore through one of this legs, opening an enormous gash in his thigh. When he grabbed his leg and yelled in horror, I knew he was done.

      With the still-spinning cleaver now hovering in the air, nearby, I turned to confront the rest of the invaders. Unfortunately, I don't remember anything passed this point.

      Fragment Two
      I was on a ranch, and about to be taught to ride my first bull, just after seeing a more experienced rider get dumped on his ass. They had smaller, tamer bulls for us amateurs to ride, and I got a good look at mine, through the rails in the fence, while making my way to the pen. Smaller or not, I was preparing for the worst, and wasn't feeling all too confident as I climbed on his back and began to strap myself in...

      All I remember.

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    2. 09/29/2014 - Fragments: Untitled, "Decisions, Decisions..."

      by , 09-30-2014 at 02:18 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One

      A bunch of friends and I were hanging out in my old garage. Eventually, we got into doing acrobatics, and I came to find out that I was able to do some pretty insane moves. It seemed as if I were defying gravity as I easily landed aerials, b-twists and all kinds of other flips and spins. I began to wonder about how I suddenly had these skills but was not able to become lucid.

      Fragment Two
      "Decisions, Decisions..."

      I was in a classroom or workshop (or something), and my roommate was there. There was a lot of commotion going on, and I remember my roommate vaulting over a desk. It turns out that we were about to be invaded and attacked by some sort of evil horde, though I can't remember who (or what) they were. My anxiety turned to excitement, as I realized I was dreaming. My mind raced to try and remember what it was I wanted to do, but I was being distracted by the impending chaos around me. I remembered the experiment, and what I needed to do...but I also wanted to fight. The idea of a coming invasion made me absolutely giddy in my lucidity. Deciding that (just maybe) there was a chance that I could get back to my primary objective, after having a little fun, first, I decided to hold off on my experiment and focus on the inevitable battle.

      Unfortunately, that's all I can remember. What a waste!

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    3. 09/22/2014 - "Breakaway Beach", "What Pills?"

      by , 09-23-2014 at 05:54 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Breakaway Beach"

      I was walking around on the beach, along the base of a cliff-side that approached the shoreline. With the left side of my body hugging the wall, I began to notice that the tide was steadily coming in, toward me. I started shifting my path to the left, getting pushed in toward the cliff by the water which came further and further up onto the beach with every subsequent wave. Eventually questioning just where I was, and how I got to this beach, I realized I was dreaming. I tried to think of what my goal was, once I became lucid. I knew there was something I was intent on doing, but couldn't quite put my finger on it, at the time.

      I was then distracted by the tide, which proved to be continuously rising, and I gradually started to climb up the side of the cliff as the water was now starting to flood the entire beach. The higher I climbed, the more the water level rose. It was soon breaking off large chunks of the cliff beneath me, causing me to scramble further, faster, toward the top. Looking down, I could see that I was a few dozen feet above sea level, but now I could see that not only had the tide come in, to cover the sand, but the clear, green-tinted waters of the shallow beach had turned almost black beneath me. This wasn't because the water, itself, had turned black, but because the shallow ground seemed to have completely dropped away, below the water, meaning that what once was a shallow beach in overwhelming tide, was now a deep, ocean trench. There was no hint of a ground beneath the surface. The water just stretched down into absolute nothingness.

      Getting really disconcerted by my situation, being on a cliff-side over all this open water (which is a situation that always makes me uncomfortable, even when lucid), and with the ominous way this dream was heading,
      I lost all lucidity and just kept trying to climb higher and away from this crazy ocean.

      Dream Two
      "What Pills?"

      I was camping with friends (my roommate, and his wife, I believe. We had all done some camping recently in waking life), and we had some swanky log cabin, which sat out in a clearing the center of the woods. Sometime during our trip, I was wandering around through the woods, eventually rounding my way back toward the cabin. On the way there, I looked down and found a clear, plastic bag on the forest floor. A few, dozen yards away, there was a service truck parked, facing me, which looked like it might belong to a ranger or worker or something. I could see that the driver had noticed me, but didn't explicitly seem to be paying much attention to me.

      Inside the bag, I could what I knew, immediately, were 3-4 pills of ecstacy (which I used to do, back in the day, but I know that this particular part in the dream was inspired by a story my roommate just told me, this past weekend). I discretely reached down and picked up the bag, balling it into my hand so as not to broadcast what it was I had just acquired. Nonchalantly, I set my hands in my pockets and continued off on my walk. When I passed the man in the truck, he watched me out of the corner of his eye. Then, when I had gone by a good ways, he started up his truck, turned around and began following me.

      The more he followed, the more nervous I got. Finally, before making it back to the cabin, I pulled out the pills from the bag and popped them all in my mouth, so that if the guy was a cop, I wouldn't get caught holding them, or seen tossing them. The guy pulled up and actually started heckling me, because he saw what I did, and he was joking about how fucked up I was about to be. I played dumb and told him that I didn't know what the hell he was talking about, then just continued off to the cabin. The guy turned around and left, seeing as how there was nothing he could have done at the time, even if he was a cop.

      When I got back to the cabin, having actually held the pills in my mouth, and not eaten them, I spit them all out. Since they hadn't completely dissolved, I believed I saved myself from having been too messed up, at a time when I hadn't even planned on taking them. The others and I enjoyed the rest of our time, and even had a fun sparring session, out in front of the cabin. There was a point where I was hanging from a wooden platform, by my hands, and I was using my feet to fight off the other two, blocking and pushing them with kicks and evasive footwork. I also remember letting go with one hand, and only hanging by the other, and using that free hand to aid in holding my own against my friends on the ground. We also played a game where we threw sponges at each other like shuriken. LOL. I dunno. It was weird...but fun!

    4. 09/08/2014 and 09/08/2014 - Fragment; "Totem Experiment #2"

      by , 09-09-2014 at 04:23 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Bladed Djinn"

      Running through an array of back yards and hopping random fences, I was trying to get away from a creature that reminded me of the djinn from the movie Wishmaster. It could also shapeshift, and merge itself with the surroundings. It would frequently disappear into the earth and move within it, then it would morph sections of itself into blades, stabbing upward at my feet and legs as I scurried up and over the residential properties. It was like fighting an ugly version of the T-1000 from Terminator 2.

      "Totem Experiment #2"

      (Another small success, this morning, though my quality of sleep has been less than great, and my recall is still suffering. I had been checking my totem, all throughout the day, yesterday. One of the last times checking it was when I was driving home from work at midnight, rolling it around in my hand and getting a feel for it while asserting that I was dreaming. I tried to levitate it in my hand, while willing it to point me toward my (as yet confidential) objective/destination. After going home and hanging out for a while, I went to bed, clutching my totem and setting my focus upon it.)

      I was driving down the road at night, seemingly on the same highway by which I make my way to and from work. Holding onto my totem, I began to check my state and gradually came to suspect I was dreaming. To confirm this, I looked down at my totem and attempted to move it with my mind. It suddenly stood straight up in my palm, like a football standing on one end. I believe that I focused on either my hand or the object, to bring the dream into more clarity, but I'm not 100% sure.

      As was the plan, I then willed the totem to lead me to my intended destination. The magnet/totem then flew forward, off of my hand, and went through the windshield (without impacting it). I then started to drive after it, following it down the highway toward wherever it was trying to lead me.

      The next thing I remember, it was daytime, and I was standing on a high, grassy cliff with an unknown person. It is assumed that lucidity had already left me, but I can't really recall. The only thing I could see, beyond the green grass beneath our feet, was a bright, almost overwhelming, blue and white sky (I was actually looking at both of us from behind, in third-person). I can at least tell that this person was a friend, and we were having a conversation about something being "wrong" or "not working", although I don't remember what that particular thing was.

      (In hindsight, I have to wonder if we were talking about the lucid dream experiment? I really don't know. I don't think I was lucid for this part, though, so it's hard to tell exactly what we were referring to.
    5. 09/02/2014 - Fragment

      by , 09-03-2014 at 11:30 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Expect a little more activity, here, shortly. Looking to get a little more involved, despite still having a lot of things going on in the waking world.


      (Actively tried accomplishing a certain lucid goal last night. I was able to become lucid, but ended up losing most of my memory of the actual dream.)

      I remember being in a two-story house; checking my hands at least twice to stabilize the dream; and an altercation with a group of well-dressed, mobster-like goons. At one point, I pinned one of the men down with telekinesis. I had, however, completely forgot to try my lucid goal (which I will give more information on, later).


      I will also be experimenting with a kind of 'totem' (ala Inception, for lack of a better term), for the next few weeks. I have a small item that I will be carrying around with me, during waking life, which I will use to attempt to induce lucid dreams. The item is one half of a pair of "singing magnets". I will be keeping it in my pockets and, periodically, pulling it out to feel it in my hands while asserting that I'm "in a dream", in hopes of incorporating the act into my dreams. This will be combined with carrying the item with me, when I go to bed at night, so that I can have the thought of carrying it fresh in my subconscious mind upon going to sleep.

      I like the idea of using a magnet, because they already have surreal physical properties, and I think that toying with it in dreams might make for some pretty interesting effects. Looking forward to reporting any experiences, once I'm able to disclose a little more information about the project.
    6. 06/17/2012 - Fragment

      by , 06-17-2012 at 05:38 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Spider-Cave Excursion"

      I don't remember much of this dream, but the earliest thing I recall is being in a tomb or cave-like environment, with some other people. Not sure why, or what we might have been doing down there, but I do know that the place was crawling with large, rat-sized spiders. There was one moment, in particular, where we running through a narrow passage, and an army of those spiders were stringing down on their webs behind us. (Been having a lot of wolf spiders around the house, lately. I was bound to start dreaming about them sooner or later.)

      Later, I had become lucid. (I don't remember how, though, which has been pretty common in my last few lucids). The only two things I really remember while lucid is doing a front walk-over (flip using hands), across a small bridge, and trying to blow up the tires of an enemy truck that had advanced on me from somewhere, using a sort of 'heat-hand' attack, but to no avail. I have a feeling my lucidity lasted a good while, but I really don't remember much.

      The only other thing I recall was escaping an area on bikes, though I can't remember if they were motorized or not. A friend was with me, riding along-side, and we were rushing down a grassy trail. I was carrying a sharpened piece of rebar that I had been using for a weapon and dropped it, during the escape. Being that it was the only thing I had, remember risking turning back around to pick it up, before completely riding away.

      That's about all I recall, though.

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    7. 06/05/2012 and 06/15/2012 - "Canyon Rock"; "Makin' Hulk Angry"

      by , 06-16-2012 at 05:44 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Canyon Rock"

      (There was so much in this dream that I don't remember. =/ I know that I was trying to complete the Grand Canyon task in the "Warriors of Dreamviews" thread, and that I became lucid at many points throughout the dream, but there is so much that was just plain forgotten...)

      Most of the 'beginning' of the dream was just exploratory; walking around the streets at night. Not sure what city I was in. During this time, I became lucid. I remember being in a park area and trying to walk through a chain-link fence. It kept resisting, as if this were waking life, even though I kept reminding myself that it was a dream. I tried to relax a little bit and sort of 'forget' about the fence, in order to walk through it. I began to sink into it a little bit, but I was still having a lot of trouble actually getting through it. On the other side of the fence, I could see a man standing across the street. He was laughing at me, watching me try to walk through this fence, and it beginning to agitate me.

      With a bit more determination, I forced myself through the fence - without breaking it, I believe, but am not sure - and walked over to this guy. Unfortunately, I can't remember quite how I exacted my revenge on him, but I did.

      Later, I was in someone's apartment, again just wandering around, taking in the lucid scenery, thinking of what to do next. Throughout the dream, I used the nose-plug reality check often, which was fresh in my mind after having been talking to IvyCloud about it, keeping me attuned to the fact that I was still dreaming. Looking at the bed, I noticed that the sheets were the color of sand, which made me think of a desert. I then thought about the Dream Warriors task, and that one of them was in the Grand Canyon. Trying to figure the best way of teleporting to that kind of scene, I ended up just staring at the bedsheets, letting the print fill my field of vision. Soon, it was like I was looking down upon a desert area, from the sky. The image grew wider and closer in my perspective, until my feet touched down upon the sand as if I had just dropped out of flight. Raising my eyes to my surroundings, I saw that I was suddenly in the wide, yellow desert surrounding the canyon, and there was a fierce battle raging around me, involving tanks, RPGs, ATV's and other toys.

      The last thing I remember was doing the nose-plug check one more time, being able to breathe, and then rushing in to join the battle.

      "Makin' Hulk Angry"

      I was with my best friend T, and...the Hulk. We were in a building, that I believe might have been an apartment, and there was (another) face-less, name-less enemy faction closing in to cause all kinds of trouble. (Isn't there always?) So, for some reason, the Hulk was reluctant to fight. The three of us were standing in the living room, and T and I were trying to get Hulk worked up, so that he would take out all of these bad guys who were about to descend upon us. For some reason, though, he was just really mopey and depressed and insecure, almost like he was Banner trapped in Hulk's body. Then, we said something that touched a nerve - I think it had to do with something that we knew happened to his parents that (conveniently) had to do with these villains that we were about to face.

      That triggered a reaction in him, and we could see that infamous scowl begin to return to his face. I can't (now) remember what the dialogue actually was, but we kept on pressing, mercilessly recounting to him all the details of what these enemies have done to his family in the past. We were bombarding him with horrible memories, our tone increasing with each emotional hit we gave him. We could almost see his blood boiling. He began to absolutely quake with anger, huge white teeth baring down upon each other, in the open. He looked as if he were literally about to explode.

      Finally, not being able to take it anymore, Hulk suddenly let out a thunderous roar, bent his legs and then, enraged, jumped straight up into the air like a rocket, tearing through the many floors above us and leaving a gaping hole all the way through the top of the building. T and I looked at each other and grinned, knowing that - whomever these clowns were that were looking to attack us - they were in for a world of hurt.

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    8. 01/25/2012 - "With Friends Like These..."

      by , 02-15-2012 at 05:52 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      "With Friends Like These..."

      I was with a group of old friends, and a couple of people I don't recognize. I know JS and MA were there (old friends of mine - a failed couple), and it was weird to see them all buddy/buddy again. We were at someone's home, and one blonde girl in the group had been crying about something. Obviously something of a private issue, we'd gone into one of the rooms and she was telling me about what was going on, while I tried to console her. She leaned into me and I put an arm around her, just as some of our friends appeared in the doorway. Suddenly, one of the other girls in the group (though I can't remember who) seemed to get really jealous of the (completely innocent) attention I was giving this girl. She said something under her breath, like "oh, she's good..." turned around and walked off.

      Later, we were all in some enormous mansion. Walking around, exploring the place, I had become slightly lucid. I specifically remember telling a couple of the girls to remember that this was a dream, in the off chance that they would remind me, should I forget. After some time, we found out that there were these huge guys in black coats walking around this mansion, who looked like Mr. X from the Resident Evil series. They were lumbering juggernauts, and were kind of creepy, in the way they just wandered about aimlessly. I ended up getting into a fight with one of them, in a hallway, where I did something of a 'fade-away' Hadouken blast, turning around while in motion and sliding backward, away from the monster, while shooting the beam of blue energy at him. While doing this, I happened to notice that I could see my reflection in the metal face of one of the double doors I'd just dashed through, surrounded by blue light as a fired away at him. I remember thinking about how it was such an amazing little detail that my mind threw in there.

      After doing some more exploring, it was revealed that this mansion was owned by a coven of vampires, who were attacking us around every other corner. I remember a small vampire boy biting me on the hand, but I sort of 'fortified' my hand by will, causing him to be unable to penetrate my skin with his fangs. A few more skirmishes followed, which I was handling without too much trouble, but I began to notice that the people in my group were starting to come up missing, one by one. Soon, it was just me. Curious as to just what might have happened to everyone, I set out on a search for them, eventually losing my lucidity.

      There was some kind of transition here, and I felt like I was just coming back to the mansion, after some extended period. The entire house was now covered in ice and snow. Some rooms and wings were completely shut off, as if it hadn't been lived in for decades. I was still searching for my friends, though, climbing through these icy corridors and removing blockades from places where it seemed no one had tread for ages.

      Finally, I walked into a large courtyard of sorts, enclosed in glass - something between an 'inside' and an 'outside' type of room, if that makes any sense - kind of an upscale back patio. It was very elegant, as was everything else in the mansion, and looked like it might be some aristocrat's den - There was well over a dozen vampires in here, and they were all just milling about, doing their own thing. A few of the males were sparring, and I then looked over toward a set of tables and chairs, seeing some of the females lounging around in white bathrobes. This looked more like a resort than a coven of vampires. It was then that I noticed that I recognized some of the females. They were the missing girls from my group. They seemed to recognize me at the same time. Immediately, I was lucid again, and I walked over to them, getting a few less-then-welcome glares from some of the other vamps in the room. The girls sauntered sexily up to me, smiling invitingly. They began telling me about great their new vamp lifestyles were, trying to seduce me into becoming 'one of them.' Even though I was aware that I was dreaming, I couldn't help but feel betrayed by them, as I had been really enjoying their company, earlier in the dream, and they'd just left me to search for them by myself. They tried to put me on a guilt trip for declining their offer to stay there with them as a vampire, but I told them that they were the ones at fault, for choosing to stay behind, and that I was gonna just go my own way for the rest of the dream. (Funny that, even though I was aware that it was a dream, I felt so betrayed by their having been lounging around here with the vamps while I wasted half of my dream searching for them. Lol.)

      Inevitably, as these girls began to make me out to be the bad guy in this, the other vamps began circling in around me. Finally, the head vampire gave the order to have me killed. An enormous, absolutely insane fight ensued, where I took on this entire courtyard of vampires at once. (The action felt a lot like in the game Arkham Asylum, which I had been playing lately.) Everyone was basically just coming in at once and I had to pull off sick combos to take them all out, moving from opponent to opponent fluidly, cutting through their numbers so quick that they barely had time to gain any sort of upper-hand. During the fight, while near the large fireplace at the head of the room, I caught sight of a small box sitting atop the mantle. Showing a little ingenuity, I stuck my hand in the box, willing it to contain a bunch of stakes and other weapons, which I immediately used in battle, taking out the gang of undead attackers and causing the head vampire to finally take his shot against me. This dude was huge (and reminded me of Kingpin from the Daredevil movie). He swooped in toward me and, in a defensive reflex, I manifested a pistol into my hand, barely having enough time to swing the barrel up and shoot him in the leg, before he was standing directly in front of me. The shot obviously did nothing to him, and I was actually somewhat emboldened by his resilience. I remember muttering something to him like "Oh...a tough guy, eh?" We then had a short hand-to-hand battle. I don't remember much of it, but I know that I completely out-classed him. The very last thing I remember from the fight is grabbing him by the back of the head and shoving his face into the glass enclosure around the room, spider-webbing the glass with a loud crack. I don't remember actually killing him, though.

      The girls had stayed out of the fight, but were still obviously pissed at me. I was more than satisfied with the dream, though, and fearing I would forget many of the details, I told them that I was leaving them to go back to the real world, and that they could just stay 'down here' and be pissed, for all I care, traitorous bitches that they were. Lol.

      The very last thing I recall was looking out into the night, through the glass wall, and seeing some underwater lights moving around in a pond or pool, just outside, as if there were two people scuba-diving, out there in the winter cold. I then woke myself up.

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    9. 01/11/2012 and 01/12/2012 - 1)"This is a Raid!", 2) "Deady's Little Girl" [+ Fragments]

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:57 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "This is a Raid!"

      I was hanging out with a bunch of people, in someone's living room. My daughter CJ was there, and we were all just kind of sitting around watching TV. All of a sudden, some girls came into the house/apartment and blurted out [At work. Censored for Now] My kid perks up and says "really??" as if she was so excited about what she was about to witness. Later, I was with CJ (who was now a bit older than she is now) and she was driving us around in a car. While she was driving, I was explaining to her - for some reason - what a police raid is. (It's been a topic around Extended Discussion, lately.) I was telling her how a raid was, put simply, when the police barge into your house without warning. I don't remember whether or not I actually elaborated on this, but I figure she only focused on that one concept.

      So, having this fresh 'understanding' of what a raid was - and once we pulled back up to the friend's house, where we once were - CJ slammed on the gas and crashed the car directly through the outer wall and into the person's dining/living room area. Needless to say, I was mortified, though she, completely unfazed by the crash, suddenly yelled out to everyone in the house, "THIS IS A RAID! HAHAHAHAHA!" as if infinitely proud of herself at having so quickly applied her new knowledge of what a raid was.

      Lol. Kids...

      Dream Fragment One
      I was ghost hunting with some chick. We'd begun the hunt during a non-lucid portion of the dream, but I ended up becoming slightly lucid after realizing we were searching for ghosts. I didn't really choose to interfere with the narrative at all, and we just continued looking around for any ghosts that might be in the area. On the street of some unknown neighborhood, I'd thought I'd caught a glimpse of some sort of bright apparition, reflected in the metal surface of the trunk of a nearby car, but I didn't really see anything else around us. I figured it to just be the reflection of the moon, but didn't spend too much time confirming it.

      Dream Fragment Two
      I was discussing the previous dream on the forum, and Omnis Dei (whom had been participating in the raid conversation, in ED) had commented on it. I can't remember his comment, though.

      Dream Three
      "Deady's Little Girl"

      I was on an upper floor of an old apartment building and happened to be looking out of a window, when I saw a woman in a compact car getting her vehicle flipped by an angry mob. Once the vehicle was turning over onto its roof, I could see that there were also kids in the car, and they were terrified. Immediately, I ran downstairs. I don't remember much of the actual confrontation with the crowd, but I was able to reason them into leaving the woman and her children alone, and they ended up dispersing. While they were clearing out, I began helping the woman and her 2 children out of the overturned car. She had a little boy and girl - the boy being the younger of the two, at the age of maybe 2 years old. He was just the sweetest kid. We'd gotten along really well, within the first few moments of my meeting him. Sometimes, he'd just come up to me and hug around my legs. The mother, who was maybe in her early 40's, was quite attractive, and very thankful for my help. She had short, black hair, and a bit of a 'punk' kind of look to her, and it was easy to see that there was at least some level of mutual attraction there. I asked her if she wanted to go and grab something to eat sometime, if for no other reason than that she seemed like someone I'd like to get to know.

      Later, after we'd gone out for food, we ended up back at her apartment. It wasn't long before we started fooling around and [Censored for now]. Eventually, I was just not able to ignore it, and I told her that I had to stop, before we'd even really gotten down to business. I didn't really go into detail as to why, not wanting to hurt her feelings. She was noticeably upset, but ultimately seemed to understand. Her father, on the other hand - whom I met later in the dream - well...he wasn't quite so understanding...

      Apparently, her father was some kind of immortal, invincible being. On the outside, he looked like your typical, southern-ish old man. (Kind of reminded me of Abraham Whistler, from the Blade movies.) He'd caught wind of the fact that I'd refused to sleep with his daughter, and was soon Hell-bent on causing me major bodily harm. This 'man' spent the rest of the dream hunting me down and trying to kill me, often brutally murdering anyone that I'd recently associated with, in order to pick up a trail that would lead him to me. Every now and then, he would track me down, and we'd square off. I actually ended up killing him at least 4 times, throughout the course of the dream, but the bastard just kept coming back. This was quickly turning into a slasher flick type of scenario, and no matter how I would get away from this guy, he would just keep on coming for me. There was one moment when I was being stalked through a school or something like that. I'd grabbed some sort of weapon and was about to kill the man again, when I realized that it was the police that were following me this time. I'd almost killed them, by accident, because I was so rattled. They told me they'd heard something about the situation and were coming to investigate. However, while I was talking to them, the chick's old man popped up suddenly, and completely mutilated them both, right in front of me - carving them up in gruesome fashion. I believe I bolted, after that. After a little more cat-and-mouse, I remember one more confrontation with him, where we in the back of his pick-up truck (which was somehow stretched into an RV-like structure, with four walls and a ceiling). We'd gotten into another fight, and I had begun slipping in and out of lucidity, by this time. Feeling much less threatened by him, I attempted a few 'Hadouken' fireballs on him, but was not able to manifest a single one. Then, still having the upper-hand, I pushed him into into some sort of industrial shredder that he had inside his vehicle, painting one wall with his crimson remains. There was literally nothing left of him that could be identified.

      Having slipped out of lucidity again, and wondering if I'd actually managed to get rid of him, I made my way to the woman's apartment; where she and her kids had been, throughout the whole ordeal with her father. Despite our earlier 'problem', there was still a level of friendship between us. When I got there, though, instead of being happy to see me, like her kids had been, before this, there was an almost palpable hostility in the air. Somehow, they had gotten word that I had 'killed' the grandfather. Out of nowhere, the - once sweet and affectionate - little boy comes running up to me and bites me on the hand. Hard. I drew my had back and looked toward her other kids. She had three this time, instead of two, the third of which was an older, teenage daughter. All three were giving me a look that I could see was the spitting image of their grandfather's evil glare. But, where her younger children didn't seem to pose all that much of a threat, it was the teenage daughter in whom I could see an explicitly dangerous level of rage building, though she remained silent...just staring at me. It was then that I knew he was somehow 'influencing them', from beyond - possessing them, somewhat, in order to carry out his revenge. The mother was also visibly hostile, though not on the level of the children. As I pleaded with her to let me explain the craziness that I had just been dealing with, she insisted that it was best for me to leave and take my daughter (who was now with me, for some reason), because I was upsetting her children. On one hand, I could see that she didn't really want me to leave, but with the tension the way it was, she seemed to be demanding as if she had no other choice. Feeling more than a little dejected, I left the apartment.

      After walking downstairs, I noticed her father's pick-up truck in the parking lot. Inside, was the man himself - fully whole - and he smiled evily while getting out of the truck and walking in my direction. By now, I felt completely defeated. I knew that he was just going to keep tracking me, no matter how many times I killed him. There was some stranger nearby, and I started raving about how I'd chopped the old man up, and how he kept coming back to life. The stranger just said "no, man...no...." and shook his head at me like I was losing my marbles. Again, I turned to face the woman's father. He had a bottle in his hand, with a cloth sticking out of the top of it - a molotov cocktail. For a moment, we just stared at each other, him with this smug look of victory on his face. About here, my lucidity began coming back, and really the first thing that I was thinking about was just waking myself up from this horrible dreams. In the middle of my train of thought, though, and without actually lighting it first, the old man suddenly chucked the bottle directly at my head. Almost instinctively, I focused on a bit of telekinesis and pretty much 'force-pushed' the unlit molotov directly back at him, accompanied by a wave of my hand. Before I got to see if it actually hit him or not, I woke up.
    10. 01/09/2012 and 01/10/2012 - 1) "Two Left Feet", 2) "Illusionista" [+ Fragment]

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:50 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One
      I was boarding a train, but I can't remember where I was supposed to be going. What I did come to find out was that I'd gotten onto the wrong, and the one I was on was heading 'non-stopped' to Australia (which made perfect sense. ). I began to panic a bit, thinking that I was going to be stuck on this train for God knows how long. But, not too far from where we'd boarded, we came to another station, where I was able to hop onto a different train and head back the other way. For some reason (probably because I didn't have a ticket for this new train), I had to share an 'undercarriage' beneath the train - which had about as much room as the space beneath an 18-wheeler's trailer. There were a few other people down there, and we were holding on for dear life, to the small planks that separated us from the train tracks which were whizzing by, beneath us. With the way we had to hold onto the planks, I kept getting nervous that my fingers were going to get caught in the wheels and severed.

      Dream Two
      "Two Left Feet"

      I remember being in an apartment complex type of setting. There were a few women there, who were around my age, and a couple of little kids that were running around the area. I was having a lot of fun, playing with the kids, and this one girl - in particular - was really checking me out. She seemed to be watching how I interacted with the kids, and by the huge smile on her face, I could see that she approved. Later, I was at a nightclub and saw her in the crowd. When she noticed me, she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dancefloor, just as "Ice Ice Baby" came on. We just laughed at how corny the song selection was and danced to it, anyway.

      While we were dancing, I kept having problems because it seemed like random things were just cluttering up the dancefloor, and I kept stepping on them. First it was a broom, that had hap-hazzardly made its way onto the floor. Then, once I was able to navigate clumsily around that, I somehow got my foot stuck into a pillow case. What had once been an attempt to dance now simply turned into me trying to get the damned pillowcase off of my foot, to no avail.


      There was a crazy alien invasion scenario going on. (Unfortunately, I lost most of the details of the dream.) It was all very intense, and dramatic, with lots of emotional moments between myself and my friends and family. I don't remember too much about the nature of the aliens, themselves, aside from their larval form; they were these small, centipede-like bugs that would burrow into our skin, wherein they would multiply and eventually take over the person's mind, which them became the 'host'. There was an extremely horrific scene in which some of us - myself included - were forced to take knives to our own bodies and cut these parasites out of our flesh (much like in the movie The Ruins), to keep from becoming completely controlled.

      Sometime later, I also remember an extremely emotional moment, when I was with my mom, and we were trying to get out of town as the aliens were destroying everything. We were looking back toward the city, and watching an enormous mushroom cloud swell up from where we'd once called home. My mom was sobbing at all we'd lost, and I was trying to console her.

      Later, still, we'd come to find out that the entire scenario was an illusion. It was forced upon us by some crazy powerful witch, or something. I can't remember how we'd done it, but we were able to defeat her, and got her locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane. She was being wheeled away on a gurney, and, once she got passed a certain point - and deeper within the bowels of the asylum, she broke free and tried to launch some sort of counter-attack from the inside. She transformed, showing us her true figure, which was human from the torso up, but had the enormous abdomen of an insect. We'd gotten into a final battle, down in a dungeon-esque corner of the building, and were able to inject her with something from a syringe, which made her inhuman abdomen swell up even bigger than it was. Inevitably, it burst, splattering a thick, translucent liquid all over us and the room. After that, though she was still alive, the witch was apparently unable to continue her fight.
    11. 12/27/2011 thru 01/09/2012 - 1) "Beachside", 2) "ET Eviction" [+Fragments]

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:44 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One
      There was a huge war going on between the Autobots and Decepticons. I was Optimus Prime, and just going around and completely destroying all of the Decepticons in my path; ripping them apart with my blades and cannons. At one point, I was having an argument with one of the other Autobots about whether we should drive into battle, in our vehicle forms, or just run in on our robot legs.

      Dream Two:

      A had a white horse, which I was riding up and down Daytona Beach. After a while, I had gone into one of the larger hotels and was riding the horse all through the building, while people tried to dodge out of our path. At one point, I remember dismounting the horse and was petting it, then it dropped down onto its back and 'offered' its stomach to me, like a dog waiting to have his belly rubbed, which I did.

      Later, back out on the beach, I was 'bodysurfing' on some of the waves. I remember catching one that seemed endless, and pushed me back toward the shore, for what seemed like a half mile. I achieved a very low level of lucidity around here, and I began to wonder if being out in the ocean was going to make my subconscious manifest any nightmare creatures. I kept bodysurfing, but was getting increasingly worried about that, so I ended up making my way back to dry land. While walking around the beach, I spotted a gorgeous girl, sitting on a wooden deck about 20 yards from me. Having thought back to the conversation I'd been having the other day about using lucid dreaming as an arena to practice social activity, I began making my way across the sand, to talk to this girl, which isn't usually something I'd just up and do. The walk in her direction seemed to take forever. In fact, it seem that, the more I walked, the more I was just really not getting anywhere. It was like the ground was stretching as I was walking across it.

      I don't actually remember making it over to her, before waking up.

      I was with a group of people that were breaking into someone's house. (I believe I was younger, in this dream.) There was really no reason we were breaking in. It was just an empty house, at the time. Later, the owner of the house - who was supposed to be gone longer than he was - came home. We all tried to bolt, but some of us couldn't get out fo the house in time, and had to hide. One kid was caught, and was getting interrogated by the house owner, so he ended up telling where some of the rest of us were hiding. Just I was about to be discovered I became lucid. Knowing it was just a dream, I decided to save the guy the trouble of coming to look for me, and I just walked out of my hiding spot to give him an explanation of what was going on.

      That's all I remember.

      "ET Eviction"

      I was practically at War with this little, red, alien thing that had found its way into my house. It was a thin little red tube of something - kind of like a parasitic worm or something - that was really thin and about 8 inches long. On top of that, it could stretch to a much greater length and had a tooth-filled mouth on one end. With its malleable, stretchable body, this thing could fit through the smallest cracks and hold onto most surfaces, no matter how hard I pulled on it, because all it would do is stretch like elastic. Sometimes, I would try to shove it out a door, and then it would squeeze itself back in through the cracks in the doorframe. Or, if it was holding onto something and refusing to budge, I would pull and pull - stretching it out to about 5 feet or so, and then it would 'snap' back onto my hands and wrap itself around my wrists, like a child holding onto your leg to keep from being made to leave your side. Sometimes, I would get it way out into the field outside my old house, and throw it at the ground, and then I would haul-ass back to my house and try to close the door, only to have it somehow arrive at the same time and we'd continue our struggle again.

      Finally, after what seemed like dozens of minutes of work, I was able to get the thing out of the house, again. It was latched onto my wrists and just biting the shit out of my hands. I was trying to take it even further than I had before, but I woke up before I was able to get it unlatched from my hands.

      My friend and ex-g/f MJ was telling her present b/f lies about me, to justify our hanging out together. She had been telling them that I was now gay or had HIV or something, in order to convince him that we weren't sleeping together when we were hanging out and he wasn't around (which we haven't been). I'd found out about this, though, and became really upset that she took to lying about it instead of just telling him straight up that I was still her best friend and we will still be hanging out, even though we're both straight (which is the actual situation now). I confronted her about it and she got irrationally crazy about the fact that I was even bringing it up, and she stormed off.

      All I can remember is that this was a short fragment about having an extremely badass bicycle, which was something of a cross between a touring bike and a mountain bike. I was riding toward MJ's house, who apparently lived in Longwood, in this dream, though she doesn't in real life. I really don't remember very much at all, though.

      I was in an apartment complex and getting attacked by a porcupine. It ran out of the bushes and I got its quills stuck in my foot - straight through my shoes. Dropped to the ground, from the pain, I crawled my way away from this advancing porcupine, dragging myself up the nearby stairs, which the porcupine was not able to climb. Once at the top of the stairway, I began pulling all of these twelve (or so) inch quills out of my feet. It was excruciating. (It was a lot like the old Freddy Kruger dream I'd had, years back, where I was pulling the long nails out of my gums, but this was in my feet.) The last thing I can remember is the few agonizing minutes I had, trying to get the barbs from out of my feet and toes.

      Dream Fragment Two
      My best friend was leaving for Australia again (which he is), and we just spent the whole dream hanging out with each other and enjoying each other's company before he ships off again.

      Getting to 3rd base with TW, an ex-co-worker of mine who extremely attractive. There were a bunch of people in my house, who kept interrupting us, every time things would start to heat up between her and I. One of those people happened to be my baby's momma.

      It was the middle of the night, and there were three Hagravens in my house. (Been playing a lot of Skyrim lately.) The only thing I really remember is running into my room and trying to slam the door behind me. The trio got caught in the door frame and I had to keep pushing and slamming my shoulder against the door to beat them back. I was also trying to take care of them as quietly as possible, because my daughter was asleep in the next room and - Hagravens or not - I was really trying not to wake her up. After a short scuffle over the doorway, they were finally able to bust into my room. I woke up as soon as they smashed the dooframe in.
    12. 12/11/2011 thru 12/13/2011 - 1) "Make-Shift Assassin", 2) "Losing My Best Friend", Fragments

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:26 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One

      I was lucid, from my earliest memory of this dream, riding down the highway in a ridiculously fast sports car. I was in the passenger seat, and my cute Puerto Rican friend AR was sitting on my lap, while her friend was driving. AR and I began to fool around, and slipped one hand down the front of her pants, rubbing her chest with the other, and kissing the side of her neck. We were all just completely having a blast. The more I would massage AR's erogenous zones, the faster her friend would push the car, until the sound of AR's moaning was revving right along with the engine, as was the grinding of her ass against my lap. It was probably one of the most fun lucid moments I've had, and just insanely hot. She'd throw her head back and over my shoulder, every now and then, calling out while her friend would watch us out of the corner of her eye, laughing.

      It was amazing. Lol.

      Dream Two
      "Make-shift Assassin"

      I was searching through some house; again, already lucid. Walking into one room, I noticed a vase with a head and face on it. The more I walked passed it, the more that I noticed that the face was apparently alive, and eerily smiling ever wider, as it watched me move across the room. Near the vase was a mirror, which I started into for a while, noticing the way that the furniture in the room had moved, which didn't seem to match what an actual mirror should show.

      Eventually, I walked through the mirror and ended up in a different scenario. I was running assassin/theif missions with someone else, and we were both dressed as ninjas. I don't remember much of the transition into the scenario, but I was still lucid and completely enjoying the story, so I continued to play along. We did some amazing parkour across rooftops, and I would occasionally phase through the doors and walls of the buildings.
      There was one moment I vaguely remember, after I'd lost lucidity, where we'd gone to the house of a particular mark. After spending some time looking through the mark's personal belongings, we were found out, and I was able to escape a second story window before my partner was. While hanging on a ledge, outside of the room, I watched while the mark's posse came in and caught my partner, though I knew that I could not give away my position.

      "Losing My Best Friend"

      There was a massive skydive training function / party going on, involving hundreds of people. My very first jump was to be a base jump off of a tall cliff or ledge. Not to prove myself timid, I did a back flip off of the ledge, but what once seemed to be a jump of a few hundred feet turned out to last a fraction of a second, and I couldn't even finish my rotation. It felt like I tried to do a back flip off of a coffee table. Not having nearly enough rotation to complete the flip, I ended up face-planting on the ground - no pain or anything, but it was embarrassing as hell.

      After picking myself up, I went around the grounds of this festival and mingled for a bit. A lot of my old friends were there, including my best friend Todd. Soon, my second jump had come up, and Todd and I were now jumping from a plane, simultaneously. In the middle of these festival grounds was a huge cave that went straight down into the Earth. It was basically an enormous hole in the ground, that people were partying around, down below us. (Something like This, but maybe not as sheer on the sides.) Todd and I had no intentions of landing in or around this hole, but we ended up traveling off course and headed in that direction. Unable to avoid it, I crashed against one side of the cylindrical wall, just a few feet from the top, on a ledge just barely big enough to hold me in a standing position. Todd dropped a little further down, and landed on a small protrusion of rock on the opposite side of the expansive cavern, on his stomach, with his head nearly hanging over the edge and facing down into the void.

      I barely had three inches to spare, on the tiny ledge that was holding my feet above a deadly fall. The more I tried to climb out, the more the lightly packed wall of earth began to give way in my hands. Looking back across the gap at Todd, I could see that he was having trouble keeping his position, and his body was naturally beginning to slide down closer to the lip of the ledge he was on. His eyes screamed the extreme fear that his mouth would not, and the more he attempted to inch himself away from the ledge, the more the ledge began to give way. I could tell that it wouldn't be long before it completely failed him. I yelled his name, trying as desperately as I could to climb up from off of my ledge. It seemed impossible, though. Every time I tried to climb out, my hold would give way, and I would put myself in danger of falling to my death as well, but I could see that Todd was running out of time.

      Finally, the last bit of solid ground he had gave way, and I watched him slide forward, his body diving, head first, off of the tiny ledge, and down into the hole - which might as well have been bottomless, from as far down as I was able to see. I lost sight of him withing just a few moments, but then I heard that horrible Crash from down below. It hit with such force that I knew, instantly, no one could have possibly survived. I think I called out for him one more time, and - not really giving a damn about my own safety anymore - I scrambled up and out of the cave, somehow pulling myself up onto the ledge and level ground, along with the scores of other people who had been watching the whole ordeal.

      I ran around the rim of the cavern to where he once was. On the way over, I came across some drunken idiot who was laughing at the situation (while everyone else was quite visibly stunned). For the shortest moment, I almost got into a fight with this jackass. He said that he thought it was funny because Todd was 'just some random dude' and was 'nothing special'. Right. This was not his best friend we were talking about. Fuming, but still overcome with concern, I continued running around to the other side of the hole, knowing in my heart that no one could have survived that fall. Almost to the railing, where everyone else was staring down into the hole, I began pushing my way through the crowd. Suddenly, I was blocked by T's mom (whom I love dearly). She ran toward me, crying her eyes out, and threw her arms around me. She had seen the whole thing from an angle that I had not, and I could tell by her reaction that I had been right, and my best friend in the world was dead.

      (This was the absolute worst dream I have had in a very long time. I woke up feeling absolutely horrible. Todd has been in Australia for the past year, and I called him a few times after hearing this dream, just to hear is voice. Wasn't able to get in touch with him until a few days after this dream, though. It was pretty rough. )

      All I remember is that I dove into a large, rock-filled lagoon with some friends, and began swimming down into a huge hole (much like the one in the previous dream, but in the water instead of on land). Apparently, we could all breathe underwater, because we just kept swimming further and further down. Eventually, what was a tunnel opened up into a seemingly-boundless cavern of sorts. We began to see lights and over-sized mechanisms like cogs and chains surrounding us. We had swam down into what turned out to be an underwater civilization, reminiscent of what some might depict Atlantis to be - domed buildings and rock-set architecture. Never got a chance to associate with any of the locals, though.

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    13. 12/10/2011 - 1) "Bouncer Housed", 2) "Gush Hour"

      by , 01-29-2012 at 08:58 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Bouncer Housed"

      I feel that I can only remember a small portion of this dream. There were many occasions where I kept trying to find lucidity, but I would only get to the point of figuring that 'something was strange.' Finally, I was able to levitate some objects (though I can't remember what they were), and convinced myself that I was dreaming. I'd been driving around, at one point, and remember phasing through the roof of a moving car. Most of this was lost in memory, though.

      What I remember the most, is one moment when I was apparently in some type of nightclub. I had gotten into an altercation with a bouncer, and we were squaring off against each other. The thing about this bouncer, though, is that he was practically a giant. He stood no less than 9ft tall, and was easily tipping over 500lbs - not your everyday 'tough guy.' I was already lucid at this time, though, and I was just talking all kinds of shit to this guy. I don't remember exactly what I was saying, but I was pretty much just warning the guy not to press his luck, because this was my dream, and it could easily destroy him, if I wanted to. For a few moments, he stood his ground, but after a while, he seemed to just think I was out of my mind for fucking with someone as large as he was. After a short while of barking back and forth at each other, the bouncer finally said something along the lines of: "Dude, you're fucking crazy..." turned around and walked away. It was an obvious gesture of pity, because he figured that he would pummel me into the ground, if he'd allowed himself to lose control. I knew otherwise.

      When I looked back at my friends, everyone was staring me in complete awe. They told me that they'd never seen me take on such a challenge, head-on. It was actually kind of shocking. The awkwardness of it felt so real that
      I began to lose lucidity. I started questioning whether or not this was a dream, and became somewhat startled at the idea that I might have just told that enormous bouncer off, the way I did. (The fact that he was probably 9 ft tall stuck with me as 'something that was strange', but it was no longer something that registered enough to keep my lucidity.)

      Dream Fragment Two
      All I really remember is something about my dad sleeping on a mattress on the living room floor.

      Dream Three
      "Gush Hour"

      I was on a boat, and there was some kind of battle going on.

      I'd been with T, and his Jeep (which apparently had the ability to float in water) was bobbing along behind the stationary vessel - our getaway vehicle. During a scramble, I had safely bailed out of the boat, and crawled back into the floating Jeep. Once inside, I stared anxiously through the windshield, waiting for Todd to emerge so we could get the hell out of there. Instead, there was a large disruption (which might have been an explosion, but I really don't know), and the Jeep was suddenly rocked by a large wave. Not being strapped in, I found myself being tossed around, inside the vehicle, while water poured in from all sides, through the open windows. The Jeep was swept back onto land, though the wave itself never really seemed to end. It was just a continuous surge of water, which pushed the Jeep through the city streets, blanketing the coast and quickly rolling its way into Central Florida. Before I knew it, I was being pushed down State Road 436, which is nearly 50 miles from any coastline, and dead in the center of town.

      Inside the Jeep, I was practically drowning. The tidal wave kept the vehicle flipping and rolling through the streets, still dumping water in through the windows, and completely overwhelming me. It was almost completely filled, at this point, and I knew I couldn't take anymore. Somehow, I knew that my family was at a nearby store, and the flood would be pushing me past it, soon. As a last ditch effort - coming up along this familiar intersection - I threw myself at the door and burst out of the Jeep. The water level was just around 3 feet deep now, but it was still pushing the Jeep along the roadway, as if the Jeep was completely weightless in the current. When I spilled out of the doorway, I rolled helplessly on the concrete for a few feet, and lurched to a stop with both hands on the curb, choking and coughing up the water that I'd carried with me, all the way from the Eastern coast.

      In a matter of seconds, my mom and a few other family members were at my side, tending to me as I continued to gasp for air. It took me a moment to even acknowledge that they were there, but, in a fit of perfect comedic timing - and between labored breaths - I looked up at my mom and said "...You know it's flooding up there?" and I pointed down the street, from where the ocean had just spit me out into the streets. Everybody laughed.
    14. 12/04/2011 and 12/05/2011 - 1) "Tactical Entrapment", 2) "Halloween: Reincarnation"

      by , 12-13-2011 at 08:24 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      (Got some catching up to do. I actually just bought myself a 'sleep mask', because I figured a lot of my trouble with recall has to do with the fact that I'm waking up around noon now, usually, and light is always streaming into my room, interrupting my sleep. I've never slept with one of these sleep masks on, before, but I'm beginning to like it. My recall and lucid count has skyrocketted, in the past few days. I'm sure the melatonin and alternating doses of 5-HTP and B6 are probably helping. )


      "Tactical Entrapment"

      I was back in high school (maybe. At least it felt like high school), and some friends and I were talked into bringing out favorite weapons from home, for some kind of show and tell. We'd been told that it was perfectly fine, and we weren't going to get in trouble for it. Of course, as soon as we were about to start our presentations, the police busted into the classroom and apprehended us. We sure that we'd been sold out, and were going to be taken to jail, but they had other plans. They offered us a pardon, if we would be a part of a 'super-soldier' experiement and agree to be given a drug that was supposed to make us stronger and faster, after which, we would be properly trained for combat. Fighting what? I never found out. Even though they were police, they were very straight-forward about this procedure being completely illegal, but times were appearently desperate. There were others there with me, and we all took turns explaining what our skills were, if any. Not really just fighting skills, but what we were good at, in other areas of our lives. After this little 'getting to know you' session, we all eagerly took the experimental pills and began our training.

      Later, we were all out battling in the middle of a desert. I remember 'scrolling up' to see a map of our area (as if pulling up the map on Skyrim), and seeing an icon of an enormous serpent, coming up in front of us. Shortly after, we reached the creature. I'd thought it was dead, because it just sat there, motionless, as we approached. After a certain distance, though, this huge beast sprang to life. It began slithering fluidly about the area, snapping at us with quick, powerful strikes and then burrowing away into the sand to strike from another angle. The last thing I remember is fleeing the scene, while a tangled knot of numerous, identical serpents writhed and tumbled itself around us in pursuit.

      "Halloween: Reincarnation"

      I can't really peg whether this dream happened in an huge mansion, or a giant facility, like a factory or service area of a mall or something. I do remember that the place was crawling with supernatural creatures, from zombies to ghosts, and that the story centered around a mother and child that had something to do with a reincarnation of Michael Myers. I can't remember if they - combined - were supposed to be his reincarnated self, or maybe just one of them. In any case, I had to fight my way through all of these 'low-level' creatures, in order to finally get to them.

      When I'd finally caught up to them, we were on the second floor of large room, like a lobby or a main hall. I had become lucid, somewhere during the chase, and was able to take out the mother without much problem - though I don't really remember doing it. The second floor railing had overlooked the first, and we had a short standoff near the banister, where she ended up falling over the railing to her death. The son, I remember perfectly. I'd picked him up by his collar. He'd been trying to stab me, before then, but really didn't pose all that much of a threat to me. I was still following the story line, though, so I felt obligated to get rid of the kid, somehow.

      Not wanting to be too morbid about it, I simply tossed the kid off of the second floor balcony as well, compelled to follow him with my eyes, all the way to the bottom. I just wasn't quite sure how my dream would dictate the outcome of his fall. It was quite sickeningly realistic, though, with his neck snapping to one side as he landed headfirst on the first floor, next to his mother's body. My curiosity had been satisfied, but it made me a little remorseful. I didn't have time to dwell on it, though, as more of the creatures from before began to swarm around my position. Following the boy I'd just murdered, I jumped down from the second floor railing and landed on the first floor, bolting from the house, now that my mission had been done.

      The last thing I remember while trying to escape is driving backward into a lake, and having to crawl out the window as the car began to fill with water. I don't believe I was lucid anymore, though, by this time.
    15. 12/02/2011 - 1) "Trainhopping", 2) Fragment

      by , 12-13-2011 at 08:19 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One

      The first thing I remember is being on an elevated train. It felt kind of like a monorail, in that it was on a single-railed track, and distinctly had that 'theme park' feel to it. Somewhere along our trip, the train malfunctioned. It began to break down and lose speed, but I can't exactly remember the reason why. It was in this moment, when most of the people around me were reacting to the failing train, that I realized I was dreaming. Looking out the window nearest me, I could see another elevated track. Ahead, I could see another train speeding toward us, on the parrallel railing that sat a couple-dozen yards away from ours. Even in this short period of time, I could see that the train was moving insanely fast. It wasn't a regular monorail, but a bullet train. I knew, immediately, that I would much rather be on that train, than the disfunctional PoS that I was on, now.

      I levitated in the air and phased through the roof of my train, landing on top of it. I don't believe my train had completely stopped, but it definitely wasn't moving along at full speed. Ahead, I could see the other train nearing us, breezing along on its own, individual track. Both of these tracks sat so far above the ground that I don't actually remember seeing anything but an obscure blur of green fields far below us.

      The oncoming train would be passing us soon, so I knew I had to hurry, in order to catch it. While it passed my train, I ran along the length of the roof - from one of the first cars, which I had been in, all the way to the caboose. At the last car, I lept from the train, in a vain attempt to clear the gap between the two of them. Of course, I fell extremely short, and I could feel myself begin to fall toward the ground below us. Again (much like the T-Rex fighting lucid I'd had a few days ago), I had to right myself, while falling. I 'pushed forward', to turn my downward freefall into forward flight, sloppily clearing the gap and just barely making it to the bullet train as it whipped by the failing one that I had been on, moments ago. I grabbed the outside of the train, sticking somewhere between the train's side and rooftop, and then crawled the rest of the way onto the roof. The speed of the train made being on the roof very intense, and I figured it might be better if I made my way inside. So, slinking back around to the edge of the roof, I eased myself over the side of the speeding train, and phased myself through the window, dropping silently inside the train car.

      Unfortunately, I don't remember anything after entering the bullet train.

      Dream Fragment Two
      I faintly remember something about winning a minor argument against my mom, and chasing someone through a nightclub or bar or something, with a pistol.
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