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    1. Problematic Bus Trip with my Mother

      by , 12-10-2019 at 09:15 AM
      Morning of December 10, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,349-02. Reading time (optimized): 3 min.

      My mother and I were to get off the bus in Northside La Crosse in the afternoon. There is a distraction, and we remain en route to Southside La Crosse. My mother is annoyed (though this is illogical, as she seems more aware than I am in this dream and should have been aware of an upcoming bus stop).

      My non-lucid dream has robbed me of my identity, which is typical. There is no recall of my mother dying in 2002 and no recall of any factor in my life since the 1980s, and yet my dream self feels perhaps 40 years old. Ultimately, this is not deliberate in a specific sense, but a result of incidental synaptic gating. However, synaptic gating works in a way to avoid a valid waking-life recall until the final gating factor with full consciousness. My non-lucid dreams are also the opposite of waking-life correlation (unless prescient or transpersonal). The trip from Northside La Crosse to Southside La Crosse would be typical in real life, as we already lived in Northside La Crosse, so my dream’s situation is ridiculous, that is, the direct opposite of the truth.

      My dream’s induction is all about imaginary proprioception. When I try to get off the bus from its right, even though other passengers get off (including my mother), I only see a small opening, about two-thirds the size needed. This event is the wall mediation factor (that occurs throughout every sleep cycle). It indicates that I cannot move my physical body as I sleep (and although my waking orientation is usually to the right as I sleep on my left side, there is an additional factor here, explained later). I complain to the driver that I cannot get off the bus (either move my real body or yet correlate my imaginary dream body with my dream self’s perception). Another opening appears to the left of the first, about where real bus doors would be in America. It is more like a door, but irregular, still not big enough for me to get off the bus. I become slightly more dream-cognizant and teleport to where my mother is standing, near a group of people. We are at the post office (potential for enigmatic space or liminal space communication).

      I start complaining about having lost my bag of books (cognitive arousal). I consider someone else might have taken them. My mother informs me that they are near where she is standing. Although I pick them up, this focus vanishes in the next scene.

      We have to go back to Northside La Crosse, our original destination. I decide to go in a particular direction (that is fictitious). I instinctually summon water reinduction (virtual melatonin mediation). A beautiful river is on our right as we walk along a narrow road as my dream vivifies. We reach an area where we need to go up a slope. (This feature stems from the summoning of imaginary proprioception and vestibular system correlation that occurs in all longer dreams at one point or another, though I often use a staircase.) My dreaming experience vivifies again, just on the threshold of lucidity. However, I consider my mother will not be able to ascend the slope, so my cognizance (and imaginary physicality) decreases.

      We somehow end up back near the La Crosse post office. A bus goes by, stopping briefly at an intersection (RAS autosymbolism of synaptic gating). This time, the doors are on the left and appear correct (big enough to get on and off the bus). I call out to my mother, “This is how buses should be.” (Why did I say this? Because with the synaptic gating event, I attain a subliminal recall that only buses in Australia look like this. However, I am still not aware of my true identity or the recall I live in Australia in real life.)

      In the final scene, my mother boards a bus, saying it is the one we should take (back to Northside La Crosse), though I have my doubts. When we are on the bus, all I see are male and female students (all wearing the same uniforms as in an Australian school) from about sixth to eighth grades. I am uncertain if this is where we should be. This final synaptic gating event implies increasing cognizance (students going to school). Even though the students are Australian, I am not conscious until the last process. In hot weather, achieving consciousness (from the dream state) is more sluggish, validated by neuroscience.

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    2. Arrival

      by , 01-24-2019 at 07:19 AM
      Morning of January 22, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,027-05. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      This entry describes a vivid dream from an early evening nap, which typically renders rapidly processed vestibular system correlation, most often something or someone falling or coming down from above as in this case, though still inherited in some cases and not always with a so-called sleep start.

      In my dream, I remain aware of being in the dream state, but I do not attempt to mediate any of the processes. It seems to be in the afternoon. I watch a black double-decker bus slowly come down from the sky and land in the middle of the street in an unknown location. (It comes straight down from above. There is no forward movement.) I do not see any wheels, but otherwise, it has no unusual features. However, it is implied to be an alien spacecraft despite the “aliens” appearing as human teenagers that fill the bus. (There are no thoughts about a driver or any defined backstory.)

      An unknown girl comes from the back, from the top section, and emerges through the main entrance on the side facing me. A crowd of people slowly approach her. The bus is facing to my right, implying left-hand drive, so it is erroneous if intending a UK or Australian setting.

      Waking autosymbolism is usually oriented to the right when sleeping on my left side. Bus dreams are usually linear vestibular system correlation and inherited, not transitional and projected as here, though again, this is a nap dream. I am assuming the emergence simulacrum represents Zsuzsanna.

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    3. Riding a Bus to Post a Dream

      by , 12-30-2018 at 06:30 PM
      Morning of December 30, 2018. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,004-02. Reading time: 46 sec.

      In the subliminal mode, I find myself on a bus in an unknown city. (It may be either La Crosse in America or Brisbane in Australia as I do not focus on where the driver’s side is.) It seems to be early afternoon.

      The bus eventually ends up going in the opposite direction with no concern on my part, as it may be a factor of the route it is taking. I continue to focus on how I am going to post a dream about my bus trip to the location where I am going to post it. In the back of my mind, I think about the main factor being “linear vestibular system correlation.” I wake before the bus stops anywhere.

      This dream is not unusual for me. There have been many times throughout my life since childhood when I was aware of the dreaming processes and their autosymbolic meaning, as well as maintaining willful but subliminal dream control, without being aware I am dreaming. This fact seems to make me different from the majority of people who seem to have no understanding that dreams are autosymbolically concurrent with the dreaming processes themselves.

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    4. The Ticker

      by , 09-20-2018 at 09:44 AM
      Morning of September 20, 2018. Thursday.

      Reading time (optimized): 4 min. Readability score: 63.

      Following vestibular system correlation (type one passive) as dream state induction, this stage of REM sleep is typically with less-directed thought processes, so I maintain my dream self as a passenger rather than a driver in this part of the sleep cycle.

      I place my dream self on a bus (though I have not been on a bus in real life for years). I sit on the left-hand side (subliminal dreaming orientation), about four seats back from the unfamiliar approximately forty-year-old male bus driver. There is not much lighting even though it seems to be morning. I partly rely on my sense of touch.

      The bus is going south, past the intersection of Loomis and Gillette Streets. (An intersection represents RAS mediation in real time.) My mother is in the seat in front of me, appearing as she was in the 1980s. I have no recall of her death in 2002, though I have no recall of my current conscious self identity either. My dream self seems to be about seventeen years old. (My waking-life age is fifty-seven.)

      There are clusters of used tissues, some strewn on the seat to my right, though they may not be mine. My mother had given me a small pocket watch which I also loosely associate with a timer. (The watch thread comes from one of the first scenes from “Anon” from 2018, seen before sleep. However, it is also a concurrent ultradian rhythm factor and a subliminal assertion of the dreaming and waking process. The tissue rendering is the subliminal memory of our youngest daughter throwing her used tissues on the couch as Zsuzsanna and I were watching “Anon.” Carefully and intelligently note the erroneous dream state correlation of couch with bus seat. That has been a common distortion factor in vestibular correlation processes since early childhood.)

      I see the analog watch face clearly, noticing that it is five seventeen. I hold it up to my right ear (subliminal waking environment orientation) and listen to it tick. However, after a time, I cannot hear it ticking, though, at times, there are a couple of discernible ticks before silence again. That annoys me. My mother is surprised, as she had just gotten it for me. I accidentally drop it onto the bus seat. I consider that it had become mixed up with the tissues. However, I retrieve it just before it moves down into the recess between the back of the seat and the seat itself. I vividly feel (without seeing it) with enhanced tangibility, that it is oval, though when I look at it, it is circular. I wind it without looking at it, feeling the winding crown tighten. It ticks a few more times but stops again. I start to wonder what the real time is, as it has only moved a bit towards five eighteen in all this time. (The imagery of the watch face remains consistent, which is an atypical dream state detail, especially when reading text or numbers as here.)

      Instead of continuing south, we are now going north back towards the Loomis and Gillette Street intersection. My dream self does not question this nonsensical reversal. The area does not look as it does in real life. I get off the bus on my own. Eventually, I am in the Barolin Street house (which is in Australia, not America, though I have not lived there in years). I go into the kitchen of the Barolin Street house. (However, there is a vague essence of the Cubitis house as correlating with the living room.) Despite being in a variation of the Barolin Street house, my conscious self identity does not yet emerge.

      I am going to get a new watch just like the previous one. I take it out of a disposable rectangular corrugated foil baking pan (inferred to be from the freezer of the refrigerator even though I do not discern any coldness from the feature) in which an uncooked chicken (for roasting) sits inside. The pan sits on a table. I soon realize that I could have taken the watch out without absentmindedly unwrapping the chicken. I pull the plastic wrap back over the chicken and close it up with Scotch tape. Around this time, I start to wake.

      The watch identifies the emerging consciousness factor, which in my dream, remains just beyond one-quarter consistency, though my dream self anticipates five-thirty. I am fifty-seven in reality (five seven). However, my dream self’s age is seventeen (my age when moving to Wisconsin).

      The uncooked chicken (potential flight as the dream state exit process rendered as not a viable emerging consciousness event) is the final vestibular system correlation in a very passive projected form with the additional factor of subliminal awareness that I am undressed as I sleep. Putting the plastic back around it is analogous to keeping my bed sheet over my body as I sleep. (This was not the last dream of my sleep cycle.) When I was half-awake, I realized the bed sheet had slipped down over the side of my body.

      The bus driver is this dream’s preconscious avatar (not dominant or confrontational as this is not my last dream of the sleep cycle) as well as vestibular system personification (linear). My mother, in this situation, is probably a subliminal awareness of Zsuzsanna (despite the total absence of my current conscious self identity in this dream), as she is the mother of our children (thus I hear variations of “mother” quite often from day to day). It also correlates with the scene from “Anon” where the female voice-over sounded as if it began with “Zsuzsanna” when the holographic watch appeared on Sal’s wrist from the storefront display. However, after “I am an open window…over infinity,” it is “Giguere,” not “Zsuzsanna.” (I did not know this before sleeping.) Additionally, if the movie scene did not occur from the far left side of the television screen, it likely would not have influenced my dream in the way it did.

    5. “Baby Driver”

      by , 09-15-2018 at 05:35 AM
      Night of September 13, 2018. Tuesday.

      Reading time: 1 min. Readability score: 62.

      Vestibular system correlation begins as my dream begins, which is semi-lucid but allowed to render randomly, as I do not make a willful attempt to orient or give willful detail to any of the patchy space. However, a common thought at this stage is choosing the setting of being on a bus, which is not as expansive a process as a helicopter or airplane (or flying unaided).

      So the setting stabilizes as a bus, seemingly in late afternoon, but I am not corporeal, as I have not fully “stepped in,” though I am on the right of the bus driver’s seat. There is no driver. An empty child safety seat (baby car seat) is atop the empty bus driver’s seat, closer to the steering wheel. The bus is moving in a setting that seems like an ambiguous mix of a bullring (bullfighting arena) and a Nascar venue. Although it is driving itself, my dream self is still liminally controlling its direction and speed.

      The Paul Simon song, “Baby Driver,” is loudly playing from an undetermined source, diffusing through the environment. There is an enhanced awareness of energy and activity. I start to feel very amused and cheerful by the absurdity of the scenario. Most members of the audience are cheering and throwing confetti as the bus circles the area.

      I start to wonder why the Paul Simon song emerged, as I had not heard or thought of it in years. Still feeling cheerful, I decide to come out of my dream.

    6. Alfred Hitchcock’s Bus Mishap

      by , 05-24-2018 at 02:01 PM
      Morning of May 24, 2018. Thursday.

      My dream self becomes aware of being on a bus in late afternoon.

      I look around and see a number of unfamiliar people. They seem to be waiting for something. There is an ambiguous sense of being outdoors on a public street and inside a large building at the same time. The bus is not moving at first. I am sitting in about the middle of the row on the right-hand side.

      Alfred Hitchcock makes an appearance (walking from left to right) as if he is presently involved in directing a movie. He has an illogical black-and-white essence unlike the rest of the setting, which is in color (though my dream self does not regard this as impossible or unusual). I consider that I might have somehow gotten on the wrong bus, and that I am on a movie set. If this is the case, I know I will not be going where I had intended even though there is no backstory with any awareness of my implied destination (though I do not even focus on any implied destination at any time, which is the usual case with dreams of this nature).

      The bus eventually starts moving inexplicably, that is, no driver is in view, though there does not even seem to be a place for a driver, just the front open area of the bus and a clear view through the front windows. Alfred turns around and briefly looks surprised. The bus may have run over him, as he remains unseen. I remain in my seat, but there is no drama after this. It is quietness.

      This dream is easy to resolve. Firstly, the bus, because it is a vehicle, is an autosymbolic extension of my liminal awareness of my physical body in sleep. Alfred Hitchcock is a typical rendering of RAS mediation, which allows me liminal control of the dream state over his “direction” in this case, even more so as he is associated with having made mystery and suspense movies (associated with the enigma of being between dreaming and waking).

    7. The Gift of Rain and the Inexplicable Nature of RAS

      by , 02-16-2018 at 08:16 AM
      Morning of February 16, 2018. Friday.

      In my dream, the most vivid scenario of the waking transition involves my dream self (personified subconscious) being on a bus with my wife Zsuzsanna and our youngest children. I remain in a passive and thankful mood. The location is unknown. It does not seem familiar, though the bus driver is on the left side, so it seems to be implied to be in America (though I have not lived there since 1994 and Zsuzsanna has never been there).

      The bus driver is an unknown chubby female of whom reminds me of my crossing guard from when I lived at 901 Rose Street (near the intersection in a second floor apartment of a building which is no longer there).

      It seems to be late morning, though the perceived time seems to change a few times (of which is very common in my dreams, as my subconscious self has no viable sense of time or continuity). There is an intersection up ahead. I am aware that it had been raining. An interesting mood develops. I realize that rain makes human life possible and that without it, the world would have no life. I have a vague awareness that the bus driver had telepathically caused me to realize this.

      There had been a flood in one part of the street (from the rain), but the water has lowered. As we near the intersection, I have the typical focus on whether or not the bus driver is competent (this being a long-term carryover from waking life thought since childhood, though this thought does not dominate or seem problematic and I ultimately trust the driver to get us home safely).

      The bus stops, but we are apparently not at our destination yet (though my dream self has no focus on where I presently live as is often the case). The bus is on the right side of the street, its back close to the perpendicular street it just turned from. The bus driver says, “I have to find something”. I am standing in the front stairwell of the bus watching her. She puts her hands down into the murky water near the curb. Soon, she pulls out a small tennis racket that is slightly muddy (though with very light-colored tan sand). I am uncertain if this is what she had been looking for, but she gives it to my youngest son. My dream fades from here.

      Zsuzsanna, in real life, had been looking at, and thinking about, small tennis rackets made for dolls while at a Kmart store on the previous day (Our Generation dolls and accessories). There is no explicable way I could have known this or for it to influence the main event in my final dream of the sleeping period. Not only this, she said her thought processes were “stronger” than usual during this event. Additionally, after my dream, she told me of how she had won a tennis racket at age twelve by reaching into water and pulling out a toy duck (relating to a matching number for the prize at a Brisbane show). This is not unusual in my experience, as at least one dream per sleeping period is based on something Zsuzsanna had thought about (or said to someone else) of which I could not have possibly known about. This was validated to have been going on, continuously, long before we met, and additionally, Zsuzsanna is the “mystery girl” who had been in my dreams since childhood (and of whom I even saw in my dreams as an adult while she was still very young).

      The scenario of this dream, a bus approaching an intersection and stopping or bumping into a curb before turning right (sometimes in the event of water lowering waking symbolism as here), has recurred since early childhood, though always with different dynamics. This is based on neural gating. It signifies whether or not the dream state will terminate or continue. (However, there are also inexplicable dynamics of which I will describe below.) As here, the bus turns right and my dream soon ends after the RAS to emergent consciousness factor, additionally validated by the water lowering waking symbolism, which occurs in at least one dream during every sleeping period (water symbolizing sleep in autosymbolism, its dynamics relevant to the specific aspect of REM).

      RAS as the personified preconscious is a bus driver here. The biological function of RAS (Reticular Activating System) is for sleep-wake transitions (though again, there are inexplicable dynamics). This is why a dream is primarily autosymbolic of the dream state and waking transition itself, which is why “interpretation” as most commonly propagated is not a real concept despite the Barnum effect.

      There is evidence that the side the bus driver is on in a dream correlates with what side I am sleeping on, especially as buses and cars often symbolize (or are an autosymbolic extension of) the human body. (This is also true for boats, airplanes, and trains when vestibular system ambiguity is more extant in REM. In fact, there has even been a dream where a bus I was on rolled over after I rolled over to sleep on my opposite side. However, the content of a dream must be looked at closely, as autosymbolism is based on the specific level of unconsciousness and varies from state to state through the waking transition.)

      I know that RAS mediation and modulation as a dream’s final event, when it utilizes personification as the preconscious as here, is often transpersonal (inherently unrelated to both the dream self and the conscious self by its very nature and purpose, as its purpose is to ignite enough emotion to trigger waking, including by way of dominance or perceived conflict, real or not, though some of this “conflict” is caused by muscle tension in unconsciousness as well as vestibular system ambiguity or subliminal concern over unknown environmental noise). This tells me that RAS is not simply the biological factor of the neural gating of the dream state in REM, but transpersonal neural gating that also occurs when I am conscious. However, the dynamics are puzzling. Sometimes these events have happened in real time (during my nap while Zsuzsanna was elsewhere and “sending” in real time) and sometimes based on recent thoughts that Zsuzsanna had held in her mind but which later integrates into my dream.

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    8. Bus to Bunk Beds

      by , 12-20-2017 at 06:20 PM
      Morning of December 20, 2017. Wednesday.

      Bus to Bunk Beds

      I am aware of a double-decker bus in our neighborhood where we presently live. It seems to be afternoon. I see it pass three different times. After it stops for a time on the street and about two houses east of our house, I discover it is mainly now made of the bunk beds of our two youngest sons. I am annoyed because it may take some time and work in getting it back in our house.

      A singular vehicle, whether it is a bus, car, airplane, or boat, is typically a form of autosymbolism that stems from the illusory physicality of the dream state. In this case, it actually transitions to the dream state indicator of the bunk beds as further validation of how such autosymbolism forms in REM sleep, almost like a virtual reverse engineering of the dream sequence itself. This is quite common in my dreams and one of the factors that helped me understand dreams at a very early age.

      Lounge Room Enterprise

      I am lying on the lounge room floor in the morning when I realize our lounge room “is” the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701 from the original “Star Trek” series). At times, I consider if I am inconveniencing the crew by lying near the captain’s chair (to its right). No one says anything or asks me to move or get up. Additionally, there is not a viable sense of traveling through outer space in this case, though it is not implied to be the television series set either. Looking up at our television, which seems mostly normal, it shows stars and what looks like small curly hairs moving toward the viewer, our television apparently serving as the Enterprise viewscreen.

      This was similar to “Helicopter Not Landing Yet” (relative to its specific type of autosymbolism) from Christmas morning of 2016 and a number of other dreams since childhood. In such dreams, the vestibular system correlation associated with the illusory physicality of the dream state transmutes into a house or other building perceived as a vehicle, with various levels of ambiguity (including the essence of bilocation in some cases, which is common in my dreams). This includes dreams such as “Riding in a House Back to Arcadia”, where my Cubitis home travels down the highway as an oversized bus.

      “White Christmas” Not a Trigger

      I hear lyrics from “White Christmas” (sitting in the lounge room of our present home, possibly hearing it from a radio or television), but I do not catch this dream state indicator, that is, the phrase “I’m dreaming”. Such dream state indicators rarely trigger lucidity and if anything, keep me relaxed on the passive side of RAS mediation, even though they have occurred throughout every sleep cycle for over 50 years. That is moot though, since I seem to think it is near June rather than December and see it as unusual in that way, as being “unseasonable”.

      Along with “Theme Park Drive with Zsuzsanna” and “The Roof Factor”, 5 of 12 regular dreams for this date are presently online. (By “regular”, I mean other than the numerous hypnagogic dreams at the beginning of each sleep cycle, which are typically too many to count or feasibly record.)

    9. Library Checkout on Bus

      by , 11-06-2017 at 07:00 AM
      Morning of November 6, 2017. Monday.

      I am riding on a bus in an unknown area, possibly implied to be at night as I am not aware of much light. There are only a few other people on the bus, all unfamiliar. The bus driver is an unfamiliar female of about thirty. She is on the right side and the door is on the left, so it can be assumed to be associated with Australia. However, in my dream, I am not fully focused on my country of location, though mixed features and composites of buildings from two or more countries are common in my dreams. I perceive myself as being about half of my real age and in my twenties.

      An unknown female is ready to get off the bus at the next stop, which is apparently also my stop. Curiously, the bus driver also checks out library books as people get off, which my dream self does not consider odd at all, though I do not recall any backstory as to where I had actually gotten the books. I do not notice any area on the bus that has books stored.

      As I am getting my books checked out from the bus driver, I realize that I am also holding a number of my socks, perhaps about eight pairs, but I have accidentally dropped three or four onto the floor as well as into a laundry bag (that is full of other people’s socks) near the bus driver’s seat, on her left (and in front of me). I am somewhat annoyed upon doing this, as I do not want to lose my socks. I wake around this point.

      As I have studied my dreams all my life and resolved most of them and their basic meanings and components (including literal prescience when it comes to pass, which is very common for me), this one, despite its unusual nature, is very easy to grasp. It is simply a combination of two typical dream state end markers mashed together with a dream state indicator into one situation.

      Getting off a bus symbolizes leaving the dream state. A checkout area (as otherwise in a store, library, hotel, or other location) also symbolizes leaving the dream state. Being aware of socks in this case is a dream state indicator as I do not wear socks in my sleep and thus perceive myself as carrying them in the waking transition. Books are a symbol of the emergent consciousness (a link to my conscious self identity of which is not extant in many non-lucid dreams) as critical thinking skills are not extant in non-lucid dreams. Basically, with this dream, my mind simply mixed the two transitional dream state end markers with a dream state indicator (subliminal thread of awareness that I had become unconscious but not with viable lucidity).

      The core meaning, with a typical pattern of dream state synthesis (that is, mixing unrelated linear events, in this case as leaving a bus mixed with leaving a library and additionally linked to the subliminal realization of needing to get dressed after waking) should be obvious to a person of reasonable intelligence. One reason why I dream in a continuous cycle as such and virtually infinite mixes of specific markers for induction, dreaming itself, non-lucid dream state indicators, and otherwise clearly defined waking transitions, is due to having sincerely studied and resolved so many of my dreams since early childhood and as a result, have become very familiar with them and their nature as well as augmented clarity of mind with virtually no nightmares other than when health-related (biologically premonitory). There is nothing here (presently) that relates to real life (at least not yet, and I have not ridden a bus in real life in years - though it may loosely relate to the memory of carrying textbooks on a school bus).

      For those who do not already know, the bus driver here is the preconscious, though in this case there is no conflict as my dream self had already subliminally “agreed” to wake. (The biological purpose of the preconscious, a function of the reticular activating system or RAS, is to establish an association with the need to wake and attend to real physical needs or to alert the unconscious self to a real environmental noise or unknown event.)

    10. Riding a Bus to the Waking Point

      by , 09-11-2017 at 04:03 PM
      Morning of September 11, 2017. Monday.

      My dream is non-lucid, yet I am aware at one level that I am making my world and the events that unfold and I understand my dream’s autosymbolism while I am in it without recalling what a dream is.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna on a city bus. I am aware that the setting seems to be the north side of La Crosse (though Zsuzsanna has never been in America in real life).

      The bus is rendered incorrectly. Although it seems to be in America and the bus driver seems like a bus driver of whom I knew in real life (also in America), the driver’s side is on the right and the doors are on the left. My dream self does not consider this as wrong though. Zsuzsanna and I are on the right, only a couple seats back from the driver.

      Over time, I am uncertain of our destination or of any cohesive backstory. There is a scene where the bus stops near an intersection. I have somewhat of an expectation that it will turn to the right and softly bump the back of a parked car and it does. The driver does not seem alarmed or surprised, but cheerfully comments “oops” and backs the bus up and turns to the left.

      I realize that where we get off has something to do with me waking from the dream state. I remember that a bus ride symbolizes the return to consciousness (and that waking symbolism is “correctly” oriented to my right), and yet somehow, my dream self does not maintain viable lucidity or the viable memory of what a dream actually is. (This is difficult to resolve in conscious afterthought but is a fairly common way of thinking in my non-lucid dreams. It is what it is. It is probably a result of over fifty continuous years of dream documentation and study, and resolving most of them.)

      I do not consider that I could just wake up by willing it (even as in certain non-lucid dreams) as I have done in many past dreams. I think that the bus stop I have to get off at in order to achieve consciousness is on the right side of the street when going south and is near the Rivoli Theatre (the bus stop sign being unrealistically high, nearly as high as a traffic light), but I do wake before we reach the area.

      Time and time again, for over fifty years, I have written about how the preconscious is never dominant or aggressive (other than when biologically premonitory) when I am already willingly in the waking transition (albeit, typically subliminal as such), and it is as true here as always. Here, the preconscious (bus driver) even cheerfully allows me to deliberately cause the bus that he is otherwise driving to softly bump into a car by (subliminal) mental will before moving on. (This bump is likely symbolic of Zsuzsanna and I softly bumping each other while sleeping, since vehicles typically symbolize the human body or holding the mode of unconsciousness in real time.)

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    11. Rescuing Shark or Girl

      by , 03-10-2017 at 09:53 AM
      Morning of March 10, 2017. Friday.

      I am swimming under the ocean (and I can breathe underwater as in many previous dreams since early childhood). I am near the ocean bottom. The imagery is beautiful. A shark swims toward me but turns and swims to my left as we move past each other and I am not threatened or even acknowledged in any way. There are other fish, including sharks, here and there.

      I soon notice a submerged bus on the ocean floor. It appears to be empty but I decide to explore. Eventually, covering the bus, is what I assume to be long equidistant strands of some sort of seaweed, and yet oddly, it looks more like green Christmas tinsel garlands arranged vertically around the perimeter of the bus, each about a foot apart. They sway with the ocean current and actually seem to “reach out” at times. They establish a sense of joy though I remain puzzled about this seeming setting distortion.

      Curiously, my dream temporarily becomes a dream within a dream, of viewing sparkling Christmas ornaments and swaying garlands. I seem to circle intricately decorated Christmas trees and look deep within their branches and feel intense joy. Soon though, I am back under the ocean in the original setting.

      I swim into the bus through the open doors at the front right side. The driver’s seat is empty and it looks like the whole bus may be empty. I swim towards the back. I notice a human body (female) wrapped up in transparent plastic, in a middle seat on the right, wrapped with a cord around the middle. For a short time, a potential (flight symbol) waking prompt distorts the scene and the inside of the bus seems more like the inside of an airplane where men would line up on each side to be ready to parachute (and all the singular one-person seats face outwards now instead of towards the front of the bus). I try to focus more and the bus temporarily becomes a separating construct of giant ribs after an impression of thin white splitting plastic, pieces of the seats floating outwards and upwards. However, I am soon back in the original setting.

      I look at the girl’s face through the plastic. She is unfamiliar but alive. Her eyes glow brightly as she smiles. There is something I do with my mind that I do not recall ever doing before (which also occurred in another dream of this date). I think it has something to do with a dream of May 18, 2015 (“Unusual Bird”), except in that dream, I was watching the event happening to someone else from a distance. It has something to do with deliberately superimposing the essence of your face onto a dream character’s face (almost like forcing a three-dimensional “mirror” around the person’s head, yet internally and externally at the same time). There is an extraordinary sensation and skewed awareness that cannot be accurately described. (I also get a vague impression that this may be the supposed “new” entity or “contact” from a few other dreams.)

      For a moment, her head becomes that of a shark (though somewhat anthropomorphic as it looks directly outward from the otherwise vertical body), but changes back, seemingly implying a playful sense to demonstrate an ability to quickly change. I carry her out of the bus (though still with the plastic around her) and swim up to an underwater cliff. Perhaps she is a shark but I still think she should be rescued. I carry her over my left shoulder as I swim.

      From here, there is intense and vivid fractal imagery which flashes and turns. I am still seemingly underwater though and continue to “swim” through the surreal patterns. I also see flashing Mandelbrot patterns.

      I watch an orange octopus (which seems ambiguously entwined within the spiraling fractal imagery for a time). There is more than one at times. Looking from underneath the octopus at one point, I get the impression of a billowing and waving skirt, which temporary becomes such an image for a short time. The octopus imagery is very detailed and correct at first. However, there is one point where I see an “octopus” that seems to have virtually endless tentacles. It sits on the cliff.

      My dream shifts into more fractal images and impressions of the shiny patterns inside oyster shells.

      As I wake, I experience the most unusual hypnic jerk I have ever had. It feels like numerous small tendrils of electricity grabbing my foot and lower leg and lifting it up. My entire leg moves upward as I wake before it drops back onto our bed. (I had been sleeping in a position where part of my right side and much of my stomach is on the mattress.) Typically, hypnic jerks and other waking muscle movement (other than my nightly back spasm) are not this sustained (though my leg usually does jump a bit) and I do not recall feeling individual tendrils of energy “grabbing me” or “attempting to lift me” like this before. It was very strange and interesting…and something new and appreciated (regardless of it being somewhat startling, although because the effect is similar to a dream I had in America where the energy of Zsuzsanna’s essence was fully felt upon me, it did seem external - though I am not sure of the source - if it was Zsuzsanna, who was sleeping near me at the time, I do not recall her “sending” this way before).

    12. South America Tourist Fiasco

      by , 01-09-2016 at 07:09 AM
      Morning of January 9, 2016. Saturday.

      In my dream, I am, for whatever reason (and with a presumed but undetermined back story) on a tourist bus somewhere in South America. I am not sure of which country though the odds logically favor Brazil.

      I am with my two youngest sons, though the bus is crowded and people are mostly in random seats apart from each other, including a group of girls who talk to each other from different parts of the bus. There also seem to be locals (of whatever region we are in) on the bus. My two youngest sons are the only other dream characters that are familiar in any way.

      The bus is apparently on its way to the airport where people will then get to their designated flights. However, when the bus driver gets off the bus due to difficulties with a semi blocking the grassy parking area exit to the road, the bus starts to roll a bit down an embankment until it hits a large tree covered with vines. When I look out the door of the bus to the right, as I am now near the driver’s seat to see what is going on at the front of the bus, I see that the semi is actually turned on its side. One of the tourist guides, a young male (probably not even as old as twenty), who is sitting on the overturned semi-trailer, tells one of the female passengers to shut up when she reminds the bus driver that the arrival at the airport needs to be at a certain time. The person looks a lot like an obnoxious and evasive co-worker I had years ago when I worked at the Onalaska Cemetery even though I do not make this direct association during my dream.

      The bus continues to remain in its position and the driver does not return. Soon, about five local South American police officers board the bus for an unknown reason. I get the impression my sons and I will miss our flight back to America (even though I live in Australia in real life). I decide we will walk to the airport even though it is likely miles away. I ask one police officer (an older chubby dark-skinned male with a mustache) if my sons and I can leave the bus and he nods to me in a friendly manner.

      After I get off though, I notice my sons are not with me so I call to them and they get off the bus and join me. I had gotten off from the side door from the middle of the left side of the bus even though the door near the driver’s seat was on the right side. I do not know if there are any buses designed like this as it would not be sensible, though it may be a distortion of having been on both American and Australian buses. The police had mainly come in through the back of the bus as well as a couple from the side door.

      My sons and I go down a steep embankment with high grass in a somewhat jungle-like clearing. I realize that it will be very difficult to walk to the airport (north of our location), and it looks like the bus will not move for a long time. No one has come to offer help regarding the overturned semi that still blocks the tourist bus’s path as well as police cars and a couple military vehicles. My sons and I were the only ones allowed to leave the bus for whatever reason. All of the people on the bus are considered as suspects and witnesses of an unknown crime.

      I decide that I will use teleportation (even though I am not lucid) to take us all home. I close my eyes and concentrate on getting home and as I open them again, there is a shift in consciousness. I open my eyes and the three of us are in the living room on Loomis Street (where I have not been since 1994). I know my wife Zsuzsanna will be returning from the store soon.

      Teleportation, flying, and telekinesis are extremely common even in my non-lucid dreams, but what gets me is the continuous recurrence of places (and unusual composites that utilize their features) where I have not been in over twenty years. Because the Loomis Street location is where many of the miraculous and unexplained links to the Source occurred, there may be some relevance there rather than as just a setting. More on this will be in another entry of this date and the difference between teleportation events and flying events relative to locations.

      This morning, I dreamt of three of my previous homes and my present one. Loomis Street, King Street, Barolin Street (Australia), and our present home.

    13. Anti-Hover Brigade

      by , 12-03-2015 at 06:03 PM
      Morning of December 3, 2015. Thursday.

      This dream is of a fairly common focus where I can hover and float about vertically (as if standing though completely relaxed physically). This is sometimes a secondary awareness to other dream events (such as ones with some semblance of plot or circumstance, surreal or mundane, including shopping or just previously walking around). Interestingly, over time, it becomes known that hovering or flying is not legal (though I am not lucid at any point). I get a feeling that I am possibly in the UK (though this is not certain).

      Throughout my dream, I mostly fly vertically (upright), about a foot above the ground, though sometimes lean forward to fly in a diagonal position for shorter periods. Some people seem appreciative of me doing this even though it is not lawful. They find satisfaction in my “rebelliousness” of oppressive authority I suppose. I evade the authorities several times by flying (as they are not allowed to fly even if they have the ability, apparently). It seems odd to me that flying is illegal but then I sense that it probably relates to the prevention of getting in the way of aircraft and drones and such. In fact, I get the impression (though this is not certain) that flying may be legal in some areas if it is authorized and supervised by the government, though that does not seem a common situation.

      I am shot at, but either they always miss or I am somehow bulletproof. At one point, near an odd composite of my past middle school and a shopping mall, I am shot at and a grenade is also thrown at me. I throw it back and watch the colorful “realistic” explosion near the outer wall of the building. Eventually, I join a couple, a young male and female. The male is apparently not fully human; possibly some sort of animal (such as a lemur) and human hybrid, though he looks mostly human. The girl sings to him at one point. They are like me in that they evade authority and “do what comes naturally”.

      From here, I mostly just play around, not causing any fatalities even though I cause explosions and do not like being pursued (though the pursuit has mostly stopped by this point). I watch a “large” silver bus, which seems to be a Greyhound from the 1950s. It moves through an underpass though oddly (based on my full-body presence and perspective) seems only half the size of a real one (though is still fully three-dimensional and with “realistic” movement and momentum otherwise). This is actually typical of my dreams since childhood, where vehicles often seem miniature even though it is otherwise perceived as “normal” (and without me presumed as being a giant). I throw some grenades, which are somewhat like (toy) jacks and are supposedly harmless even though they cause a lot of noise and fire. The bus squeaks to a stop. I am aware that no one is injured but they are probably baffled.

      After this, a similar bus approaches, though this one is about three-quarters the size of a real one. I throw more “grenades”, which make more popping noises and fire, but not as large in contrast to the other smaller bus. The three-quarter-sized people do not seem as much in awe as the other (half-sized people) group. (Jacks as small grenades is somewhat of an unusual idea.)

    14. Riding a Bus Again

      by , 06-11-2015 at 09:13 PM
      Morning of June 11, 2015. Thursday.

      This is a somewhat typical bus-riding dream in which my dream-self mostly remains passive and observant. Such dreams have occurred since early childhood with mostly the same features, but often with a singularly odd (often impossible) event. There is never a point where I get off the bus in most versions of this dream situation (although I sometimes seem to automatically shift or teleport to a different bus, or a different driver comes in). In this version I am vaguely aware of my present family status and the bus seems fairly crowded.

      As usual, I have no idea where I am going, though also as usual, this issue is not mentally addressed (at least strongly) by my dream-self - I have a very nonchalant attitude considering I have no idea where I am or where the bus driver is headed. It seems the bus is just going around in a non-established route for the most part, though this does not seem problematic to any of the other passengers. It seems to be early afternoon and taking place mainly in a more commercial area of a larger city (such as either Brisbane in Australia or La Crosse, Madison, or Milwaukee in America, though I am not sure which - however, the bus driver is on the left from the passenger’s perspective so I should assume it is taking place in America, I suppose).

      At one point, the bus driver apparently sees potential passengers that he had missed picking up on the other side of an intersection after he has turned a corner. The bus soon somehow effortlessly moves sideways (as if all the wheels rotated ninety degrees) and it travels as such to the other side of the wide street and stops near a traffic light for the other people to get on. This does not strike me as overwhelmingly odd (or in fact impossible), only slightly unusual and unexpected, but my dream begins to fade around this point.
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    15. Plane and Bus Disasters

      by , 12-09-2014 at 06:09 PM
      Morning of December 9, 2014. Tuesday.

      I had a typical semi-lucid “make everything crash and explode” dream of much the same nature as from childhood, though the childhood dreams mostly related to deliberately making cars slide around on a highway and crash into each other. Normally, I am never directly focused on the humanity involved in such disasters.

      In the first part, from a distance, I deliberately (with telekinesis) cause a 747 to lose altitude and crash into the middle of a city (I guess influence from “The Medusa Touch” movie from 1978 never wore off). From there, I teleport to the location and then cause parts of the still-exploding-and-burning plane to hit a specific bus and then guide certain pieces of that bus (starting with the separated bottom, sides, and roof), to fly a fair distance through the streets of a residential neighborhood to wreak additional havoc. I have no concern of being hit by flying, exploding, and burning pieces even though they are fairly close to me at times. I feel much younger and am fast on my feet.

      Later on, there is a scene with several unknown people, mostly males. One has what seems first like a toy flintlock pistol. Over time, after seeming mostly toy-like, I then have a closer look at it and it seems to be a real rifle in some ways, appearing much larger. I take aim with it in a realistically rendered manner but eventually give it back to the other male. It still seems somewhat distorted (toy-like) and with foil-covered plastic parts, including the hammer and trigger. Another unknown male on the other side of the street seems to be communicating particular sentences with me with facial expressions alone, though I do not recall any ideas from the “conversation”.

      In an earlier dream, I am reading some sort of Internet-like screen, though it seems to be something different than the Internet. Apparently, it is some sort of forum-like communication but more indirect to where postal mail or something similar is implemented. An unknown female “talks” of a friend’s dream (with hand-printed writing) that featured a window and then asks what a window means in dreams.

      I write a long paragraph of what windows (when as a dominant feature or main focus) in dreams have meant for me. I explain how a window can represent a portal between different levels of consciousness or focused awareness. I reflect on one dream where I seemed to be “stuck” in a window, half in and half out, and was semi-lucid at the same time, but in an uncomfortable frame of mind, both unable to wake when I wanted yet unable to enter back into deeper sleep. In another dream I had crawled through a window and became far more lucid than I had been prior to that - a lucidity more defined than some waking states. I relate how looking through a window in some dreams seems akin to watching television in reality. Finally, in a dream from childhood, having jumped from a bridge (while pursued by a brontosaurus), I landed on a window, breaking it, thus “breaking” my dream (I could no longer look up and back into the previous dream scene and see any sign of the brontosaurus) and setting about the waking process by then picking parts of the “broken dream” out of my feet and path.

      At any rate, my hand-printed message, in ink, takes up about half a page. There are other things on the paper, which look to be similar to an order form or application of some kind. I plan to scan it and then send the scan digitally, I think.

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