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    Plane and Bus Disasters

    by , 12-09-2014 at 06:09 PM (260 Views)
    Morning of December 9, 2014. Tuesday.

    I had a typical semi-lucid “make everything crash and explode” dream of much the same nature as from childhood, though the childhood dreams mostly related to deliberately making cars slide around on a highway and crash into each other. Normally, I am never directly focused on the humanity involved in such disasters.

    In the first part, from a distance, I deliberately (with telekinesis) cause a 747 to lose altitude and crash into the middle of a city (I guess influence from “The Medusa Touch” movie from 1978 never wore off). From there, I teleport to the location and then cause parts of the still-exploding-and-burning plane to hit a specific bus and then guide certain pieces of that bus (starting with the separated bottom, sides, and roof), to fly a fair distance through the streets of a residential neighborhood to wreak additional havoc. I have no concern of being hit by flying, exploding, and burning pieces even though they are fairly close to me at times. I feel much younger and am fast on my feet.

    Later on, there is a scene with several unknown people, mostly males. One has what seems first like a toy flintlock pistol. Over time, after seeming mostly toy-like, I then have a closer look at it and it seems to be a real rifle in some ways, appearing much larger. I take aim with it in a realistically rendered manner but eventually give it back to the other male. It still seems somewhat distorted (toy-like) and with foil-covered plastic parts, including the hammer and trigger. Another unknown male on the other side of the street seems to be communicating particular sentences with me with facial expressions alone, though I do not recall any ideas from the “conversation”.

    In an earlier dream, I am reading some sort of Internet-like screen, though it seems to be something different than the Internet. Apparently, it is some sort of forum-like communication but more indirect to where postal mail or something similar is implemented. An unknown female “talks” of a friend’s dream (with hand-printed writing) that featured a window and then asks what a window means in dreams.

    I write a long paragraph of what windows (when as a dominant feature or main focus) in dreams have meant for me. I explain how a window can represent a portal between different levels of consciousness or focused awareness. I reflect on one dream where I seemed to be “stuck” in a window, half in and half out, and was semi-lucid at the same time, but in an uncomfortable frame of mind, both unable to wake when I wanted yet unable to enter back into deeper sleep. In another dream I had crawled through a window and became far more lucid than I had been prior to that - a lucidity more defined than some waking states. I relate how looking through a window in some dreams seems akin to watching television in reality. Finally, in a dream from childhood, having jumped from a bridge (while pursued by a brontosaurus), I landed on a window, breaking it, thus “breaking” my dream (I could no longer look up and back into the previous dream scene and see any sign of the brontosaurus) and setting about the waking process by then picking parts of the “broken dream” out of my feet and path.

    At any rate, my hand-printed message, in ink, takes up about half a page. There are other things on the paper, which look to be similar to an order form or application of some kind. I plan to scan it and then send the scan digitally, I think.

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