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    1. A Bizarre Adventure in the Old West

      by , 10-17-2018 at 09:04 AM
      Morning of October 17, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,930-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 51.

      My dream unfolds with the same autosymbolic processes and related components in the same order towards waking as they have on a day-to-day basis for over fifty years, though as is usually the case, in an intriguingly different manner.

      Act One: The non-lucid creation of my vestibular system simulacrum to correlate the illusory physicality of the dream state at the precursory level.

      An old woman, modeled after Sally Fergus (of the television series “Dirty Sally”) travels through the Old West. The setting is a variation of the “Gunsmoke” (television series) set. She has a natural ability to mimic the sound of a chicken perfectly. She casually walks through town, calling all the chickens to aid her in robbing a bank. She is cheerful and confident.

      Act Two: My vestibular system simulacrum is closer to viable RAS mediation and the association with chickens not being capable of sustained flight is transmuted into a paper airplane event.

      The old woman wants to call upon other bandits to help her in future escapades. She folds dollar bills into paper airplanes, writes messages on them with details for potential meetings, and throws them into taverns where possible candidates might be sitting. She also taunts the sheriff by flinging paper airplanes (again, made of folded dollar bills) to his desk at times. Sarcastic messages about his ineptitude are on them. (In this case, the precursory RAS simulacrum - the sheriff - is divided from the vestibular system simulacrum, which is not always the rule. It seems dependent on both ultradian rhythm and my level of dream self awareness, though ultimately it is about unification and reestablishing consciousness.)

      Act Three: The emerging consciousness cue occurs by way of the gathering coins factor. (This was sometimes used deliberately at a liminal or lucid level from early childhood, but water reinduction is far more common for me as well as for Zsuzsanna.) Additionally, there is the final subliminal association and revelation of the real physical body being “hidden” within a bed sheet from the non-lucid dream self. That has been the exit point process of many dreams since childhood.

      The old woman is gathering her men near a wagon to help her move a big rolled-up carpet. The cowboys and bandits decide to unroll it. As they do, more and more coins are visible. They marvel at the hundreds of beautiful coins. I slowly wake.

      Since early childhood, I have remained perplexed over telepathic threads that weave themselves into the dreaming processes. In this case, there are two sources. One, Zsuzsanna had read a story (from a library book I had not seen) to our children about messages sent via paper airplanes. Two, Zsuzsanna had been in a conversation with her sister about an older woman making money with her chickens, though by selling the eggs. I had no precursory idea or cue from either event. These literal transpersonal crossovers into what is otherwise inducing, dreaming, and waking autosymbolism remains an enigma. We experience it all the time. Many others do not.

    2. walking with…not my niece

      by , 10-14-2018 at 04:15 PM
      Morning of October 14, 2018. Sunday.

      Dream #: 18,927-02. Reading time: 3 min 54 sec. Readability score: 69.

      Note that Linda is not Linda in this dream. (See notes after main entry.)

      In my dream, I am going to an amusement arcade in southside La Crosse with my niece, Linda. I am at the Loomis Street house. It is late at night, about fifteen minutes before midnight. It seems we will spend about an hour there and get the bus back to the Loomis Street house at about fifteen past one in the morning.

      It seems we had walked north through the Loomis Street alley, as we are then walking east on Gillette Street to go to the Loomis and Gillette bus stop. I am puzzled as to why we are going somewhere so late at night for only about an hour or less of video game play. I check my right pants pocket to feel several American quarters (at least eight) and a few other coins, and I consider I may have enough for the bus trips and a few video games. (There is augmented tangibility at this point.)

      As we arrive at the intersection, almost to the bus stop, my dream resets. Linda and I are now crossing from the east side of the street opposite the Loomis Street house. It is also early afternoon now.

      An unfamiliar man is walking (on the west side of Loomis Street) with another man who is also unknown. They are both in their thirties. He is holding a gun to the other man’s head as they walk. The man holding the gun is on the other man’s right. The situation makes me wary, but we keep walking in front of them after we cross to their side (rather than avoiding them), heading to the same bus stop as in the previous scene. I briefly consider that we may be in danger, but that does not seem to be the case, as the man with the gun does not seem interested in us even as potential witnesses who could identify him later. As we get to the intersection, my dream resets for the second time (again, without triggering dream state recognition).

      Linda and I are now about three blocks north of Loomis and Gillette in a (fictitious) commercial district and walking south on the west side of Loomis Street. It is afternoon. I am thinking about whether it would be worth it to be at the amusement arcade for only a short time. I am still erroneously considering the midnight to one o'clock span even though it is daylight. I am now wearing a hooded sweater with big pockets.

      I decide that I should have a gun, as the man in the previous scene had a gun and I do not want to take any chances. I create a revolver in the right pocket of my hooded sweater (without lucidity). A policeman is in the area, though remains behind us. As I walk, the revolver, as I am holding it within the pocket, somehow comes out of the pocket and is at my side for a short time. As I continue, my arms swing with my gait in an exaggerated manner. I briefly ponder upon whether people will think I had forgotten how to walk correctly or deliberately trying to draw attention. I put my hand back into the pocket. I consider that if the policeman stops me, I will say that it is a 9mm blank firing Jaguar 80. He does not stop me.

      As Linda and I walk to Loomis and Gillette from the north to get to the bus stop, my dream resets for the third time. Now we are walking west on the north side of Gillette Street, a few blocks west of the bus stop. (We had reached it before the reset.) She is ahead of me by a few feet and on the right. It is late morning. She is wearing baggy clothes; blue jeans and a pale blue blouse, and this puzzles me as I try to discern her form. She seems about ten years old. My conscious self identity is still not extant, but my dream self’s fictitious mind is losing cohesion, and my dream becomes more abstract in the waking process.

      [key descriptors]

      subliminal ultradian rhythm thread (distorted)

      intersection as RAS mediation (three dream resets)

      preconscious avatar with a gun

      preconsciousness as police activity (reticular formation personification)

      coins as emergent consciousness cue (does not work here)

      the man with the gun to the other man’s head is counter-processing, that is, potential RAS modulation over my precursory emerging consciousness as the opposite of my dream self paired with a potential reinducer

      [key ERRORS]

      Erroneous discernment of induction simulacrum (Naiad) as my niece Linda when there is not the vaguest resemblance or waking life association. However, this is a result of my current conscious self identity being absent. Ultimately, the simulacrum has nothing to do with Linda (whom I have not seen in real life since 1994) and is a younger manifestation of Zsuzsanna.

      Linda never lived at or stayed at the Loomis Street house.

      I currently have no interest in playing video games, though when I was much younger, I did go to an amusement arcade in southside La Crosse to play pinball.

      Loomis Street 1500 area erroneously continues north as an unfamiliar commercial district.

      My dream resets three times (including late night becoming early afternoon) without dream state recognition, not because of failing to “become lucid” by popular definition, but because of the absence of my true conscious self identity. (Note the non-lucid dream control of my creation of the gun.)

      My conscious self’s identity, as my dream self is trying to discern the simulacrum in the last scene, remains absent. However, the fact that it is ahead of me and to my right designates its transition from potential reinducer into the emerging consciousness avatar at this point.

    3. Buying my Mother a Dutch Sandwich (fully explained)

      by , 12-02-2017 at 06:02 PM
      Morning of December 2, 2017. Saturday.

      It seems to be afternoon. I am in an unfamiliar restaurant with my mother (July 14, 1916-October 2, 2002) and Marilyn (older half-sister on my mother’s side, April 25, 1942-February 13, 2014). They are facing each other from each side of the booth and closest to the window. I am on Marilyn’s right. I have no memory of their deceased status and no viable link to my current conscious self identity. My dream self seems to be about twenty-five years old (though I am fifty-six in reality). I could assume the location as La Crosse (America), though there is no direct focus or thought about where we are. There is no backstory. (The restaurant scenario indicates mild hunger during sleep.)

      My mother wants me to buy a Dutch sandwich for her from the restaurant directly across the street (perceived as west of where we are, which subliminally aligns to the street as west of where I am in bed in reality). Although I already have some money, she gives me about a dollar and fifty cents in small change, which is apparently what one costs. (My mother never said “Dutch sandwich” in real life as far as I know, and I never bought a sandwich for her in real life. Apparently, a Dutch Sandwich is the term for a tax avoidance strategy that some multinational corporations use to lower their corporate tax liability. I have no familiarity with this term.)

      I leave the restaurant, but instead of crossing the street, I continue north in an odd state of faux lucidity (with thoughts of finding my wife Zsuzsanna, without remembering who she is, for a lovemaking session). (Faux lucidity is when I might do something I would do in a lucid dream but without being aware that it is a dream. It is different from liminal dream control, apex lucidity, and normal lucidity.)

      My dream self falls back into the current scenario of my dream and I decide to buy the sandwich. I cross over to the west side of the street with the intent to walk a block and come back around easterly after walking south for about a block. As I walk along the west side of the street rather than the sidewalk, an unknown Hispanic male walks near the middle of the street to my left. He is carrying an unrealistically long telescope in a case, similar to a tightrope walker using a pole for balance. It seems nearly three-fourths as wide as the street. (There are a few other unfamiliar people walking along to my left.) He accidentally tips it up on the right and bumps the back of my head without realizing it. I do not alert him to this and he walks on ahead.

      I enter the other restaurant. I see a large alcove near the entrance (to my right as I walk in). An unknown female is there. She is sitting near a low-set counter (north). It has about nine sandwiches for sale, sparsely arranged. I stand on her left. (Zsuzsanna is sleeping in this orientation in reality, that is, to my right.) I ask if there is a Dutch sandwich here (directed at the cashier behind me on the other side of the room, not this customer). This customer tells me that she has bought and is eating the last one. On the opposite side of the room are two more unknown females who work there and of whom are behind a high-set counter near the cash register. I absentmindedly walk out of the restaurant with the bottom half of one of the other sandwiches without paying for it. Mayonnaise is on it as well as minimal lettuce. I soon realize what I am doing, walk back in, and give it back to the female closest to the cash register. The purchase area is similar to the Coney Island Restaurant in La Crosse I had frequented years ago (and of the same directional orientation), but my dream self does not note this.

      She tells me that she will make two Dutch sandwiches that I can buy and starts to make them in an area near shelves (about four tiers) opposite the service counter. The other female (more to my right as I face south) asks me about “feather sticks” and if people generally consider them as “lighter”. I assume she is talking about feather dusters, so I nod in agreement. However, she talks about cooking on a gas stove, which puzzles me. She had apparently said “feather steaks” and was asking whether they are “lighter” when fried using a gas stove rather than (presumably) an electric stove. (“Feather steak” could be considered as a flight symbol, which means that the preconscious is inducing dream state waking symbolism, especially as this is a checkout scenario which symbolizes emergent consciousness activation and my dream’s implied precursory exit point, though my dream self remains unaware of this, likely involving RAS, as it is also similar to “feathered serpent” and with “steak” rhyming with “snake”. A snake is the main biological waking prompt via RAS depending on the dream type and depth of sleep. The reference to “lighter” additionally relates to waking symbolism, hovering, and RAS-related inner ear dynamics that typically biologically manifest the falling sensation upon waking.)

      The other female has my sandwiches ready. They are not in any sort of bag and are atop each other (two-tiered construct, symbolizing conscious self identity over fictional dream self identity, which I am vaguely aware of but without a viable trigger). I get out my money to pay for them and see that I am holding several coins (in my left hand) that look more like small disks of sliced salami. I go to give her what I assume to be a dollar coin to start with, but it is apparently only twenty-five cents (as it is about the size of an American quarter). I tell her that I am uncertain of the value of the “coins” because it is not clearly noted on them. (At this point, I have a vague recall of Australian one and two-dollar coins while still puzzling over the variously-sized miniature salami slices as “coins”, though this is not enough to trigger any thread of emergent consciousness despite coins and cash registers at a checkout being a known and very familiar dream state indicator and precursory end marker since childhood.) I decide to get out my wallet and pay with an American five-dollar note. The change I get seems like normal coins, which I put in my right pocket with the “salami coins”. (Getting out my wallet at the checkout is analogous to trying to link to my conscious self identity via my fictional dream self near my dream’s exit point, as an ID is kept in a wallet in real life.)

      As I turn to my left to leave (atypical waking orientation, though Zsuzsanna now sleeps on my right for the first time in years), I notice I am not wearing shoes. I am not sure how or when this happened. I soon find and put on my left shoe, which is near the counter under the attached stools. I accidentally put a girl’s shoe, black with a buckle, on my right foot. (This is a childhood dream association when Brenda was a prescient stand-in for Zsuzsanna.) I realize this, yet accidentally put on a different pair of wrong men’s shoes after taking off my correct left one. (The different sizes of the shoes infer that my feet are actually changing somewhat in size, but my dream self does not notice this. This is similar to teeth falling out, which has no meaning but validates the dream self’s body as being fictional and in a state of cessation and with the inability to speak coherently while unconscious.) Finally, I am satisfied at wearing the right shoes and walk out the door and wake. Thus, the final marker here classifies the ending as doorway waking symbolism, which is common, where a doorway symbolizes the exit point of the dream state. Not wearing shoes is a typical dream state indicator as I do not wear shoes in bed. There are apparent shared dream state energies (or at least subliminal acknowledgment of the dream state), as the girl’s right shoe likely relates to my wife Zsuzsanna being asleep at the time to my right.

      The man with the long telescope is a second-level dream state indicator. It relates to seeing outside the dream state (and is a subliminal form of the emergent consciousness as a precursor to either waking or becoming lucid), but in this case, there is no trigger despite the exaggerated length and even bumping the back of my head. (For example, in an experimental lucid dream from the 1980s, RAS activated by each of my eyes quickly extending out diagonally upwards, each becoming a telescope, symbolizing my connection to discernible consciousness outside of my fictional dream body). The vague association with a tightroper’s balancing pole is symbolic of RAS and mediating between dream state awareness and whole consciousness as related to inner ear dynamics and “not falling” (not waking with the biological falling sensation or hypnopompic kick caused by the shift from unconsciousness to consciousness, the reverse of becoming dizzy and passing out when awake).

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    4. I, Carrie

      by , 09-20-2017 at 03:20 PM
      Morning of September 20, 2017. Wednesday.

      This dream is vivid from start to finish even though I deliberately change my identity twice (by way of non-lucid dream control). Instead of my most common form of dream state initiation (water, which symbolizes the real-time dynamics of sleep), it begins with another very common dream state indicator, that is, “still” being in bed. (The difference of course relates to sleeping in the waters of the womb in the first months of life in contrast to sleeping in bed, though the dream state initiation form may be incidental.) My dream self’s memory is mostly limited to not much beyond the age of twenty.

      The bed turns out to be in a new version of the Loomis Street house. It is in the living room. There is much more space on the north side of the room than there was in reality and there is also a vague association with our Gellibrand Street apartment of years ago (though I do not reflect upon this while in my dream). The bed is in the northeast corner of the room, aligned to the north wall. I am on the left side (which is atypical as I have mostly been on the right side in recent years when sleeping with Zsuzsanna, though this is probably related to subliminal reinduction). My brother-in-law Bob had been sleeping on the right side. My sister Marilyn is alive and as she was in the late 1970s (with no memory of her having died in 2014). She has not yet decided to go to sleep. I am seemingly aware my mother had recently died (though she died in 2002).

      Anita comes in through the front door and asks Marilyn if she had been in the bed sleeping, mentioning “all five people” in the bed (even though I had only been aware of Bob being in the bed). I turn more to my left, very close to the edge of the bed. It seems that Anita had picked up and kept an American quarter that had fallen out of my shirt pocket. More coins fall onto the floor from my left shirt pocket, including at least three American quarters and a few nickels and dimes, but these I retrieve and put in my right pants pocket (as I am apparently wearing blue jeans in bed).

      I then get up and start practicing telekinesis by willing objects to fly into my right hand, mostly cups, empty soda cans, and dishes. “Did you see that?” I keep asking Anita and Marilyn. There is no surprise from them.

      I go outside and it seems to be late morning (even though it had been nighttime seconds before). I fly about six feet above the ground but mostly hover and loudly screech. The unfamiliar neighbor to the south has a few children playing in his yard. I decide to go over, via the alley, and apologize for my behavior, as it may have frightened them. I explain to the man that I am “Carrie’s brother”. For a short time, I puzzle over the timeline possibly being wrong, as Carrie and I are supposedly around the same age and I perceive it may be the late 1980s. I then show him my telekinetic ability. I will small items to fly into my hand from a distance as well as an empty cardboard box that had been put out for the garbage collectors. The other male seems curious but not afraid. “I can lift a house,” I explain, “or a car”. (I have the usual false memory that a house can be lifted into the air and set back down with telekinesis without destroying the foundation, plumbing, or electrical connections.)

      There are many scenes after this where I go into a building and show my telekinetic abilities to several other unfamiliar people, mostly males of about twenty. I continuously will, over and over, mainly cups (though other items as well) to fly into my right hand. I perform such acts at least thirty times as others watch with mild interest. It seems effortless and triggered by softly imagining the feeling of already having it in my hand. I also eventually cause cups to slide across the table away from me (not nearly as common a dream event as willing them to me). The others find it amusing when I do this. For some reason, this seems more important and impressive than drawing objects to me.

      I then decide to be Carrie herself. I am beginning what seems like eighth grade in an unknown school. While sitting at a long table with a few others in a row, I will pencils to fly into my hand from the table in front of us. One unfamiliar boy directly to my left looks at me and the pencils flying from the other table into my hand, but does not react - as if he cannot see or understand the world around him. He looks somewhat arrogant but completely clueless. I reason that, unlike the previous witnesses, many young people have no perception or understanding of the world around them, so unusual or unexplainable events are not perceived as such at all.

      From here, I notice that the top layer of skin has come off around the base of my thumb and partly across the palm. There are clumps of dead skin here and there that I peel off. The flesh underneath is pure white and very soft and smooth. Curiously, I do not notice that my hand is reversed in orientation, that is, when my palm is up, my left thumb is on the right (instead of my left thumb being outward to the left with my palm up as it should be). It is very vivid, with an augmented sense of touch (though no pain) and I never take more notice to this impossible hand orientation despite the clarity.

      In the last scene, I fly around above Sill Street, mostly to the west. (This is a very illogical location and focus for my dreams, as it was of little significance in real life and not seen at all since 1994, and yet has peculiarly become more common over the last few years.) This seems more of the closing credits to a movie. Curiously, instead of music associated with “Carrie” (1976), I hear an altered version of the lyrics and music from “Sybil” (1976 television miniseries). However, these are the same incorrect lyrics I sang in the 1970s, even playing the music on my accordion and electronic organs. I perceive Carrie (Sissy Spacek) as singing them. Instead of “Mirror mirror in my mind”, I always sang “Mirror mirror in my heart” (so much so, the real lyrics now sound “wrong” to me). Instead of “Come as a dream, ribbons of rhymes”, I sang it as “Fashions and swirls, ribbons and curls”.

      Interestingly, Anita’s reference to supposedly five people having been in the bed may have deliberately foreshadowed me playing the two other roles before waking. Coins often relate to coalescence and the level of subliminally perceived neural activity in the dream state. Since early childhood, I have always been aware of very distinct differences between dream self modes, including passively non-lucid, non-lucid but willful, non-lucidly in control (being aware of making and controlling “my world” though with no direct recall of what a dream is), passive lucidity, willful lucidity, apex lucidity (total and sustained willful conscious creation and automatic linear control of the dream including deliberately symbolic waking transitions based on fifty years of day to day experience where certain long-term forms of conscious thought automatically integrate into unconscious states), and other distinct levels of unconsciousness, including entirely abstract where my existence seems to be as a letter of the alphabet or geometrical form, sometimes with unusual and unique mental rituals, or the repeating of a phrase to “perfectly” assume a physical position prior to waking.

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    5. Total Freedom in Lucid Dreaming

      by , 09-19-2017 at 03:19 PM
      Morning of September 19, 2017. Tuesday.

      In the first part of my dream, in the first non-lucid segment, I am in a typical scenario where I am in a bookstore (or what is firstly perceived as one) and looking at various comic books and graphic novels. This goes on for a long time as I gather a stack together to keep. The books are unfamiliar, thus new to me, though some are implied to be older (as far back as the 1970s).

      At this stage, the personified preconscious is present as a younger unfamiliar male. Curiously, he is painting, as if there was also an art studio here. It is not much bigger than A4 size and lying on the table that I am sitting at eventually. It seems to be a landscape with flowers in the foreground.

      I tell him how I had painted, with a paint-by-number kit when I was a boy, two skulls. I explain how they were two singular portraits of skeletal pirates, shown from about the chest up. (This is based on a real-life event and thus atypically, is a real memory.) He said he had never heard of them. “Oh, they were quite popular,” I reply. I then go on to describe how my older brother Earl had started a very large paint-by-number of the Mona Lisa, but had never finished. (This was also a real event, from the early 1970s.)

      Eventually, I decide to walk out of what now seems like a second-hand store. I have a stack of graphic novels and comic books at least a foot high. However, it seems confused with the free bookstore, where (in real life) there is no one present other than the patrons and one is trusted to trade books of equal value on their own. A cashier, an older unfamiliar female, stops me by asking what I am doing. She is at a counter to my right. Apparently, I have to pay for the books, possibly a lot of money, which I do not have on me, which I tell her. I also protest in that I tell her I had left food on a previous visit. It does not seem to matter to her. I still apparently have to pay for these books now.

      I take out my wallet and the contents of my right pants pocket and see that I have only coins, which I place on the counter, which has now suddenly shifted to the opposite side of the room and farther back from the entrance of the store - a subliminally willed (non-lucid dream control) attempt at reinduction, that is, I had consciously but subliminally willed the counter back from my dream’s implied exit point as well as shifting it from the right to the left, as right is more typical of waking symbolism orientation. (The checkout of a store symbolizes a specific level of emergent consciousness as a common liminal space end marker in my dreams, fully understood as such since I was very young. This does not mean every dream ends shortly after a checkout is rendered, but it does indicate a precursor to an expected shift in consciousness, not necessarily full wakefulness, though that is often the case).

      The preconscious factors had transmuted from the artist (which symbolizes potential lucidity, though my non-lucid dream self does not realize this) to the elderly female cashier, though an unfamiliar male with a beard joins her on her right (the same orientation Zsuzsanna and I are presently sleeping in). The other male looks at my coins. Three of them are unusual in that they are mostly featureless other than having an embossed circle on them. “These are tally-hoes,” he says. This seems to mean that they may not be coins for buying something but possibly for use with public transport, or perhaps of little value. (Of course, “Tally-ho”, here an absentminded association with tallying up the total price as in “tally whole cost”, is here also a codeword for the waking transition analogous as the dream self hunting for the fox, which represents the precursor to coalescence back into conscious self identity and critical thinking skills or cleverness which the dream self does not typically possess.)

      From here, my mode of non-lucid dream control increments. I decide to leave the store with the books anyway, by teleporting and phasing through the entrance door without opening it (another form of subliminal reinduction, that is, even though I do not know I am dreaming, I deliberately manipulate it, a very common state of in-dream awareness for me).

      Still, they are heavy to carry, but I do not mind that much. It seems to be late at night. I notice that the moon is of an unusual appearance as a number of unusual clouds encircle it. The moon imagery is within the blue sky even though the rest of the sky is dark. Understanding that this image of the nighttime sky is absurd, I now become fully lucid and I decide to actively change and sustain my dream.

      The first act I perform is to joyfully throw my books onto the ground, as there is no sense in carrying them (or to be weighed down by them) in the dream state. I feel physically lighter and very happy to realize I am dreaming due to lifelong understanding of taking full conscious self advantage of this state. I enter apex lucidity and decide to create a park and have a sustained and augmented sexual encounter with Zsuzsanna. After this, I will it again. Parts of my body are “buzzing” with pleasure and our climaxes are extended (probably due to the Tetris effect from so many real-life events). However, I eventually shift into a different form of lucidity, where my dream is so realistic, that my dream self starts to question if my real physical body is somehow walking around (which of course is a ridiculous thought, but this has happened in past lucid dreams of a higher and sustained form), so I decide to initiate waking to find that I (that is, my sleeping physical body) had not moved at all. Still, there is something about the bliss, freedom, and even perceived safety of apex lucidity that is hard to describe.

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    6. Robbery and Running and Preconscious Distraction

      by , 09-11-2017 at 10:40 AM
      Morning of September 11, 2017. Monday.

      I am walking with two unknown males, a situation of which continued from a very long previous dream sequence. I think about robbing a place, but the details are not clear yet. I eventually realize that I am carrying a Glock pistol. Soon, I “realize” that I am a black female of perhaps about twenty-five years old.

      It seems late at night. I go into a small trailer park in an open field where a dense forest is to my left. An unknown black female, but of whom is apparently known to the character I presently am, complains about me being there to rob her again (though I do not recall any backstory for this). Other than that, she does not seem alarmed by my gun. She opens a couple drawers in a large chest of drawers in her trailer. There is a bundle of one-hundred-dollar bills in an even stack, partly wrapped in cellophane. There is also a roll of fifty-dollar bills held together with a rubber band. There are also numerous rolls of coins. I tell her to keep some of the money, including the roll of fifties, but she insists that I take all of it. I put everything in two bags. There are several other items besides the American money, including bottles of perfume and shampoo and small items of clothing. I leave the trailer park, walking briskly east. I see a couple others outside of their trailers on my right, one an older black male of about sixty.

      Somehow, it is suddenly daylight now, possibly early afternoon. I am with two unknown Caucasian males (though one reminds me vaguely of Don K from the early 1980s). I am seemingly now a male character, though not fully myself and perhaps about twenty years old. We seem to be going west on Sill Street, having gone past Wood Street and possibly Kane Street. I decide to toss my gun on the ground near the intersection near the trunk of a tree so I am not armed if caught (thinking I would be in less trouble). Still, I consider that may not be a good idea as a child might find it. The others and I continue, but eventually turn right to go north. I continue to carry my two bags.

      We seem happy until one of the males looks back and sees another male who apparently knows us. It may be that he will cause trouble or at least be annoying if he sees us and catches up with us. The male who recognizes this other male tells us all to go our separate ways. “I have to try to wake him up,” he says in an authoritative tone. He goes across the front lawns of a few houses on the right side of the street and I am still following him, unsure of the situation. He yells with frustration and waves me off, indicating to me not to follow him. The male who had been behind us is apparently sleepwalking. He has long black hair and a long black beard and has on blue jeans but no shoes, socks, or shirt. He starts cheerfully talking to the male that seems to know who he is. “I can’t understand anything you’re saying,” the sleepwalking male is told, “You’re speaking gibberish”.

      I continue to go north a short distance, but then turn around to go through a very narrow residential alley back southward. I am slightly concerned that I might annoy people by going through or close to their backyards but I do not see anyone. At the end of the alley are two closed chain-link gates about chest-high, side by side. Each of the two gates is for a different house, which makes no sense, as the alley goes past all houses on the block and the gates are adjacent to the public sidewalk. Before I get to them, I have to climb quickly up over a couple large full garbage bags and some other objects. At first, I think the gates might be locked, but I am able to open them by turning a horizontal L-shaped bolt lock. The detail is very vivid and realistic in appearance (but unlike any setting I had ever seen in real life). The sense of physical momentum and touch is vivid as well.

      A few police officers approach me and look in my bags and ask me where I am going. I see that there are a lot of rolls of coins in them. I insist that everything is mine, but they seem condescending. While pretending that I am totally innocent, I am eventually able to get away. One policewoman seems to think I am okay and seems to see me as being victimized by the other officers. However, a chubby male officer seems determined that I will be caught again and found to have robbed someone, or possibly a bank.

      I somehow end up going through the second floor of a business building. There are a few times when I fly after getting outside again, but I end up walking again, as my two bags are heavy. I somehow end up back near Sill and Kane and recall how I had deliberately thrown my gun there (at the northeast corner) but I do not see it. It is daylight at this time.

      I am now briskly walking south through the north side of La Crosse (except that it looks more like the south side) and it seems to be night once again. I somehow have my gun again without contemplating that I had gotten rid of it. I am the black female character again. I make sure my gun is holstered in the front of my pants and unseen. I am thinking of finding the Loomis Street house to hide out even though that does not make sense as I am supposedly someone else. I vaguely recall that my sister had died but that my brother-in-law may be there (though they had actually moved prior to my sister’s death, though I was living in Australia by that time). I continue to carry the two cloth bags of money and other items, one in each hand. I notice that about eight people are running towards me, though not directly towards me. I think they may have attempted to rob a closed business but none of them are carrying anything. Police cars go by but they curiously do not stop. (The scene of these looters, including their appearance, was very similar to something I did not know about until after this dream and seeing it on the news, so I am considering this part as prescient.)

      I cross the street (which may be a distorted version of Loomis Street, though too commercial) to my right and turn right down a very narrow alley with tall commercial buildings on each side. The alley is not wide enough for a car to follow me through and is at least two city blocks long. However, nearing the opening ahead, I see a puff of smoke going past the edge of a building on the left side of the end of the alley at about head level. It is the chubby policeman, who is smoking a cigarette, who had vowed to catch me. I knock him in the head with my heavy bags and knock him over. The police woman, who seems to be on my side, is possibly going to help me escape now.

      The preconscious modelling itself artificially, or mimicking itself, in needing to wake another dream character (instead of me) is about as surreal and unusual as it gets (even stranger than a false awakening where I am writing down or telling someone about my previous dream). The threads of my dream self identity changing a few times (without any focus on that dynamic) is rather odd as well.

    7. Tokens (and Coins)

      by , 01-31-2017 at 07:31 AM
      Morning of January 31, 2017. Tuesday.

      I am comfortably seated at what seems to be the counter of a dimly lit bar. There is not much setting detail and I am not aware of any other people but the bartender. I am mostly only aware of the view in front of me and somewhat to the right. The bartender is unfamiliar. He is a male of casual dress in perhaps his late forties and remains standing behind the counter at all times.

      I have coins and tokens in each hand, probably only a few in my left hand; at least a dozen or more in my right hand. I eventually look at them and see that most of the coins and tokens are different. The coins are all possibly from other countries. I am aware that they are probably not worth much, but I enjoy collecting them. One of the tokens, with a solid form, appears to be for a national park. It has a design on it that shows shrubbery and a forest area with a lake in the background.

      It seems that I can attain more coins and tokens by gambling. (I seem to “remember” this without any other details.) I hand the bartender two similar coins. I am not sure if he is going to use one at a time, or both at the same time. He seems to hesitate near some sort of small device on the wall. It is almost as if I am exercising some sort of subtle mental will regarding his decision. He eventually places two coins in the device. Several coins and tokens flow out at the bottom as if automatically (with no other action; for example, no slots or seeming gambling feature or functions as such). He hands them to me without emotion or comment. I am glad to have a few more coins and tokens, some of which are different than the others I have, even though I again reflect that they are not that valuable other than as a collectible interest.

      Tags: coins, tokens
    8. Golden Elastic Face and Bringing Out Coins

      by , 09-23-2016 at 03:23 PM
      Morning of September 23, 2016. Friday.

      I am in the Loomis Street house in the living room. It seems to be late morning (as the room has a natural light source coming in through the east and south windows). Zsuzsanna and our youngest son are also in the room. There is a bed that extends out from the south wall of the living room (where there never was such a feature in real life). Oddly however, it is meant to be the holographic projection of a television show.

      I approach the bed from the left (west) side. In it, on her back, head oriented south, is an unfamiliar female with a matte gold face. I get the impression that it is a hospital bed, though I am uncertain of the situation or the status of the female’s health. I am unsure of what genre this “movie” is.

      I absentmindedly find myself reaching out to touch the left side of her face even though I firstly see it as an intangible hologram. It is as if I am testing an expectation to “make something real” or to “bring something out of a projected image or picture” (which has occurred in numerous dreams since early childhood).

      Some of her “skin” moves out from her face to wrap around my hand with a feeling much like bread dough that moves under its own will. This “dough” moves around through my fingers with no sense of wetness or stickiness; just a smooth, soft feeling as it slides comfortably over my skin. I find it fascinating and talk about this with Zsuzsanna and Oliver. Oliver finds it somewhat amusing. Upon looking at her face, I notice that it unrealistically sags so that her mouth is much lower than it should be. Her eyelids also appear to have expanded to flow down over the rest of her face so that there are no discernible eyes. Perhaps this is a science-fiction “movie” we are watching on “television”. I touch the left side of her face again (the previous “skin” seeming to have become a part of my own hand) and a larger piece of “dough” wraps around my hand, almost snakelike (though not disturbing or annoying in any way, just a bit curious). It again smoothly crawls between my fingers, around my wrist, and about my forearm. I place it in a heap on the floor next to a plastic container.

      I explain how I am able to take things out of pictures, even though I have no lucidity. I say how I can take money out of a picture or television broadcast, though this comes with a recurring dream backstory related to how I do not want to create duplicates of bills (which are numerically unique), though coin duplication does not have this concern. I have a small plastic container with compartments. I find myself sitting on the floor with Zsuzsanna and Oliver, moving two-dollar Australian coins from one compartment to another, some compartments seeming to be “in another world” and resulting in my moving them into “this world” even though there is no indication of either a picture or an implied “portal” or which compartments are implied to be in which “world”. It simply appears as a plastic box with coins in different compartments. There are also very small Lego pieces mixed in with the gold coins, including miniature swords.

      This last part was visually precognitive. Oliver was actually working with Lego pieces (including small swords) in a plastic container with compartments soon after without any way of me knowing that this is what he would be doing at this time.

      The bed is a dream state indicator (the most obvious one possible) and my waking transition is sustained.

      Other than the typical short-term prescience, there seems to be a link to Zsuzsanna related to sharing sentience within the dream state (as otherwise unknown females in some dreams have an autosymbolic connection to Zsuzsanna, especially in regarding the bed DSI as here). It also seems influenced by a movie we had seen prior to sleep, where a female expected to die becomes conscious (without a medical explanation) and seemingly healthy after a group of people pray for her (“The Genesis Code” from 2010).

      Variations of yellow and gold typically symbolize sentience, intellect, and instinct as analogous to sunrise and dawning conscious awareness.

      Coins in a dream as a collective rendering relate to three main concepts; coalescence (dream self flowing back into whole self), a play on “cents” (sense), and a play on “change” (which may be a play on the waking precursor in “changing” from the skewed dream self viewpoint and identity to the whole conscious self viewpoint and identity).

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      Tags: bed, coins, golden
    9. Taking Coins Again

      by , 05-02-2015 at 10:29 AM
      Morning of May 2, 2015. Saturday.

      In the first part of my dream, I find myself going into a bank while I believe my intentions were to enter a grocery store - though it takes a short time to consider my intent. I seem to be two or three blocks west of my (deceased) sister’s Loomis Street house though all of the buildings are seemingly unknown (fictional). After a short time, I realize that I can become invisible and perhaps take what I want. I actually become invisible while standing there (and there are no other customers) but the tellers (behind a large and fully open counter area) do not really react (at least not in any vicarious fashion). I go to the east side of the room (even though, again, the building is unfamiliar yet in a familiar area on Gillette Street in La Crosse and with a recognizable directional orientation) and find a more secure room that is off limits to the public. A male is seated behind a desk but because I am invisible, I walk over to the mostly empty rows of shelves (or so it seems at first) and explore. The male leaves the room and I pick up some large silver coins, which include at least one Australian fifty-cent coin and one Australian twenty-cent coin (even though, again, I am in America and do not really think about this). I incorrectly reason that I have a dollar with these two coins together but it is actually seventy cents. However, I take many more silver coins and leave the bank, still unseen.

      I walk easterly and just before I get to the Loomis Street alley (which runs north and south) a post office jeep turns from the alley (very unlikely) and drives toward me. It then tips over on its side farther onto the sidewalk than I am walking because of a rather odd attempt to avoid both me and a car coming from the other way (though this could certainly not happen in the real world). The scene seems to play out in a sort of unusual slow motion. No one seems to be hurt and I keep walking, turning south into the alley.

      It turns out that my wife Zsuzsanna and family and I now live in the Loomis Street house, though it is much different inside. What used to be the “junk room” (as my sister called it) but is actually a bit like an enclosed verandah is here similar in structure to a room in our present house on W street, including the wobbly floorboards. Not only that, there is a large room directly beneath in a supposed basement, but of a living room quality and illogically (and likely wrongfully) perceived at this point as being of the first floor at ground level, and the kitchen I am in being possibly on the second floor. There is a small square opening in the floor of the room I am looking into but it is only big enough for a small dog or cat to get through. In fact, I worry that our two cats (fictional, as they are not the same breed as ours in reality, one being a ginger tabby, another a calico, I think) will soon fall through that hole - as they are also in the room with my wife and I also see a guinea pig running around on the floor near the hole. Our two cats soon fall through. Looking down, which seems at least ten feet, I first think I see blood on the tip of the tabby’s tail, but this turns out to be a misconception. The two cats look up at me and I report to my wife that they are both seemingly okay. My wife seems “trapped” on the other side of the room (even though there is an outside door on her side - though that would only be the case if rendered correctly in-dream) but carefully walks over in my direction near the doorway, as the floorboards become more and more wobbly and problematic to walk on and I worry the floor may collapse completely (though this does not seem to happen after she exits the room). I make a mental note that the room needs to be closed off.

      Later, I seem to return to the bank to invisibly take something else; some sort of large silver horse head (from the same room as the coins), probably about five inches long but apparently worth near a thousand dollars or more. I notice the house is looking much more like the Barolin Street house when I return to put what I have taken in a secure spot somewhere.
    10. Piles of Coins

      by , 04-20-2015 at 09:32 PM
      Morning of April 20, 2015. Monday.

      This dream was kind of a semi-abstract (as I could still at least partly discern some of the sequences) exercise in mostly random nonsense, yet had some clear points which were a bit enjoyable. There is no lucidity at any point yet I “naturally” manipulate the environment to extremes. There is so much multi-location (quite possibly the most multi-located dream I have had to date), not just sections or perspectives of bilocation, but so compressed with numerous multi-composites of various “pieces” that all somehow coexist “logically”, it was of a fairly rare type. In fact, it is impossible to discern if I am truly inside or outside at any point. For example, in the main scene, there is a small island in the ocean which is also somehow near an intersection of a large city which is also somehow in a mostly featureless room in a small house, although the sense of bilocation is not as pronounced as in many past dreams.

      The first part of my dream involves some sort of quest to just take money from wherever it is seen - with the idea that there are coins everywhere in certain areas just for the taking. There still seems to be a plan based on the knowledge of where a drug dealer is known to be at a certain time. Two men (I am not yet an in-dream character) stop a young drug dealer and rob him of his profits. Oddly, he had been selling drugs (not sure of what kind) in Petri dishes. He seems upset but continues on his way. I become more integrated in my dream at this point, though it becomes more abstract regarding the overall setting.

      The two men are then walking over a small island of mostly white sand and a few palm trees. I am nearby standing on the surface of the ocean, yet it still seems we are in the city somehow on the streets. I decide, for some reason, to help the men find more money that may be buried on the island. To do this, I mentally will all of the sand, several feet down, to fly into the air and flip about before falling again - like digging a ditch with telekinesis. The men watch this routine as they continue walking, but no money shows up.

      From here, it seems I am actually in a big featureless room yet somehow outside at the same time near a forest - though I do seem to “dig” or “turn” one part of the otherwise solid “floor” in one area with my thoughts. This is when I start finding shining piles of Australian two-dollar coins of about two-feet high. Some parts of the coin piles are unrealistically steep relative to how strewn they seem, defying gravity somewhat, but not to any extreme point. The coin piles, of which there are about three or four of in a few different areas, seem the most realistic and vivid parts of my dream (regarding the coins themselves - and the varied levels of shininess in the piles from coin to coin) and I enjoy picking them up and letting them fall through my fingers. Even though they are only two-dollar coins, I sense there is a few thousand dollars or more in the area. Apparently, I can just take as many as I want.

      However, a dwarf (wearing mostly green) appears in the area and seems to be some sort of authority figure of some kind. I try to keep my actions regarding the taking of the coins a secret. I am not sure if any of the coins actually belong to the dwarf as they may have just been dropped there and meant to be left there for no particular reason. I still plan on taking as many as possible, only a small amount at a time, but pretend I am only looking at the pile as he begins walking in the opposite direction from where I am standing near the pile. There is no threat or drama. (This part of my dream vaguely reminds me of an episode of “Cops” where a man is arrested after being caught for the second time in taking coins from a body of water where people willingly threw out their money.)
      Tags: coins, dwarf
    11. Underwater Treasure Hunt

      by , 02-06-2015 at 01:24 PM
      Morning of February 6, 2015. Friday.

      I am swimming underwater in the ocean, in an area between Antarctica and Australia. However, the map I view at a few different later occasions in-dream is incorrect. Relative to Antarctica, it has Australia in the same general location as where the bottom of South America would be in reality (rather than the other side). This incorrect concept and related vivid imagery does not trigger any thoughts of error at all. The map’s location is not defined; it is more like a dream within a dream that I mentally visit for some reason, though looking somewhat like a computer monitor. I am looking for millions of dollars in old coins at the bottom of the ocean. It actually seems like I am only about twelve or so feet underwater at the most. Most of the ocean bottom is white sand and light-colored rock.

      There are pirates rather loosely involved in the plot, but there is no conflict and the group only appears a bit later. However, there is one male who is tied to a weight or underwater object in a way where his head is just able to remain above the water. This seems like some sort of punishment (I am not sure if they are intending to come back for him). I try to help him while I maneuver in a small boat but am unable to.

      It is quite enjoyable exploring the underwater realm. I am still able to breathe somehow, without any gear. I find everything from fairly modern pennies to Spanish Doubloons, which I hold in my hands at times, some of the coin types being in clusters on their own in certain areas. I am “collecting” the coins and occasionally other items, which also apparently end up in an undefined additional realm, like some sort of abstract “pocket” location somewhere. (I do not see them again after I “collect” them - I am apparently teleporting them to a safe location where I live.)

      At one point, another male swims with me. I think he is the captain of a ship but I am not sure of his identity or whether or not he is actually a pirate. He may actually be connected to the British Navy. At any rate, he seems to have only mild interest in the treasures on the ocean bottom though I do have a vague sense that others may be exploring the area and taking coins and such in a day or so. I want to find as many as possible before others arrive.

      There is one smaller cluster of about five silver coins that are actually fake Spanish Doubloons. Several real Lincoln pennies are also closely scattered in the same area with various levels of brighter shininess down to dull coppery matte. The other male does not seem impressed by the cheap replica coins and I feel slightly embarrassed when I pick them up to show him. He seems to want to focus on these rather than nearby very valuable coins.

      Other than various types of coins, there are also old pocket watches here and there (association with time being valuable, making sense of time, or time in investigating dreams being valuable - being underwater represents exploring the deeper levels of the self).

      I am not sure if the submerged man is going to be freed (he possibly represents everyman or how I see everyman), but I greatly enjoy exploring the ocean floor. Oddly however, I do not notice any fish or aquatic plants at any point.
      Tags: coins, ocean, treasure
    12. Finding coins (recurring)

      by , 12-11-2013 at 10:33 AM

      In the past, I have had a fair number of dreams of finding coins, mostly along the side of the highway in Cubitis, public sidewalks in La Crosse, and often grassy areas on boulevards and such. Interestingly, many of these dreams were semi-lucid yet I still went around gathering up as many coins as I could find, even pennies, but often mostly quarters. Sometimes, I had to dig slightly in the dirt or gravel to seemingly find more and more, and sometimes this was close to or right on a smaller flight of concrete steps near a public building such as a school or courthouse. Whereas many of these dreams featured American money; quarters (25 cents), nickels (5 cents), dimes (10 cents), and pennies (1 cent), there were often unusual (fictional) coins as well as more correct forms of foreign currency. In an unusual variation of this recurring theme, I also once was finding various record albums along the road, mostly from the 1960s and 1970s, such as one by Sonny and Cher.

      Although it is likely that most other people have had such dreams, I think there was an influence regarding my parents having collected soda bottles (or “pop bottles”) in burlap bags along the side of the road when they were first married and made a reasonable amount of money doing such at the time. This likely influenced me into thinking about “just picking money up off the street and near roads”. While in my dream, I actually seem to think it is possible to survive this way (by just finding money that people dropped). I usually find about twenty to sixty dollars in coins in such dreams and end up having them in all my pockets as well as boots if I am wearing any. Obviously, in real life, you do not tend to see coins lying all over the place everywhere, but dreams are dreams and probably are augmented replays of all those times when I did find a coin or two here and there (including in grocery stores or even near bus stops).

      In one dream, I am with others and we are finding coins along the middle area of a railroad track. Curiously, over time, we are suddenly climbing a ladder and are eventually high in the air on a skyscraper, implying that there is possibly a public train service that goes straight up. (In some areas, on the ground, there are piles and piles of various types of gold and silver coins from various countries.) This is not the only time I have associated railroad tracks with a ladder. Even when I was a toddler, I sometimes “saw” a ladder lying on the ground as potential train tracks, as the overall appearance is very similar.

      I have not had many of these dreams over the last ten years or so. I have had a few dreams in the Australian transition. This mostly included the Australian fifty-cent coin, which is dodecagonal (12-sided).

      At least a few of these were precognitive. In one, I find pennies deeper in the dirt at a neighbor’s house (these were people I had never met and who lived across the street from my sister’s house on Loomis Street). That same early afternoon, my brother-in-law told me that the same neighbor was digging up a lot of old pennies in his yard.

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    13. Underground Christmas Ornaments

      by , 12-25-2009 at 06:25 PM
      Morning of December 25, 2009. Friday.

      I am in the backyard of our present address. Although there is not that much of a focus on this morning being Christmas (especially as my dream self is only rarely aware of what year it is, let alone the date), I see Christmas ornaments protruding about a quarter up from where there is only dirt in the far backyard. Most of them are spherical and of one color, though I find more detailed ones when I dig more. I consider that it is an unusual place to store ornaments as such, as they will require cleaning each year.

      Eventually, I also start to discover and uncover a few gold and silver coins as I dig (though remaining uncertain of the value or country of origin), some of which have a few holes in them, as if eroded. At this point, there is ambiguity. It now seems I am digging in dirt beneath the floorboards of our lounge room (though this occurs ambiguously, while I still perceive myself as being outside). (In reality however, this would not be possible, as our house is suspended above the ground on stumps.)

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    14. Buying Flowers, Barefoot, with Rolls of Quarters

      by , 09-13-2003 at 03:13 PM
      Morning of September 13, 2003. Saturday.

      It is Zsuzsanna’s birthday and I am buying her red roses and white lilies with rolls of American quarters. (This is illogical as it should be Australian coins.)

      While at the checkout (where at least one unfamiliar female cashier is present), I am somewhat absentminded and I am not certain which coins on the counter have already been given to the cashier (personified preconscious) and which are still mine to use.

      I check to see if I have dropped any quarters and I notice I am barefoot. I think about mentally willing my shoes to appear, which works for a short time. (I am only subliminally lucid, otherwise unaware I am dreaming, yet taking my will to manifest for granted. This is more likely to occur at a certain level of liminal space as there are a number of different levels of unconsciousness and dream state perception.)

      Being barefoot in a dream is usually just a subliminal carryover memory of having fallen asleep (as I do not wear shoes or socks to bed). Just because a person is unconscious or semiconscious does not mean they always lose all perception of the status of their physical body or totally forget that they have fallen asleep. To “interpret” being barefoot, or any other type of dream state indicator, despite the setting, is to ridiculously overthink it and lose focus of what a dream actually is (a thought process in real time while one does not have viable faculties).

      Being at the checkout is a very familiar form of waking symbolism. A checkout typically symbolizes the end marker of the dream state (or at least a shift in the level of unconsciousness or extent of reticular activating system activity).

      I have noticed that coins are more likely to appear in a more vivid state of awareness than notes. This has something to do with the nature of coalescence and neural energy (in real time). A gathering or cascade of coins would symbolize emergent consciousness.

      The rest, Zsuzsanna’s birthday and the flowers, are of course literal associations. Love is present regardless of the depth of unconsciousness and occasional loss of personal identity or conscious self validity.

    15. Ferret Resurrection

      by , 04-07-1984 at 10:38 AM
      Morning of April 7, 1984. Saturday.

      A female classmate and neighbor (and validated precognitive wife-to-be “stand-in” or resolved personal archetype) who is slightly younger than me, Brenda W, is trying to resurrect her dead pet ferret by placing various old silver coins, including foreign coins, in the ground near trees (including between extensions of roots). It actually seems to work and she is happy. I see her near a shopfront late at night and she acknowledges me happily. This is set possibly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin even though I knew her to only live in Florida. No one else seems to be around in most scenes except perhaps in the background. The storefront seems to be easterly of my dream-self’s perspective. As a somewhat vaguely implied back story scene, a local preacher (possibly Connell of Florida) talks about the Resurrection of Jesus, which Brenda is supposed to widely promote in a special “travel brochure”(?) which also relates to some sort of ambiguous business that loosely reminds me of the lemonade-stand-like psychiatrist booth run by Lucy in the “Peanuts” comic strip. Something goes wrong with the machine (which seems to be in or near a grocery store checkout) and instead of printing “The Resurrection of Jesus”, it prints “The Erection of Sausages” which Brenda laughs at hysterically.

      Update June 20, 2015: After all this time, I see it is likely a play on “hot dog stand” regarding the primary school Adam and Eve gag. (”Eve, in being the first vendor, made Adam’s Hot Dog Stand”.) As much meticulous dream journalism as I had done continuously since early childhood, some fairly obvious layers, explanations (hidden meanings), and metaphorical plays did not become clearer until years later, even after studying the content numerous times.

      In an old recurring childhood theme I have written much on even as a young child (and in fact even atypically acted out with friends at school who unfortunately changed the theme into being zombie-related, albeit creatively), in the first (prototype) dream, “The Dead One”, Brenda W seemed to have been resurrected into a normal life again, but ran from me in the city streets and remained unapproachable. There was also the “Wild Weasel” dream - but which was seemingly resolved to be a Tasmanian devil in the final versions. I believe there is a connection to my general unexplained path concerning the “mystery girl”. This dream seems to be some sort of offbeat comedic composite of both childhood dreams. The ferret likely represents the maturing male stage in this case (with a possible link to the emerging cicada nymph concept regarding my marriage, as my wife collected cicada shells as a child and made miniature cemeteries complete with miniature wooden crosses, not knowing yet that they were only exoskeletons - also impersonally related to “seven-year-itch” and “seven-year-locust”, including the business cycle meaning - terms I have only heard and do not “get” at all - but then, most of mainstream humanity and their beliefs make no sense to me). It is not quite anniversary precognition, as it is off by a couple days concerning my marriage ten years later (though apparently there was a version on the ninth, though not as clear).
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